A view looking north across the crosswalk

The 8th and G crosswalk is located along the west side of the intersection of 8th Street and G Street.


Drivers often drove right through the red light 1. when it was still installed. The red light was removed in June 2009. Always look before you cross.

The T intersection of 8th street and G street and the accompanying stoplight was not something drivers who were unfamiliar with the area expected. It was even more unexpected given the light controlled intersection of 8th and F just yards to the west and the distinct lack of tree trimming around the signals. The number of drivers who run this red light was higher than other intersections. When the removed the light they changed the painting of the crosswalk to a large checkerboard pattern.

View from the east The fading paint of both the stop limit line and the bike lane line

Eastbound views of the crosswalk

Note that from this angle both lights are visible as is the tree that blocks the lower light Note that from this angle the lower light is not visible Cars stopped at the light


It would be fascinating to get the minutes of the City Council meetings where the decision to put this crossing in occurred.


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2006-08-28 19:46:48   I cross here twice most every day and I often see someone drive through the red light. A red light camera would be a very good idea. —PaulThober

2006-08-30 09:08:51   I'm not sure how much a redlight camera will increase safety at this interesection...it will catch a lot of red light runners....but as far as decreasing the number of runners- I am not optimistic. The street could have brighter markings, the branches cleared away and perhaps a brighter light. I sent a "concern" into the City yesterday at this site. I would suggest anyone else who is concerned to do the same. As a tragic reminder, the once dangerous intersection at F at 4th finalyy became a 4-way stop sign only after Council member Saylor got into a car accident there. Let's not have an accident or worse be the catalyst for change here. —JamesSchwab

2006-08-30 09:46:50   A camera most certainly would make this a safer place to cross. Without doubt fewer people would run the red light. —PaulThober

2006-08-30 13:01:47   I say take the pedestrian only signal out and just make people walk the few extra yards to the signal at F and 8th that isn't so unexpected or hard to see. —JevanGray

Just received this in my email from the City: "Thank you for contacting the Davis Public Works Department. The following Work orders have been generated and issued: Work Order #06-003535 for the tree branches blocking the signal light; and Work Order #06-003536 for the paint on the crosswalk that is faded. If you have any questions regarding this work order, please call (530) 757-5686 or e-mail us at: pwweb@cityofdavis.org " I received this today, August 30th. Let's see how long it takes to get the work order finished.-JimSchwab

2007-06-24 18:04:11   One rationale for this crosswalk was probably the nearby senior housing and that it's on the direct route to the Food CO-OP and other stores in the G St. mall. It is also obvious to anybody who really observes human behavior that people will not go a block out of their way to cross a street. However, seniors who hope to become even more senior are extremely careful about using this crosswalk and any other crosswalk on 8th, 5th, F or B Streets because bikes, cars & skateboarders in Davis all treat pedestrians as a nuisance. As for the F & 8th intersection, (and 8th & B too), turning cars and bikes routinely ignore pedestrians —ValerieVann


1. Imagine the revenue if they installed a red light camera here! (sarcasm, as revenue should never be a motive for installing a red light camera)