The goal of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly is to foster collaborative student activities and inform the student body of ASUCD and student organization activities. The ultimate goal of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly is to make ASUCD an accessible resources for students to get involved, get services, and get funding. The Outreach Assembly will put on two (2) Funding and Resource Forums, two (2) ASUCD Fairs within the dorms, and their annual Week of Competition. Outreach Assembly plans to continue providing student organizations with resources through events and other distribution outlets.

Outreach Assembly used to give out grants to student organizations that collaborate with other student organizations. However, the Rebecca Sterling executive office did not find that a priority. For all information about Outreach Assembly or applying for grant money please visit:


In Fall 2007 the Assembly replaced the ASUCD Campus Outreach and Organizing Office as the outreach arm of ASUCD. The Assembly was created when the ASUCD Outreach Assembly Winter 2007 Measure passed in the Winter 2007 ASUCD election, accompanied by a Senate Bill specifying the Assembly's structure. The legislation was authored by Brent Laabs, James Schwab, Kevin Powers, Jill Weinstein, Mike Rivera, and Paul Harms. The measure is one of very few bills that was referred to every ASUCD Commission and passed unanimously, although different fiscal and structural alternatives were discussed. The idea for the assembly was created over the summer 2006 by the authors who wanted to created a more effective outreach body for ASUCD.

The 2009 - 2010 school year was the last where assembly members were paid to attend club meetings.

In the 2010 - 2011 school year, in addition to planning OA's Week of Competition they raised funds to provide a Safe Boat for House Boats 2011.

The 2011 - 2012 school year was the last where the assembly awarded grants to encourage student groups to work together to create bigger initiatives.

It bears a good deal of similarities to President Rand's 1997 Core Council, only the appointment process works in reverse.


Speaker: Lauren Ashe

Assembly member Positions
  Lauren Ashe
  Marissa Forzisi
  Nicole Yen
  Maegan Enverga
  Priya Seth
  Aaron Sugano
  Sandhya Dhital
  Gayana Saakyan
  Valerie Nguyen
  Sarah Elbostany
  Danielle Kasatly
  Veena Bansal
  Sam Ho
  1st Alternate
  Anastasia Rud
  Arnold Trinh
  3rd Alternate
  4th Alternate

Previous Speakers: 2013: Kate Calderazzo 2012: Wendy Lu 2011: Sabrina Dias 2010: Quinten Voyce 2009: Taylor Fleshman

Senators who served in Outreach Assembly: * Anni Kimball * Joyce Han * Miles Thomas


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