The AMS Club is the UCD student branch of the American Meteorological Society, the professional organization for atmospheric scientists nationwide. Here at Davis, the AMS Club provides a means for undergraduates, graduates, and even professors to network and discover more about weather and climate. All of the majors and grads in the Atmospheric Science department are automatically members, but anyone else with an interest in meteorology is welcome as well.

AMS Club is not the most active club on campus, as they hold no regular meetings. But whenever they do meet, they really go for it. Last year, they had a field trip to Chico, where they met with Ankit Jain, a UCD alumnus and meteorologist for the local TV station. The students who went on the trip got to play in front of the "weather wall", the green screen on which the weather graphics are projected, and even got to watch our forecasts played back to us. In another field trip last year, students got free tickets to see "The Day After Tomorrow" in theaters; the entire ATM 250 class was there to critique the science afterward.

This year, the club is planning a field trip to the National Weather Service Office in Sacramento in Winter Quarter and a trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco during Spring. If anyone is interested in learning more about the club or their events, hang out in Hoagland 124.