7 11 Doubles is a fun group activity


  • A community cup and a rolling surface.(a shoe box lid works well)
  • A pair of dice
  • prize or prizes (Suitable for group.  Items such as candy,Lotto Scratchers,gift cards, home-made items,etc) 


  • Roll a 7, 11 or doubles and to have fun together.


  • Determine who starts by each rolling one die. Player with the highest roll starts. If a large group is playing, just select a starting point and direction of circle.
  • The first player rolls both dice. Determine if you rolled an additive 7 or 11, or a doubles. For example, rolling a 3 and 4 on each die gives a 7. Herein lies some of the trickiness of this game. Adding can become difficult when excited.
  • If the roll doesn't yield a 7, 11 or doubles, the dice are passed to the next player.
  • If the roll does yield a 7, 11 or doubles, the fun starts.
  • The roller of the 7, 11 or doubles chooses a prize.
  • Now, the passing of the dice ceases until roller is holding the prize.. As soon as the roller touches the prize, dice tray proceeds and the next roller will try to get another 7,11, doubles. If that occurs, he/she may opt to take any prize previously claimed  or any unclaimed prize remaining.
  • Once all prizes have been claimed, the real fun begins as lucky rollers who roll the coveted 7, 11, or doubles can take previously won prizes.
  • Play continues until timer goes off.  All players still in possession of a prize at that time, get to keep their prize.