The Committee on Student Music and Performing Arts was an ASUCD special committee that was supposed to bring Art and Music to the students, and emphasize student arts. However, after the bill was passed to create the committee, no one was actually hired to be on the committee, and none of the Senators or authors of the bill actually worked on this at all. The committee lapsed out of being at the end of its one year existence, without having met or having any members.


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2007-02-25 20:31:12   just as I knew it would. thank goodness for sunset clauses. this and the committee on engineering were terrible ideas. —JillWeinstein

2007-02-25 20:52:56   Whose campaign promise was this? I hope the committee on sci and engr goes somewhere..... —MaxMikalonis

2007-02-25 22:13:14   The outreach assembly fills the voids that these committees were aimed at confronting. They no longer need to exist. —JillWeinstein

Somebody should add the year it was enacted and the year in which it lapsed —jw