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The Office of the External Affairs Vice President (EAVP) is the advocacy branch of the Associated Students of UC Davis’ (ASUCD) executive office. The executive office is made up of four components: President, Internal Vice President, External Affairs Vice President, and Controller. The job of EAVP is simple, to represent the interests of students on a local, state, and federal level.

Prior to being the EAVP, this office was called the Office of Advocacy and Student Representation (OASR). The office’s function will continue to be the same. The role of EAVP with regard to campus is working on a variety of projects that tackle pressing issues that affect the students of UC Davis. This includes, but is not limited to; housing insecurity, food insecurity, discrimination, environmental protection, etc.

The name of the office changed with the passage of a constitutional amendment in the Fall 2018 elections followed by the passage of ASUCD Senate Bill 39 (SB39), which institutionalized the name in the bylaws. With this name change, ASUCD aligns with the rest of the UC student governments and sets forth on a journey of cooperation to promote proper and equitable representation for the campus population.

The office hopes to tackle issues that affect students most, like homelessness, food insecurity, civic engagement, and academic equity. Part of what the office does includes lobbying for legislation that can change the lives of students here on campus. 

Currently the Office is made up of one EAVP, Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Two Organizing Directors, Four UCSA Campaign Chairs, One Project Manager, 2 Assistant Legislative Directors, a Communications Director, and Lobby Corp Members. 

Position Name Email
External Affairs Vice President Shruti Adusumilli
Chief of Staff  Tariq Azim
Communications Director Katherine Franks
Organizing Director  Celene Aridin
Legislative Director Michelle Andrews
ALD Local Affairs Michael Felberg
ALD State/Federal Affairs Aiden Morris
Lobby Corps E-B Chair Michelle Andrews
Racial Justice Now Campaign Chair  Valeria Cantor-Mendez
Aquire Campaign Chair Aditi Hariharan
FundTheUC Campaign Chair Pavan Gill
UCWeVote Campaign Chair Cece Garofoli
K-12 Project Manager Allison Peng