ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, December 7, 2006 5:30 p.m., Mee Room


Vice President Genna Carnes called the meeting to order at


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Late: Holloway, Ajlouny

Amaha motioned suspend orders of day, enter public discussion.


Rosas-Romero for people here to talk on SR 7 there are a lot of appointments confirmations need done, so SR 7 might not be seen until 6:30. Stay if you like, or if you can’t stay talk now. If you can stay, please do. If you can’t please say something now.

Jennie Thomas I support gender neutral restrooms. I find it difficult to go to a bathroom that is not appropriate for my gender id. Found it welcoming to find one at women’s center to be able to use one without worrying about prejudice or people talking behind my back.

Amaha motion resume orders of day.


Amaha said all previous legislation has been signed.


SB 34, Authored by Harms An ASUCD Senate Bill to allow the ASUCD Elections Committee greater flexibility in publishing sample ballots.

SB 35, Authored by Mikalonis An ASUCD Senate Bill to amend the ASUCD Bylaws concerning the impeachment of ASUCD Court members.


Markevich said AAC will be putting on first last lecture of year. 7:00 Jan 23 in Wellman. Prof in Chem dept come to speak, should be very exciting. Hope you all can make it. Let you know more about it next quarter.

Ajlouny said sorry I’m late, went to doctor just got out.

Band Uh! performance

Paulie Mo, general manager of band. Thank you so much for buying us these new drums. We’re just waiting on bass heads. Freakin’ awesome, wouldn’t have been able to get it without you guys.

Carnes said thank you for experiencing that with us. I’m sorry if I seemed awkward, I knew they were coming. On all of the drums are plaques that say in honor of Angelina Malfitano; she was a drummer.

Amaha motioned to move into approval of past meetings minutes.

Amaha said there has been an issue with getting them turned in on time. Starting winter quarter they will hopefully be available on following Monday. I’m going to meet with Recorder during break to discuss it.


Amaha motion approve any alternates/members of IAC.

Mitty Chang, Max Mikilonis, Amy Hartsein, Matt Shannon

Rivera said the selection process quite difficult, like 17 applicants. 3 returning. All these applicants are very well qualified.

Peake asked what goals do you have personal or for commission for next year?

Shannon said personally I want to continue and improve organization with some stuff going on some ambiguity in bylaw and get all admin plans done. Now three new units from split of external office.

Hartsein said I want to learn about how the commission works and help them achieve their goals.

Mikalonis said I’d like to do something with bylaws like what was done on constitution spring quarter. Go through them again.

Chang said I don’t know that much about ASUCD, but my personal goal is to learn the layout how things run and get involved in everything.

Zamora said if you’re new, what drew you to IAC? If you’re returning, why are you coming back?

Chang drawn because plays most of my skills, worked with organizations and individuals in general. Worked with clubs in high school.

Hartsein felt good place to begin to learn about writing legislation.

Shannon like people on it and working with people there. Want to help improve system.

Mikilonis this is about making association run smoothly.


Amaha motioned to confirm members/alternates of B&F.

Julie Hooper, Reed Munn, Sean Stampfli, Jane Finnigin, Amanda Abugosh, Helio Costa, Steven Chen, Eddie Shih

Dardik we had a really good pool of applicants this quarter, everyone here gave excellent interviews. Well qualified, agreement of committee was unanimous.

Deepak where do you want to take B&F for next year?

Hooper one of the really big transitions was something Irina working on with Kai, have B&F assisting senate with budget process. In past just audit but not in depth. Really should be working in fiscal part of ASUCD since you all don’t have time to look into each unit by yourselves.

Munn said same thing, actually have a written audit process from last year to show new commissioners how to do it so audits can be deeper.

Stampfli become tight knit group and get process done.

Finnigin not spread ourselves too thin.

Costa increase my understanding in order to help the commission in any way I can.

Chen get more involved with senators and dispersing funds to units.

Shih don’t know how works yet, need to learn and then assist as much as possible.

Zamora if you’re returning what brought you back and if you’re new what brought you here particularly and what unit would you like to work with this year?

Shih I personally have interest in business and finance want some experience with this field. Towards auditing, like to work with something costing us money to help them find more efficient ways to spend money.

Chen was fact B&F and I’m econ major understand finance and banking from previous internships. Definitely be CoHo because I eat there so I support it.

Costa I looked over 7 commissions, saw that this was one of more crucial commissions although they’re all important. Help me gain a lot of experience in ASUCD looking over allocations and bills. Unitrans and CoHo because I use them on daily basis.

Finnigin had a great time. Audited tipsy last year, CoHo interests me now.

Stampfli business/finance is my passion, work with anything needs most help.

Munn liked what I saw last year, want to see it going on at a steady pace. Audit post office because I don’t see anyone sending letters anymore, so something’s gotta be cut.

Hooper want to change audit process and work with Cal Aggie Camp, one of few on 3rd floor who’s been there. I know where some funds can be changed with them, etc.


Amaha motion to move into unit reports.


Tyler Hawkins, director of whole earth festival with Lyndee Houser.

Hawkins I did parking and coordinated volunteers.

Houser already picked off interviews; have 40 positions only 3 or 4 left. Really incredible because we just started. A lot of people are really interested and that’s great.

Hawkins last year got good donation from one of founders. Getting bid for Karma Dome, center operations for us and needs new cover. Working on getting new walkie-talkies for ASUCD, they lend them to us and last year half not working. Trying to work with picnic day because apparently they had great walkie-talkies last year.

Houser our meetings you’re more than welcome to come Tuesday nights 6:30 dinner (veggie) and 7 starts meeting. On personal note some of my goals this year to bring more diversity and have fun, build community encompassing values and unconditional love.

Peake asked where are the meetings?

Hawkins 2nd floor Experimental College. In the meeting coming up focusing on consensus process, that’s how we work. Toby Newberg is going to help us out.

Amaha move into ex-officio reports.


Bencei-Woodward (EPPC) vice chair, didn’t have meeting this week. We are planning some events for next year… outreach not unveiled yet. CCE having large group meeting tonight at 7 in Smith room so if anyone wants to see the plans for next year in cooperation with them feel free to come. Chair position now open, please apply (I applied, but would love competition).

Feldman, Khan, Dardik, Markevich,

AAC Quarterly report: started year with beer vs wine debate, great turnout most attended AAC event ever by far. We authored resolution urging L&S to adapt honors/thesis programs for every major. Helped get ball rolling with textbook affordability committee… Got students appointed to academic senate committees like two quarters earlier. Future plans: winter break looking at admin plan for AA office, no longer exists. Work with Rivera to update that and get admin plan. Get more familiar with bylaws, future plans for commission: get ball rolling for student faculty forum on changes in GE requirements, students need to know and staff needs student input. Holding first last lecture of the year. Towards 2nd half qtr start plans for excellence in education awards. Student nominated/student chosen awards for professors show excellence in education. Just held interviews, really excited about new and returning commissioners, feel like going to get a lot of great stuff done next quarter

Lay, Rivera, Savaree-Ruess



Carnes I was thrown off from day long interview in SF yesterday. Court case last night, acted as defendant. First court case I’ve been in. Helped campus safety coordinator plan first meeting, tomorrow as conference room. Working towards more collaborative effort among organizations for campus safety. If you’re in a group like this, contact her. Working on getting team building retreat for beginning of next quarter. Short week. Going to be around entire break, in Davis and on floor a lot. Hoping to meet with anyone I haven’t yet including new senators first week.


Amaha motion to enter new student court cases and prior weeks’ verdicts.


Fricke had our hearing for case 35 in Moot court room. We probably will not coming in with opinion for a bit because busy with papers. Something out beg of next quarter. Accepted case 35 filed by Laabs alleging that Holloway appointed Ostrowski to academic senate without senate approval. Ostrowski wanted to be defendant, our judicial code doesn’t allow motions that take place outside hearing so I wrote a directive codifying that things not in our codes we’ll follow federal. In general try to rewrite codes over break because increasingly finding problems with them. Anyone at hearing yesterday had feedback on location or procedures?

Powers said being the person who reserved the room I liked it much, awesome.

Peake enjoyed it earlier, could have announced it earlier. When other positions are filled I don’t think we’ll fit.

Fricke I’m also talking to Josh Franco presisent of student government at UC Merced, interested in having governments meet to talk about equivalent positions.

Amaha motion to move into presentations.


Alison Leon, and Jessie…

Leon said Student International Academic Journal once through AS papers, now publish ourselves. About 800 copies circulated around world and Davis. Around 3 yrs, today here to talk about 1) reason why not part of AS Papers (we don’t find them to be supportive of all student publications) 2) coming to ask senate for support for publications not like AS Papers.

Jessie… said through AS papers we distributed papers in racks, use them for info on getting credit, they were going to give us funding but fell through. No longer support all publications because their purpose is issue oriented. Theirs is an important mission, not IAJ’s mission. We are neutral, politically neutral because we cover every issue in IR. AS is not supportive of issues that aren’t political or single-side oriented or about marginalized voices. Two other journals published through them not of this major, both other journals wish AS papers was not the only place they could go to get published. Asking today ASUCD consider having other racks not just for AS papers, hard to get our issues out. Deliver only to departments in social science and humanities. Also like recognition that AS Papers needs to be revised so not only single issue or that we need another org on campus for non-issue oriented publications.

Markevich where can someone sign up to receive these, or do they just have to go to departments to pick them up?

Leon we keep a bulk of them in the IR dept, pick them up in library with peer advisors in political science department or IR.

Markevich it’s a quarterly journal?

Leon yes.

Savaree-Ruess if we as association were able to increase the scope of AS papers to be more inclusive, would you be receptive to working through them again?

Leon yes, we like having association with an organization. We can kind of say affiliated with IR, it would be nice to have Davis recognition.

Amaha have you looked into cost of these racks, how many, anything for us to look at?

Leon I don’t have cost, but our org just wanted four wracks (MU, wllmn, social sci, silo), hoping wracks put in place that we could use with other journals.

Harris when you say your journal is politically neutral, do you mean you try to include multiple perspectives?

Leon winter qtr of last year was a Middle East central spotlight. Aggies for Israel and Students for Justice in Palestine, so we covered both, but as an issue we can’t say we are for or against.

Deepak what is major qualm with AS Papers? Distribution or what?

Leon our issue is that because their mission and publications are for social justice, marginalized voice, etc., we can’t be for or against any of those things. We don’t like being affiliated with a group on campus that has a particular point. I do also have issues with the organization that negatively affected our distribution.

Rosas-Romero would you be open to meeting with some senators and people from AS papers maybe next quarter to talk more about goals of either publication to work something out?

Leon I would be open, my only concern is that if it’s only IAJ and AS Papers you’re not including other journals. Maybe have all AS Papers editors meet with other publications.

Friedman commend you because I’ve read it and very informative, support anything. Did it used to be in color?

Leon only cover has ever been in color.

Holloway wanted to clarify, hypothetically if AS papers was expanded to include social justice and other things, are you saying you’d not want to be affiliated with someone who doesn’t take specific stances?

Leon I’d like their leaders to also not be so single-issue oriented. They’re against Zionism, one of our editors is Zionist. There’s an issue when the publications have butting ideals. Want it to not be about those kind of political issues, want to be representing all voices.

Holloway what if leaders not politically vocal?

Leon I’d like the organization to not be politically affiliated want everyone to be comfortable in org.

Carnes run out of time, could you please give email so senators can ask further questions?


Amaha motion ten minute break.

Vice President Carnes please be back 6:46.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:46 p.m.


Present: Carnes, Amaha, Fluet, Frick, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess Late: Ajlouny, Deepak, Friedman, Markevich


Tijuana project

Jessica Armandarez students going down to build houses for marginalized communities. Gone down 5 times, seen org (larger org is Esperanza, helps build community). What we do is start from bottom up making cinder blocks to pouring cement roofs and stuff, side by side with families. Most important is building community here and down there by making bonds with families, organization. Esperanza is non-religious non-political for social justice and betterment. Another wall going up between the border, the significance of our group is looking past those borders looking to make personal connection.

Ta I’m a coordinator, wanted to reiterate why we’re here. This is our last resort, raising money since beginning of the quarter, 30 something students 12-13 thousand dollars, particularly hard to raise money because leaving week before X-mas. Prices have gone up, gas and building materials which we have to buy. Being hit with increase price and large number people going (in previous years only 25-30) this yr 32 going… a lot of stuff working against us, so close to meeting goal and as last resort coming to you guys to ask for help.

Peake why didn’t you go through Club Finance Council?

Ta they said one of options, but we’re leaving on 16th, so they said process going through them too long so the better and quicker way is through you guys. In past able to raise all of money, never look to university for donation. Very last resort or emergency.

Friedman I went past summer with Haleil, great experience. Everyone going is UCD undergrad? Yes. Concrete materials paid for by families, with your trip is this money going towards that or families?

Ta contribution part of that material by family and other portion by us. In budget sheet amount shown how much we pay vs. what family pays.

Friedman you have 12k right now. How much are you looking for?

Ben between 12 and 13, we need 14 to go. Estimating can raise 700 before end of quarter. Got some money from ECAC, talked to Darnell and he said he’d see how much he can help… just shy of about one K.

Dardik you’ve been going last twenty years? Yes. Mentioned in past historically asked Newman Center community to help you out, why are you reluctant to ask them for donations this year?

Ta among coordinators and I we say we can do this again. Every year we look to that community, all the money we’ve raised so far... 5-6k came from that community. We felt last year they asked for extra help, every year we go to them for first resort don’t want to put another constraint asking for more money more money.

Dardik please explain how this can come back to benefit UCD community as a whole.

Armanderez the vision of Esperanza and experience of being down there impacted me, impacted returning students. To bring that social awareness back to campus would be a valuable experience.

Amaha wondering what happens if we don’t allocate the thousand, how will impact your current trip?

Ben we’ve talked about how to cut back on costs. Instead of renting five vans, rent four and take personal vehicle. Cutting back on food, reuse utensils. Going to be very difficult, if we don’t get this we’ll definitely be in debt.

Deepak how did you publicize this? I didn’t know anything about it. As well as is Esperanza a student group because filled with students, or is it an actual student group on campus?

Ta Newman is a sponsored club on campus. We publicize through them, announce there and at mass (church), Newman events, etc.

Armendariz also welcome week, day boards, flyers.

Lay can you go over process of selecting students for this program. A lot of returning students, do you consider including newer students to give other people the experience?

Ta people who attend must attend three work projects, be at spaghetti dinner. Looking at new students, and students who this might be their only chance to experience something like this (ie Korean exchange students only here for a year). How much you’re into this, if just going to go don’t want, if you’re heart is in building community and show that by going to meetings, fundraising, publicizing that’s what we’re looking for.

Amaha motion move into consideration of old legislation.

Friedman object, wants to move into other business.

Motion upheld with 9-2-1 vote. (No: Molnar, Friedman. Abstain: Ajlouny)


Amaha motion to consider SR 7.

SR #7

Author’s Comments

Rosas-Romero a lot of authors here, few concerns in GASC mainly that the resolution not specific enough… like to say this as a statement that we are in support of making changes. Want to make sure people on campus to make sure needs met, like struggling to find a restroom…

Toby Beauchamp a lot of times people who are non-gender conforming experience harassment, verbal assault, intimidation etc in bathrooms. We want to make sure there’s a safe place to use those facilities. People who avoid using restrooms can develop health problems, access to facilities important for educational experience too. More gender neutral increases safety. Not in support of only transgender, non gender designated single restrooms so anyone can use. No changes to multi stall, just changing signs of single occupancy. Designs in future buildings have support for gender neutral restrooms. This is resolution to benefit broad range: gender non-conforming, transgender, families, disabilities with attendant (w/o harassment or negative repercussions). In support of these, not actual design plan. Shows we take this very seriously in creating open, welcoming environment.

Peake talking a lot about this issue, essential theme of my campaign. Very important, something not a lot of people know about. This can help raise awareness on issue, issues surrounding transgender people. People I talked to I met with questions, understanding, then empathy.

Commission Recommendation

Feldman (GASC) 6-1-2 vote. Discussed importance of creating a safe space. One no vote just felt that this did not fully outline the goals set forth.

Questions in Text

Rivera difference between copies…

Feldman corrected vote count…

Public Discussion

Atkinson UCLGBTI passed similar resolution; they are an advisory group to the UC President.

Lay if passed, how would university respond?

Peake after this passes I know myself and Rosas-Romero will be taking this to committees, to deans’ offices... process of working with planning, administration, and Sodhexo. This will just be adding more weight to our voice. I can promise you and public that the issue will not die with this resolution tonight.

Cynthia Degnun 4th yr grad English. This will not be hard resolution to implement, impact various communities. Ppl who don’t conform, help campus comply with UC non-discriminatory policy, people who feel like cant use bathroom because of gender can face violence etc. and it’s important that ASUCD support the resolution, also think important to note many other universities that have done this.

Deepak applaud you guys, I think we should try to implement. Unisex cleaner, nicer, etc; in general this is good resolution, perhaps expand this further into a UC policy. Urge to pass speedily.

Ostrowski if UC doesn’t construct gender neutral restrooms will it be in violation of California state law?

Atkinson I think a case could be made for that, I don’t know that it would directly impact.

Beauchamp I think there could be case made that discrimination happens in gendered restrooms. I don’t think it would be in direct conflict, but constructing those helps us to be in compliance.

Ajlouny think this bill good, but my concern is knowledge that people of other gender have used restroom.

Peake very similar to restroom you have in your home with family.

Ajlouny different sexes still using same restroom.

Harney have a few questions do we have unisex restrooms on campus, how many?

Lay I know for fact we have three in ARC, two in pavilion.

Harney has there been any documented report of harassment, violence… this is something I’ve never heard of reported.

Thomas I’m not sure how many reported, but I’ve experienced this. If I were to disclose something like that, or if I went to male restroom looking like this I could be harassed, made fun of. Seen it happen in other facilities on campus. Putting self at health risk by being attacked, homophobia is everywhere etc. knowing the admin has allowed me to work in university and help other students working with these kind of issues and others.

Shwab did you know that four yrs ago that during ASUCD president’s ball two cross dressers went to male restroom and both were severely beaten. Violence has occurred on campus because of lack of facilities.

Molnar two concerns 1) if we wanted to put this in codes, increase cost to raise tuition 2) looking at stats for crimes… didn’t see any hate crimes from 2001-3 why not recorded in stats?

Beauchamp don’t know actual figures, but more cost effective to begin buildings with this than revise later… same as making disability accessible. My guess for stats is being transgendered already stigmatized, reluctant to go to police… reluctant to make those reports… also say that at LGBTRC hear from a lot of trans or nonconforming scared to go to bathroom, ask where they can go, or trek across campus to use LGBTRC’s.

Ramirez the fact is that society always puts importance on ignoring what it’s not comfortable with. You’ve never heard in reports, but she just gave a report. By putting that we don’t hear about them or no stats or increase tuition, that doesn’t matter. Implementing this to increase awareness and safety. People always asking for money anyway, buildings already come with restrooms.

Friedman existing restrooms how would you like to convert them, how many to convert… what’s the goal?

Beauchamp only single stall, this resolution supports changing only one person restroom. To take off signs saying men or women and change to bathroom sign.

Friedman not trying to take multiple bathrooms to combine sex in one?

Beauchamp no.

Friedman would you want to send this to UC office of president Robert Dines?

Susan Hawkins I lived last year in Paloma. Think you’d be surprised how many people don’t mind using unisex restroom, multiple people use them. A lot of people definitely want to use it. If you might not be comfortable, other people are. We are preventing statistics from happening.

Proambstal few points I wanted to address specifically: tuition, I don’t know costs but as someone who transitioned I paid for restrooms that you all used that I didn’t not feel safe using while transitioning. I had to get out of office, walk three buildings over where no one knows me to use restroom safely. I personally have been harassed verbally and physically in restroom and I didn’t report it. You don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to others. Messed up situation in ten minutes have to decide, people concerned about multiple sex restrooms: single sex restrooms exist! Makes me uncomfortable talking about trans stuff, I can usually blend in I didn’t want to have to revisit place where people say why do we have to have a special place. Most have restrooms where they feel safe, but there are definitely people here who once didn’t, don’t or will not feel safe in restroom: I want that to be in your face like it has been in my face. I want future students to not have to face what I did. I was greatly offended when GASC did not pass this unanimously. I hope you can put a face and a name to this resolution, so you know that when you vote no you know that you’re voting so people like me don’t have a safe place to pee.

Zamora could you elaborate on issues behind reporting an incident?

Proambstal I’ve never reported an incident.

Zamora can you elaborate on the issues behind reporting.

Proambstal this is personal but I will talk. I’ve walked into and people say you don’t belong here, people next door say same. You can’t go to police and say someone said I couldn’t use, but I know if I stayed there my life could be in risk, I know people who got beaten up. What are you going to say if you got pushed? I would leave, not stay to get ass kicked to have something severe to report to cops.

Zamora I didn’t mean to probe, but thank you for sharing. Did you discuss any issues with janitorial issues? More work involved?

Peake we’re not building more places to be cleaned, shouldn’t be problem.

Zamora but in future building single as opposed to multiple, is that an issue? Line 44.

Peake requirement that retrofit restrooms fit that law… not making more physical aspects. Using restroom usage should be same as anywhere else, this is just about comfort not something ADA or state legislation hasn’t required… not any special usage, etc.

Rosas-Romero like to first add Carnes as co-author, address changes: main thing doing is making sure that whoever in charge of making sure facilities in restroom take into consideration as they are creating the buildings. Not asking that all restrooms are gender neutral, just that it be kept in consideration and at least always have a single stall in restroom. Not necessarily something has to be done right in some way, just acknowledging that it’s a problem and acknowledging out privilege and trying to help those who do have to struggle with this.

Shwab those uncomfortable in restroom with opposite sex, what do you do when you go home… maybe some houses have gender specific but I’ve not seen that.

Atkinson want to say concerned about question on hate crimes… if that’s the reason, how many would it take? Why can’t we be proactive by implementing before something happened, and what about things between extreme of discomfort and crime. For cost, one single stall restroom might cost more... what’s the price of a life when one can be on the line?

Savaree-Ruess lot of people assume I’m against this, I think the authors asking for something very reasonable. Also if somebody else in room says uncomfortable with this resolution, but you shouldn’t dismiss someone’s comfort level on either side. Minority against this, but lets not take underhanded shots at those people. I support this, pass it.

Ostrowski line 14 implies we are in violation currently, when we really aren’t. And 16 and 17 senate making statement on behalf of all students that it is unsafe, that people and police are intolerant… hopefully we could have more faith… if there is dissent in GASC it’s not because they’re not for, but because they looked at resolution and don’t think it qualified for some reason. Some whereas clauses not all that relevant.

Peake it is overwhelmingly clear that gender specific restrooms can be unwelcome and unsafe to some people.

Ostrowski what we’re doing on behalf of senate is saying students are intolerant. Wording says that students in general are intolerant.

Atkinson police issue to clarify James’ story... it was the police who pulled the two students out, they were the perpetrators. I think what it says about restrooms being unwelcome, if I have a privilege and someone else tells me they feel unwelcome, I give them benefit of doubt. Important to validate and respect them by understand that they might have a different experience.

Ostrowski I do think abuses occur but extreme minority feels that way. I feel that could be revised, only real extremists. Only a very small minority so offensive and attacking LGBT community.

Beauchamp on campus currently LGBTRC and DHC put a map of some of the restrooms available, many not accessible to wheelchairs… this resolution also support doing more with that. Wanted to say that comment that most campus is supportive of LGBTI students may be true and supporting this resolution would enforce that and make it true.

Deepak perhaps line 16 could say “can be unwelcoming.”

Beauchamp not talking about people, but the bathroom itself may be unsafe decision.

Eric Sneathen fourth year history, used gender neutral in art building a lot. Think really great space, so proud of my art building community and how they use them and how much the space forces me to look at my own privilege and how we can use this to help other people and make them feel comfortable. People feel like they could be hurt by these spaces… RA and people never had qualms about people using them... totally a non-issue that opposite sex used restroom before them.

Molnar reason I asked for stats is in administrators shoes they concerned about appearance, budget… difficult to administer something like this.

Peake I understand your comments, this stresses why we need to pass this so we have this voice to the admin; both public, senate and admin.

Molnar if you haven’t seen crimes, could be difficult. Motion to move into senate discussion.

Ajlouny object , vote 4-8-0. (Yes: Harris, Frick, Molnar, Zamora. No: Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Friedman, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Fluet, Xie)

Ramirez for those who still feel uncomfortable with this resolution I have two suggestions: visit LGBT center, and to talk to people there, take women and gender studies class and learn about history and issues.

Thomas to use transgender using male or female, analogous to 1960’s African American seeing blacks only or white only, this is how we feel about it. Transgender highest suicide rate, and highest unreported crimes. I have been victim of three, only reported last one that put me in hospital 3 weeks. If you wish to create another Gwen Arujo story, don’t vote for this.

Ajlouny I am in support. About me saying I feel uncomfortable, I’m just speaking for some students who might not be. Maybe certain people outside of Davis who might not be. Schwab family, you live with your family for eighteen years. Motion five minute recess.

Vice President Carnes said be back 8:01p.m.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:02 p.m.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Markevich, Dardik, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Late: Molnar Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Molnar, Khan

Harris issue of how many harassments reported, sort of explained that not matter of harassment going on but needs of trans and homosexual people… harassment shouldn’t be required to making people feel uncomfortable. People not wanting to use restroom, only changing single stall restrooms. We are senators representing people, if you choose to use single-sex restrooms this will not affect us personally… does nothing for you.

Gray I just want to emphasize that this resolution really is about welcoming PEOPLE. I feel like because this is mainly addressing a group of people associated with some level of controversy, this resolution has become controversial. What we should be doing is trying to represent all people, and that’s what this resolution does. Non-gender conforming, people with disabilities, children, anyone else who might not feel comfortable in a gender-specific restroom. This resolution is for all people.

Amaha commend work by Dwaimy and them. Resolution culminating work they’ve done, how to bring this to Davis, etc. With that said motion to call to question.

DO PASS, SR #7, 12-0-0

Amaha motion move into other business.


Friedman motions to call SB #33 urgent; because members of audience relate to this bill, specifically allocates funds to a trip going on in the next one or two weeks. Can’t wait until we get back from break. Apologize to B&F; just want to get into open.

Ajlouny object B&F did not pass this, by going urgent disregard what they talked about in their last meeting.

7-5-0 DO SEE (No: Ajlouny, Peake, Fluet, Xie, Zamora)

SB #33

Author’s Comments

Ostrowski coming to you urgent because did pass ECAC unanimous, trip going to be week from now cannot wait for next quarter to come. As told by presenters going down to Tijuana to build leadership, people gone have done (leaders) 6 months training with Esperanza. Me as an example inspired me to go into other leadership, communities. Also people there some sick, some poor, this is service or charity. Not supposed to be fun project, go down working 7 hrs a day, unskilled labor of building houses, basic Spanish interacting with locals etc. Basically it’s a project can’t really be explained in words. Have to go down there to understand the gratitude of single mother and two kids who get this help, students who go down put a lot of time and effort in work projects around Davis community, we’ve raised so much money we’re more efficient than some ASUCD units. Every year raised, this year come up short because we lacked a week… our numbers ended up slightly short, asking you to help us by giving us the 1k we need to go down there. Thanks for calling urgent, hope you pass it overall.

Armendariz we don’t know how efficient you are, I know we’ve been out working hard and hope you’ll help us with this last push.

Commission Recommendation

Khan passed unanimous, felt that allows UCD students to experience unfortunate realities occurring on the U.S. Mexico border. Border is under horrendous conditions environmentally and economically especially to women and children. Hope this will expand awareness, like fact they’ll be able to learn new culture/language, live with people living there. Org done a lot of funding already, if they don’t get this will have lot of stress in following year. Only one abstain due to absence.

Dardik failed unanimously with one abstain from someone gone. Want to read to you section from ASUCD bylaws chapter 15 (read about when an org can be funded by senate). Also please refer 2nd to last page in agenda with pros/cons, summary reason not passed because didn’t go to CFC first, set ASUCD place to go to for charity funding. Some things not mentioned: the people we build these houses for required to pay back fifteen percent loan on building, most importantly consider bylaws.

Public Discussion

Bianci for clarification member B&F I abstained. Think CFC important resource for campus orgs, when someone not goes there kind of negates their purpose. If we set this precedent, cause a lot more orgs who don’t feel like they can work in confines of CFC regulations will deplete senate reserves and make meetings longer. I really like this cause, but I feel that because it’s only advertised in Newman community and mass, not really open to entire UCD community. And fact that CFC always has extra funds, this should be used.

Ajlouny correct vote count; Bianci abstained.

Khan advertised around campus as well.

Bianchi people most likely to be selected those who are in events, events discussed in Newman center.

Dardik stress that B&F beat this bill, overwhelming feeling that if we would pass it we’d pass it with less money because as it is we have 1200 left, they’d roll over then all we have left is money for spring quarter. If we spend that, we’d have only 200 left for winter quarter. More importantly: precedent, CFC, they were told easier to go to senate, there’s a reason CFC is there.

Herold being former commission chair, when B&F is as decisive as this, hard to go against. Not for or against though… stand by commission.

Markevich to discuss B&F meeting, initially motion to call to question and failed because lower dollar amount should be discussed… amount never lowered, then failed. In my personal opinion, I feel certain members voted no because of dollar amount and not point of bill.

Herold obviously changes not possible, but have to vote on what’s called to question.

Dardik number of arguments that it’s not about dollar amount, but principle and precedent. Have commissioner here who was interested in dollar amount, maybe she could get on speakers list to talk about that. 2nd call to question taken, majority wanted to call it to question whereas before I was the tie-breaking vote. Once clear it was principle and not dollar amount people wanted to vote.

Herold I’m not for or against, just wanted to point out that frustrating commissions are marginalized when they did a lot of work and senate ignores.

Zamora reiterate, voted no to bring urgent. Yeah ECAC voted yes, but my qualms with fiscal allocations. CFC does give short term and long term loans that are interest free. You can go to CFC, do quick application… not sure about time frame, but it was an option to get short or long term loan. No interest free loans anywhere else. Get money there then come back to work more. CFC main reason, and it’s a precedent.

Armendariz debating whether or not to say this, want to ask every single one of you to put personal feelings about authors on hold for a minute. Brought to my attention that conflict of interest in authors of bill, take that into consideration. Other point, not a religious: Esperanza as a whole is not a religious org and this project is open to public. We’ve had people non-catholic, non-christian, non-religious. As much as we try to publicize, not everyone hears about it. Don’t know about technical rules and stuff, just know that we fell short and hope you can see that. Hope you see precedent, told that maybe this was option and that’s why we’re here.

Shwab seems like they heard different stories about something happening with CFC.

Ta not told it was easier, we came to ASUCD two weeks ago and told that there won’t be enough time to go through CFC. Because we need the money within three weeks, told other option to go to senate. Also told to look into CFC next year if we came across same problem, and do so earlier. Engage budget and see how much we’d need.

Zamora did you know about the CFC short term and long term loans, if you didn’t get it could you look into that?

Ben we didn’t know about that and yes we’d definitely look into the loan. We didn’t know anything about CFC until we were told about it some three weeks ago. When I came to the senate office they told me just not enough time and gave me this option.

Harris CFC was discussed as option in future, but 1k not small sum of money. What kind of funding options will you look into next year?

Spada as far as financing we do work projects, never came to this problem before. Still don’t really understand ins and outs, but will definitely look into what we need to do early as in spring quarter.

Lay why did you guys choose to move up your trip a week?

Spada it falls in Esperanza’s timeline.

Schwab I’ve sorta heard several sides, seems like real miscommunication between Newman Center and ASUCD. When did you figure out that the trip was moved back and that it’d be more expensive.

Spada we started working earlier in the summer, were not prepared for the fees, amount of interest and number of people wanting to go. Rather than sacrifice their experience two weeks ago discovered not going to make it doing what we were doing.

Dardik to B&F CFC issue not only part of discussion. Essentially charity, one redeeming is that it’s leadership. But it’s a small group, choosing process is announcing projects and fundraisers in Newman community. Also this is 1k to one house, and that family will have to pay interest. This is students’ money going to charity, I’m sure students could choose their own charities. Also told some people going to this leadership project, it’s their fifth year going.

Shwab seems like taking everything out this is a student group at last resort, comparable solution where we urge them to apply loan, might be dependent upon getting money. Think it’s a good project, creates leaders. I think you should support, but obviously problem with bylaws and funds. Urge you to work to a solution instead of just failing the bill because they need your help.

Hooper want to redirect some of your discussion. During the actual B&F meeting the reason failed because some of us put into position to pass with 1k, felt that was not right amount to negotiate. Don’t just look at this as charitable contribution, but this is an experience for these individuals similar to REACH retreat or women of color conference, opportunity to go outside and be empowered by social inequalities. Maybe reason they have to pay 35% interest on 2k house, problem with that… this problem could be addressed. Think of what these students are bringing back.

Molnar we could amend so if loan taken, money will be returned.

Zamora unused money will be returned, not needed.

Molnar withdraw amendment. What I’ve heard is problems through CFC, so came to us. I was going to write bill, but I thought there was no money left in reserves.

Carnes I was told by controller around 1200 in reserves.

Rosas-Romero I’m really in support of this bill, benefit from being in other country and implications of building house for a family. If you really look at it, there is no debate whether or not to fund something. This is a wonderful thing, they take a whole year to fund this. And that it’s been happening so long means this is a successful project. Obviously not going to change situation in Mexico, but going to help a family.

Schwab maybe to make more comfortable, urge them to get loan from CFC. Seems like still option because I don’t think there’s a deadline. When stars align and Molnar and I agree on issue, something must be going on… that’s bipartisanship there, even with my tee shirt on he shook my hand. This is their last resort.

Dwaimy we can’t assume every person on campus knows process for funding, that’s a problem with outreach. We got elected to represent students, fact that students don’t know is on us and we need to help that. Also they did ask and misinformed about CFC by ASUCD itself.

Zamora as in who?

Higgins something I’ve NEVER said before: Schwab is right. This is a good cause. I’ve done this 5 yrs of my life, last year first year I didn’t do it and felt empty inside. Obviously they didn’t mean to sidestep the system, if they knew ahead of time they would have done it. In years past they haven’t had a problem, for that reason kills precedent idea. Senate is supposed to be somewhere people can come if it’s last option, that’s what this is. I know that every year I had to throw down hundred dollars to go, and it was worth that to me. I know they’ve put in 80 of their own each… didn’t know they were going to have problems or they would have gone to CFC. This doesn’t change poverty stricken area, but makes huge difference in communities. By going to one house, I met like 50 people... neighbors, people happy, sense of community in entire area. Bring back huge sense of community and fell empowered and feel you can empower others. Urge you guys to look at what this bill is for, and I would urge it to be raised again because even only 500 they could be short money.

Ajlouny couldn’t go if they don’t get that five hundred, but I heard they’d just be in debt for next year and could pay it off?

Higgins then I would have to say you’re putting them in predicament for next year, start even earlier and maybe they won’t be able to get that five hundred extra on next year.

Rosas-Romero it’s unfortunate that people have to pull out of pocket, that have to pay to do this. Think in future will do this differently, now they know. If you’d like to help them find funding, go talk to them after meeting and show them how they can do this.

Higgins no guarantee they’d get a loan from CFC. Leave it on that, they might not get the loan and then they’re in debt, struggling with huge problem next year.

Markevich with regard of bylaws, says org can be funded… org registered with CFC is Newman, this group is affiliated so they aren’t registered with CFC so bylaw doesn’t technically apply.

Peake my understanding that if we didn’t pass this y’all would still be able to go and just be in debt. I understand huge hardship on group next year, but know that they know they can go to CFC in future. I feel concerns with B&F are very important. Know what they’re doing is good, but if you’re still able to go I’ll vote no. I understand huge hardship, but you can go and now you know for the future.

Schwab being here now there’s never precedent. What happened last yr most ppl don’t know. Honestly they know more now, helping them in this matter good for them and association... sometimes have to step up, make a move you wouldn’t do usually.

Peake I have to disagree with you on precedent, feel we have these rules and have them for good reason. I have deepest sympathy and admiration. I think if they can still do this, and work harder next year and help them then we shouldn’t be worrying about this.

Mikalonis I support five hundred even more, one tiny involvement from ASUCD is going to have a permanent mark on a family in Davis. Still can go, but don’t want to leave them in debt, very hard or impossible to get CFC money to pay back previous debts.

Rosas-Romero also want to mention it was passed by ECAC, and they have same validity as any other commission.

Mikalonis great they’re going down there every year, want to continue tradition.

Ajlouny cause is very good.

Bianchi couple things to discuss: from my perspective as B&F reason we didn’t approve it was presented as request of spac org that could get CFC. I acknowledge ECAC has just as much validity, from financial perspective we didn’t pass. I do support this project, unfortunate with wrong info they weren’t able to apply for CFC grants or loans. Even if they were to submit app tomorrow, 7-10 days for check to be issued, even longer for hearing to be planned. But they can apply for next year now 0-3k that would only have to be paid back in a CFC fiscal year. With everything in mind, hard to dissect between cultural and financial. Doesn’t really adhere to bylaws, just keep all those things in consideration.

Ajlouny motion move into senate discussion.

Deepak object: members in public.

Ajlouny withdraws.

Laabs back when I originally raised hand, thought a lot of value but not spending on baby needs... so thought let’s split and give five hundred, now that’s happened. A lot of options, ASUCD could loan them the money directly through the bill. If you guys have any grad students in group, you could request money from GSA.

Harms just to remind old senators and inform new senators, any bylaw can be suspended with a 2/3 vote so if you feel this should pass and want to follow bylaw, both require same vote.

Laabs talk about what bylaws say, but this happens a lot. People come and need funding last minute, this is failure on our part to tell them what their available funding is.

Peake I really like idea of loan rather than direct grant. We could do half loan, half grant…

Laabs half and half, not forbidden by bylaws. Again, gotta start telling people about their funding opportunities.

Frick motion for five minute break.

Deepak object for 10 minute break for more open discussion.

Frick withdraw, motion ten minute break.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 9:14pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 9:16 pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera Absent: Holloway, Feldman


Frick lot of points brought to floor, I think this is an issue of compromising bylaws which I’m not comfortable with. But ambiguity about SPAC club and whether or not they can apply to CFC. I feel like we need to address that issue without putting hardship on that group. I feel like if this is going to be passed, it should be for a thousand dollars because if we break the bylaws we might as well do it all the way, then address issues. Move to amend bill back to 1000 (taken as friendly).

Higgins it is ambiguous. This has happened a lot in the past, not precedent. Recently things have passed that didn’t go through CFC that could have. Happens all the time, b/c costs that couldn’t be covered at the end. Not trying to harm system or sidestep it. Don’t hurt this cause just because they were unable to fund this…

Deepak what has passed before?

Higgins REACH Retreat didn’t go through CFC… Came across situation, Senate loved the cause and voted for them.

Ostrowski what if I changed to Esperanza and budgeted to food? Also on interest, this is about community: they all work together and share the interest rate. Also only very small amount of income go towards loan. Woman with HIV, two kids, only part of income went to loan. On CFC only Newman staff can go to CFC, coordinators can’t go. Also CFC workshop deadline passed a long time ago. Other than that we had info on what can be done… in 6 months I’ve been here I’ve seen conferences, retreats, graduations that didn’t go through SPAC with even more money.

Bianchi is Esperanza non-profit?

Ostrowski yes: non-profit and non-sectarian.

Savaree-Ruess right now you can only spend half senate reserves in fall quater, 1200 left for this quarter, next quarter can spend 80% essentially 6k on top of what’s left from this quarter. Also want to say somewhat unacceptable to say an org with a tie to SPAC was ignorant to fact about having funding. But if they thought they were able to meet needs, weren’t and past deadline, reasonable for them to come now. I’m sort of up in air because I think groups should go to CFC, but sounds reasonable if they say next year they’ll be more proactive etc. I think on this particular issue it’s acceptable to give them the money and bail them out.

Ostrowski Outreach Assembly you must assume that groups in future going to come to senate… again, nothing to do with religious nature. Funding through Esperanza, non-sectarian and non-profit. For advertising, flyers, website, wiki, around for 20 yrs. Heleil house does it, other orgs have it. We did not discriminate, presented all over place and I think everyone knows about it. For just having us take a loan thing, we will cut people off if we don’t have the money to go.

Friedman a lot of what’s been said, I wanted to say a lot… as I said before I have gone on this trip. Family’s actually chip in own money, not just effort on students… basically communal effort and that’s admirable. Also this is a bunch of undergrads asking for help, also agree with arguments about funding and CFC… like to motion to amend l. 29.

Markevich language worked out seems consensus in senate and coordinators, can we hold off on amendments until that is brought up?

Amaha want everyone to recognize that working individuals in situation we have privilege of knowing how things work. I don’t know how SPAC works and how much they emphasize CFC, me I regret not going to New Orleans to help. They are going somewhere to help… they didn’t mean this bill to go through the way it did, maybe if worked with other senators this bill would have been better written… I came from country like this, know what it’s like and these people are trying to help… they are trying to do something good, and senators are arguing over precedent. They aren’t doing things directly on campus, so maybe they don’t know methods of funding…As my last quarter of senator I will personally make sure that all orgs are invited to CFC workshops. Motion to move to senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Ajlouny if we passed this how would you feel about putting ASUCD banner on top of this house?

Salem my understanding is that ASUCD can allot a loan… we’re getting scared of setting precedents, but it’s clear there’s no institutional memory, you have choice to allocate money to good cause. If you’re worried about precedent for future, that’s not what is before you right now. Cause is a good cause, people here for your support… let’s give it to them.

Ajlouny when first called I rejected b/c B&F did not pass, but I’ve heard a lot of good argument and my vote has changed. Motion to call to question.

Deepak object for wanting of amendments from author, and I want to speak.

Ajlouny withdraw.

Harris I think important to recognize that it seems to be communal thought that this is a good cause. Most people recognize and support. But whether or not we pass, we need to discuss precedent. Even if we say yes, how will we address this problem in future? What makes it for us to do it now and how do we explain for other orgs not appropriate for them and it is now?

Powers back when outreach assembly passed one of main goals is people going out and informing them where to go for funding, how to go to CFC. As far as setting precedent, that outreach isn’t happening right now. Orgs like Newman don’t know what to do. Currently not body helping them, but there will be in the future.

Molnar I think I support outreach assembly now.

Deepak basically we have 32 people and only 4 vans? I guess precedent has always been question around table, but we just saw at this discussion… people were using REACH which couldn’t get money from SPAC as example of precedent. I see this as leadership experience, more than admirable. Whole point of REACH is understanding experience and developing it, don’t necessarily see that here. For changing to 500 from 1000, seems like a lot of money. We have it in bank, doesn’t mean we need to use it. Going to be faced, I can speculate this is a floodgate letting in more charitable orgs… next year it will be Ethiopia, etc… don’t see just give them another 500 because we have it in bank and going to break bylaw anyway. Can’t say I always follow commission, I consider B&F but I consider bylaws there for a reason… don’t necessarily know whole thing but seems like we might have to suspend bylaws in order to do this. I know he talked about putting it toward food, but still in a sense bending rules to get the money to this charity…

Zamora are you for or against?

Deepak I can’t say I’m for 1k, I admire etc, I could see loan 500 and give 500 if they desperately need this, but I want them to consider applying for CFC loan. But from what I’ve heard they can’t get the money afterwards because they’re not SPAC.

Schwab during the break came to a compromise came to an amendment that will satisfy some needs and change the discussion entirely.

Deepak maybe I spoke for nothing, but I like to speak.

Frick I think sometimes we obsess over definitions of what leadership is, I think these people have exemplified leadership in way we don’t, leadership comes in different varieties. We can’t compare to REACH just because they have definitive plan, continuing leadership in personal lives just as admirable.

Deepak my understanding REACH is training. I don’t want to speak what REACH is, that’s just my understanding.

Rosas-Romero REACH is done by CCC, never really receive funding from CFC.

Molnar like to motion to make amendment line 32.

Dardik given past experience, going to have to write a contract to go through ASUCD finance dept…

Laabs legal analysis, first nothing in bylaws says we can give loans, nothing says we can’t. Something about what happens if org doesn’t make what they expect. Constitution gives senate ability to appropriate, any bill is law for ASUCD, contract is law in state of California.

Molnar motion amend line 29.

Zamora do all of you have a problem with what just happened with amendment? Would you rather just give them the money? Would you pass it just giving a thousand dollars? Would you pass with two agreements?

Peake I talked to leaders over break, they agreed to exact same thing. Think it says a lot if they agree with these same terms.

Zamora initially against, I’ve heard a lot, why I kinda shifted toward yes. I want to give it to you, you had issues about loan. Either way works for me. Did you all agree to loan, or you’d rather get money straight up. You agreed to whole loan contract…

Armendariz yes, we’d like the money. We’ve worked so hard to get this far and we’ve been here a really long time. But if it’s going to pass just to go on this trip we’ll take the loan, we’ll take whatever we can get at this point.

Zamora to be honest I swayed to yes without a loan contract. I’m not going to call to question, but please keep it focused.

Dardik if we’ve reached a compromise, this is students’ money we’re dealing with and should have priority. This way their event can happen and more ASUCD events can still happen. If we give them 1k they don’t have to do fundraising, but then we’ll be out. Recommend you go with the loan at this point.

Ajlouny I agree.

Kai ASUCD units have co-sponsorhip policy, like self-initiated co-sponsorships. So if some unit wants to co-sponsor and the outside org is anticipating having some money come back , the unit can give them the entirety of the budget for that event then anticipate the money coming back for the event. Similar in this situation if you’re looking to get paid back. Essentially the unit is going to give out more than a thousand, they get a 25% security deposit so if money doesn’t come back they get that… So maybe we can give them 1000 now, but keep 250 of that and if they don’t pay back we still have that…

Dardik anything you sign is legally binding. If we give 1k in cash, that’s negative 1k... if we give loan their event will happen, and we’ll get money back.

Rosas-Romero I think it’s so unfortunate that people are not just willing to give the money to such a good project. Students are going to go do something wonderful… the students I’ve seen there are involved elsewhere. I think it’s worth it, whatever the experiences they’re going to bring back here. This is an investment for students in general.

Markevich who would vote for allocation of 1k and write contract with group to pay back some portion?

Rosas-Romero I really want them to get the money anyway. I’m sorry all of you have been here so long, so unnecessary. Honestly I’d just give it to you, and if I were a millionaire I’d just drop it. If this is the way we have to do it, yes, but I’d rather give it. Please reconsider, not like it’s going to something that’s not worth it.

Deepak I suggest we loan 1000 but just get 500 for sure… I don’t know how much you guys are able to give back…

Rosas-Romero I’d still rather give them the entire 1000, let them continue fundraising and any unused money will return to reserves. Let them not worry about this and continue on with the project and let them focus later on fundraising for next year.

Peake I definitely support the idea of loaning the money, fiscally responsible solution. I think this is the way to help them, still be responsible to the students who have entrusted us with their money. I think Ravi’s idea is good, requiring partial repayment and possible full repayment.

Xie when comes down to it, loan guarantees pay back and have faith in them. Let them come up with what they can, and if they can’t they can’t. I’ve fluctuated about 100 times, I say let them fundraise after we’ll take it, but if they don’t they don’t.

Peake it’s legally binding.

Dardik if they don’t pay it that’s fine, we could sue them but no cop’s going to show up. I say let it be good faith, we’re not going to sue them. Call to question.

Rosas-Romero object I would really like to change back to not having it a loan. 4-7-1 DO NOT call to question (Yes: Ajlouny, Deepak, Peake, Zamora No: Amaha, Harris, Frick, Friedman, Rosas-Romero, Fluet, Xie Abstain: Molnar)

Peake can we pass this with amendment with good faith effort that they will pay back as much as they can by Apr 15 without binding contract?

Ajlouny I liked the new amendment, we are giving them 1k but also getting it back. I don’t know why we should be reluctant… I think we should keep it as it is.

Molnar I’d like to give them 1k as it is, and it won’t pass 2/3 so we’re going to have to do loan to get it to pass. If we change it back too many people will vote no.

Harris we see good cause, see mistake… one thing we’re worried about precedent not fair some orgs and others not. I propose we give them 1000, 500 pay back. We support it’s genuine, but at same time some punishment based on fact that you didn’t know what was available and other orgs will not see that we’re just giving them money.

Ajlouny can I get head nod what people think of that? Motion call to question.

Dwaimy object I want to say something.

Ajlouny withdraw.

Zamora really would like to hear Dwaimy’s concerns.

Rosas-Romero the only precedent we’re setting is to not help people in need, this is just like a business loaning instead of helping. How can we question their fundraising when they’ve raised 12k and now we’re like return this money… I think it’s disappointing. I’d rather say that they continue fundraising rather than require they pay back… maybe let them try to come up with more, return some money but not make them feel like we’re some kind of business..

Zamora I don’t want to give out my last deferment. I’d like to see an informal vote who would have said yes… that’s 2/3… I want to call to question, I don’t want to squash anyone.

Rosas-Romero could you ask how many would vote yes if we just said let them continue fundraising…

Zamora would your vote change if we took out that 500 clause? To be honest, no way around this. I think we came to the compromise we needed to.

Deepak I think we could easily make simple change let them continue to fund for at least 500 dollars. I understand seeming harsh, but they still have until spring to go with the rest of our budget. Clearly you are very admirable, but other orgs out there looking to us for money. People set precedents with stuff that don’t even apply, I can see word change... I think setting dollar amount versus “continue funding” where nothing comes back, I do think we need to set a dollar amount in order to make sure we do get something back.

Zamora I don’t believe votes will follow. As much as we talk about it more I think it will be against us. I’m ready to call to question, can I see the hands. I call ASUCD SB 33 to question.

Friedman object for roll call vote

DO PASS, SB #33, 12-0-0

Amaha motion five minute break.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 10:22.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 10:24 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Zamora, Feldman


Amaha motion resume orders day, move into consideration of old legislation. Withdraw and motion to move into appointments and confirmations.

XXVII. APPOINTMENTS AND CONFIRMATIONS Amaha motion confirm any members/alternates of B&F.

Amanda Abughosh served as alternate, now being confirmed as member.

Dardik gave great interview, very active, going to make great commissioner.

Ajlouny where do you see yourself helping the commissioner get better?

Abughosh I plan on being very good with working, making sure fair resolutions come about on this…

Deepak what made you interested in reapplying for B&F, and auditing…

My freshman year I was involved with the executive board, had couple pieces of leg go through B&F, appreciated the process and how efficiently they went through it and wanted to be a part of it.

Markevich which unit would you most like to audit?

Abughosh really interested in auditing student government.

Friedman can you elaborate, meaning reserves…

Abughosh all of ASUCD, really interested in seeing how efficient process is and how we might improve it.


Amaha motion to move into old legislation.


Amaha motion to see SB #35.

Mikalonis we looked at this a littlemeeting before last one, right now justice can be removed like a unit director or chair. There are three different branches of government, should be harder to remove someone from different branch than it is to remove chair or ex-officio. If we like remove court justice should call closed session announced to senate, not name defendant justice. All IAC going to do is weigh whether enough facts to impeach them, not whether or not they’re guilty... just whether a logical basis to charges. Justice won’t be notified whether or not IAC’s decision fails… Just IAC in room with written fact sheet to look at. Example charge sheet included. Shows what violation, judicial code ethics available ASUCD court website and wiki... what specific violation is, evidence, etc. clear format easy for IAC to follow through logically. Read lines 31-34.

Powers want to add this is something that adds necessary layer to court, layer of protection not there in the past.

Commission Recommendation

Powers that’s my new commissioner, I’m glad to have him on board, hope we can confirm him.

Questions in Text See accompanying legislation to see edits.

Public Discussion

Laabs wanted to say applaud IAC been talking long time, best way to do this whether or not grad jury, decided charge slate would be cleanest way of doing it. Think this is completely necessary.

Molnar do you think this bill gives to much power to IAC?

Laabs first of all you can always suspend the bylaws if you want to do it against IAC’s reg. Also they’re your subordinate body, there to give senate guide. Impartial viewpoint, good way to expand their role.

Deepak last time there was still question on whether or not 2/3 vote in IAC, why didn’t you change to simple majority?

Laabs I forget… let authors explain.

Friedman that’s something I’d be interested in knowing, 2/3 vs. majority vote.

Mikalonis 2/3 vs. majority in IAC is matter of one vote. I don’t feel so strongly about that issue, but when it comes to consensus it seems to be a very strong consensus. We are more logical, going through bylaws, we act most like lawyers of commissions... we could change it to simple majority, but I don’t think there’s much difference. Only one vote and this is just judicial protection. You are the best people to decide this, simple logical argument… should be overwhelmingly so in IAC.

Friedman maybe here other people’s comments… concerned also about whether enough info on charge sheet going to give IAC the ability to make informed decision. Would you consider amending line 43 to give them the right to call any witness into session as they see fit?

Fricke if not enough info on charge sheet, don’t need to prove it’s true… if IAC sees that charge don’t need convincing it’s true, just need to see that it is a legit charge. If the charge has no weight later on, that’s their bad. Not a case needs proving, just a reasonable claim. If it’s something that more info is needed on, charges should just be rejected.

Powers if this gives IAC too much power, what I’d argue is that we have commissions but they don’t necessarily have to directly parallel each other. I think that reviewing charges brought up against a judge and to see if there is merit to the charge is a reasonable responsibility. I don’t think it’s giving too much power, just responsible thing to do with charge that already exists.

Ajlouny I liked this bill before, like just as much now. I’m in support.

Fricke the example charge sheet has like four charges… one charge would be sufficient.

Markevich I like this more than what was previously brought, like that neither party is in the room. I don’t like that the defendant not notified of indictment hearing.

Mikalonis along lines senator not in room, case only argued on paper. Just determining whether or not enough argument to go forward. This prevents dragging name through mud, not relevant whether or not named until known whether or not the charges were relevant.

Markevich my feeling is that not notifying specific justice creates environment where entire court is on its toes. In interest of open government and not causing undue stress I’d rather have the specific justice made public although I totally agree that neither side should be in the room.

Harms for added responsibility to IAC, they have my full faith and should have yours too.

Deepak I definitely am supportive, but understand what Pete just said.

Fricke another way to look at it is a drama reduction. Whether or not going to be charged or not, if IAC rejects justice shouldn’t be bothered no one bothered with it. If charges hold no weight, shouldn’t hold any drama.

Markevich would it be possible to maybe not publicly announce but personally notify him or her privately?

Fricke I don’t see what that would accomplish. I was hoping no justice would know at all. I feel like being told specifically is going to cause stress or start talking to people and get things messy.

Deepak point well made and even if you were to announce would cause undue stress. Motion to move into senate discussion.

Harms I’d like to say this bill IAC validates the court and being former commissioner they’re not going to take casually and spend hours reviewing charges if needed.

Peake I’m looking over, no question in my mind it’s well written, move to call to question.

DO PASS, 11-0-1, SB 35 Abstain: Zamora

Amaha motion to consider SR #8.


Author’s Comments

Peake most of you know what happened at UCLA. I feel that since we left UCSA we have responsibility to stand by other UC students. We’re asking to support independent investigation to get through truth. ASUCD to stand for rights to education etc. I hope you consider and read the therefore clauses, intelligent and moderate.

Laabs I wrote this mainly because I felt like something we need to do, stand with UCLA and issues but think seriously and how it relates to us. Because we’re not part UCSA we need to lend our voice to this.

Commission Recommendation

Khan since we as a university chose to withdraw, we should still be active in incidents like this. Don’t consider this bias or attack to any parties. Don’t believe this can be tolerated in UC system, issues with UCD police on campus, I think if this is going on in other UC’s need to work together… incident like this shouldn’t have to occur to promote dialogue among police and students.

Lay basically to reiterate EAC feels we should make a statement, voice our support. Also doesn’t say we’re against or for PD, just for campus. Another whereas clause to create more background.

Questions in Text (See accompanying pages for all revisions.)

Public Discussion

Deepak in last clause should it refer to UCSA, also I thought taser was a company that made them... maybe non-lethal control weapons… I’m sure they don’t just use tasers.

Rivera line 5 passively resisting? Paradox?

Flick have issue with term passively resisting. Change it. We’ve all seen video, it’s atrocious. But in term of fact we don’t know what really happened, how much he was resisting. We should skirt issue so we’re not passing judgment on either party. Different way to say it, not even sure.

Dardik nonviolently resisting… I’ve read nothing of violence…

Khan in regards to what lay said about whereas clause, would a description of what happened make it more biased? How do we add more specific details without making it seem biased?

Molnar motion amend l. 5, withdraw.

Peake I think that actually describes what was going on. Passively resisting describes action, lying motionless on floor yelling out but not posing threat to self or any of the surrounding people.

Molnar I can’t pass it with ‘passively.’

Rivera I agree with Molnar I feel like I have a lack of info, just the video is terrible. I read that resisting... If you become immobile when told to leave, that is resisting. As someone commented it reminds me of sitting in like MLK passive resistance.

Peake I heard MLK example, and cops told them to move too. Just cuz someone doesn’t have best motives doesn’t mean they weren’t passive. He was sitting there, no threat to anyone.

Amaha reference to UCSA resolution.

Peake that resolution jumped to conclusions too fast, spelled name wrong, said no criminal charges were relevant, etc.

Amaha motion to move into senate discussion.

Ostrowski line 4 should say how many times shocked. Line 5 passively resisting saw video, he was basically shouting to those in crowd to assist, to help. I don’t know whether to incite riot, but definitely asking those around to come to defense and shouting obscenities. I wouldn’t replace it with actively, I’d just strike it. And when you say used excessive levels of force in two areas, questionable about independence/lack of bias. Collaborative review of police policy, what specific policies are we looking at? Basically idea that UCLA police do something, but not say what it is. Maybe you’ve seen videos, but many students not. The whereas clauses describes nothing of what happened.

Deepak you brought up bias, I don’t necessarily see him to be at fault for not showing his identity, I do see him being at fault but not relevant to this. This is about getting policy switched around so police don’t have to use as much force when unnecessary. And about UC policy of using non-lethal weapon.

Ostrowski if you can promise me that this would describe how policy could change I would like it. I feel like it’s an ongoing thing, we find out police wasn’t excessive and find out police not at fault make ASUCD look silly. I think need to be revised, think more changes are necessary.

Peake we come to a few conclusions: independent investigation should be made, firm commitment to education, support police department and advocate for a police review. I hear your questions about passively resisting, could change to nonviolently resisting.

Laabs we don’t know facts, so we’re not being specific. Point is we don’t know all that so we’re asking for investigation into this. This is what we’re doing, pretty sure it was nonviolent.

Peake I just ask next person to move to call this to a vote, motion to move into senate discussion.

Deepak I think that a good change I think we should add non-lethal weapons like rubber bullets, etc.

Peake to my understanding TASER is an acronym.

Vice President Carnes clarification: it is a word.

Deepak this is a good way of synergizing. Call to question.

DO PASS, SR #8, 11-0-1 Abstain: Zamora

Amaha motion suspend orders of day, move into appointments and confirmations.


Amaha motion to confirm any members/alternates of IAC.

Powers hi, sorry I missed two previous times. Apologize for the inconvenience.

Rivera this is third attempt to confirm him, attends almost all IAC meetings, couldn’t wait to have him on commission.

Molnar since you’ve been on all three branches, which is favorite?

Powers I think each branch has merit. I want an active hand on legislation… I like exec office too because it’s tight.

Deepak where would you like to see IAC go?

Powers I think the way it’s going now is a great direction. I think IAC looks at government and sees if it’s broken and fixes it, keep doing our jobs and producing high quality legislation and making sure things working correctly. No improvements, make sure people continue to be of highest caliber.


Amaha motion confirm any student committee representatives for Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility.

Laabs what are your views on academic freedom?

Ostrowski I was there when we talked about CA SB 1412, I’ve always liked idea to have more academic freedom to prevent ability of professors to indoctrinate or intimidate. My political interest in that is if anyone has a claim, wouldn’t be my authority to get that complaint but when we go to academic senate important to keep in mind they have own agenda, we need to follow guidelines of UC... this is kind of what got me into ASUCD in first place. If students have problem with professors they should know what they can or cannot do in these cases… probably rare problem on this campus.

Mikalonis your position is student goverment rep to academic senate. Will your views influence the committee?

Ostrowski hard to tell because 6 senators who voted on that are gone. I feel my views are sane/moderate, just general concern about whether students being intimidated or indoctrinated, not left or right issue. Not heard any really specific complaints, I don’t think agenda going to have any real political agenda.

Carnes want to point out these are just volunteer positions. Student reps on the committees, not there to rep your specific views just outlets to these committees.

Peake objects to confirmation.


Carnes reason to confirm him because he has meeting to go to next week. My impression no one else except Bleckman has meeting.

Pham as far as I know everyone else will meet next week or has met.

Friedman because I was on AAC I’m on admissions/enrollment committee I was planning on going there but I know I can’t serve on that committee and senate as well. So I’d like to resign that previous committee, but now issue of someone going there tomorrow. Also a lot of other positions to be confirmed.

Carnes we are completely out of order. We can start confirming again, or move into public discussion. And we have to do each position independently.

Friedman motion move into public discussion.


Rivera wanted to say something. I realize a lot of senators introduce bills because no one else will. Maybe you should take that into consideration, read a bill before you decide to introduce it. Last week we got several frivolous bills, author said it was because of the legislation clerk changing its background. Very frustrating, meetings would be more efficient if we didn’t get ridiculous bills.

Deepak in addition to reading them we should work with them. There is a lot of miscommunication. I think if we work with them we could finish these problems.

Rivera also sometimes bills get reintroduced that have been introduced that quarter or before, just come with minor changes. Most likely not going to be passed again. Maybe you can talk to me outside of meeting, but we don’t want to spend an hour in the meeting for nothingness.

Carnes please let me know if there is complaint about my legislation clerk changing content, because that is an issue.

Laabs part of this about academic senate appointments concerns me. I brought court case against Darnell, something we need a larger discussion on how people get appointed to these committees and our involvement within the association on these. A lot of these appointments happen last minute, put together but not well advertised and these are the people who are representing us as an association and we should know who we are getting involved with. Lot of issues we need to look at, campus unions board (president can fire anyone on these admin advisory) we need to make sure undergrad is represented.

Mikalonis I suggest a bylaw party.

Laabs next week sometime.

Carnes I just supported the motion because of several requests. From what I know no one else is waiting to be confirmed.

Friedman confused because I’m going to this meeting tomorrow, someone needs to go

Pham you don’t have to go, being representatives they just want student input not that you have to go… that’s why they came to us, just welcoming any student input. On the academic senate website we are known as ASUCD representatives.

Friedman I will submit a formal resignation to Peter for that committee… motion five minute break.

Harris object because people waiting to see one bill. 4-7-1 DO NOT BREAK (Yes: Ajlouny, Friedman, Peake, Fluet No: Amaha, Deepak, Harris, Frick, Molnar, Rosas-Romero, Xie Abstain: Zamora)

Ostrowski those three IAC bills, I talked to senator in question, on computer, no way possible they couldn’t have seen bills because we both sent together via email. Also two bills were spending restrictions, they failed and I disagreed with them being failed. One of those things where I feel that it’s difficult to get senator to sign off on legislation for time management and I can’t always get the people and some happen to be there at right time. For academic senate thing, I guess there were concerns about that so I’ll be sure to give you minutes of that meeting and agenda.

Pham they’ll be on website and agenda should be sent to you.

Ostrowski I don’t think meeting going to be political, just professional and on interaction. I’ve been on many discussions and talks with other adults, anyway once I get those minutes I’ll send them to everyone and you can yell at me if I did something wrong.

Rosas-Romero like to make sure that if we can just go through the list and see who’s doing what… my only concern is that it might be biased in a way... academic senate sees it as an ASUCD rep and I don’t feel like, there might be some views that are different. I would like for us to consider who’s in it. Motion to suspend orders of the day, move into consideration old legislation.

Ajlouny objects. Rosas-Romero withdraw.

Lay I haven’t slept all night, midterm, urgent bills especially when commissions have considered, please if you’re going to bring urgent please talk to chair. Unfair when commission chairs have to defend their commission’s decision to senate. A month ago this almost happened to EAC, really ineffective when these come up urgent without someone speaking to commission chair.

Rosas-Romero motion suspend orders of the day and move into consideration of old legislation.


Amaha motion to consider ASUCD SB #29.

Harris object to see SB #27.

Harms due to possible environmental impact of purchasing vinyl cover I request it be redirected to EPPC before senate continues to see this.

Rosas-Romero motion to redirect ASUCD SB #29 to EPPC.

Amaha motion to consider SB #27.

Savaree-Ruess I heart Mara Harris. The computers in EC now Pentium 2, outdated, don’t work. Just buy the computers.

Dardik we unanimously approved, straight forward don’t beat to death.

Question in Text (See accompanying pages.)

Public Discussion

Amaha motion move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Peake call to question.

Amaha withdraw for audience to speak.

Peake withdraw.

Mikalonis how often have capital reserves been given to EC in past? Is this the first big investment or…?

Savaree-Ruess I don’t know, personally don’t remember any recently. They haven’t had computers updated in some time (ie since ‘94).

Peake even if we have invested, they need the computers. Call to question.

Frick object question about tax.

Peake withdraws.

Savaree-Ruess spoke with Alex Park, somehow has a deal where there will be no extra tax.

Amaha motion to call to question.

DO PASS, 10-0-2, SB #27 Abstain: Ajlouny, Zamora

Amaha motion consider SB #34.

Author’s Recommendation

Harms something Leathers has wanted to do for a long time. Wanted to do it again, last time brought up was in middle of election, can’t change regulations in middle of process. Want to change print to publish so $2000 per election not necessary to print full sample ballot in aggie... create smaller version in pictures if they want. It would give committee more discretion and senate in budget hearing more discretion with what to do with this money. So even at end if we have money left over for this the money could be used for some EPPC or GASC event or some other ASUCD event.

Flick publicity coordinator we’re giving ourselves some flexibility. Candidates’ statements nice, but Aggie only gives you like half the space. That cost us 2k. We want to be able to take some of that money, print sample ballot size of what aggie gives you, take money for other opportunities ie mobile polling stations, get more facebook ads going on. 1k also can buy 12000 flyers, could hand out sample ballot with candidate info and info still get out. Set up more events with candidates maybe like a mixer meet and greet with jazz and what have you. Fourth option maybe use Davis enterprise to print full size sample ballot for much cheaper. Elections committee is open to any ideas for increasing turnout and publicity. I will send email to senate table for our next meeting, I feel like no connection between people who just went through this process and myself.

Commission Recommendation

Powers (IAC) read pro-con statement

Dardik what he said. Only con was uncertainty with how they were going to spend money. Authors addressed that.

Questions in Text See accompanying pages

Public Discussion

Laabs I think this is great, opportunity to use money more flexibly. Sample ballot in Aggie not greatest way, too much info in small space. Perhaps better ways like jazz bands could still be better than sample ballot.

Harms add b/c bylaw geek, this original bylaw written with every intention of letting them be flexible, but written in pre internet era when printing was only way to publish. Also for flexibility issue, in budget always line item descriptions and these budget line items for publicity have these break downs. So if senate decides they want committee to keep printing sample ballot, they can just add into that description again to make that happen, or add something to give them more flexibility.

Mikalonis because election online, with online statement, makes lot of sense. If you’re gonna vote, online already.

Peake using money wisely discussion good, outlined main points. Ask for smooth jazz.

Xie I think we’re downplaying effectiveness of publicity through aggie. Facebook ads not looked at as closely, flyers never picked up. I think what Paul explained is if we wanted to make sure that there is at least a one page spread in aggie, we could do that.

Peake this year Aggie published profiles like a day before candidate statement.

Fluet I understand need for flexibility, did not see them doing that much. I’m scared if we give them 2k to be flexible it will go to waste. I feel without the ad independent candidates are going to be marginalized, especially because Aggie has discretion when putting out statement. Also I’m not online savvy, only would notice facebook… very worried about this.

Friedman like idea of mobile polling stations, but agree on issue of reducing space in Aggie… that is an effective way to get people to see the different candidates.

Harms I signed on because whether or not we print sample ballot should be issue for annual budget hearings. If senate feels on permanent basis two page sample ballot required, bylaws should not be what say that. In past two elections Aggie has completely screwed up order of sample ballot, lost order, etc. so entrusting 4k a yr out of 7k to a marginally professional advertising apparatus. Oops, I forgot there was an Aggie reporter here.

Friedman I suggest we create a whole new publication and publish the actual sample ballots.

Peake I keep hearing Aggie is effective, we don’t have proof of that b/c we haven’t tried anything else. Only 14 percent, something not working. Need to get more turnout!

Friedman if someone else can bring up that issue?

Powers I think it’s more responsible leave it to budget hearings?

Deepak bill doesn’t say where to allocate money. Internet new media, of course some reluctance but facebook ads have been run. This bill doesn’t even say we have to experiment, you can talk to elections staff, events person, budget hearings.

Flick as I said, sample ballots print something similar size that truncates. Want to bring you guys in: I haven’t run, if you could help me decide how to save, make easier to read. Lot of great info in statements, but lot of text.

Powers I think this is important, push through.

Vice President Carnes this bill is not saying we can’t buy 2k ads, just more opportunities. We could do it same way?

Rosas-Romero has been stated before, low turnout and if we can have opportunity to explore different venues or avenues I am for that. I know Aggie wouldn’t just not publish anything, so I’m still they’d still cover something. Mixers mentioned, etc. I think we’re just being financially responsible with this. Suggestion myucdavis getting changed, maybe have voting link there to put next to weather or something.

Harris I agree, we all think higher voter turnout good. Try stuff, can always go back.

Fluet I understand need for experiment, but worried about how vague bill is. Not that I don’t trust committee, this is just large amount of money and vague bill.

Rosas-Romero people hired are given that job, it’s their job to publicize. They should be given opportunity to do things. Senators can always ask them how they plan on doing this, suggest more ideas. Call to question.

Fluet object for roll call vote.

DO PASS, 8-2-2, SB #34 No: Fluet, Xie Abstain: Ajlouny, Zamora

Amaha motion to consider ASUCD SB #28.

Author’s Comments

Peake meeting time change, let’s leave break time with it.

Commission Recommendation

Powers passes unanimously, no cons.

Public Discussion

Peake motion move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Peale calls to question.

DO PASS, 9-0-3, SB #34 Abstain: Ajlouny, Molnar, Zamora

Amaha motion to resume orders of day, elected officer reports.

XXXII. OFFICER REPORTS Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie


Naomi want to formulate new way of scheduling interviews. Motion move into public discussion.


Dardik just want senate to know that we’re also interested in business practices, etc.

Powers come talk to me about things happening with Mondavi.

Gray I’d like to thank Senator Molnar for asking me beforehand about the resolution tonight. Things definitely run more smoothly here if you have looked into legislation before it actually comes up.

Mikalonis read names and ages of fallen soldiers:

December 1st Robert L. Love Jr., 28

December 2nd Keith E. Fiscus, 26 Bryan T. McDonough, 22 Corey J. Rystad, 20 Jesse D. Tillery, 19

December 3rd Kermit O. Evans, 31 Troy D. Cooper, 21 Shawn L. English, 35 Kenneth W. Haines, 25 Joseph Trane McCloud, 39 Joshua C. Sticklen, 24

December 4th Dustin M. Adkins, 22 Ross A. McGinnis, 19 Marco Miller, 36 Nicholas D. Turcotte, 23 Thomas P. Echols, 20 Christopher A. Anderson, 24

December 6th Yevgeniy Ryndych, 24

Carnes I’m going to be emailing you about meeting with me, if you have ideas about what we should do as group or whatever let me know. Also to echo Irina people will come to senators with problems, she has whole commission of people ready and willing to do that stuff. Finally Dwaimy let everyone know this was coming months ago, I did appreciate the discussion but this was very long, required people outing themselves to public Aggie and minutes, very important and hard… sacrificing a lot to do what they did... hope we all leave room knowing that.

Dwaimy thank you for saying that. Want to ask senators how you feel about this, section in budget for grants, not a unit, given to people, but there are parts that receive grants maybe should be constantly contacting those people about what they need, would you all be okay as having that as a “unit” taken on by a senator?

Peake I hundred percent agree I think we all should support you.

Rosas-Romero I guess I’ll be going to SGAO, I’d definitely like to adopt that.

Harms you guys worked really well tonight. Dwaimy great idea, been brought up in discussion. Mad props to you.

Xie motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 12:39 a.m.

Faithfully submitted,

Bobby Gray ASUCD Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission