University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thurday, April 12, 2007 7:40 p.m., Mee Room

p. 11 40 min.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting to order at



Fluet motion to move into appointments and confirmations.



Lee very qualified, very passionate, wanted to help us with a lot of projects stuff we’re working on next year… like their level of professionalism and maturity.

Lily Mohanna Sahara Meen

Harris what were your motivations to join the commission?

Mohanna grew up in Davis, been active in outside community now in UCD my responsibility to be involved in community.

Meen been wanting part of ASUCD long time, my priorities were toward my own organization on campus (ASA) for three years… last year was very busy with community book project (set up events for Kite Runner). This is the best time/opportunity for me to become part of this great organization.

Xie EAC deals with issues ranging from environment to police relations, based on your experience what are you most excited about in EAC?

Mohanna think we need to follow up on student police relations, many cases in high school sure there are plenty on university level too. Fee increases will be happening next year, great effect on lower income families, we need to talk more with UC Regents to figure things out.

Meen believe ASUCD needs more support than just general college students, greatest support is city of Davis. With their support we can have more successful events, more successful relationships, legislative bills, ideas, etc. Also feel that having this commission so broad helps us touch up on everything that can benefit college students as well as city of Davis.

Tracy Zenger

Xie what issue are you most excited about in external realm?

Zenger I’m already involved with CalPIRG, one of main campaigns is hunger and homelessness, would love to see EAC or outside work on issues like hunger/homelessness in and out of Yolo. Should rely heavily on things that affect Davis, Yolo, and U.S. community.

Harris what were your motivations to join?

Zenger think this commission is really interesting because so broad, many possibilities within this commission. Working outside students, think interesting because provides good chance to be faces of ASUCD and UCD because incorporates external aspect.



Markevich thanks for confirming two alternates last week, I wasn’t able to be here. Ellen Soreno has been on commission for the last quarter, instrumental in helping plans for Excellence in Education awards, really started to speak up lately, I’d love to see her continue on.

Soreno first year, on AAC as alternate last quarter.

Peake minimum progress has been a contential issue, what are your feelings on it and what can AAC do to help?

Soreno really interesting topic, one of things I heard coming in is the “finish in four” plan. Think major problem with minimum progress is not being sure of class load, not having enough info on what to take. Hard problem to solve, seen on every campus across nation. What we can do is hold GE forum to get more info out about finishing in four, think publicity is most effective way to solve it. Push to make it a priority, keep doing forums, discussions, panels, etc.



Lee next applicant is very passionate, willing to help EAC, I look forward to working with her.

Krystal Laymon

Harris what were your motivations for joining EAC?

Laymon relationship between city and school. This is not just college, my efforts is to get people more aware of fact we are part of city of Davis.

Xie other commissions work with one issue, what do you want to focus on within EAC?

Laymon CalPIRG and textbook problem, many people familiar with. Would like to focus on that personally, sure as time goes on more issues will arise and thought processes will occur.


Fluet motion to suspend orders of the day and move into presentations.


KDVS, Drake Martinet

Apologize I haven’t visited you in a while, feel like you’re my parents who I don’t visit except when asking for money. Here to talk to you about KDVS fundraiser coming up this Monday at midnight (16th to 22nd). KDVS fundraiser is our effort to sustain ourselves, raise half to two thirds of our own budget… impressive since we cant advertise or intake money any other way. This year reaching for 70K, think we can do it. Coming to you guys because you’re always very supportive of KDVS. Want to talk about theme of fundraiser, what’s available and what we’re highlighting. Radio justice for all, came up with that theme just throwing ideas around… become more important with what’s happening to KDRT. We were instrumental in starting KDRT, they run with mostly second hand KDVS equipment. We want to help them out, looks like one of only options to keep them on air is to open up a frequency in Davis. We’ve been working about three years to move transmitter off Davis, in one master stroke it can be possible to sustain KDVS and provide open space for KDRT in town. Working with them and together, helping us will be helping them. We have more premiums available this year (thank you gifts for donating), CD’s, t-shirts, go to KDVASS underwear we can’t keep on sale, have black and red. Have it on high authority that they’re very comfortable. If you’re a student of anything, base donation is $25 that gets basic premium. We generally offer gift certificates worth more than the donation. $40 community member, this is average donation. For $100 can host your own radio show on KDVS, get mobile DJ unit at your party, if you have a band can get four hours recording time in our studio. We’ve built three KDVS bike stereos, selling them on ebay… all money going towards KDVS. If one of you get it, I’ll install it for you. Sure all orgs you’re involved with painting nails etc for Picnic Day, if you come to parade rumor has it there’s going to be a full size blimp… KDVS trying to keep title of most spirited float.

Lay direction we’re trying to go in is collaboration between units, see that you’re selling underpants in student store. Have you thought of playing KDVS in the CoHo or on busses?

Drake not just underwear selling in student store, we have whole case with virtually every product we produce besides radio. Three more releases should be out by May, all will be on sale in student store. In terms of playing KDVS, an idea that comes and goes. Some wisdom to doing and to not doing; it’s produced by ASUCD but problem with playing constantly is that KDVS has no genre but so many niche markets. There are shows I don’t like because they’re so different than ones I do like. We prefer our listeners choose to embrace our variety, listeners like to pick and choose. Hope to create some KDVS mixes, similar to what we play on the quad, make those available to play in CoHo, on busses, etc. The direction is definitely a good one, but we’d like to take a more moderate step. We do want to continue further integration, more in my senate report coming up later in the quarter.

Markevich what percentage of KDVS programming consists of public affairs, talk shows, etc and is it successful in bringing in listeners?

Martinet we’re required to provide about 10 hours per week of public affairs. We have 20, 17 is locally produced. We also play Democracy Now. Most effective, some is most highly rated. In speaking about interaction with community, I offered new members of commission to come down and see how KDVS works… it’s unique because students are the leaders period. We rely on community for 50% of everything, nearly seamless integration, but students still lead. We all get along very well, off message but appropriate. Look at fundraiser stuff, come down and see us during the week.

Fluet motion suspend orders of the day, move into consideration of old legislation.


Fluet motion move into consideration of SB #58.

Author’s Comments

Amaha ASUCD uses CFC as means to allocate funds, many groups still come to us because they don’t file in right manner, etc. Strict policy means funds aren’t used. SHARE is a group that followed the procedure and were failed because of rule that isn’t explained well… Money that’s allocated by this bill will go towards site for event, under main event $60 for ticket pricing, but that’s going down.

Saini we are working really hard to help rebuild school in New Orleans, Communities in Schools in New Orleans. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. Twenty feet of floods in buildings, want to get those kids back in their school. Have info about past event, relatively new org bust last year we raised over 10K for a school in Sri Lanka. You can see in picture the admin building we built after SE Asia tsunami. Also have money going towards scholarships. We’re looking to double our gains from last year, working twice as hard or harder to be successful. Hope you will pass this and attend, May 18 at Veterans Center.

Commission Recommendation

Bianci [read pro/con statement] Funds wouldn’t directly benefit students in campus setting. Felt this event was planned extremely well with consideration of scheduling and planning, involves campus and community leaders in ways ASUCD is trying to create collaboration. Great event, we unanimously passed.

Lee we also thought a good bill, thought great serving other students. No problems at all, just brief question about CFC conflict that she answered.

Public Discussion

Xie about not benefiting students directly, we’re here to represent the students. If they want us to spend money on nacho machines, we should give it to them. If they want machines for Philadelphia, we should give it to them. If we ask students about this, they would say yes. Next thing, how will this advertise ASUCD?

Saini to start off, we’re going to be passing out brochures to attendees. Many will be community members, council members, key note speakers are chancellor and mayor of Davis. Have great audience, ASUCD will be advertised in program, added to some fliers, announcing at event.

Xie motion move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Lay wanted to ask how much money in senate reserves?

Fluet over 5K.

Malik think looking at their past flier, completely successful first time. Been going to their meetings, think this an amazing cause, pass it.

Peake consider few things with spending bills: is it well planned? Yes. Benefit students? Yes. Go to CFC? Yes, but they fell through the cracks. Call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB #58

Fluet motion to move into consideration of SB #59.

Author’s Comments

Harms I’ve talked to many unit directors, many gave me specific requests/problems. Sometimes as big as $60K tower relocation, sometimes as small as a request for nacho cheese machine. This is $250 out of senate reserves, stands over 5K… less than 1/20 of reserves to help a unit and bring delicious nacho cheese to MU.

Commission Recommendation

Bianci there’s a demand for nachos. This is an appropriate response to that demand, urge speedy passage.

Public Discussion

Markevich why senate and not capital reserves? And will there be conflict with product because CoHo also sells nachos?

Harms coming from senate because it’s one time fee to lease the machine, because we’re leasing and not purchasing we can’t use capital. To offset this $250 we should have $500 coming back from Newman Center pretty soon. As far as product, this is just cheese and chips, CoHo is chips, meat, beans, etc. Most people don’t know student store is in hierarchy under CoHo, semi-independent. Furthermore, in coming years CoHo will be renovated and will be selling food out of store and old post office space and tents on quad. We’re moving towards expanding student store’s customer base.

Fluet think this is a great bill, something students want.

Malik one time fee, we have lease forever?

Harms this company makes money off of cheese, not from selling machines but from selling product. To ensure they sell product, which student store manager sampled at trade show, they indefinitely lease the machine. If it breaks within first two years, will repair without charge. Past second year, will send new machine for only $30. We can terminate lease at any time.

Parnell I don’t see the use of it if CoHo has nachos, they have super duper things but I just got cheese from CoHo.

Peake CoHo is higher quality, this is cheap ballpark type nachos. Store already sells some things CoHo sells, so overlap already exists.

Parnell still money from senate reserves for product already being served. This will have to be promoted when people already know that these exist in CoHo.

Harms Aggie Student Store has publicity budget, director is good about advertising at low cost. Of course will be crossover, only been in last three years they’ve been separate units. Separated, now halfway recombined. So can’t say we shouldn’t see drinks there, because there are drinks in CoHo (granola bars, etc). This is a convenience store, meant to provide snacks. If people come into store to buy nachos and get drink and candy, boosting their revenue. In past their revenue was failing, at one point only commercial unit receiving a subsidy. Now unit director asking to expand product base, when competitor CoHo receives 120K over budget, and going to be shut down for months at time, I think we have to give the director what he’s asking.

Powers senate been harped in past for not planning for future. This is something you’re doing, lease forever that can be cut if needs be. Gives options to student store to expand, will definitely get use when CoHo shuts down.

Lay move to senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Turhal think this is amazing bill, worked in CoHo and we both know it’s not same thing. One thing failed to mention perhaps is that this will regenerate itself quickly. This will generate revenue rather than spending money, think we need to rethink this as a generator and not a spender. Good investment!

Friedman unless you’re all opposed or have something to contribute, recommend that Cem call this to question.

Turhal would love to call to question.

Sundstrom object to calling—seeking clarification… Cheese and chili, or what?

Harms cheese and spicy cheese.

Sundstrom withdraw objection.

Parnell object to passing—don’t believe we should spend money on item already provided at CoHo.

DO PASS, 11-1-0, SB #59 No: Parnell

Fluet suspend orders of the day and move into presentations.


CFC, Paul Cody

Assistant director student programs/activities center. [see report] Thanks to Dan, Molly, Andrew for help with process of new board of directors. Daviswiki been some criticism, some legit some not. CFC is funding board to help fund org events, not free money for org or to give money for whole event. Three funding cycles year, feedback is not enough and burden to board members, orgs, and departments that have to work with various orgs. Next year at least two cycles per quarter so done on more regular basis, and groups have multiple shots. Feedback also is missing workshops, moving those online so that they may be done at convenience. Not any changes to statutes and guidelines, just how we roll it out. Many good things about CFC, opportunity to better evaluate how programs put on. I try to articulate that this is everyone’s money and should be spend efficiently.

Turhal recently went to CFC trying to put on boxing event, costs almost 1K for ring, etc. Went to CFC to get funding, said sports groups (we’re not athletics, we’re SPAC) don’t get funding.

Cody only student orgs get CFC funding, if you’re sports club through IM you’re part of university.

Peake in an earlier bill a club was denied funding because alcohol at event. How do you feel about this?

Cody I don’t know why it’s in place, maybe something to do with university procedures. If events are on campus, they will never get alcohol permit. Excludes most events, if off campus must be another thing. Don’t know why it’s in there, needs more research.

Weinstein where can members of senate get full budget so we know where funding is going before budget hearings?

Hooper Paul has provided me with all of that info from last ten years, I printed off copies and they were ruined within executive office.

Cody I emailed files to Julie, would rather not kill forest for them. Also posted on fourth floor every quarter, next posting will be Apr 27. Winter quarter provided them to SGAO.

Harms does CFC train new board members with how to deal with angry club leaders?

Cody they send them to me. At beginning of year deal with many things in training, I try to say our role is to make sure fair/equitable process. If people understand process… last year people come expecting free money and upset about papers. Hopefully with workshops being online people won’t waste their time.

Harms how strictly do you enforce the rule about advertising ASUCD in promotion?

Cody depends, deadline was yesterday might have event May 2 and not know if they got funding until later. There have been groups in past if they didn’t include ASUCD and CFC might have to return money.

Hooper how many groups actually get rejected, and why?

Cody not normal year, 25/26 and 30/32. Biggest criteria is if poorly planned, no marketing plan, no funding alternatives, etc. Don’t feel confident in investment. Others looked at in realm of things, breadth of event, principles of community, planning, student involvement. Depends; this year funded more… If group comes early and other funding cycle can come back and reapply with specific line items changed.

Lee must be SPAC, what is your feeling if ASUCD commission wants funding.

Cody they come here (senate). This is for student orgs because this is their only source. Not even graduate groups are eligible. Not going to be working with CFC next year, hiring new person but my goal is to be sure all things to accomplish will be done before he/she gets here so transition is effective. I’m on fourth floor, talk to me if you need to.

Lay motion move back into appointments and confirmations.

Turhal object for break.

Lay withdraw motion.

Turhal motion for ten minute break.

Hooper be back at 8:52.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at



Fluet suspend orders of the day, move back into appointments and confirmations.



Markevich proven track record in ASUCD, feel bad for stealing him from IAC. Expecting great things, has passion and ability to reach expectations.

Daryl Suyat, from Oceanside CA… worked for Congressman Daryl Isa.

Peake minimum progress significant problem…

Suyat at Chancellors dialog, revealed it’s a complicated issue. Need to look in depth how it affects ethnic community… many admin try to stray away from these questions about how it affects underrepresented students. Part of job of AAC is to look out for all students with academic problems, not just taking what admin says as the whole truth. Look at the problems admin won’t. As far as bringing sexy back I’m a bit bitter against that because thought I would be able to win with that but I guess I was wrong. Will bring sexy back, by that I mean passion and motivation to work with academic issues. Same passion as looking at legislation, but even more now because I was running for Senate on academic issues.

Parnell talked about reaching to underprivileged communities, how will you do that through AAC? Many students put on AP are from these communities, how will you go about educating them on how to get out of these situations, who to talk to, etc?

Suyat like to figure out exact numbers of underprivileged communities being affected by minimum progress and AP, with those numbers maybe students will take seriously. For retention, been involved in it my whole college career. Hopefully use what I learned in PA training to help retain students.

Harms which units of campus/admin have you worked with in the past? Resource centers, offices, etc?

Suyat worked for Student Liaisons to the Chancellor Angelina Malfitano and Eric Zamora, may intern for SRRC in future. Currently hoping to be PAC.

Lee what kind of relationship between AAC and Academic Senate?

Suyat administration creates all policy, but shouldn’t just look at it in that regard. If we make noise and have passion to create change, admin will listen. If we’re passionate about certain issues, we shouldn’t be quiet but speak them out and get student population involved. Not 100% well versed in how academic senate works, but will learn about relationship… not take anything for granted and work to make sure policy makers know what is best for students.


Fluet move into ex-officio reports.


Khan, Benci-Woodward, Cokely, Weinstein, Bianci, Lee, Markevich, Harms


Salem, Hooper, Xie, Lay, Malik, Fluet, Sundstrom, Frick, Peake, Harris, Parnell, Turhal, Friedman

Media Board Rep: Xie Internet Networking: Lay

Fluet motion to move into consideration of old legislation.

Xie object- three minutes until break anyway.

Fluet withdraw, motion five minute break.

Turhal object- we can easily get through SB 63 and take something off our shoulders.

Fluet withdraw, motion to move into consideration of old legislation.

Lay motion to move into consideration of SB #63.

Author’s Comments

Turhal wrote this bill because took CoHo as my unit, talking to Sharon a lot. Bill wants to buy new trays because old trays were getting skied on. We can afford these, on average cardboard trays cost $500 week… $20K per year. Three years ago senate wrote bill saying to purchase new trays and FDA didn’t approve of those ones. CoHo had to get new ones with own budget, two years since they bought those and need new ones because those are old, lost, broken, etc. Talked to grounds division and will be marking under each tray property of ASUCD CoHo. All Grounds Division will know to bring these back to CoHo so lost trays that are carried away will be returned. Biggest problem with EPPC was wanting recycled plastic, talked to Tom and nothing specifically said about trays but assuming that some of material most is reused recycled plastic. No guarantee, couldn’t get answer. Nevertheless will be saving $500 a week. Think we’d be fools if we don’t pass this speedily.

Bianci [read pros/cons] Abstentions due to absences, as employee of CoHo I would abstain either way because of conflict of interest

Benci-Woodward informally reviewed in commission, all agreed this a great idea. Reusable anything is excellent for environment. Sad to note that trays are continually lost, hopefully solution will be found. Thanks for efforts looking for recycled plastic, if this had come through officially and trays were not recycled we would have failed this.

Hooper this was a fault of mine communicating with SGAO that this bill wasn’t seen by EPPC


Peake as Cem said, common sense we need to buy these. Move senate discussion


Parnell any possible way to make these cheaper? This is a lot of money coming out of capital reserves. Is this amount necessary.

Turhal this amount is because trays we have will be in supply, FDA approved… CoHo isn’t using these from their own money because bylaws say they are eligible for new equipment (trays) to be purchased every two years.

Parnell six hundred new trays, withdraw my previous statements.

Bianci before we end this discussion, if you see blue trays in senate office please take them down the stairs (clear example of problem). I trust Sharon and others in evaluating cost-effectiveness of these.

Sundstrom does this also include shipping and delivery?

Turhal shipping free for over $500.

Malik do you know how many purchased last time

Turhal don’t know, they didn’t want to state it. First time we bought we got almost same amount but FDA didn’t approve and CoHo is buying 600 more.

Malik call to question

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB 63

Turhal motion for ten minute recess

Hooper be back at 10:00



Fluet SB 65

Authors Comments Mikalonis as you all know court case recently, this is a bill created by IAC. This is modeled after bylaw consolidation committee, focusing on chapter four of bylaws… we want to rework these election codes clarifying endorsements and the regulations surrounding them. Three members of IAC, IAC chair, Brent Laabs because he wrote the election code first time through, member of ECAC, someone from GASC. Additionally ex-officio members media, want to have media involved and know what’s going on. Two senators and Paul Harms also as ex-officios.

Weinstein we see this as the only solution because the court case brought up many issues. Leathers wrote a bill to fix the elections codes, wanted to include him. Included GASC and eCAC for free speech issues to ensure that everyone is part of this discussion.

Powers this court case is great opinion, points out large flaw in bylaws. Would have been inappropriate to try to just patch a whole, need a comprehensive look at it. Real issues could come up, want to take a good look at this and make a recommendation.


Friedman move into senate discussion

Senate Discussion

Peake one change to propose line 27 would like these people to be able to appoint a designee

Powers made them ex-officio to begin with so they could come if they wanted. Not really having a vote or anything, just wanted to recognize their expertise. Would like to recognize that they’re the ones we want there, don’t need designees to be ex-officio by appointment.

Weinstein in this case more important to us to have actual people in these positions, also more appropriate to use specific names for a committee like this, just following this bias in bylaws

Peake I see no reason to object to this

Harris I see no objections, went to commission meeting, have good plan to fix this problem

Parnell are we going to elect these senators now or later on? When will this happen?

Powers you can elect them whenever you want, no time designated. Doesn’t really matter how they get chosen, as long as it happens it happens. Don’t need to be strict about it.

Harris I really want to do this, would you object if I call to question. Call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0

Fluet move to consider SB 64

Authors Friedman this bill allocates $370 to a retreat. Few points about this bill; we are investing in quality of leadership here on campus, main purpose of this bill. Specifically investing quality of leaders so they can gain experience through organizing their own programs at the retreat, then give these skills back to Jewish community and campus at large. Important to stress this. Retreat open to everyone, not just Jewish students. Have to express interest in Judaism. REgligis commhnities, fine line because we’re governmental body, important to realize religious communities exist. We allocate to other communities and not these, 10% population of Davis is Jewish probably double involved in other religious communities on campus. Not asking for that much, we’re in a bind. In future will seek other funding options. Couldn’t follow CFC schedule because this is taking place weekend after next, pursued other funding. CCC has different policy/funding schedule, looking for retroactive funding. Would encourage you to look at the amount, we’re willing to cut things down, would appreciate your support.

Davis couple main points want to bring up. First time we’ve done a Helleil regional camping trip, first type of any helleil leadership retreat. Besides time issues, very last minute. First time to deal with this, with time constraints really had to jump through hoops and obstacles. This isn’t the first, second, or third place to look for money. Won’t have to look here next year, just want to get this program off ground. We will have our students working on this starting now for next Spring so we don’t have to come to you again.

Comm Recc ECAC [read pros/cons]

Bianci [read pros/cons] My commissioners had several issues, specifically lines 19 and 20 where said initially conceived only few weeks ago, demonstrates limited planning. Hard to approve program without concise planning.


Turhal agree with B&F, ECAC that this is amazing leadership event. They come out and support community, similarly REACH received allocation in addition to their budget. Someone said we’re giving one specific group on campus money, honestly individuals make a group. Individual groups make a society. Helping a specific group who will improve our society we should encourage this. Only one time thing, don’t think it’s a planning fault, they got informed way late. I think we should pass this bill.

Davis wanted to point out there was a group decision to make the charge $10, difficult to change this price. Lot of things will change to better plan for this next time. Wasn’t even on our radar, other school invited us to participate.Lot of things will change next year, including how students apply to be part of trip. Moment is first come first serve, next year will pursue application process. Sonoma State organizing this has received money from their associate student body.

Parnell total support of this, giving students from underrepresented community within universities and society. $370, I believe we should be giving more than that to increase leadership and cultural awareness. Eric example of being from underrepresented community member of Senate. This is going to increase cultural diversity and awareness.

Harris curious about people’s thoughts about funding a religious group

Peake looking at this, comparing to rEACH retreat, or LGBT retreat, they are reaching out and trying to build bridges to other communities. This seems to be reinforcing Jewish values and identity development. I see that as worthwhile, but not something ASUCD should be funding. The text seems religious and inclusive.

Harris I expected that would be one of the main concerns, I think my view is that things like LGBT and Womyn of Color, there are people who don’t associate under either of those categories. This is saying they are open to people interested in Jewish culture, don’t have to be Jewish. It is building community because focus of program is to produce leaders and self-development. Motion move into senate discussion


Xie first thing, everyone saying amazing leadership opp. First year, don’t know it will be amazing. If second year and people said it was amazing, then yes. I would like to see results of this first. Next thing is how will leaders institutionalize their skills on campus. Workshops, reach out to communities, etc? How many people would you send without ASUCD’s contribution? Really uncomfortable with recruitment techniques because whether religious or not, I don’t think this is open for everyone. If everyone did this for first year, specific communities would just start picking whoever… I want to know that this is open to entire student population right now. We should be taking this into consideration regardless of the amount. Very leaning no on this one because of first year, maybe send four and have them tell us it was awesome and then we could collaborate with you on that.

Friedman how will we know what happened after retreat? Harms said he epects leaders of retreat will come back and present to senate I will personally ensure that they present to you what they learned. One of our freshman is taking pretty large leadership role. Recruitign through facebook, students who come to helleil, friends who are interested in this. Totally open to them even if non-Jewish. Interested in Judaism, could totally go. The minimum is twelve, we can go to fifteen. Money, proportionally looking at percentage of money from budget is smaller than percentage of Jewish people on campus.

Xie reminds me of another bill a year or so ago, recruiting for womyn of color asking for money. We say we don’t remember precedents, but I remember we didn’t fund them because recruitment process wasn’t what we liked.

Frick line 21-23 is not quantified at all, been throwing this twelve fifteen around and how much is price going to increase if we don’t do this and will it really affect whether students can go or not? Regarding line 29, talking about money I don’t think t-shirts promote leadership capabilities, going to propose you pull that out and we discuss financing other aspects.

Davis I agree with you on t-shirts, they were worked into budget so that price being paid for shirts goes into support cost of trip.

Frick are you saying this is package deal and we can’t debate this? I’d prefer to have someone answer about line 22 differene in price

Friedman referring to if this is not funded, total amount divided by 12-15 is something like $30.

Davis wanted to address couple of things Dan brought up. How many ppl send without money? Withouth money I don tknow if we could send anyone… I guess in worse case scenario we could increase fees, trying no to. Hoping, neither is set in stone. How are students going to give back to campus community? Jewish community, Helleil, etc has cosponsored events with CCC, LGBTRC, Interfaith community. Bridge and community building, taking leadership roles in Jewish community extends itself to other campus communities.

Peake same concerns as Dan, think CFC has good way of looking at these thigns. Don’t see good planning, don’t see sacrifice of students going here, given concerns raised with recruitment, have the students who are going on this decided yet? No. Don’t think there is open registration for this, don’t think it’s incumbent with many communities

Fluet people keep bringing up REACH retreat. It brings 100 people from as many backgrounds as possible, and to go on that students had to pay $35. Paying larger than $10 doesn’t seem a huge burden. Also worried about recruitment

Peake see way too many worries, don’t think comparable to many other retreats

Bianci if you did have fifteen participants, it would be fifteen additional dollars. What if you were to then look for community members to sponsor those who couldn’t pay the additional, seems reasonable approach. I understand significance of Jewish community, think you’d be able to find this funding through individual members.

Peake think Jewish community Davis is strong, will not be hurt by this. Feel we’re becoming a bit of a defacto go to ASUCD Senate for money. Too many concerns with this bill, don’t think we should be passing it at this point. Shirts real concern, don’t like the ratio of money spent for only twelve students.

Carrillo don’t have much to say, questions got answered. On fence at this point, want to promote culture and background, building leaders, know from my community how Chican@ Retreat was, also iffy on recruitment process as well as how well planned this is. Last minute thing.

Friedman recruitment process, honestly for Chican@ Latin@ did you recruit outside your own community? Important to look at fact that ASUCD makes policies that try to benefit greatest amount of students in terms of short term things. Think we have responsibility to invest in individual community. When you first get here you go toward individual community, think we have responsibility to support those communities. If anyone else came here requesting funding for their individual community, I would say no problem. I’m willing to take the shirts out, in terms of organization we have everything organized in terms of what’s going on every day, who’s doing what, etc.

Weinstein think arguing against this bill because of communities and who it’s recruiting to is stupid. There’s not an event on campus that doesn’t exclude someone. When you’re working with a limited community, you want to focus within the community. Think organization is poor, agenda should have been included in bill. Numbers come out a bit too even to convince me that a lot of planning went on. Keep in mind that two commissions looked at this, one in support and other not so much… maybe make some kind of compromise.

Carrillo regarding recruitment all retreats fail to reach out to certain communities, but I don’t know about first come first serve. I can go get eleven of my friends and we’ll all go. Also without t-shirts each student will be paying $33 rather than $37.

Xie for compromise, would like to see the agenda. Paing for programming and transportation is fine, but you can feed yourself. Maybe explain the t-shirt thing better. Agree that first come first serve part of organization planning we need to look into. If we can get better break down it would be nice

Fluet agree about recruitment for first come first serve, this may foster leaders but people need to apply. We need to know we’re funding the best possible students to go on this retreat. Think we should start looking at negotiations with students paying a bit more.

Markevich everyone’s talking about poorly planned no app process. They’ve known about this for two weeks. I realize not best planned thing and not most exact numbers, but think this has potential to be really promising experience as an event, willing to take chance not best organized event.

Weinstein why should the senate fund things not fully planned when they have limited number of resources?

Markevich you have to look at each case in terms of situation. If they had four months….

Xie I have to agree with Jill, if everyone came in two weeks before with poor planning should we fund every one? We have limited resources and have to take case by case. I understand difficult situation with two weeks, but doesn’t mean we should just give it to them because of that time constraint.

Sundstrom looking at this program, huge red flag pushing me towards know is that there’s only sixty minute leadership program …

Friedman with intimate environment with other leaders, outside of Davis in woods, basically whole idea of any type of retreat.

Sundstrom I do understand, ton of retreats, when you are out of normal environment more comfortable discussing it. I don’t feel comfortable funding this when more time is allocated to eating than to the program.

Xie the agenda is subject to change. How subject is it to change, another red flag. Are you going to add more, take away.

Sundstrom originally had concern about being specific group. You squashed that, but now programming… if you could come up with amazing plan with eight hours of leadership training… sixty minutes doesn’t cut it.

Bianci I know B&F consistently beats the dead horse, but if you were to pass this the precedent would be very skewed. This would entail any organized group of students could come to us and ask for funding for this last minute plan. Last time was Tijuana project that we also failed, went to four hour compromise. This doesn’t really compare to their situation, but when we viewed this in commission part of programming was purchase of sports equipment. I feel like there is no leadership development. Identity development yes, but not leadership. If they didnt receive this funding and received fifteen participants, would cost $35. Same as REACH Retreat. Feel like that’s a clear answer, compared to all other outreach retreats, this is comparable funding.

Peake to compare this to Tijuana Project, they would’ve not been able to go. $35 this can still happen if we don’t fund them. That project had clear organization and clear goals, this does not. Encourage next senate to call to queston and vote no

Xie women of color same thing almost, they had similar amount of time and senate didn’t pass for similar reasons. That is a conference that’s been going on for hella long, we know it’s awesome and been around and been established. This is not so. Vote no on this.

Bianci focusing on long term, look at precedent.

Malik talking about this in ECAC talked about you going to APi but they have own retreats. If you raise cost to fifteen, take out t-shirts and food, it’s only $20.

Davis dinner for Saturday night we’re in charge of preparing. Each school is responsible for bringing a program and in charge of a meal. Our budget for meal is $200 and we’re only bringing to you 100 of that.

Friedman author’s amendments. Encourage you to call it, we can get money elsewhere if you wont give it. I think there exists double standard here when you give thousand dollars to Pride Week and won’t give this small amount to us.

Lay if you said you’re able to go elsewhere…

Friedman we could hopefully get retroactive from CCC. SAPi hopefully pursue them, but frats and sororities already on very limited budgets.

Malik call to question.

Parnell think we should continue to vote on this. Comments are getting on my nerves, would like to say what I have to say.

Continue senate discuss

Friedman have said everything I want to say

Hooper let’s use deferments for what you’re talking about…

Parnell what I say about this, there is lack of planning but for lack of time there’s pretty good planning. Seven hours of programming is pretty good. About building for best of leaders, these kinds of events make leaders. I went to black leadership retreat, that’s what got me involved. About showing workshop, becoming leadership what you do around campus makes you a leader. For not giving 370 to some people trying to make a good leader event, these are people who really need it… you guys are getting mad over one time ordeal for people trying to help out themselves and their community and see what they can do and make difference in themselves and other people. We should provide for the entire thing. For you to say women of color conference, I know that was not unanimous decision. This is different senate.

Turhal I’m an economist. We gave REACH 1800, 18 per person on top of budget we already gave them. I’m assuming at least 2 or more already budgeted. Coming to Helleil, changed to 280, I think we should fund the whole thing. 60 minutes of leadership program might look stupid on paper, but will be improving us as community. Mathematically, 23 or 18 per person same amount we gave to reach. This is like reverse discrimination. Don’t agree with us saying black females week or something like that, these people are trying to become leaders.

Harris at what point do we draw a line? I support leadership and retreats, but we can’t just fund everyone’s retreat. I support the Tijuana, but as an economist where do you draw the line

Turhal our money in reserves is sitting with cobwebs, meant to be spent. It’s great that we’re rich, if we can better our schools why do we have money in our reserves. This is a one time thing for 300, we spent 1800 on REACH. This is discrimination

Lay money we allocate and in senate reserves is students’ money. Measly 300 or large sum, you were elected to rep student body and its their money. If we feel that it doesn’t adequately affect students or whatever, you should vote no. this isn’t our meony, have students in mind

Turhal you’re electing students who voted for you. Ppl who voted for me would say yes, so I’m saying yes. I’m repping students, I don’t see why we shouldn’t pass this.

Hooper want to remind everyone, if you have mind decided and know how you’re going to vote without anything new please stay off list…

Markevich talking about precedent about SE MidEAST Asian graduation, community on campus probably not much turnout from ppl not part of that community. Meant to build community and bridge gaps. I’m sure other examples from past years could go either way. throw out precedent and vote on this

Peake motion call ten minute break.

Friedman object—I want to vote. Withdraw

Hooper be back at 11:15


Peake most important thing is organization. We need to be a cold body, look at things rationally and logically. I don’t think this event had been organized well enough for funding yet. Eric said himself funding can come from other places, it will still happen without funding, I think it’s time to call to question. Call to question

Harris object—want further discussion

Sundstrom don’t take this as solid numbers: looking at this from business standpoint, trying to ECAC as well. Dontt hink we should just give you the money because needs better planning. Maybe deserve seed money. This is my proposal: cut food and have them supplement food money in their cost. Give 18.33 as reg fee, not much to ask for amazing leadership opp.

Davis want to clarify confusiong. We’re bring 12-15 students, we’re not packing lunches and bringing them down. We have to feed entire group for a meal for 65 people. We have full budget which is not as even numbered as that one, not sure what our meal will cost we have up to 200 to spend but hopefully we’ll spend less. Think this is difficult because it’s being put together by students on seven campuses, fourth conference call is this week… students putting everything together so there is some inaccuracy but we’re trying to put something together on short notice with seven campuses. Will pass around full budget if it helps

Sundstrom I understand you’re trying to share, still think the 100 you’re expected to contribute could be held by students. Think you could have had better planning, but I’d still be happy to give you 180

Fluet think this is good, think we should vote. This has been good compromise, we needed compromise because our commissions split. This wasn’t planned well because of short term, but even commissions were split.

Lay respect senate for compromising, but thing is I feel my biggest problem is registration fees. The more we cut, the more they pay anyway so fees might as well be increased. This would increase totally budget so what you’re asking us will decrease.

Fluet kids are going to have to pay more anyway. Call to question.

Malik object for roll call vote

8-4-0 DO PASS

Fluet motion move into student court cases


Fluet president has signed all leg


Frick offended by people who have used these notecard sized fliers as notes when they’re made for events that haven’t happened yet. Disappointed in your ability to see how important ASUCD money is… going to give you all new ones, if you’d like to use it as tp later please don’t do it in front of me.

Xie hunger clean up, more notecard sized ones. The hunger clean up is awesome, hosted by NCSHH going on for 23 years. CalPIRG every year participates with other PIRGS. National Day is Picnic Day, so ours is going to be on Sunday. Raises money for hunger/homeless, media attention and education of people in community. Press releases, phone banking, etc. On long term, really putting these issues on minds helping to change policy to solve this problem. Money raised goes to diverse group of important organizations. Every campus in nation doing it. You have the website,, donate to one of the Davis teams. Give me a call or Ramneek, talk to CalPIRG kids over there, tell friends about it and get $5 from them. More money we raise the better, show other campuses we’re better. Other thing is textbooks bill, we have 3 pt bill: one part got passed is disclosure of prices, looking for coauthors for other parts

Hooper as reminder public announcement already went in city portion so use this if you neeed it

Friedman free screening of knocked up mondavi center.

Harris noticed this in all of our meetings, how we go about time management and dealing with how we discuss problems. We need to look at bill ahead of time… we didn’t finish agenda; more efficiency would allow more discussion. People giving personal examples, you can say what you want but speculate on those personal examples and create something general that will apply to the bill. Concerns about the bills, look and consider if your concern will be result of passing the bill or will be relevant. Think about it, ask someone after you’ve thought about it. We were frustrating the council with our inefficiency

Mikalonis I wanted to tell you court is reviewing their judicial codes for next few weeks. Will be seen again in IAC. [read names of casualties]

Fluet I challenge each of you to think of the people who are alive right now whose names Max will be reading next Thursday.

Sundstrom when he’s reading the dates, think about what you were doing on that day.

Carrillo thinking about it is lovely and great, we need to be putting pressure on our govt to get our troops out of there… save that for later… Darfur Awareness Week is coming up, will pass around this flier. I really encourage you to attend Dining for Darfur Awareness benefit, it’s the only benefit of the week of events. Right now through next week is phone banking, talked to many who said phone call made all difference in world in convincing them to go. In Mrak Hall, 6-8. Don’t have to be from one of these communities, can be broken down by ethnicity, city, etc

Malika emotion/passion is great, but try not to attack people because that really does change people’s vote.

Powers when everyone was going back and forth, funny we can say one thing but it doesn’t mean that at all. We internalize things, understand through our own experiences. I’m challenging you as policy makers to keep that in mind, glad this passed. Ultimately, people need to sit down, analyze beforehand and be stringent about it. Here you’re students and reps, but you’re also lawmakers and policy analysts. It’s easy to get fired up, but ultimately at this table you’re at a higher calling because you’re figuring out how to allocate student funds. Be pragmatic

Carrillo is it impossible to get agendas earlier than Wednesday

Powers I would urge senators to attend commission meetings or talk to senators who have attended so you can have heads up about what’s coming up.

Bianci just review bills when they’re being introduced week before, then investigate your views and follow them through commission process

Powers may sometimes not see the ripple, but ultimately you’re supposed to be pros in here.

Parnell if anyone got offended from my adamant speech I don’t apologize, I’m gonna say sorry that’s your bad. It’s gonna happen, it’s just how I am. If I feel adamant, may seem unprofessional but it’s how I am

Peake nothing wrong with believing what you say and saying it the right way

Parnell want to thank Max for coming up here… many other ppl not from U.S. dying as well. We are blessed sitting here.

Mikalonis on note of getting things early, they have to process questions text, commission reviews, etc… many changes happen Tuesday night that they have to put down Wednesday morning.

Bianci I wholly disagree with you Albert, there was disrespect. My opposition to the bill had nothing to do with the individual group, I felt disrespected and when I checked that was included in my principles of community. I’d like to acknowledge disagreeing views, but I don’t expect to come to senate and be disrespected. I am not anti-semitic

Parnell I never said anti-semitic or racist

Bianci we can refer to records if needed, but you said opposition to this legislation was racist.

Turhal you’re completely right, want to make public thing… apologize that as senate we disregarded what you and your commission decided. Don’t think of it as disrespect because it was split… in that respect we came to right conclusion. Sorry if you felt senate disrespected commission

Bianci not my point at all not referring to utcome of vote… has to make compromise. Parenells comments were disrespect to me and others in opposition

Lay my opposition was because prices were not risen. Also never in my life have I been so disrespected at this table. We give right to give opinions, by you not giving me deferment you disrespected me office and ppl who elected me

Turhal think personal matters should be talked about later

Friedman my intention for bringing this bill was not to instigate anything like this, apologize for any problems that may have arisen, thank you all for voting the way you did, let’s move on. We have legit concerns between some senators now, would be more than happy to meet with you all after or have a night to cool off. Some other point informally I don’t want anything like this to happen. Sorry for instigating this. Hope that we can al move past this and continue to work together. More than willing to talk with you guys later

Lay don’t htini you should be apologizing, not instigate anything by intro bill. Our job as senators is to be professional and civil

Friedman I feel need to apologize, I’m not apologizing for intro bill at all

Weinstein 1000 wells project, kick off dollar campaign at picnic day, will be at farmers markets. Will be dressed as drop of water and learning to juggle. Also giving up everything for two weeks except water, want to join in fight against aids epidemic talk to me

Fluet move into approval past meetings minutes


Lay bill we just saw asks for two senators, do you want to do this tonight?

Nominations: Turhal nominate Parnell Lay nominate Malik Frick nominate Harris Carrillo nominate Peake

Parnell I work hand in hand with AS papers, something I have written for and know editors. I really feel that this is something that kind of is more towards AS papers, someone should be aware with what goes on within that and in general about election codes etc

Malik reading this I knew I wanted to be part, jill caught me going through bylaws. Especially because all this happened during our campaign

Harris I want to be part of it because I was at comm. Meeting, part of discussion, part of newspaper, know a lot of production process and I did a lot of research on laws of media rights and our restrictions. Have interest of asucd and media, have objective voice.

Peake several reasons also, senator assigned to as papers, repped them in case that led to this, doing work with free speech since sophomore year in h.s. knowledgeable abou tissues in press and free speech

Turhal since we’re voting for two, I’d like to extend an offer that we should vote for two people because we have four and going to be clear division… should be able to vote for two.

Two reps Harris and Peake

Markevich thought I was on public discussion. In past seven hours, you’ve done a lot of great stuff today. Be happy, go home and have a stiff drink..


Fluet IM softball wed nights, Jill is now captain. Understand if you have class, will send email. Just need 8 there to play. Quarterly reports, please have them done by next week.

frick next wed may be first softball, night of this event I’ve been working on… if it’s not at 7 please come to this symposium

fluet please don’t email each other on listserve about tonight, do personal emails if you like. About alcohol policies, talk to me because I’ll look it up and print it for you before discussion like at city council

lay other freshman welcome event tomorrow, I’m working tomorrow… be there by like 11 til 1:15, cant do whole time.

Peake, Hooper, will be there

Harris motion to adjourn 12:06