5100 Chiles Road, Suite 104, Davis, CA 95618
Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00
Sat. 9:00-2:00
(530) 757-1250
(916) 307-2545
January 1, 2013.
Payment Methods
Type of payment
VISA, MC, DIS, AMEX, Check, or Cash

A1 SMOG: Thank you for looking my business up on Davis Wiki !! I opened January 1, 2013 and I am a STAR STATION smog and repair shop. I have been working in Davis now for over seven years, and I am happy to say that there's no place I would rather work. I am looking to provide a customer friendly environment for your smog needs. I am located next to La Mesa RV and 2Bennett Audimotive. Just drive through black gate towards the rear of building. DOG and MOTORHOME FRIENDLY ( large parking area ) Please call ahead for motorhomes with appointment due to time restraints....

WE CAN SMOG ANY VEHICLE !!! DMV Renewals, Out of State, STAR test vehicles, Transfer of ownership, Diesel ( PLEASE BE ADVISED vehicles with modifications are strictly enforced and/or check engine light on, if aware please bring to my attention prior to testing and additional fees may apply to modified vehicles)

Now offering General/Lite Automotive Repairs. Please call ahead with any questions !!!

Coupons now available on Consumer-Guides.com Davis Coupon booklet (top of page 3) as well as A1smog.org

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2013-03-01 10:20:42   Just got my smog done here today. The 3 month special price was great and I was out the door with certificate for less than 50 bucks. Jon was super nice and it took 15-20 minutes to get the job done. —loneshark

2013-03-05 18:38:28   Great place to get your motor coach and cars smogged. Lots of space to maneuver any size coach, easy entry and exit. Then you get Jon who is professional and efficient and seems like a really nice guy too!! I highly recommend this place. I know we will be taking all our vehicles there from now on when their number comes up! —SandyFisher

2013-03-12 13:48:26   Jon was a very helpful and earnest guy. He even offered to smog any car I bring in at his sale price forever if I bring in my receipt from before! I was in-and-out very quickly, and everything was very simple. He is STAR certified as well, which I needed this time. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone and will be taking both of my cars to him. —KeithJorgenson

2013-04-11 11:50:16   I don't normally take the time to leave comments on businesses but I was so impressed with the service here that I knew I had to! Jon was quick, inexpensive and polite. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! —DanaHerthel

2013-05-31 01:41:41   A1 Smog and Jon are great. He is honest, professional, dependable, fast, very reasonably priced, and very personable. He's a great guy. His smog shop is clean, professional, organized, and the cushy black chairs and wide variety of magazines make the 15 minute wait go fast. You will be happy you selected A1 Smog. —MichaelAlexander

2013-06-09 08:16:25   Went to A1 on my lunch break for a smog check and Jon was very nice and worked fast. I was in and out in no time. I could find smog shops in Sac that are a few dollars cheaper but I would rather pay a little more for better customer service and to spend a lot less time waiting for my car. —JenniferH

2013-06-11 21:03:17   This is a new SMOG shop in Davis as of January 2013. The owner is a super nice guy and really appreciates new customers. He tells you exactly how long it will take and is very efficient. This location is extremely convenient for South Davis residents. Fast and easy and no wait. I was very happy to give my business to A1 Smog Shop! I will bring all of our cars there. And it's a "star" certified station which was required on my renewal notice. —KileyA

2013-07-16 18:23:11   Jon was very helpful when I needed to smog a car for sale a few months ago, and again recently when I needed to smog another car for DMV renewal. Totally recommended. —Aaron.Curtin

2013-07-22 11:25:11   Nice guy. Went to Speedee and they were backed up 2 hrs; referred me to Jon. Was in and out in minutes and car passed w/ flying colors as expected. —GoldenA

2013-08-29 16:31:35   A-1 Smog is great and Jon is a great guy. I have taken 2 of my cars there in the last 4 months and he did a quick, thorough, professional job...and the price was good too. Joh is a very nice person and easy to work with. Highly recommended. —LarryMelton

2013-11-25 15:37:37   Very good. Professional & clean shop; always a good sign. Go in the afternoon take a chair outside and sit in the sun on a cool fall day. —AndrewMcPherson

2013-11-30 13:55:27   Have my car's smog check done today. Great price, really fast, and really friendly manager. I highly recommend this place. —ntutce

2013-12-31 15:39:52   Jon provided great service, quickly, and at a good price! It's hard to get all of those things in one place. And it's in an easy location just off the freeway. I live on the other side of town, but I'll be taking my cars here from now on. —Nekko

2014-01-28 13:58:28   Ive had Jon smog 3 of my vehicles and all 3 visits were very enjoyable. In and out, in no time and cant beat the price. Highly recommend checking him out —DanielBerrones

2014-04-15 23:23:47   Thanks for all the great comments and if you are not happy with service please call me and we'll make it right!! —jonepling

2015-04-27 13:10:17   I just had my car "smogged" by Jon at A1, and I can attest that it was a completely pain-free experience. I was there on a Monday at about 9:30, and I was the only person there, no wait, so it was very quick. The waiting area is comfy, there is free Wi-Fi and a plug to plug in my laptop, and it even comes with a dog named "Roxy" (I think) who has the biggest brown eyes I've ever seen, I don't want to use too many superlatives, since in my opinion, a good smog-check should be pain-free and quick and not much else. I recommend A1. —KristinHeinemeier