University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes 6:10 p.m., Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.


Present: Carnes, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Tsighe (AAC), Dardik, Khan,Lee (EAC), Rivera, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Xie


Amaha all legislation is signed.



Lee EAC informally saw Peake’s resolution, voted 6-3 to recommend it

Deepak elections going on,

Mikalonis total for this week 3,461, encourage everyone to read opinion column in Aggie, I take some offense to it. [read names of dead]


Amaha campus unions with cultural weeks is having open mic night for part of Community Week,

Khan next week Kaleidoscope of Culture week, encourage you to come to events for Principles of Community Week

Rosas-Romero Davis Feminist Film Festival starting today, presale 10 for students 15 for adults, at Vet Memorial Hall on 14th Street continuing tomorrow. Also March 12 student assist to chancellor getting dialogue with chancellor on minimum progress, academic senate will be present. 7-9 griffin lounge

Benci-Woodward tonight 7-9 230 wllmn discussion on global warming, guy talking is trained by Al Gore. This affects everyone’s future

Deepak Hunger Homelessness Awareness day feb 27. MU patio

Carnes rally from 12-1 with speakers, 12-2 resource fair. 10-2 mu patio drop of warm clothing and canned food.


Amaha move suspend, move into unit director


Norris Experimental College, Amanda office manager. Thank Dwaimy for being such a great senator, having her interns be so great to me. On the ball, such a good job, found a lot of info for me. Not going to pursue course credit thing because interfere with what university has to offer, university transcript notation for students teaching courses. Kicking ass this quarter in finances, last year 55k to this year 67 k.

Rivera how are the efforts on your admin plan

Norris cool.

Rivera you’ll probably see it soon.

Friedman about units for classes, remember that was discussed

Norris was one of projected goals, talking to Markevich would create competition, change what we offer and get university involved to where no longer classes being offered that get out of academic life. Transcript notation for sure.

Amaha motion move into appts/confirmations


Amaha motion confirm any members/alt of EPPC

Draper, Arulsakaren, Singe, Schlalle, MacMath,

Benci super easy to admit them on, they’re all great. More outreach, ideas, etc. So looking forward to working with them, never again quorum problems.

Deepak now that you’re on EPPC, where do you want to take it?

MacMath would like to really increase community outreach, to make ppl aware it’s going to take individual effort on everyone’s part

Schlalle going along with what we’ve talked, reaching out to groups you don’t consider environmentalist. Example film festival with non-documentaries, tie in more people. Maybe a fashion show, get other people involved. (post consumer products on that idea)

Singe interested in doing outreach about what students can do to make a difference. Example millions of fliers, address small issues (global warming daunting), small things like paper waste

Arulsakaren like to see that even though trying to reach out, try to get more of the groups involved. Just from EPPC and CCE get outreach and more groups involved

Draper both reach out to students as whole I agree with all these ideas, also use ASUCD as economic body to promote reusable products. Only thing to increase this is organizations purchasing them, ASUCD fairly significant budget, make big statement to buy environment friendly thing. Also get student effort for less plastic bags, encourage use of canvas bags, possibly tax fee for each plastic bag from ASUCD units. Projects like that.

Ajlouny two part: have you seen movie about global warming by al gore, what made you choose eppc

Draper yes I have, good film. Always been passionate about environment, worth saving.

Arulsakaren seen movie, chose eppc one of few environmental groups with word in ASUCD, rather than group organizing better to have ASUCD involved, what we do more publicized.

Singe have not seen movie, but I will. Chose eppc if you care about what you put into community, shows you care about ppl around you. Strengthening eco friendly environ on campus…

Schlalle seen movie, that’s why I’m going to the thing tonight. Why eppc? Wanted to get involved in something more environ on campus, def started going to movies etc. liked ppl, liked things we were doing, def want to be a part

McMath Also wanted to be involved on campus, what better way than something you’re passionate about? No I didn’t see movie, my mom said it was good


Amaha motion move into other business


Amaha motion consider SR 14 urgent—members in public like to speak on behalf of the bill today. Withdraw

Peake motion consider sb 14 urgent—apologize for urgency, went to eac for informal. Went through path, just not introduced last week. Not able to intro last week due to nature, hope we can all see it tonight.

Authors’ Comments

Zermeno am working student here, ucd student. Food service for Sodexho wanted to thank you for your time. This campaign has been secret until now, wanted to give you some history about this. Sodhexo is company university contracts out to, uc’s do this a lot. Over past five yrs workers in universities organizing to become university workers—big dif in wages, benefits. Also provides unions. In past five years SD, LA, SC, I have organized and won their campaigns. We are last university to have subcontracted workers. Other universities have corrected this mistake, we are organizing here on campus since beginning of school year. Most workers know and are involved in campaign, organizing to get outside support, meeting with different student groups, support from several grups, meeting with professors who will be signing a letter of support. Met with outside reps such as congressman mcnearny, yolo county supervisor Thompson, and lamar heystek in support. Presenting this res because we want you guys as student govt to show your support for workers in ucd, includes student and career workers

Peake looking at this many coauthors, written by this group. Came to me with this campaign, wanting asucd support. Everyone has many questions, many here to talk about experiences. This says we support them, no attack on any org or company

Bernal student, don’t work for Sodhexo. Many students backing up workers, like student body to support them social justice economic issue

Lopez here for work in Tercero. Mi job is because they don’t we want better benefits for my family, because the benefits are very little and very high deductible, I am here because work in the university but I don’t actually work FOR the university. Many workers don’t get full 40 hours, only 7.5 per day to prevent full time.

Commission Recommendation

Informal EAC Lee 6 yes 3 no. entire commission supported premise behind bill, feel it’s our obligation to advocate for students. Reason for dissent including myself because as eac advising senate needs more info on this topic from both sides. Felt we were only getting info from student perspective. Advise senate to hear both sides of issues, how action will affect the people addressed and how would affect students as a whole. Go forth with respect to orgs affected, informed about entire issue. Entire commission agreed with premise, want more info from both sides

Public Discussion

Peraino convey fact that UAW 265 union of grad students at all UC’s passed res last week in support of this campaign and all students and workers involved in it. Rep membership of 12000 so we have many grad students in support.

Ucha here on behalf of all campaign (or my own opinion as student, not employee). Purpose of UCD is to support students and that includes people working with students as employees so ASUCD should be in support of these students. By those means ASUCD should vote for this to be passed.

Rios work with dining services as one of general managers. Line 22 and 23 tough for me, somewhat personal because my job to make sure some of these things don’t happen. Too bad feelings of multiple complaints. Personally, when I’ve complained we investigate and get a conclusion. I’d like to address these issues, don’t know if chance of that being taken out of resolution, that’s just where I’m coming from. I want to do right thing, and that’s sincer personal mission of us. For rest of it, we’d be glad to answer any questions if there are any.

Friedman has anyone ever approached you about particular incident described in l 22 23

Rios always things that happen in workplace, I would be totally lying if said on campus 16 years without complaint. General question it’s part of our contract to match university student wages, curious about how this benefits student workers in terms of their wages

Peake passed these packets around, what student workers would be making through union and through sodhexo. Much in shift differentials, to do with night…

Rios so I understand shift in differentials, do coffee house employees get shift differential?

Carnes no.

Heiurre worker at Brennans in Silo, have a lot of friends who feel very uncomfortable around much of management who treats girls uncomfortably. Friend tried to report these issues, went to my boss’ boss then went to HR not much happened either place so she ended up leaving. Lot of workers from alst year left not liking how there were treated.

Peake to address I understand, throw author’s amendment…. This is based on worker’s perceptions, these are their sincere feelings.

Rosas-Romero Spanish amendment. Also diff in employment between sodhexo and university, just cost of health insurance employees sodhexo pay 23.25 for Kaiser and university workers pay 1.50. 3.54 dental for sodhexo, nothing for university dental or vision. So many expenses, imagine single mother.

Rhios with what dwaimy is saying, point here also benefits university gives are excellent in terms of private sector, really quite good to typical. Just so you know what you’re looking at, not going to argue that’s not excellent bu tin comparison to private sector not very high costs. Just for global activism keep that in mind

Rosas definitely for this, urge you to consider this and pass it.

Connoly also GM of dining services. Just to clarify couple of things with HR process. Any unit complaints that do come up are taken care of at unit director, unit directors work with employees to take care of those issues. Also HR dept on campus gets heavily involved in these complaints, trained professionals know how to deal with this. HR also gets Gina and I involved and we have regional support. Both of us have open door policy so employees can talk to us, both of us are accessible and also guarantee of fair treatment, even if HR says something might have to go one way or another, employee can talk to us too and we’ll take a complete look at it. Are avenues other than just at unit level. One other thing about student employees, work hard to work with them. They are backbone alont with ft employees, take great pride in hiring UCD students. For years paid more than what university paid PT workers, We were paying 7.25 before minimum wage went up, moved to 7.50 before wage went up. Also give student workers benefits such as book and tuition aid, certain percentage. Longer you work for us more we do that. Also have some programs for student workers where they can move to shift leader and student manager positions so they can learn more skills, numerous student workers become salary managers within company. Any student workers can learn skill base with us that they can go on to use in any career path. These are things the university doesn’t manager

Rosas-Romero those are great opportunities for leadership, however in terms of FT staff if they have other ppl dependent upon them obviously working for Sodhexo seems counterproductive compared to university. Like health care, pay at night, terms of those things must be considered. Family to be taken care of, can have those leadership skills must consider…

Connoly three years ago with career employees followed sac living wage ordinance that went through, large step to align ourselves with sac living wage. That in itself large step.

Zermino wanted to say that our main demand as workers is to become university workers because of diff in wages, because of diff in benefits. Part of this university whethere student or career worker, public institution should be run as public institution. University did research, studies stated students should make over 9 per hour 13 hours per week to pay for school, employed by university they will be making that and a little more. We want to be university workers.

Harris why hasn’t this changed, not happened yet?

Peake this was attempted two years ago. Not a radical thing, don’t know why not this system hasn’t been eradicated yet. Every other UC campus does not do this, not radical idea. Two years ago failed, admin will always be resistant to change

Harris to GM’s, about changes you’ve been making, what negatives would come from this resolution if any?

Rhios we’re not arguing against this, just trying to get information. I have to say a bit confused about how student worker thing would work not knowing all university policies, I do know student assistant rates on campus. I don’t know if our workers would fall into another category or something, like comparison from coffee house standpoint that seems to be same job. Don’t know how that would work. In terms of negatives, mixed bag. Hard to have all the info, I know we do have long term employees looking at ranges of job in campus they might be above that rate don’t know what would happen to them. Think what we’d like to see is best thing for employees, this certainly can be done and has in other places.

Powers mentioned CohO and related wages, CoHo isn’t run by university per se it’s run by our association. From what I understand of this, res is asking worker who are subcontracted would fall under university

Rhios understanding right now that was done the same with University and CoHo.

Ajlouny motion ten minute

Carnes be back 7:35


Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:36 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Tsighe (AAC), Dardik, Khan,Lee (EAC), Rivera, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, , Xie


SR 14 cont’d

Ajlouny line 22, 23 personally think this line a little too broad, I would like to change that. Too broad, can’t make it too specific because not feasible. Obviously management who has tried to make efforts, not all management ignored all complaints. Would like to strike 22 and 23, at same time students need to be heard about what’s going on and what not

Peake just spoke to Gina I feel this is a fair compromise because we cannot discount the idea that workers feel this way. We cannot discount their perceptions, this is how they feel and it’s a genuine enough concern. Keep it as it is.

Paraina thank senate for letting us speak about this, and thank all authors of this because I think it’s good. To address points earlier, particularly comment that benefits are too good for private sector. Reemphasize that this is public university, entitled to provide benefits to community. Shouldn’t be discouraged because benefits are good for private sector, because we don’t need a private sector. This data comes from other campuses, and benefits are better. All workers here at UCD have option to enjoy these benefits, only this sector of benefits who don’t.

Ridiano as coauthor and former worker at Tercero DC, to be honest when you have classes during day and work right after, outside work research. I’d get off 30 minutes after scheduled, asked not to clock out when you work under those conditions where arms in dishwater for hours get break right at very beginning so you don’t get it later on. Keep going like oiled machine, manager telling you you’re going too slow and need to work harder, always opposition. I think this resolution would allow voices for student and career workers

Zermeno emphasize about debate between CoHo workers and dining halls, emphasize CoHo not run by university, and students should have option to apply for university jobs and possibly those benefits. Fighting for that opportunity.

Friedman thank everyone for coming out, and for ability to hear both sides. Right now not very keen on this resolution, reluctant to support it. Few things: what we’re doing is saying that sodhexo or private contracted workers should be paid higher wages than the wages in CoHo. Basically jist of resolution is disparity in benefits. What I heard from manager is that they’re required for student positions they’re required to be on same pay scale as that of university. So confused on that. Also want to mention that ASUCD senate saw two resolutions on this last year, both didn’t pass, want to know why they did not pass. Other points I’d like to make but out of time…

Christiansen respond to what you’re saying and to what Patty said, all other campuses student can apply for job repped by union as PT and get same pay and benefits that current employees get directly employed by university. Every one except UCD. No other food service employees on this campus, all of them are contracted out to Sodhexo or CoHo. People who work doing food service at UCD med center get exact same pay that food service workers at other campus doing food service. Why should those here get different pay?

Friedman same point brought up in EAC, two different markets. Davis cost of living is a lot higher than Sac medical center, two different markets so point that out. Mentioned that CoHo all food service workers, I waited tables for three years, don’t want to see situation where two different pay scales, one is higher for Sodhexo then may cost entire university all student more money. Really don’t know what ramifications, talking about removing Sodhexo from picture but don’t know ramifications, how much it would cost.

Zermeno about cost of living in Davis is higher, why does Sacramento pay their workers more than Davis? Also we don’t know ramifications, but you do because other UC campuses have already done this. They have the money so why aren’t they doing it?

Lee wanted to say really respect what senate is trying to do in repping student interest. One, if we did move from current to the ones they want how will that effect student population. Think there needs to be more dialogue, especially how freshman in dorms and all of davis. Like that we’re having this discussion now at senate table, think this resolution doesn’t solve the problem think it’s making conclusions too fast. Think we should from a task force so these issues may be discussed. I support the premise, think that ASUCD needs to do more than what this res would do even if it was passed, think we need to do more research before making a decision. Think about the ramifications and think more about dialogue between parties involved

Ruben mention with wages, we get paid 7.50 per hour, library workers also get paid this and their job is much more laid back than ours. My friend in library doesn’t think that’s right either, friend who got three cent wage after half a year, another friend who had to negotiate for 6 cent raise after six months, twenty after another year

Also work at café went into work new minimum wage just went up so I got 750. my friend who was shift leader and had worked for a year was only getting 7.56. She had to last jan was able to get 7.81 after two months of talking to management about how she deserved wages that were now more than minimum wage. The fact that it was ignored until she fought for it…

Kessler what you said about how this will impact freshman class, if you look at packets it shows that at Irvine Berkeley and SC meal plans are all cheaper than we have here at Davis.

Aruj food service worker on campus, full time classes… many issues brought up worrying about how this will effect students. Right here in red, UCD pays more across the charts. Compared to UCI they’re paying a lot less than up to 42 percent less than us. Also fifty cent deferential part of Sodhexo contract not abided by, my friend right here who works and is freshman has still not received that

Peake we cant know for sure, we can look at other universities. Best one is UCI, went to in house workers last year with no price effect. Also what is this res going to do? This res says ASUCD supports student workers, we have listened to you and we support you. Nothing better for them than this in trying to unite and lobby. We are these peoples reps, I am here to support these people and I hope everyone around this table does too.

Castillo am organizer involved in campaign for UCI. Recently in sept we inhoused about 200 workers who worked for Aeromark. Very important that you pass this, when we did it at UCI student many concerns about ramifications because university spreading words that prices would go up. Still, no rates increase, workers are doing a lot better and wages up. No impact because remember this company is producing revenue, money brought to university is just used for inhousing the workers. About workers making above university rate, at UCI those working for 10-20 years, some 30, those above university rate… the university would recognize that and nobody got a paycut. Some got raises, those who were above still got a 4 percent raise a month later. The workers do not suffer, neither is there an impact on prices. Better benefits, better wages.

Aruj that’s us talking about everything, think that as last note this is important. More about principles of community

Carnes reminder still in public discussion. Want to encourage you if you’ve spoken give others the opportunity so we can move along, think majority of senators know how they’re voting so we would like to move this along with out cutting off dialogue.

Castillo when we opened the campaign in UCI, first thing we did was to talk to student govt. These workers are there serving you, so when student govt passed res it speeded up process. After that grad students passed another and after another three months we got university to accept that workers would be in house.

Deepak think this is great thing, few questions. Implementation of this resolution, supposing the university has formal contract. Wondering, I know this res doesn’t directly say to break off, defer to Peake

Peake what this does, annual contract just renewed with university. Specifically this does, when workers go out and campaign they can say ASUCD (23K students)support us. ASUCD senate supports us, the students support us

Deepak it answers. I really don’t see a problem with this, I do want to affirm that we should allow these students good wages as university employees. More directed to Sodhexo, health insurance benefit packages are these controlled by campus or head corporate? Would you have power change this?

Castillo wanted to say that this resolution is not about getting Sodhexo out, in UCI Aeromark is still there. This is about workers becoming directly university. Now workers working/hired by university, and company still there because management is needed. This is about making UC system uniform standard for workers.

Potter UCSC alumni, worked for Sodhexo there, now organizer for Service Workers point out that twenty minutes away in Sac food service workers have these benefits, able to provide for their families on those wages and benefits. Talked to worker here with extreme heart condition, but because of his benefits he doesn’t have health care. This says you support workers with bad heart getting health insurance. And stand for community because the workers in Sac are equal to the workers here. That’s about it, I also want to say that 15-50 feet away where custodians for UC have these benefits and wages and union contract that protects their jobs. Also sodhexo workers who apply year after year to become university workers

Rivera we are supposed to serve these students by representing them, and as said before they serve us. It is essential we help our student workers who in turn serve us.

Peake couple notes from people in crowd fine with moving to senate table, next person at table urge you to make that motion

Potter workers are in support of this. Talking to tons, people want this to happen. Student employees want this to happen. Career workers want this to happen. We want Sodhexo to be encouraging this time.

Frick first thing I thought of was if not happy with Sodhexo why don’t they look for different job. Then I realized as far as proactive measures, this resolution is exactly the kind of proactive measures we’re looking for. This is not only helping self, helping future employees. This will serve generations of workers to come, this is exactly what needs done

Connoly are these the cash door prices, or are these the board rates

Potter according to yours what are they?

Connoly these are our cash prices, very very different than board rates that are negotiated with campus. Also young lady with question on differential, that doesn’t exist for about last ten years since we changed meal plans. Used to be they bought certain number of meals per week, new block plan number of plans they choose so we encourage workers to know they get a free meal so they can just get a new plan.

Harris seems like everyone pretty joined in going to public discussion, anyone from public really wants to say something?

Yamali I work in Tercero, I have working for 10 years, don’t believe it’s right for certain employees to get wages when all were promised in January. Insurance is very expensive for Sodhexo too high for me, I want the union. Also I’ve hear that many students complain that the management doesn’t treat them well and they quit.

Harris want to move into senate discussion, we can defer in senate discussion

Senate Discussion

Harris Thank all of you guys for coming, takes a lot to come out hear, speak etc.

Zermeno about what Brennan was saying, every campus has very different block system, only way you can compare campus meal plans is walk in meal prices. If you’re walk in prices are higher, so block probably too. As students we’re paying for these companies, so in this situation we’re paying them to exploit us as workers.

Fluet on UC campus should be no private sectors, all workers working on public sphere. Hearing it from multiple people that favoritism is huge factor, and harassment has occurred. If UCD in Sac is getting paid a certain way, should be same organization here. Also this is a resolution, tonight is beginning of long struggle of these workers. Sick of hearing not enough management here. I myself voted against this in Spring, it’s clear here. The government needs to be used for the public good.

Zermeno speaking about Sac medical center, Sodhexo tried to go there and management decided to not bring them in because not good idea.

Fluet also another point, Sodhexo has monopoly on campus that effects us on campus even as ASUCD. Even with still having them, I support the workers because it’s a hard organization to work with.

Cokely want to address what Peake brought up, something written before, don’t know why it failed?

Peake I wrote it last year, first res I wrote. Failed because senate said we love idea but not seeing support from workers. I wrote it, not very good, was my first. Workers wrote this one. They said not support from workers. Look around now

Cokely I was here for that one, you tried. Yes, the workers are here today

Zamora no fiery speeches, at first apprehensive after hearing people speak seems like good deal to me.

Guido fifth year here, one of main organizers of strike two years ago. More than 500 students. Workers, faculty, all marched to Mrak. This has been ongoing struggle for at LEAST two years, it’s a progressive thing. You dot know what’s going to happen at moment, but clearly if we’re still struggling… Res brought two years ago led us to this point, want to thank workers and students from Sodhexo, consider personal decisions made for these people to speak in public. Yes senate reps students. Two years ago we didn’t think res was going to get more than five hundred people concerned, surprised that students themselves are very passionate about this. I’ve been here five years, you can imagine the frustration. We need to keep going at it.

Zamora honestly, I’m feeling ready to call this to question think many people eager to keep it going.

Friedman what I’m hearing is a lot of rhetoric, not a lot of sound arguments. I’m not hearing arguments from both sides, urge senate to realize we need to weigh this option very eagerly. Talking about majorly restructuring university, we have no one from the university here. This bill was brought up urgent, I don’t know why if it’s been going on for two years. I’d like to see more specifics and more dialogue with the university. We’re not a rubber stamping body, we need to weigh all sides.

Aruja my question to you is if you want to continue to debate this issue, how many more workers need to suffer for this discussion to take place.

Friedman the wages are on same pay scale as university, so I don’t see a lot of people suffering. Maybe I’m not best public speaker, wish more people in this room would try to convince me differently. If you don’t like you job you can get another job. I’m not a hard-ass, I see this issue and would like to see more dialogue without a compulsive decision. I appreciate everyone’s plight, my previous comment is how I honestly feel. If you have a problem, talk to management!

Zamora please respect what everyone has to say

Dardik I really encourage everyone to be respectful of all opinions, here for honest discussion. To fight this you will have to deal with hearing arguments. Has anyone here spoken with the UCD university official responsible for this as to why sodhexo workers haven’t been contracted to UCD and what is their stance on this

Zermeno I know last time this campaign UCD stance was that this want a good business deal. But you can see it will be same or cheaper for them to bring workers in house. Always initially reluctant, every other time university bring workers in they’ve said it’s social justice issue and it’s the right thing to do by bringing them in

Dardik just wondering if anyone has spoken with an official, so maybe sending this in we could address their points or whatever

Christiensen the workers came to university couple years ago, university said not good business decision then sodhexo came out and scared workers that they might have to go :look for other jobs” and now sodhexo management company has other contract. Workers would like to ask ASUCD for support before they go to the university so it’s known it’s a full community asking for this.

Dardik Castillo have you spoken to any officials and do you know their status.

Castillo I was only invited to come here by coincidence, I have no idea.

Amaha in regards to comment about finding another job, for some people not that easy. For myself I worked for an org that friends worked at, and employers practiced similar things. This is why problem continued, we were so frustrated we wanted to take them to court but we had no time because they were working. It’s a lot of work to make change, and quitting to find another job would never make change. Putting effort and staying for the long haul is the only thing to make change

Zermeno we will be talking to admin very soon, we just want to make sure we go in with a lot of support because of the reluctance we were met with last time. So they can see we as workers and community want this. We have kept this secret because last time tactics used to intimidate us

Klein I worked at Sodhexho UCSC, not best job but only on I could get. Didn’t go to dentist for four full years, could afford benefits anyway nor was I allowed to work forty hours a week so I could have that opportunity. Indication what’s going on with your workers. At UCSC fought same fight, won, the sky didn’t fall, it went smoothly, meal plans stayed same or got cheaper, no on lost job. Not an economist, you have freshman student who buys meal plan every year. With that money can go to third party, and stockholders, and keep paying workers poverty wages or employ them directly with university and change entire lives and then money goes right back to community

Amaha we need to recognize efforts of these students to put in change. Sorry if it costs more to do things right, I would pay more fees to make sure people are fairly employed and have equal rights to benefits. Motion five minute recess.

Carnes be back at 8:40 pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order 8:41 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Fluet Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Tsighe (AAC), Dardik, Khan,Lee (EAC), Rivera, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Late: Deepak, Friedman Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Markevich, Xie


Carnes I encourage you if you really want to keep discussing, you table. Otherwise vote on it

Amaha quick statement—Gina this is not a personal attack on your management. We are all cooperating for equal benefits. I feel same way, this is just movement of solidarity. call to question

Deepak object

Amaha withdraw

Rivera wanted to address concern, some ppl worried about talking to admin. They only want to make sure they have our support first. Also fear about making fundamental change, did you know fundamental nature of res is to lend support, not make the change.

Lopez simple point, I have family working here, friend working here, they told me they work here there doing dif things, sometimes they don’t have good pay etc I think it’s not fair for them. If we can support them it will be good for them and everybody. If it works for you and them, do it.

Rivera urge next senator to call to question

Molnar ask Peake a question. I don’t understand how doing this will change problems of harassment and poor treatment. Same management?

Peake apologize publicly to room about my behavior, I have no excuse. About your question: union. University workers automatically union workers, one workers can have difficulty working through management. Sense of solidarity through union helps them to make sure their rights are secure

Molnar encourage all you workers to talk to Gina or Brennan because they are nice people and will listen to your concerns. Motion call to question

Friedman object

DO PASS, SR #14, 10-1-1 No: Friedman Abstain: Xie

Amaha motion to move into presentations.


Villa Grant Update [see attachment]

Benci-Woodward from EPPC, just like to say we are trying to associate with groups such as yours and have money available for funding. Invite you to come to our meetings or email me, could collaborate with environmental justice

Villa These are the issues going on, people forget but the issues continue

Amaha motion resume orders of day


Carnes we’ll move back to this


Derek from Project Compost

This Saturday is last worm composting workshop of quarter, last time had over 50 ppl come. Ppl catching on, we’re on a moving train and people cant get off. Getting pretty exciting. We’re adding new pickups on campus, silo hasn’t had a pickup yet, today met with them and went to every place in silo and identified organic waste stream. Also adding two more cafes near Mensai. For city wide, last year in December we talked with city and they set goals for city every three years, only set three or four so they’ll actually get something accomplished. Got them to put composting as one of three goals, having meetings with public works and figuring out what city can do. Eventually this will culminate with people having bins on the curb. Issues with post consumer composting, we cant do that because of California integrated waste management board’s policy. Figured out good connection, bio-gas project on campus this professor designed these systems that create energy out of organic matter. Basically she has the leading system in world, people from 14 countries have come, going to set up post consumer waste to go to here because it’s legal with hers. 2k grant awarded to build five innovative worm bins, completed one so come to demo site on bike path near co-ops. This Saturday would be excited to see some senators at the workshop, figured out how to make it free for everyone. Have worms, new line item to buy worm bins. Money not issue for composting, just come to our workshop so they’ll be experts by the time they leave. March 31 backyard composting workshop. Picnic day workshop and parade, central park is starting a gardening project we’ll make a compost donation to them, educational display, lastly couple dorm presentations on worm bins. Used to be I’d go in there they’d think it nasty then think it really cool by the time I leave. I’m bringing a worm bin for the senate office. Just need worms, newspaper, and food scraps. The worms will eat everything, including the newspaper.

Gray can people get composting kits without attending the workshop?

Derek yup. Just contact me. Weekly meeting 6 basement of mu room 43. every meeting presentation on diff subject, ppl teach us about new techniques, etc

Lee do you do any composting within dorm area?

Derek we pick up about 5 tons of material per week on campus.

Lee any need to expand in that area?

Derek we are working on post consumer stuff, that’s why we’re sending it to bio-gas project. If you don’t know what we do, ask Ravi or anyone else whose gone on a compost run to call or email me and we’ll go on a compost run. We do this every week around campus pick stuff up, take it out to farm area, etc

Cokely what time on Saturday, and are non-students allowed?

Derek we get a lot of residents from city, fliers going around.

Carnes visit him downstairs, attend workshop, facebook him, Derek is available.

Amaha motion suspend orders, move into consideration of old leg


Amaha motion SB 53

Author’s Comments

Rivera on behalf of Bleckman, admin plan of AS Papers. Few minor adjustments, hopefully no more than twenty minutes, fifteen, ten minutes on this.

Public Discussion

Amaha has Bleckman talked to unit director? Why haven’t they moved towards being online?

Rivera discussion limited to changes. You should talk to her directly

Ajlouny move to senate discussion

Senate Discussion

Benci-Woodward curious as to why no mention of recycled paper at all for AS papers

Peake every different AS papers is responsible for their own printing. They only provide computers and racks

Benci-Woodward where does paper come from?

Peake each individual publication does it. AS has no control.

Benci-Woodward how can AS papers promote that?

Peake I’ll bring it up to unit director

Friedman Dec 7 when IAJ came about AS papers, they mentioned that they didn’t feel like AS papers was extremely inclusive of dif orgs. I think AS papers was founded on particular history think it’s our job to ensure that this alternative publication is inclusive to every campus org. bringing this up because for purpose/background. Maybe this issue was discussed, my proposal is to change statement goal to be more inclusive.

Rosas-Romero I would object to that because normally underrepresented communities are under represented in the media. AS Papers is providing a safe place for these communities to express themselves. By letting everyone come in, we’re not acknowledging the privilege that other groups have. If of dominant group, don’t have to worry about consequences of what you say. By allowing non-dominant groups safe place, they can express themselves without intimidation.

Friedman brought that up because we did have an org concerned about this issue, in no way is it my intention to take that voice away. I’d like to make it more inclusive of everyone. One of concerns raised is that as papers goes toward this orientation. I don’t want tot take that away, but just make it more inclusive. Just looking at that…

Khan don’t you feel that for your example IAJ academic is enough for that? Student papers that are produced academic are included in the journal so they could go through AS Papers?

Friedman adding academic does that, my concern is that these words will discourage other people. Inclined to make motion to change it…

Peake quickly: work with AS papers. IAJ incident had to do with simple thing. Anyone can come to AS papers if part of SPAC, this statement includes everything. IAJ objected because directors would send events over list serve that would support Palestine, and some people in IAJ were Jewish and found offense. Think things are fine now

Molnar are you saying Enforcer is not doing things illegal?

Rivera on background, says historically marginalized news, perspectives or information. That encompasses everything. Only requirements are in section D

Peake easy to get into AS Papers, call to question

DO PASS, SB #53, 11-0-1 Abstain: Xie

Amaha motion ten minute recess.

Carnes be back by 9:37 pm.


Carnes called the meeting back to order at 9:38 pm.


Present: Carnes, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Tsighe (AAC), Dardik, Khan,Lee (EAC), Rivera, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Xie


Amaha motion to consider sb 52

Author’s Comments

Frick request for 400 dollars for outstanding staff awards, as cosponsors we’ll be officially recognized. So by giving money we’ll get recognition for doing this without having to do any of the planning

Commission Recommendation

Tsighe (AAC) voted unanimously, concern was about being more specific in terms of, for us just worried about our own budget. Said good for our event later in the spring, decided to not take this ourselves so we backed it as a senate bill

Dardik we had a speaker from advising services, she cant be here tonight but she told us this award program has been going on for a long time funded by ASUCD in past for like 18 years. 3 year hiatus. Usually this goes straight from mark champagne, really not a lot of conflicts with this bill. One commissioner was unsure because this money not going back to students, ultimately decided to pass because it’s encouraging advising that is essential service for students. These awards are open to students, so if you nominate faculty or staff advisor, students can attend etc (students even make the choices)

Public Discussion

Peake move into senate discussion

Senate Discussion

Rivera we purchased two plaques, yes? Plaques are expensive, I support this.

Zamora is Sodhexo catering?

Frick line 5

Harris call to question.

Deepak object for a roll call vote

DO PASS, SB #52, 10-0-2 Abstain: Ajlouny, Xie

Amaha motion resume orders and move into ex-officio reports.


Rivera, Cokely, Lee (EAC), Cokely, Kahn, Benci-Woodward, Tsighe


Carnes, Friedman, Fluet, Peake, Zamora, Rosas-Romero, Amaha, Molnar, Harris, Frick, Deepak

Internet and Networking Committee: Zamora


Rivera publicly commend Sodhexo for being here. Also commend my commission for coming, thanks for your support.

Powers concerning court cases, I’ll say this: I was informed that the writs of ceriatori have been distributed. Being heard this Wednesday is a case being filed by Laabs against Ostrowski and AS Papers. Invited you to turn in your amicus curie …..

Peake can senators act as counsel

Powers senators can act as counsel, but you’d have to talk to claimants. Only one counsel allowed per.

Harris I feel this is important, happened in a few meetings. This has happened more than once, people not being respectful. Not only is it against what our job is set out for, neither is it productive to say mean things or make noises. I know this was heated, we felt strongly about it, we need to do our jobs respectfully. Just remember that.

Amaha sadly, since it’s my last meeting, I resign as pro temp and motion to move into other business.


Amaha motion to elect a new pro temp.

Peake nominate Fluet Molnar nominate Frick Fluet nominate Friedman

Frick I think I’m pretty good at not going on too long, try to keep things concise. I’m very good at staying organized, other than that you all know me.

Fluet very organized, if you all see my agenda. If I need to speak, I speak once without getting involved in arguments. Organized, love to email so will keep commissions up to date.

Friedman I’d love to be next pro temp because I know I can do a good job, read the bylaws before I even became senator, I too am up here a lot. Am available, can conduct meetings and would love to assist the new VP with that. Believe I’m very impartial and will give all opportunity to speak, won’t talk as much if I’m pro tempore.

Fluet 5 (Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora) Frick 2 (Harris, Molnar) Friedman 1 (Friedman) Abstain: Ajlouny, Xie

Molly Fluet new pro tempore

Deepak motion move into public discussion


Deepak was going to give closing statement next week, but I do think we need a massage table so we can relax. Need to realize we all have our own opinions, anger solves nothing. Hate breeds more hate. Also march 5-10 is Motley Medley… more during public announcement

Powers talk about IAJ… let everyone know I stepped out when happening, I had meeting with Darnell and Kai about that and discussed some difficulties with AS Papers. The people who run IAJ members of same think tank as me, we’re going to see what we can do structurally to help AS Papers incorporate an environment that works for everyone. It’s not just a forgotten moot issue. Also heads up we have been in negotiation with Mondavi to get Al Gore to speak, were able to get 50K all running smoothly, day after proposal set Gore was nominated for Nobel Prize and his agent decided to up the cost another 100K. A lot of work and support, but a thousand other speakers out there and I’m sure we could secure such funding again.

Molnar for six senators staying, any issues with Sodhexo I recommend you talk to the general managers sitting over there because they’re a couple of the nicest people I’ve met on campus. Also everyone invited to my frat’s party tomorrow, anyone has problem getting in find me and I’ll get you in. To let you know, Aggie counts time by looking at whether you’re in your chair or not, and his time is a minute ahead of national time

Mikalonis knowing I’ll never see you all in this setting again, like to thank you. Started out not liking senate so much, particularly objected to Molnar, through his work I’ve come to respect him immensely and through Senate’s work I’ve come to respect the Senate immensely. By choice I’m here for four and half hours and I do it because I love all of you people and support all of you.

Powers I’m not going to be here next week, wanted to tell you I’m the only other person here voluntarily. Real pleasure watching all of you, you’ve done a phenomenal job.

Harris want to thank both of you two for all you do at the meetings, make my job easier and meetings more fun.

Mikalonis if Powers and I weren’t here it would be Senate talking to selves and to the Aggie. Wish more students would stay, everyone here cares about ASUCD, that’s what binds us.

Carnes for nice folders, I think we should try to give them back because we don’t need them. Also back I want those bottles dumped so we can recycle them. Also outgoing senators get ten minutes a piece. Gina thanks for being here, appreciate all that you do. Hope you don’t feel personally attacked by anything said, we appreciate that you are so kind and generous and working to make things better. Also since I don’t know not going to be at my farewells, I’ve noticed trend with anger in ASUCD… court cases, forum, tonight. To me getting up looked like a threat, and at case I felt threatened once. This behavior has to stop, it’s unacceptable under any circumstance. I think half of you are crazy all the time, but it’s still not acceptable to behave that way. I encourage all of you to really set the tone, if you have issues with people or anger we have to deal with them. What I’ve seen in last quarter has really upset me, how we’ve portrayed ourselves to public and aggie. I hope people take things like anger and assault seriously... Sorry to be downer, I love you all and you all mean well I just really want to plug that.

Amaha email to you guys, let anyone know interested in grant writing workshop it was cancelled to do a family emergency.

(Aggie reporter) off record, volunteered to cover you, thank you all for being very friendly and professional when I had questions. Won’t be here next quarter, thank you all for being professional

Lee amazed at how much work you guys do, I hope one day to be able to do as much as you. As freshman very happy to see such a large group I can look up to and really inspire me to do better. Thank you for your service, really inspired. Thank Deepak, took a lot of stuff to run as a freshman and rep freshman class: good job!

Zamora shout out to freshman at table, motion to adjourn… withdraw

Rios really enjoy being here, wish students would come and get right impression of what senate does. One piece of advice, don’t get mad get curious.

Zamora think that’s a beautiful note to end on, motion to adjourn.


Carnes adjourned the meeting at 10:34 pm.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission

ASUCD Senate Report February 22, 2007

Friday, February 16th-18th -Attended the Western Regional LGBTQIA Conference at UC Riverside. In addition to enjoying the workshops/lectures/films offered, I was definitely reminded to acknowledge my privileges, which I found highly rewarding.

Tuesday, February 20th -Served office hrs. -Wrote and introduced Senate Bill to re-allocate funding to the Pride Week line item in ASUCD Grants (ASUCD Budget). -Contacted and confirmed speakers for the Homelessness Recognition Rally

Wednesday, February 21st -Voted for the ASUCD Winter 2007 Elections J -Reserved tables/chairs for Homelessness Recognition Rally -Interviewed candidates for the 2007-2008 LGBTRC Intern positions -Held Homelessness Awareness Committee meeting

Thursday, February 22nd -Finalized agenda & logistics for the Homelessness Recognition Rally -Contacted speaker for program I’m organizing for Black Family Week -Met and discussed options with a student interested in becoming involved on our campus -Finalized report/presentation on ASUCD Grants to the Senate which will/was given by Senate Intern Lorena Villa -Contacted Unit Directors of both the Experimental College and Whole Earth Festival to inform them about the end of my term and ensure the continuity of their relationship with ASUCD. -Scheduled last meeting with Senate Interns. J I would publicly like to announce that it truly has been an honor to work with Bobby Gray, Lucya Pak, Lorena Villa, and Abel Garibay. Not only did they show initiative in becoming involved in ASUCD as Senate interns, but they demonstrated dedication beyond my highest expectations. I admire and respect them as leaders, and would like to thank them for all their hard work and time devoted to the various projects and causes we decided to pursue during this term as a Senator. So thank you, again, for everything!!!

Respectfully submitted,

Dwaimy Rosas-Romero ASUCD Senator

Alexandra Frick Senate Report 2/22/2007

This week I… • Attended EAC and did questions in text in Spanish! • Spoke with Cassidy Busch (Assistant Director) of Cal Aggie Camp about the logistics of being a counselor this summer • Was chosen to be on the Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Team to continue outreach to high school students • Held office hours last Friday on the Quad • Will hold Friday office hours in the CoHo or on the Quad if sunny!


Alexandra Frick

Sarah Cokely

GASC Chair

Week February 16th-22nd • Went to the LGBTQIA conference in Riverside and had an amazing time ask me about it if you are interested but was very sleep deprived afterwards • Had meeting on Tuesday talked about the conference, future presentations to Panhellenic and possibly IFC, and various future condom purchases • Please buy a GASC shirt from me they are only $8.50 • Voted in the elections • Did the EPPC interviews on Thursday


Sarah Cokely

Senate Report Feb. 22nd 2007 Mara Harris Busy week with Elections!!!

Office hours private and public on quad Next week office hours will be held in the Library Meeting with Andy ward on Wednesday concerning Justice Committee Attended the Student police relations committee Campaigning for Unitrans!!!

Mara Harris



February 22, 2007

• I went to the External Affairs Commission on Tuesday arguing for my resolution about Study abroad policies.

• I went to the Gender and Sexuality Commission on Tuesday.

• I went to the Student Police Relations Committee on Wednesday night.

• I went to the Justice Committee meeting on Wednesday night. We need more people to help plan our all night dance event!

• I sat on the interviewing committee for the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission on Wednesday.

• I did my office hours on the quad today, soliciting people to vote!

• I spoke with Paul Cody about CFC guidelines and procedures.

• Brent Laabs and I spoke with Sharon Coulson on Friday about the Coffee House acquiring Café Roma, and she wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea to say the least.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Friedman ASUCD Senator

Business and Finance Commission – Chair Report

Irina Dardik

Week of 2/19/07-2/23/07 Activities: - Led weekly B&F meeting, passed one piece of legislation, discussed audits. - Held office hours. - Attended debate for the Unitrans fee referendum. - Helped Jill with EPPC interviews.

I Respectfully Submit,

Irina Dardik

Names of the Dead, 2/22/2007 Total US Dead: 3151

I’d like to encourage everyone here to read Rob Olson’s opinion column in today’s Aggie, which I am considering a variety of responses to. I had expected something along these lines, but it took too long in my opinion.

Feb 16, 2007 Todd M. Siebert, 34, Marine Captain

Feb 17, 2007 Chad E. Marsh, 20, Army Private 1st Class Justin T. Paton, 24, Army Private 1st Class Christopher K. Boone, 34, Army National Guard Specialist William C. Spillers, 39, Army National Guard Sergeant 1st Class Brian A. Escalante, 25, Marine Lance Corporal

Feb 18, 2007

Matthew S. Apuan, 27, Army Sergeant Kelly D. Youngblood, 19, Army Private Blake H. Howey, 20, Marine Lance Corporal

Feb 19, 2007

Matthew C. Bowe, 19, Army Private 1st Class Adare W. Cleveland, 19, Army Private 1st Class Pedro J. Colon, 25, Army Sergeant Shawn M. Dunkin, 25, Army Sergeant Montrel S. Mcarn, 21, Army Specialist Brett Witteveen, 20, Marine Reserve Private 1st Class

Feb 20, 2007 Clinton W. Ahlquist, 23, Marine Sergeant Name not released yet Name not released yet

Feb 22, 2007 Name not released yet