The ASUCD Executive Council was the combined executive/legislative body that preceded the ASUCD Senate. The body was smaller in number with 9 elected officials (President, Vice President, and 7 at-large members), plus 5 appointed Commission Chairs. 5 Executive Council members (including the President and Vice President) were elected in Winter quarter, and the remaining 4 at-large members were elected in the Fall. Commission Chairs were appointed at the end of Spriing quarter, serving for the following academic year. Before the two "Democracy at Davis" Acts which sought to model ASUCD after the federal government, the ASUCD Executive Council was modeled after City government.

The current model of the ASUCD government retains some of the structure of the original council system, with powerful (but not elected) Commission Chairs and largely independent commissions. In the early days of Council there were positions for Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Business and Finance. Ethnic and Cultural Affairs was added to the Council later on, but commissions such as GASC and EPPC were added after 1995 in the Senate era.

The Executive Council was preceded by the ASUCD Legislative Assembly in the long long ago.