The famous town of Brown's Pond. vege_raster! ABT 180, Introduction to GIS, was taught by Dr. Richard Plant at UC Davis. The class investigates basic fundamentals of GIS and how to analyze data using a GIS. The class utilizes ESRI software, but tutorials in OSGeo's Quantum GIS are made available to students as well, and requires students to attend one lab a week (but there are several sections).

It is cross-listed as PLS 180.

EBT received this email from an adviser: If you were planning to take ABT 180 in Fall 2010 you will need to take LDA 150 instead. ABT 180 is not being offered, but instead LDA 150 is being revised in order that it will be equivalent to ABT 180. For Fall 2011 and on, some merged version of LDA 150 and ABT 180 will be offered. So check back with me around this time next year if you need a GIS course for Fall 2011.

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