University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 5, 2007 6:10 pm, Mee Room

p 15 1H 20 min I. CALL TO ORDER


Hooper please keep in mind we do have several individuals here for pieces of legislation…


Fluet no legislation has been passed.


Fluet motion suspend orders of the day, move into appointments/confirmations.


AAC Pham they were amazing, showed enthusiasm, excited to start, urge speedy confirmation.

Yoni Sessun AAC since last quarter, enjoyed my time feel like we’re taking part in student movement would like to take another quarter.

Donna Sudeski going to be my first quarter, really excited to try this.

Friedman why did you choose AAC?

Sessun Friedman suggested I get joined here, been great.

Sudeski wanted to get involved with student government, like idea of doing education/academics outside of the box… want to help with that planning.


Controller Salem Harms is the candidate I chose, lot of people in past thought he was shoe-in for this job, want to reassure you he was most qualified candidate who applied for this. Worked with past two controllers, familiar with budget, met with eighteen unit directors already and hasn’t even been confirmed.

Paul Harms former intern to past two controllers, former chair IAC.

Harris what are you goals as controller?

Harms overall four areas I want to improve in ASUCD, internal communication, collaboration between units, info how we’re spending money, doesn’t do us much good if info we need for budget hearing etc stays in basement. We have 9.5 million dollars, when you break it down so much not much slice. Pool resources and do greater things. Aggie student store now has KDVS counter, arrange payment method… as far as info on where money is going want to keep better track of publicity line items… first experience here was post office director not even knowing she had publicity budget. Keep better track of where grant money goes, well over 100k our money not on. Engage more long term planning with units, student govt going through daily motions without long term focus where we want to be in five years, ten years. Means sitting down, writing out a plan, setting timelines for short term and keeping track how we achieve these goals.

Schwab what unit are you going to focus on?

Harms want to focus on working with post office, not flashy unit but we’re losing money on post office. Personally thought we weren’t going to have this problem this year, turns out dramatically over budgeting them for income on P.O. boxes. Just little detail putting huge hole, also work more with book exchange. Provide both service and lower subsidy levels in future.

Bianci coming this quarter B&F looking to get more involved with business policies, want to hear from you what units focus on but how do you see yourself working with commission in that job?

Harms want to take people along to some of these meetings with units, just to observe what problems directors talking about, what problems controller talking about. If you were B&F commissioner could really take that back to the table. Thought it really helped me when I was just on IAC. Also keep IAC informed on planning, get B&F and IAC to come with me and observe in long range planning sessions. Also keep track of long term goals of units and how they’re progressing. Also try my best to come to B&F and IAC, important to maintain that link as controller.


Fluet suspend orders, move into consideration of old legislation.


Lay move to consider SB 62.

Author’s Comments

Weinstein admin plan for Whole Earth Festival. Admin plans not business plans, not all stuck to this. If you have specific business model questions should take up later, doesn’t serve as substitute for actually meeting with directors. We feel this is strong, you can ask directors questions. Only real changes added clause about purchase of karma dome, changed patrol to karma patrol. Future plans reminding students stay environmental healthy practices, integrate reusable cooperative into ASUCD. Taking plates, etc, and renting out to other parts of campus during year. Major changes to organizational chart, way before not accurate, organized a bit, general kind of loose they like to organize the way they run meetings.

Public Discussion

Peake this is a model unit, no problem with this. Liked chaos control, move to senate discussion.

Mikilonis on line 6 last page, add administrative on last page.

Peake motion senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Fluet change to administrative.

Peake motion call to question, withdraw.

Xie line 62

Peake call to question.

DO PASS, SB 62, 12-0-0

Fluet consider see SB 61.

Friedman object for SR 11.

Fluet withdraw, motion to consider SR 11.

Author’s Comments

Friedman apologize for tweaking orders of the day, want to get chance public to speak. This particular bill calls on regents to reform study abroad policies in regards to travel policies. This reflects it should be students decision where to travel, model after certain schools have instituted waiver program. We think state travel warning is important, but definitely tiered system we want students to be able to study in these locations. Chancellor supports this, Fred Wood, Jan Dong, support from admin. Used as tool to lobby regents, like to organize some of us to go talk to regents, Ben Allen the new designee supports it as well.

Gimbel 1)see in reports some of arguments been presented, this resolution doesn’t do that much. Marathon, this is part of sprint in marathon. Doesn’t directly say if this passes, okay anyone can go to minor level state dept warning can go. Just one step, sets stage for other UC’s to follow similar that some students want to go to these countries.

Burkan important thing to understand this resolution is result of need referred to us by students. Today UC students have to drop out of UC system, take into account they might lose financial aid and scholarships. Students still do it, opportunities for different students to go to Israel for experience is very unique opportunity. What you need to decide on is giving students to do what you want. You’re all grown ups and can make your own mind. If you want to go with the warning, should be your responsibility. Even though UC program not in Israel, have students who go to Israel anyway. Need help making process easier.

Sessun thinking travel warning for reason, but lesser warnings often can’t be taken off for political reasons. Not always to do with security, but just political agenda.

Commission Recommendation

EAC Lee thought this good bill, student interest, students should have option to pursue this education opportunity. Some concerns about safety and liability, felt should urge admin to reconsider.

AAC Tang recognize opportunities of having waiver program. Some concern waiver by itself might not be enough to exempt university.

ECAC Khan thought good idea as well, few questions of differing levels of safety and how dept security decide on those and how that affect students. And isolated events, more about events based on area of country vs. level of security.

Public Discussion

Andy Ward, have you spoken to university outreach programs, if so what were your conversations?

Friedman spoke with Bill Lacey… concerns about liability. Appointed risk management, has contacts with regents and UCOP, I gave him copy of resolution… where we left that he’s going to have risk manage committee look at it. Spoke with UCLA study abroad… not much they can do, next step is get it to regents and UCOP. This resolution great to have.

Cokely in resolution stated UNC and UW having similar policies, only public universities or best examples?

Friedman best examples, didn’t want to flood resolution with names. All Ivy League, UNY. Want to point out UCB, UCSB took similar stances.

Harris my main concern same thing as IAC, what waivers actually do to the university. What kind of liability does the UC still have or forfeiting all?

Friedman waiver just piece of paper, very big issue… other schools implemented this policy with waiver… not necessarily our job, committee has been appointed to look at this with contact to university counsel, etc. Went skydiving once, made me sign waiver and say it on videotape. Example of waiver that has worked in similar situation. Delegate that to the lawyers.

Harris UCB and SD passed similar resolutions. Waiver or something else?

Rachel Goldstein a coauthor, wanted to state have this petition we’ve circulated to reinstitute study abroad to Israel. Just showing community’s interest in having this resolution passed. Anyone interested in seeing this or signing it, take a look. Many signatures, people keep wanting to sign it , lot of people non-Jewish shown lot of interest. We do have a petition.

Peake on fence looking at this, concerns I feel need to be answered. Line 25 travel advisories low and not clear... I looked and they were very specific. Seem to be very recent concerns, well updated. Are we trying to say they’re inaccurate? In regards to waiver, no waiver is foolproof. Concerned about insurance costs sending students to dangerous situations, if there is an incident reflect badly on study abroad program. Students should be able to go anywhere, but should UC be liable? Think university been responsible in not suspending program , but waiting for state department to say it’s ok.

Barkin work at Hellel house, we send over fifty students to Israel every year. Students willing to do more in Israel, want to study there. We have good universities with good security, question about resolution is not situation in mid-east or liability—it is if we as students have right to study in other countries. Adult taking responsibility by signing waiver, want to study wherever. I haven’t seen anyone object to London, Madrid, Turkey, NY students, seen people die in Davis. Not about safety, is it if they may travel to where they want.

Peake does Hellel assume responsibility for those they send?

Barkin we take them via Birthright, given by Israel for Jewish… shared by Hellel and Birthright.

Turhal definitely support this bill, have three friends who went to Israel and had to take year off… one of them in trouble with FAFSA now. I’m from Turkey, know about bombings, my friend went to Mexico recently (where there has been revolution for presidency). These things go on around the world, we’re all adults it’s apparent what’s going on. As students over 18 we legally have right to do what we want to do even if it’s to travel. See no reason we should be restricted.

Powers is university policy be looking into insurance cost. Not job of our body, how they’re going to deal with costs is beyond our scope. Asking you as body of UCD students if we should be advocating for students to study where they please. University politics not your concern, shouldn’t have in fore point of your mind.

Turhal think that by passing this the fact that we’re encouraging travel to Cuba, Israel shouldn’t even be questioned.

Jason Dreon about travel warnings, feel like that’s liability issue between us and citizens, while warnings on state department have erred, their responsibility to report any incident happening. Lot of what they offer to students is more warning, what I’d like to see with waiver system we know we’re expecting dangers and willing to deal with them on our own and encounter them as we see them.

Malik one of my questions when you talk about other UC campuses don’t mention Kenya or Nepal, bills specific to Israel?

Friedman those resolutions specific to Israel, realized this issue transcends Israel. Those specific resolutions specific to Israel, want to ask admin rethink some of their policies. If you look at line 89-93 regents have directed UFOP remove all barriers simply getting financial aide etc. Essentially providing incentives not go on their own program, just a tool to show that it’s in demand and we want to reinstate program in their own way.

Malik you mentioned earlier sending students to Israel without academic credits, Ivan has gone to Mexico and got credit. Maybe research that to see if they can…

Gamble some programs you can get credits.

Carrillo just contacted university directly and JC I was at, said as long as university is recognized bring back transcripts.

Gamble there have been issues with credits like that not transferring. Universities do different things, some sign multiple waivers and first born son, for travel warnings yes very specific for good reason. Some areas not so safe, if something were to happen like HQ of google randomly blow up, they wouldn’t put the east bay on notice. Just analogy, east bay just as safe. Get the idea... just one particular area isn’t safe doesn’t mean entire state or country is unsafe. Also want to conclude by mentioning that when UC system first suspending program to Israel, UC said no intention of shutting down Israel program. Going to leave infrastructure and staff there, systems still there, UC had no intention. This is catalyst to remind them of that… need students to stand up and say they want it back.

Lay said basically suspending because advisory warnings so high, but now they’ve been lowered to policy basically out of date. Urge senate move to commission discussion and move this along.

Frick understand where many coming from, think that you’re brave enough to be willing to go and that financially feasible… is fraction of students depend on fin support from parents and need parental approval and many students fear of going abroad. Think university needs to draw line to what is safe, etc… maybe line drawn closer to dangerous place… some majors suggest going abroad don’t think that’s necessarily best… think by extending countries taking more of students trust away in what’s good for them. If we start letting students to Israel and Kenya or places not known safely those arguments with parents might be less feasible. University does need to draw line somewhere some students brave and parents support, but not case for everyone.

Friedman different universities approach that in different ways. Some restrict some and universities can be petitioned for exemption.

Frick address we should do what we want, but not every student have that right because still dependent on parent.

Jereme feel with this resolution not forcing students to go somewhere they’re not safe, just offering opportunity to travel now that other obstacles are cleared. Students still unsure not being forced in any way, just ones that are ready and dying for chance.

Tarazi want to know measures taken if students are in dangerous situation… how does country help out… are there cases of kids dying, unsafe situation, etc.

Friedman cant recall any specific cases that did happen, know that with Israel it’s by far safest and securest place on planet… something we can agree on. They have procedures, they laid it out, evacuation, patrol guards, metal detectors. Motion move into senate discussion.

Parnell object, think we should give this person chance to speak.

Friedman withdraw.

Ostrowski on facebook noticed Friedman organized this event to get people here. Not very often you see constituency coming here, important to look at what that constituency is, Israel important to many people. If someone said Vatican City, Mecca, still want to come here and advocate for going to those places. This offers more opportunities for people. Discussion needs to be on more students and student place, not to go into management and union discussions, more student not what some big wig thinks. Unless this dramatically destroys the UC in some way, go unanimous so this looks good.

Turhal like to motion five minute break, see people moving in circles here no one getting things across. Think five minute break great.

Hooper please be back at 7:20.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at



Parnell motion senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Harris about risk of trust for other programs, think we have to acknowledge job of university: it’s not their job to consider misinterpretations or interpretation of third parties, their job to deal with students directly. Looking at safety and what it says about state dept that issues warnings and not bans. Job is also to determine educational opportunities, b/c dealing with students above 18 so many pay for selves, university is to assume dealing directly with those students.

Parnell overall good resolution, what I feel is that travel warnings put there for reason. About google thing, put warnings about continual attack on part of country, sometimes isolated but many times isolated events spread throughout country.

Lay agree warnings reason, reason suspended, reason program suspended were severe and it’s gotten very mild now. Suspension program outdated, not as dangerous as it was.

Parnell true, but warnings still here for reason. Know for sure there are problems going on in these areas, not like nothing going on there. In Kenya not just one attack in certain areas, there are constant attacks. Maybe not daily, maybe monthly but still lead to civil unrest. This is to ensure students safety, if up to students no police and we’d police ourselves because it’s our responsibility to act on our actions… if areas felt not safe, these suspensions warranted until those levels are diminished.

Turhal want to funnel discussion. Not discussing liabilities, in no position to say who’s liable. Let’s focus on fact that we’re representing students, should they be able to go to Israel? Not how much money if someone gets killed, all these things so affected in every part of the world. All these countries are legit, let’s funnel discussion and get it done. We should be able to send people to Israel, let’s keep on track.

Parnell 9/11 is not a constant attack of downtowns, it was one time and everything was prevented from entering NY at that time. These warnings are warranted, I’m just talking about student safety. Trying to get new cultural view you shouldn’t be fearing for your life or safety, that’s what these travel warnings are saying.

May say its students’ responsibility but still university responsibility to consider safety of students and academic potential. Just at this time they’re suspended.

Sundstrom what is different, making university sponsored travel program or just asking that students not forced to disenroll from university, we think it might be more simple resolution to ask that students not forced to disenroll if they choose to travel to these countries. Wondering where some of these country names come from, what made some suddenly safer than others?

Gambel different levels of security warnings, countries we specified have lower safety warnings. Reason specifying and not just saying students shouldn’t disenroll is that’s a different policy. Current thing students want to go for semester, if they go spring that covers our winter and spring quarters… if you’re gone and taking more than a quarter you have to disenroll and higher risk of losing financial aide, reapply to university. We’re not just going after that particular policy, there was a UC program established and we want to see them reinstated.

Sundstrom still concerned…

Carrillo I’m on the fence regarding this bill, all for people being exposed to new cultures seeing new places, having right to do that… I did it myself, especially being able to see part of your own culture as well. But disagree with Turhal coming to liability because I’m concerned that because of that will be higher insurance costs which will be picked up by other students traveling abroad or whole undergrad body. Who’s paying for higher insurance? Don’t know if majority student body would want to pick up these costs.

Powers don’t want to jump on scare tactic, but recent gallant poll says ninety percent us fear attack in next ten years. 39 percent students graduated with unmanageable debt, if they have to pay over 8% first check, should be able to go to whatever country they want. People taking look at it to see it’s unreasonable, they won’t do it if it is. If you think this is viable and look into it, that’s all this is supporting. If it’s not safe or not feasible, it’s not going to happen. We can look at stats, when it comes down to it if university don’t want to do it they wont. Students have right, and you as rep body has right to say take a look at it.

Carrillo university has done things I don’t agree with that has raised fees, I don’t know if they won’t do it if it costs more. Don’t know if other avenues have been explored enough. I went as individual, JC and UCD did nothing about it, and I still got credit. My understanding you can go to other public universities and transfer… not convinced, you said you have to drop out… lost financial aide to study in Israel…

Friedman people are doing it right now, one student here did do that. Students will disenroll, based on current policy you have no choice but to disenroll. To echo powers, want to look at reconsidering it. If they reinstate program, streamlines it and encourages people to study abroad. Giving people incentives to do that instead of looking for all different matriculation agreements, etc. Mentioned waiver, etc just to look at other policies just a recommendation. Vice provost for international studies looking into this right now. This just puts it in the radar.

Peake about going against university, I want to look at their motivation for this policy. Think that is insurance costs and travel risks. Still not content lines 25-29, think need to be rewritten… think we need to look into reconsidering these words. Many people have said this goes against being 18 and doing that, being sanctioned by UC is different. I think I should be able to do some things on Sat night that UC not agree with, this makes UC liable. Have concerns with lines 25-29.

Xie way stated now not suitable, we don’t know, but we know it wasn’t created for this. About 72 not too pleased with “academic freedom” think we need to clarify that. And said too list hurts my head, think Condoleezza rice doesn’t need this, also if you are serious you need electronic listing with addresses. Also 64 feel this argument is weak. As far as liability and safety, senator should be thinking about safety and liability. Think university is more risk averse than anyone in this room, let them deal with that b/c they have a committee to look into it. Motivation think regents are just lagging in terms of changing policy, don’t think it’s them saying we shouldn’t go there.

Peake my big problem was phrase “in many cases…” lines 27-29 don’t think can make that statement without much more input. They list many incidents, and my knowledge of these countries there have been plenty of incidents. Regarding huge list of recipients, someone from EPPC mentioned paper… think we really need to choose who to send these to. Sure many would love to see it, should we use ASUCD services on sending these to people who won’t make difference?

Xie I agree because of paper argument we should cut down this a lot.

Friedman Rice is secretary of state, see her decisions having affect on students. Zeblick is former UC regent, thought he might have connections with regents and try to get this movement going. University essentially mimics state department travel warnings, blatantly look at that where many universities do not. They look at levels, listen to wording for each country. Warnings made for tourists, not necessarily taking into consideration education value. Academic freedom goes back to point.

Xie not necessary to send to Arnold or Condoleezza, much more significant people in here. Motion strike them.

Friedman academic freedom is motivation, let students decide where they want to study. We have a compromise, struck some lines and reword l 25.

Peake no problems with levels of severity, problem is talking about isolated events. In many cases to advisory recommend strike.

Friedman one example is Israel and Gaza in West Bank, good amount of violence going on… but look at what’s going on in Israel not really widespread violence. Many times violence happens in rural areas, isolated events removed from metropolitan areas where students study abroad. Shows there are some problems with blanket warning of state department. In Israel we’re seeing Gaza and all that.

Turhal with whole liability issues, I think we don’t need to talk about that because it’s the university who has a say in that.

Friedman l 37 some countries may have some policies that do discriminate and this may mean danger, don’t think state dept reflects that. Wanted to point that out to state dept and show that this is a flaw. Advisory tends to be for political reasons or instability, would prefer to keep that in. Motion to call to question.

Parnell object feel some people like myself still on edge, want to clarify some things within resolution and don’t think we’re in total agreement, we need to be unanimous if we do pass this.

Friedman withdraw.

Peake think it’s a bit presumptuous to think we should be attacking state dept. Don’t think that’s role of this resolution, think we should strike l 27 on… don’t think state dept going to read this. Also think we need to address this huge list of people. Think authors need to be careful with whom to send these to.

Malik think many things still need to be changed, my concern line 35-38.

Xie explained by saying state dept not taking these into consideration, don’t think that’s their concern. Not as powerful a statement. 25-29 now with softened 25 and 26 not big deal, don’t think we’re going to reach a better compromise.

Malik strike 35-38.

Bianci under assumption Israel just as safe as when we had last program there in 2002. Impression we’re getting is that this is suspension with much dust, we should be addressing question of liability. We need to address what students want, so many students going independently we want to give them this right. Safety is not the issue, that’s theirs. We sponsor ROTC that takes students to dangerous areas, shouldn’t compare to EAP but that’s my opinion. We’re just supporting students that want to see this through.

Harris two distinctions, what students want and liability. Danger is totally different topic that will take very long involving details etc. if you do want a general knowledge about safety levels, many people sitting in front of you. People go to Israel all the time, some places safer than others. There are ways of going about this safely; debate is whether or not students want. We haven’t brought up any student objections.

Bianci I think by limiting our students from mid east, we’re limiting their education. Majors who will be dealing with this rest of their careers are unable to study this first-hand. We’re not allowing university to benefit from future careers nor them their education.

Carrillo about our responsibility about liability, but isn’t cost going on student fees our responsibility? I see petitions, people who would go… obviously there’s some backing, but how many people would be against it if they had to pay more just for this program?

Bianci my comment about liability is that we’re not educated enough to discuss liability. Last I checked I didn’t see huge increase in fees due to shooting on campus. Really don’t think it will have drastic impact, but I don’t know nor does anyone else in this room.

Fluet originally against this due to fact of state dept disagreement, liability… then I realized this is just resolution. We’re not funding this, and after meeting with university this morning they take all aspects of liability and they wont raise student fees for anything. Don’t think need to send so many.

Harris agree with you stats important for student fees, and whether discuss that relative to definite outcome… based on what he says may be risk of one person or lack of stats, it’s irrelevant or less important to think about.

Parnell my ordeal is everyone puts importance on Israel. This is a resolution for changing the whole education abroad program, feel these sanctions are valid and reasonable. About not created as a gauge, UC EAP just looks at that as a guideline so they can understand where students shouldn’t go. Using that as some guideline, travel advisories based on reasonable reasons, everyone’s going to vote yes but I’m voting no because it’s not specific to Israel. About the insurance liability, it is our responsibility because we have to look out for best interest of students as well. Also if not going to pass by UC’s, why would we support a resolution that’s not even going forward?

Friedman author’s amendment, also this was originally for Israel but we widened its scope.

Harris call to question, withdraw.

Malik for authors, did you go to EAP and ask them if they would lift the ban on Israel?

Friedman I spoke with director of UCD EAP and they are not the person to do that. I emailed system wide EAP and not gotten any response. Maybe we can organize a trip and go down there, had many contacts in admin.

Malik what did they say?

Friedman Chancellor, Fred Wood, Jan Gong support this. Recruiter for undergrad supports this, much influence in this university but this is a policy coming from the top.

Gibel yes, we went to them and asked around best way to go and they suggested encompassing more countries.

Lay with all said, this is an outdated ban and needs reinstated. Why make it harder if they can receive good education, about names if it doesn’t hurt the resolution why not just send it? Three commissions already read it, this could matter in five years. I want to give students the option, we’re not parents. Call to question.

Frick object to pass for roll call vote.

DO PASS, 8-3-1, SR 11

Fluet motion ten minute break.

Hooper be back at 8:22.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting to order at


Fluet motion consider SB #55.

Author’s Comments

Carnes coauthors apologize for not being here, to go over this background doesn’t make perfect sense… One of things with this is when Caliph was president he streamlined budget cuts, getting rid of leftover money. Went over ASUCD grants, saw $500 not spent from LGBTRC and cut it… not sure, story slightly confused but miscommunication with LGBTRC who still expected this money. Due to oversight when Darnell wrote budget, forgot to put that money back in. I’m asking that you replace the money with student reserves, and I hope this exec office will make up. ASUCD began pride week, since we gave that money to LGBTRC they’ve expanded with two more weeks that most campus don’t have, haven’t gotten any increase in funding with us and student affairs only sources of funding. Least we could do is put $500 back, hope in future they might get more. Wanted to pass around… Rosas-Romero began speaking with who we give grants to… pass this around has cultural days, mixed heritage week, cal aggie, etc. in case we need to argue importance of Pride Week, UCD was named in top 100 schools of LGBT… we should be expanding our services and be number one for LBGT and all sexes and all races. Any questions I can probably answer them.

Harms I signed onto this bill because from my understanding we did not properly communicate with LGBTRC. They went into their budgeting process with assumption they would have $3500 not $3000. Talking about internal info, I believe also we need to do other side of coin and ensure we’re sending info to grants so they know what we’re giving and what taking. Their false assumptions were because we didn’t inform them. Many cuts were made last year, approx $20K in surplus in hearings, deal was senate would reallocate that to prioritized grants. Funding got put back to CFC, but we didn’t notice the LGBTRC had been cut and many were surprised when they came to us this fall asking why they weren’t given 3$500. Because we didn’t notify and had an oversight, think the responsible thing to do is take some money from reserves.

Commission Recommendation

B&F Bianci saw this a while ago, sort of confused as to why this hadn’t been seen by Atkinson or acknowledged by Rosas-Romero during hearings. After discussing, acknowledged if they didn’t receive this they’d have insufficient funds for rest of year. Discussed with most involved with bill, seems clear to me that not that much oversight, think in future Paul will do great job making sure grant recipients notified of cuts so this won’t be issue in future.

Cokely similar question to communication issues, we’ve been assured it was a miscommunication. We work closely with LGBTRC, GASC was extremely unanimous. They put on great programs, added intersex and transaction week… with recent WRLGBTQIA conference they basically wanted to have many more people attend and couldn’t. They’ve already had to cut things due to lack of funding, it was sad to be at conference knowing many people from Davis weren’t able because Center couldn’t provide it and people already paying mostly own way. This is to fix miscommunication, They very much need the money.

Public Discussion

Lay motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Peake we made a mistake, should not cripple funding of institution that does so much good because we made a mistake. We should rectify this. LGBTRC’s funding is so tight and impact on people’s lives can’t even be expressed. Can’t see how anyone would object to this.

Carnes I recognize we made a mistake, because LGBT community is one I work with most I’m embarrassed this happened. I fully know exec team this year will notify people of cuts. This does have profound impact on people, also Womyn of Color Conference you can register $5 at Women’s center. We want women, allies, dogs, anyone.

Peake call to question.

DO PASS, SB #55, 12-0-0

Fluet move to consider SB #60.

Author’s Comments

Harms hard record to break, not going to try to do this quicker. This is a quick bylaw cleanup bill, just clarifying. During last election ostrowski tried to get multiple anti-unitrans ballot coordinators. Wanted to get 500 free fliers per coordinator. We didn’t let him do it, and agreed we needed to come back to clarify this so no future confusion about how many pro and how many con coordinators per campaign

Weinstein talking about scary moment this error pointed out, very much in favor of this bill. Urge speedy passage. Know sentence slightly strange, but I’m cool with it

Public Discuss Parnell what were questions going to arise from this amendment

Weinstein issue regarding other part of elections codes. Wasn’t relevant to the bill, cant even remember the issue. Just wanted to mention that discussion did happen

Turhal for future reference, ostrowski has caused problems, he’s not here so it’s cool we’re trying to pass this bill which I;m highly in support. He’s trying to do something and we should try to understand and respect him for that. I dislike hearing ostrowski is bad guy, he’s different he’s not something he’s not here

Harris motion senate discuss, withdraw

Powers so ppl know, this isn’t something looked at and said no other evidence of this… remember when this happened we found thorough defense where it can be inferred in other part of bylaws that it should only be one pro, one con. Not because of one individual, it’s in bylaws.

Laabs don’t think this is some sort of attack centered on ostrowski, just clarification. When I wrote about campaign exec I assumed it was one person, but I guess we didn’t make it completely clear good thing to add

Harms don’t want this to be turned into us attacking any one person, regardless who it would have been. If it had been anyone else, I would have said his/her name. have to focus on bylaws and what’s going on.

Turhal I understand what’s going on, tell difference between hatred and love.

Peake confusing bylaws bad, clear bylaws good. IAC double plus good, call to question. Move senate discuss

Parnell unclear about underlined portion one recall campaign and one elected official

Weinstein those originally were in parenthesis, decided we’d rather them be in commas. This is saying in recall there can be two coordinators:

Parnell call to question

DO PASS, sb 60

Fluet motion see sb 61

Weinstein author was actually hartsein

Hartsein collaboration of entire commission. Talked about this, although iac no longer unit still important thing to have for memory.

Public Peake iac continues to do excellent work, I would be lost without them. Congrats jill and amy, no reason to micromanage their affairs, motion senate discuss

Senate Malik question, on line 108 what does ad hoc mean

Weinstein means non-permanent committee, just one that would spring up. Making sure we know we can put together special committees if we want.

Malik call to question

DO PASS, SB 61, 12-0-0


Cody, chief justice. Read Opinion on recent court case (see attachment) If you want a copy of the decision, will be available online.

Peake do you have any remedies proposed for bylaws?

Cody I can only speak extemporaneously, one of those issues we’d rather state what happened and up to you to decide what should happen

Parnell someone can endorse a candidate without?

Cody have to draw line between endorsing and endorsement. Since 411B applies to that definition, candidate can only claim to be endorsed if they have that endorsement form

Parnell say random newspaper says “you should vote for…” and candidate doesn’t say they are endorsed it’s ok

Harms so Aggie has to fill out actual endorsement form or their printed endorsements aren’t valid

Powers that’s great point, all of our endorsements aren’t endorsements at all. If you’re interested, come to IAC Monday and see if we can flush this out… in terms of being in first person, would it go as campaign expenditure?

Cody didn’t discuss, maybe better question for election committee

Harris what do you mean not allowed to say endorsed

Cody candidate cant claim an endorsement without the forms. Repercussions something to be decided by elections committee.


Sundstrom wanted to clarify why I voted against res. I’m not against idea of traveling to Israel, just dismayed it made it through three commissions when it was still three pages long. I fully support, I’m traveling everywhere, but in ten years I don’t want my name seen attached to long long res I feel could have been shorter

Lee IAC interview tomorrow

Friedman you don’t have to explain your vote, not necessary. I appreciate that though, want to mention that res went through multiple drafts… was a lot longer. In regards to amount of people, for something to have true impact needs to get to people who matter. Thought this would be the best way to address that

Harris Andy Ward was going to make presentation about Speed Dating event… 8:15 April 11, after party at grad. One of best event coordinators Mango Greet

Powers had chance to take look at opinion of court, really impressed with the amount of work. Often does great work being overlooked, recc you going to meet members of court Wednesdays at 8. I’ve sat on it, argued before court, helps clarify so many things like endorsements that don’t count by our own rules.

Mikilonis Toll from march 9-march 28 was 53. too many to read tonight. [read names from last week]

Lee next tues heystek in mu @ 6

Laabs check out some friends working on taking action for immigrants may 1 coming up.

Turhal how working on

Laabs rights for immigrants, in support of

Powers as chief of staff, want to let you know who’s on our staff and what we’re doing. [read names of staff] Many exciting things we’re doing in exec office, specifically in communication we’re printing up press releases like crazy. Public affairs doing polling data, if you have questions talk to us. Legislative affairs going to start doing legislative orders in our own office, run our own admin plan so you can see it. Going to be cabinet that meets once weekly. I have office hours daily from 10-12 come talk to me, always available by email. Names posted on exec office board, contact info posted every member of staff and cabinet. Any info, come talk to me because I’ll be there and I’m available

Friedman great work you’ve set this system in place. Want to announce kareem, fazila and I working with ppl from library got purchase of additional outlets for extended reading room. Will see bill allocating from capitol reserves, 9K excluding labor. Library will be picking up tabs on that, right now library will come to us with offer… definitely, significant amt in capital reserves, this is good way to spend it

Benci-woodward last night first film screening, was Bio-Dome. Really packed house, next week is Fern Gully in. will also be doing happy feet, erin brokavich, maybe apocolypto, maybe mad max. some of future films, going to have popcorn and good environmental movies. Second, we’ve been working really hard

Zenger with CalPIRG in hunger/homelessness campaign. Working with national effort to raise money for 38 million hungry ppl. 30K in yolo county, important take notice and help them out. Our goal is 10-15K, we’re sure we can make it. State’s whole goal is 80K, 10 is healthy chunk. Need your help to do that, passing around sign up sheet. Would like ASUCD team to be set up, see how much aSUCD in general can raise. In addition service day apr 15 after picnic day, going to be really fun… service events all around yolo county. Going to be really awesome because day before everyone else will have done service events, so davis wrapping stuff up day after. Best for last.

Xie you should all do this or I’m going to hurt you.

Weinstein wanted to announce going to have softball team for IM, want to organize group to go to batting cages. Mon 12-5 or wed 12-5, we can do this over the listserve. Anyone who needs equipment I can do that too.

Powers four ppl from ASUCD going to be speaking in front of state committee next Wednesday concerning textbook bill… anyone has opinions, talk to me between 9-12 on 3d floor mu.

Xie have you talked to Christine…

Powers we’re all set up

Regan Hunger clean up great opp, also wanted to announce apr 17 is going to be campaign kickoff. Big meeting of year cordially invite everyone.


Benci-Woodward midst of meeting for coordinators of Earth Week starting Apr 22. some events Al Gore impersonation contest, have chance to win something awesome like a burrito. Trashing show, fashion made from trash. Anything but clothes dance at the grad, working with andy ward to make $1 well… Also Ashkon concert, giveaways, cool t-shirts, gonna be a crazy week. At least two events every week.

Carrillo flyers for events going on next week

Xie motion five minute break

Parnell object for public whatever, withdraw objection

Lay object to wait

DO RECESS, hooper be back 9:35


Fazila culture show tomorrow in mondavi, I’ll be performing.

Xie announce every hour according to bylaws we must take break.

Parnell I understand we need break, but I’m just saying. Everyone come out this Friday, my frat’s having a bbq at 4 at the park. This Saturday go to the step show at freeborn hall. Fun festivities, tickets at freeborn.

Laabs if anybody wants an acct on asucd website, I can set you up with one of those. Like to announce aggie still keeping attendance even though it’s counterintuitive and waste of inches

Lay noon ncaa championship showing, foods and everything in wellman

Xie Saturday come to my house, engaging in festivities all day


Peake motion to approve, passed.



Media Board: Xie

Elect new media board rep Parnell nominate friedman, accepted Peake nominate xie, accepted Sundstrom nominate frick, accepted

Friedman been very interested in this for along time, committed to do a fine job on media board.

Xie been on media board since before at this table, this will be my second year. Want to see consistency, had a lot of turnover already I thinki I’ve been doing rpetty good job

Frick already attended one meeting, thought really interesting would like to go regularly. Unit director tung asked I start attending so probably will be going regardless. Appropriate to maintain relations with ppl on board.

Xie media board rep

Internet Networking: Lay


Lee interviews for alternates tomorrow between 12:20 and 1:40 in AS Conference Room…




Meeting next Thursday with city council starting at 5:30 at Davis Senior Center… this event not just for senators but also commission chairs, etc

Lay are we going to have senate meeting after

Hooper we will, we’ll be coming back here

Harms for SGAO hat, all senators are required to attend one commission meeting per week so keep that in mind

Friedman tomorrow is Welcome Day, will be 400 prospective students at the ARC tomorrow. Come on down to arc and talk to prospective students

Weinstein also in dorm area, will be nothing wrong with you guys coming down to check ppl out. Make your presence known, etc

Friedman happening on Saturday as well, next FRiday and transfer student portion apr 27

Carrillo Saturday all day

Friedman 10-4

Fluet time management workshops, please do your qtrly reports

Harris are the workshops same?

Fluet yes, they’re the same just at different times. Do you’re quarterly reports, hopefully half of you will have them done next week and the remaining half the week after.

Benci-Woodward access to fax?

Fluet yes, motion to adjourn 10:13