The ASUCD Business and Finance Commission reviews many of the senate bills in ASUCD that involve the allocation and distribution of Capital and Senate Reserves. B&F has the ability to reject legislation, however those bills are typically revived and passed during regular Senate Meetings. All seven ASUCD Commissions have this same ability.

The B&F Commission meets weekly at 7pm on Tuesdays in the ASUCD Conference Room on the 3rd floor of the MU.

Commission Members

COMMISSIONER TERM *Zach Griffiths Fall 2012 Ryan Devera Fall 2012 Chandler Hill Winter 2013 Artem Senchev Fall 2012 Yvonne Hsiao Winter 2013 Saima Ghani Winter 2013 Mattan Hamou Fall 2012 Haley Robinson Winter 2013 ALTERNATE RANK Marisa Cleveland 2nd Alternate Joanna Jaroszewska 3rd Alternate



  • Past Chairs:
    • Zach Griffiths
    • Rylan Schaeffer (Fall 12-Spring 13)
    • Brian Barnett (Fall 11-Spring 12)
    • Jared Hein (Fall 10-Spring 111)
    • Jeff Williams (Fall 09-Spring 10)
    • Sean Stampfli (Fall 08-Spring 09)
    • Steven Chen (Fall 07-Spring 08)
    • Andrew Bianchi (Spring 07)
    • Irina Dardik ( Fall 06-Winter 07)
    • Chris Herold (Fall 05-Spring 06)
    • Alan Pang (Fall 04-Spring 05)
    • Victor Mezhvinsky (Fall 03-Spring 04)
    • Melissa Johnson (Fall 2002-Spring 2003)
    • ???? (Fall 2001-Spring 2002)
    • ???? Lai (Fall 2000-Spring 2001)
    • Joan Johnson (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)
    • Bill Ralston (Fall 1998-Spring 1999)
    • Heather Patterson (Spring 1998)
    • Tom Palecek (Fall 1997-Winter 1998)
    • Greg Broderick (Spring 1997)
    • Patricia Clark (Fall 1996-Winter 1997)
    • John Reedy (Fall 1995-Spring 1996)
    • Keary Sullivan (Spring 1995)
    • Jason Hioco (Winter 1995)
    • Keary Sullivan (Fall 1994)
    • Russel Lowery (Fall 1993-Spring 1994)
    • Jim Garaventa (Spring 1993)
    • David Palecek (Winter 1993)
    • Jonathan Malek (Fall 1992)
    • Darris Sherman (Spring 1992)
    • Manisha Patel (Fall 1991-Winter 1992)


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The Standing Rules fairly explicitly disallow someone from concurrantly being a Senator and being on the Commission, regardless of what the ASUCD webpage states. The ASUCD webpage is nowhere referred to as having a binding authority. Incidentally, the Senate page itself is about two months out of date at this point, not reflecting the effects of last election. Also, as BrentLaabs mentioned, one must resist the urge to restrict editorship of any page on wiki - it really is diametrically opposed to the theory of wiki. -KrisFricke, Chief Justice, ASUCD

PS: as long as we have a member of the actual commission editing this page, if they could as much as possible make the membership of this page resemble the actual membership of the commission rather than what is listed on the ASUCD webpage, that would be awesome