University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 19, 2007 6:10 p.m., Mee Room


Vice President Hooper called the meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.

II. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Salem, Hooper, Harms, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Markevich, Bianci, Khan, Lee, Weinstein, Cokely, Benci-Woodward


Fluet all legislation has been signed.


Friedman motion move into other business.


Fluet motion consider SR #19 by Salem urgent—about Virginia Tech tragedy, written Mon/Tues and no time for commissions.

Salem approximately six new additions, please follow along.

Public Discussion

Peake commend Salem and others. Well written, we should pass this quickly with a moment of silence. Move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Frick please explain to me what you mean on line 1…

Salem should have read “extend our condolences to all those affected…”

Frick motion call to question.

DO PASS, SR #19, 12-0-0

Fluet motion move back into public announcements.


Weinstein let everyone know 1000 Wells Project raised at least $1700 with goal of $1500. Have questions see me, on quad next two weeks. Encourage you all to give at least a dollar.

Khan remind everyone this weekend is Womyn of Color Conference, register at Women’s Center $5. Allies too. Each year UC put this on, UCD has in the past had difficulty funding.

Friedman Alpha Epsilon Phi holding Keak da Sneak concert. Have some tickets right here. Should be fun.

Rockwell wanted to let you know May 1 is International Workers Day and 4th yr commemorating Bush’s speech saying war is over and in honor of immigrants mobilizing and speaking against legislation against them. Passing out fliers calling for student walk out, rally, in end we’ll all be marching in support of contracted out food workers becoming UC employees.

Peake remind everyone KDVS fundraiser going on this week, Get t-shirt, albums, etc

Hooper Alpha Pheed King of Hearts, event at Woodstocks, date auction at theater for Cardiac Care. Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

Weinstein remind everyone in view of tragedy that house is available for counseling, talk, etc. Open 8-5, phone and in person counseling, I have number/info.

Xie found out about grassroots training thing this summer, can’t go, but you all can go if you’d like. Two wks, 200 people, they pay for everything, great speakers, teach you to do grassroots campaigns. Really awesome I heard last year, probably will be awesome this year. You’re all amazing, they’d accept you. Bring some grassroots leadership back to the table.

Gray just want to let you all know that I have resigned from my position, so to the public now accepting applications. Great job, just type what everyone says. Pays 10.50 an hour, encourage you to apply.

Lee Davis Neighborhood Out planning committee May 10 meeting, Student Outreach subcommittee May 12 at 1pm.

Cokely reminder April is STD Awareness month, STD screening for $10 off at Cowell Health Center.

Benci-Woodward last few weeks working hard to coordinate earth week 2007, yes this is poster home done with post consumer recycled paper. Example of publicity materials that are environmentally friendly. Aggie article tomorrow and calendar, CCE website. Come to our events, meant to be inclusive and enjoyable as possible so you can see why to support the environment and have a good time.

Malik there’s a candlelight vigil for Virginia Tech tomorrow at 10 pm on the MU patio. Bring your calendar…

Harms KDVS having fundraiser, so really donate money. If you hear it three times better than two, please donate.


Fluet suspend orders of the day, move into public presentations.


Picnic Day, Joey Smoot

Terms of planning went smoothly, started in Sept. One issue space/storage issues, moved last summer to smaller office worked fine for fall/winter. Spring is when we get big boxes of things, did talk and used ASUCD conference room but caused much confusion with other units, ended up bringing storage down to 5 lower freeborn. Day of event rained, implemented rain plan. At noon Friday held off decision, made decision 4am Saturday morning, cancelled many events on fields, animal events cancelled. Worked smoothly with rain plan that was made in January, minimal confusion. Didn’t get crowd estimates yet, although police said figures looked about double as in 2003 that had similar weather patterns… about 20k. In terms of future planning, we definitely will want to avoid anymore conflict that arises for storage use.

Friedman commend you, picnic day was awesome despite rain. Any discussion about moving it forward?

Depends on university, we plan week seven years in advance, in process of reserving for Picnic Day 2014. Many spaces ARC and Freeborn Hall already reserved, maybe something university advisor could talk about.

Xie I’d definitely like to second what Friedman said, raining was sad but everything else looked good. Wondering about t-shirts: how many, who pays, etc?

Made great returns on t-shirts, we had four different types. Work with police so they can tell who is director vs. volunteer. Director, assistant director and volunteer t-shirt. Overall over 600 t-shirts sold at bookstore, this week sold out there. Think we made probably around $2500 over the $800 we expected.

Art Gallery, Nevins, Prom

Prom our goal is to create nice space to show art from Davis community, catering to undergrad. Don’t get paid or units, pretty much trying to instigate art movement in this community. To try to get this art awareness out to public. Doing great job in our department, asking for your support and to help in promotion. Talk to other orgs like KDVS and EC that we have this amazing space for public use.

Nevins art gallery started because students in 90’s noticed lack of availability to show. Got space, died down with next generation, not kept up to initial standard and bit of abuse… quality of space no good… one gallery director really overwhelmed by responsibility of space, looked horrible, our biggest goal was to renovate it and bring it to standard of art gallery. Renovated walls, fixed floors, etc… got some funding from art department (loan basis) but they haven’t space in their budget. To do art shows and publicize, fairly successful, about five so far, ads now through Aggie, Enterprise, flyering, our events have been well attended. Open for any artist, don’t need to be a major, other depts. Have collaborated, into collaboration. Very enthusiastic about art scene, want them to participate in art scene… don’t know of any other venue on campus like ours.

Prom how many of you knew there was a gallery in art building? Relatively successful, hopefully momentum will pick up.

Harris about how many student’s artwork displayed?

Nevins per show 12-15 artists, each with 1-2 pieces per show. This year show for seniors to show body of work in space, 1-3 students depending on when and how much. Spring qtr mostly senior shows.

Prom don’t want it empty during summer, plan to still have events shows from students outside this community as well, and artists who aren’t students.

Nevins not just for established artists, had a show with public installation, could contribute to piece, change it, etc.

Fluet suspend orders of the day, move into appointments and confirmations.


Director Campus Outreach Org Office

Salem James and I interviewed few apps, as you know COOO changing to Campus Outreach, need to still fill budget rest of this quarter. She worked with Schwab, knows how to run the office, etc.

Schwab Rebecca great, many experiences on campus, urge speedy confirmation.

Shwartz second yr, studying political science and Spanish, last year interned for student assistants to chancellor, on EPPC, this year interning for James.

Friedman know why you’re here now, want to say Rebecca wonderful worked with her numerous occasions, full faith she’ll perform excellently.

Harms do you have any plans for programs, uses for co-sponsorship fund rest of year?

Shwarts culture week events coming up, hopefully get senators to show support/presence at different events.

Lee I know your office came to my dorms, want to know if you have plans to continue freshman outreach?

Shwarts, yea, have to look further into how.

Markevich what do you see as your role for this transition as COOO moves into new role of outreach.

Shwartz hope to start recruiting people, got some names at leadership summit.


Fluet move unit director reports


Cokely, Markevich, Khan, Benci-Woodward, Bianci, Weinstein, Lee

Controller: Harms


Hooper, Salem, Turhal, Parnell, Carrillo, Malik, Friedman, Lay, Sundstrom, Fluet, Frick, Harris, Xie, Peake

Media Board: Xie Internet Networking: Lay


Wooley, Alias from California Student Sustainability Coalition

Wooley anyone can tell me real quick what sustainability is?

Benci-Woodward living in harmony with the earth and inside the resource constrictions.

Wooley CCSC is statewide org, reps of groups 10-15 every campus. Like to work in collaboration with each admin on campus and president/regent level. Try to address different aspects of sustainibility on campus. Most focused on practices that maintenance, fleet services etc take part in. Got policies on system-wide for clean energy, climate change, waste management, sustainable procurement of materials, understand Dan is working on project to extend post consumer recycled paper thru ASUCD. Following up on climate change policy (climate neutral as soon as possible) following those footsteps President Dynes signed Presidential Climate Commitment with coalition few hundred universities across U.S., we’re pushing for UCD to push for nationwide campaign called Focus the Nation. Recently been working with Office of Resource Admin Planning, and talked with Janet Gong about how to get campus involved.

Arias Focus the Nation awesome national campaign, engaging communities groups, schools K-12 and colleges, goal is to find solutions to climate change, not just educating but actually telling them what to do to reduce. Culminate Jan 30 next year, coincide with primaries to force presidential candidates to discuss global warming. Will vote top ten issues we want government to address in regards to change. All orgs all over America telling national government that we want change. Getting that started, what it’s going to look like depends on what we want it. Large event Jan 30, we could have several events leading up to it if we wanted.

Wooley what we want to do is move forward in envisioning/creating this event (Jan 31 2008), fair amount of time to plan, but want it to be really big event that reaches out to the campus and mulitple disciplines, faculty, staff who might otherwise not be considering how they affect climate change. Want to pull together every community of campus and have them participate in really big important issue. Like Clara said many forms, could be big day, also could be series of events starting now that lead up into that event. Recently met several vice chancellors about how administration can be involved, worked with sustainability advisory committee. Most resounding feedback is that admin doesn’t want this event to be on-off thing, needs to tie in with growing movement system wide, tie in with other groups developing plans for university. Like to work really closely with admin and have lots of student representation for combined collaborative event. Have few people who are really interested, lot participated in couple events, have currently no core group committed to planning event, no specific vision what will be. We need to create something, need people for something. Next Fri end earth week sustainability summit. Chance for admin, staff, faculty, students get together and explain what they’ve been working on pushing through and celebrate whats happening on campus. At that event having guest speaker director of Focus the Nation, taking year of sabbatical to put this program on. Going to speak to us about it, get us excited about doing something for climate change. After sustainability summit going to have workshop with as many key admin/faculty we can muster together. Will be 2 hours in Buehler Alumni Center, going to lead us workshop what focus the nation is, what other campuses doing. Doing that to kick off programming and get some teachers/students excited. Then put on series of workshops, want to bring together key people like vice chancellor, leaders in campus media, student leaders, faculty leaders, think about who we want there to participate. At these workshops want to create vision, thru that vision create core group of people focused on making it happen… take form of proposal… should go to office of admin, resource management planning, student affairs, ASUCD ask for funding, time, people to manage it. Invite you guys to come next Friday 1-3 to meet with Evan Goodstein and be part of kickoff visioning event. Also like to ask for few people definitely committed to being there, perhaps some really excited about this after that will be interested in being part of group that’s set committed to planning.

Harris where?

Woolley Buehler Alumni Center, founders boardroom 1-3. Email also CCSE in middle of revamping self, redeveloping website doesn’t currently exist. Spoke with Alex Park, offered to give his services to help develop our website, suggested I come to senate and we pass resolution saying Creative Media can do this work. I need to work with one of you to put some resolution together.

Benci-Woodward you have space available on CCE, is that not enough?

Woolley trying to organize UCD to host CCSC website.

Fluet motion move out of presentations, into public discussion.


Peake Mikilonis unable to make it today, I have list. Since last meeting 21 soldiers perished in Iraq. 3315 total. [read names of fallen soldiers]

Harms 1) I’m holding seven office hours per week, one held in EC south silo Mon 1-2. Would be nice for senator or two to show up occasionally because three units in south silo: WEF, EC, and Bike Barn. 2) Commission chairs each have $99 line item for staff development, encourage when you buy food to use CoHo before looking outside ASUCD to keep our money within ASUCD. No policies, can’t tell you what to do, just ask that you consider it.

Markevich forgot to mention, did have resignation past week… Olga due to class load, first alternate Ellen Sorenno is now full commissioner.


Fluet interviews Tuesday for B&F between 2 and 5, if you can be there please email me by Saturday. The way is in bylaws, the chairs come to me tell me time, then senators email me, then I give chair two commissioners. I’ll send out email with stuff going on, will add interviews. I understand if everyone can only be there certain amount of time. Also science and engineering interviews with Jeffrey Lovely, hasn’t sent me when he can do them yet, when I get email back I’ll send that to you guys… need one or two for that committee. Also don’t forget quarterly reports, time management workshops.

Weinstein chairs we’re in process of constitutional amendment to fix definitions of commissions, if you could email me proposed description or the three most important things you do, of course you’ll be involved in finding out final wording.

Fluet budget gets audited every year line by line by Champagne, Cal Aggie isn’t getting tossed, also intense week. If you need anything please go to CAPS or House, can walk in or call. Remember we have high suicide rate on this campus, no one thinks about mental health but if you need something or have friends please send them.

Harms if you are concerned about finances of your adopted unit and would like to see financial statements, I can show you.

Parnell from last meeting, I would like to apologize if I disrespected anybody. Especially with Virginia shooting, things like this shouldn’t break friendships. I sincerely apologize, I created slight disrespect and for me to disrespect anyone at this table I will sincerely apologize. After talking to Alex Gloss, when you get mad best way to come off is be professional because when you seem unreasonable no one listens… deepest of my heart, love you all, love ASUCD. Motion to adjourn.


Vice President Hooper adjourned the meeting at 7:38 p.m.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission

Mikalonis Says:

I’m sorry I couldn’t be in attendance at this meeting, I am off stuffing envelopes for Lois Wolks’ 5th State Senate District run. Additionally, I might not be attending next weeks Senate Meeting due to a Davis Democratic Club meeting. Here is this weeks Names of the Dead:

Casualties Reported Since 4/12: 21 Total US Casualties to date: 3315

Apr 12, 2007 Jason J. Beadles, 22, Army Corporal James T. Lindsey, 20, Army Specialist Gwilym J. Newman, 24, Army 1st Lieutenant

Apr 13, 2007 Larry R. Bowman, 29, Army Sergeant

Apr 14, 2007 Ryan A. Bishop, 32, Army Specialist Joshua A. Schmit, 26, Army Sergeant Brandon L. Wallace, 27, Army Sergeant Robert J. Basham, 22, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant Daniel J. Santee, 21, Marine Lance Corporal NAME NOT RELEASED YET

Apr 15, 2007 Steven J. Walberg, 18, Army Private 1st Class

Apr 16, 2007 Mario K. De Leon, 26, Army Sergeant Aaron M. Genevie, 22, Army Private 1st Class Lucas V. Starcevich, 25, Army Private 1st Class Shaun M. Blue, 25, Marine 1st Lieutenant Jesse D. Delatorre, 29, Marine Lance Corporal Daniel R. Scherry, 20, Marine Lance Corporal

Apr 17, 2007

Richard P. Langenbrunner, 19, Army Private 1st Class


Vice President’s Report April 19th 2007

●Last Friday, I volunteered at the ARC for the UC Welcome Day event. On Saturday, I did attend a rainy picnic day and unfortunately could not make it to the Chancellor’s house. ● I set up volunteer times with the WRRC for the Women of Color Conference. ● I finalized my budget to submit to Paul. ●With the help of Paul, and Dafis, I got a hold of the general programs fund numbers allocated to Student Prizes from this fiscal year and the addition of the over-enrollment money. Flyer are being made, and applications will be available Monday morning in Student Services, the Cross Cultural Center, the Women’s Resource Center, Hickey Gym, the ARC, the Information Desk, and various academic departments. We will be allocating $9100.00 this year and really hope to outreach to students who, in the past, have not heard of the program. ●I also held office hours Monday, Wednesday, and today. ●I am also holding interviews next Monday & Wednesday between 11:30 and 1:00 for my assistant position, I would like to have anyone who can make it, please come!!! ● Will continue to have dialog with Don Roth regarding the use of the Mondovi center for student activities

Environmental Policy and Planning Commission Ex-Officio Report April 19, 2007

This Week I: - Held all my office hours, and then some - Had a highly successful meeting on Tuesday - Finished up coordination issues for Earth Week - Had an interview with the Aggie.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jillian Benci-Woodward EPPC Chair

Ivan Carrillo: Senate Quarterly Report This quarter is all about following up on campaign promises and attempting to bring closure to new issues that have recently emerged. My platform consisted of three main issues. I wanted to bring about a campus wide mentorship program, expand and better promote services offered to transfer students (both of which I believe will raise graduation rates), and expand outreach to area middle schools and high schools. I feel encouraged about the mentorship program. I have been in talks with many people who are motivated to make sure this gets implemented. These people include ASUCD president Kareem Salem, Chief of Staff Kevin Powers, Senator Albert Parnell, Senator Molly Fluet and representatives from the Student Recruitment Retention Center. With the help and determination of these individuals I believe we can make significant progress in instilling this program for the fall quarter. Expanding services for transfer students and better promoting them can be done. I have been in talks with Phil Knox and Heidi Souverville from Advising Services about better advertising services. I will be focusing most of my attention on this because I feel advertisement is the main problem. We have talked about having Facebook be the primary source of informing students of upcoming events. With respect to middle school and high school outreach I currently have not done much. I intend on working with Senator Fluet and the director of ASUCD’s Pathfinder, Raven Willoughby, to discuss future plans for the unit. I also will work hard to get Pathfinder proper funding during budget hearings so it can function to its full potential. Currently I have also dedicated a lot of time and energy in to the workers campaign. I will continue to do so until they receive what I believe is deserved.

Senate Report 4/19/07

• I attended a time management workshop on Monday (April 16th) • I attended the External Affairs Commission meeting. • I met with Kevin Powers and discussed undergraduate mentorship programs. • I held office hours (2 in the Cross Cultural Center and 2 in the senate office).

Respectfully Submitted,

Ivan Carrillo

Senate Report - Student Housing meeting with HEP - AS softball

Sincerely, Molly Fluet ASUCD Senator

Sarah Cokely GASC Chair

Week 4/12-4/19 • Finalized the schedule for Generation Sex Week • Confirmed partnership with HEP for the safe “Sexfest” on the Quad • Got enraged at Student Housing • Attended the ICC Summer Job Fair • Attended the Science and Engineering Symposium and found it to be not only informational but extremely reassuring and entertaining, Senator Frick did an excellent job and I hope I see more events like it • Reserved rooms for Generation Sex Week


Sarah Cokely

Senate Quarterly Report 4/19/07

Serving my first term as a Senator, I have stayed in contact with my Adopt-A-Unit, Project Compost. I asked to put Project Compost on the agenda during the joint meeting with the City of Davis City Council, and was able to give input on composting in the City of Davis. By the end of the quarter, I plan on:

• Meeting with the Book Exchange Director to talk about updating their website, • Meeting again with the Project Compost Director to receive updates on city composting and, • Meeting with Student Housing to begin talking about First Aid/C.P.R. certification for Resident Advisors, Also, I want to begin an annual Adopt-A-Pet on the Quad day in the spring. I still need to contact the Yolo County S.P.C.A. and Campus Unions about logistics.


Michael Lay ASUCD Senator Senate Weekly Report 4/19/07

• On Monday I served office hours. • Tuesday, I attended the Business and Finance Commission. Also, at the InterFraternity Council meeting, we were told that the Denim Sale raised $2000 for Cal Aggie Camp. • Wednesday, I played IM softball. • Today, I served office hours in the Quad.


Michael Lay ASUCD Senator Senate Report April 19, 2007

• This week I attended IAC. They had a brief meeting; they are working on getting SCEFS into order.

• Had a meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Janet Gong she gave me a lot of direction for where to go to get things accomplished especially in regards to Freshmen outreach and extending Library hours.

• Wednesday I attended the Science and Engineering Symposium. It was truly amazing; the professors were actually very inspiring. Alex Frick you did a great job.

• Midterms are going on this week and next week, good luck to everyone!!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Fazila Malik