University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, February 8, 2006 6:10 pm, Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

II. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lee (EAC), Rivera, Cokely (GASC) Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Benci-Woodward


Amaha all legislation has been signed by the president.


SB 54, SR 10


Harney deliver court’s announcements now. Statement drafted: found Steven Ostrowski in contempt who will not appear as plaintiff until Spring quarter 2007. Further cases by him will be removed from docket in ASUCD Court.

Mikalonis February 7 pretty bad day, helicopter shot down. [Read names of dead]

Friedman we always have complaints about TAPS, talking with Hayley Steffen about TAPS controlling The Colleges etc. If anyone has problems or would like one of TAPS policies changed, please email me and I will forward that to my friend on the parking advisory committee.


Fluet I know a girl who is training for marathon: [read statement].

Amaha some events going on for Black History Month: Art Collage, etc. Also thank you to Max for reading the names, also for former Senator Avni Patel who recently lost someone in the war.

Friedman also Relay for Life going on, will send an email to the Senate Table. Maybe we could have an ASUCD team, albeit I’m going to be with my frat team. March 21 to April 21…

Deepak do we want a Relay for Life Team? I’m down.

Carnes EC is having dance party of the year number 2, in the grad and free for everyone. Single Awareness Night. If you’re not getting auctioned off, you should still come. The Grad, 9 pm on Tuesday. 18+

Dardik apologize, going to be leaving. Andrew will be talking about two bills coming up, with pro/con sheets on the back.


Amaha motion to approve last meeting’s minutes. Approved.


Amaha mtion suspend orders day, move into appointments/confirmations.


Amah motion to confirm chair of GASC.

Sarah Cokely second year bio-sci major.

Peake really hard decision, two extremely well qualified candidates. Sarah has been heading up commission last few weeks, look forward to her continuing to do the job that she started.

Deepak now that you have this position, where do you want to take GASC? Not that you haven’t already taken it somewhere…

Cokely I believe in the last few weeks has taken some direction, important to take into consideration that I’m not the only one on the commission and I need to remember there are 11 other commissioners. Also what we have started is working with Pan-Hellenic, also we need to outreach to other groups, LGBTRC, WRRC, Cal Aggie House and SASV. Like to combine the three groups this Spring for Generation Sex Week to see a great event.

Amaha motion to move into presentations.


Andy Ward and Tom Campus Mosaic, Speed Dating event. Fundraiser for orphanage in India. Can’t show you our presentation, but I can send you a link. Long story short, basically take surplus on campus and send it to areas in the world that experience need. Last year took surplus textiles, this year in Freeborn made ninety blankets: 45 to Davis homeless shelter and other 45 Project Save based in Chico.

Tom two hospitals in Russia, put a blanket on each bed.

Ward proposal for Dating event, think it will have huge success because huge single demographic. Brings awareness of what’s going on in world, and sense of empowerment by helping them pay off lease for an orphanage in India. Second half single paper is event I’d like to see ASUCD part of: Justice Week. Justice is universal, certain attachments to the word that bring forth passion. Good if harnessed the right way. As senators in position to influence student body. Injustice is interesting, allow people to relate to this sort of themed week. With week of justice we can work together. Monday like to see a bike rally where we can get student orgs to kick it off, fill week with events, talk about suffering people go through working in unjust countries... think a lot of UCD professors would jump at opportunity for professors to speak (Tuesday would be that opportunity). Wednesday have all student orgs come out and speak, plethora of orgs coming together to orient selves in way to help international community. Thursday get Davis community to open bars and take percentage to give to a fundraiser or group of them chosen by us. I’m a part of Rotaract, we could talk to businesses. Davis is kind, enjoy charity, think a lot of bar owners wouldn’t mind splitting profits. Culmination would be Dance Marathon, first year UCLA did theirs raised 50k. Last year they raised 250k. Operates same as Relay for Life, road trip taking group down to go and support it being “moral-ers”. For twenty bucks morale your buddy who dances for twenty four straight hours. We could look at this event, mimic and copy it, make it better.

Peake I really like this idea, looking over Mango Greek, want to make sure it’s not completely hetero-centric.

Ward getting contacts of LGBT coordinators; I want to address both communities but I see conflict between gay community and heterosexual community. Would like separate mixer event for them, the way I look at it is I should still talk to them and see if it is a marketable event. Honestly I’m not too aware of the culture myself, I am not very familiar with it and not the best person to meet their needs. I’m open to ideas, would like to pair up.

Peake think it’s great you’re trying to address this. If you’d like attend my office hours at the LGBTRC...

Amaha also Senator Rosas-Romero is the LGBTRC community intern…

Ward like this, but we need to do this the right way. No problem in addressing the issue. Have talked to someone on campus about it, been in back of my mind. See what we can do.

Friedman committee meeting next Wednesday at 5:30 in AS Conference room regarding Justice Week.

Ward committee meetings trying to let any org that wants to get involved. Maybe centralize it if a lot of orgs, if they have concern needs to entire committee we can hear it and let it get addressed. Want to make sure no group is glory hungry or wants power that disallows equal voice. Really want to foster community. Not glory hungry myself, want to operate on level of transparency.

Bianchi any tie between UCD bike rally and Habitat bike rally planning for Spring qtr?

Ward not aware of that, we can be sensitive to what they’re trying to do. And this is all subject to change based on your input. Cal and UCLA doing this, many bands/artists here interested in this… maybe coordinate with EC. Attract students to speak through voice of music.

Friedman committee meeting Wed 5:30 in AS conference room.

Amaha motion resume orders of day and move back to ex-officio reports.


Rivera, Lay, Khan, Markevich, Bianchi



Deepak motion to suspend orders of day, move into consideration of old legislation.


Amaha motion consider SB #48.

Author’s Comments

Hawkins what this doesn’t include is history of karma dome, who knows how old... it’s leaky and kind of hazardous. It’s been on the mind of staff for several years, last year sizable donation from one of the founders with intent for new karma dome. Only thing wrong with this bill is the taxes, WEF is nonprofit so no taxes.

Commission Recommendation

Bianchi didn’t take long to decide, reserves for equipment for WEF is about 30k, there for purchases like this. They knew what they were doing for ordering, decided EPPC did good job of deciding that it was environmentally sound.

Amaha email from Jillian’s mother, very sick and unable to attend. Can tell you commission passed it 6-0-0.

Public Discussion

Rivera line 8 need to base bid on environmental impact. One additional laborer? Is this accounted for in $5,600?

Hawkins additional labor is included… part of problem was no ventilation. Last year terrible, had to have fans, labor is for putting ventilation ducts. I have copy of what was drawn out. Also, this is for installing windows in back of dome.

Rivera does $5600 include ducting, etc?

Hawkins just material, we repair the ducts. If we build another we’ll just use conduit.

Molnar I can’t picture what this looks like…

Hawkins large egg-shaped dome [showed illustration].

Peake line 7: is this the bid they prepared?

Hawkins yeah it’s been prepared.

Peake that being said they have the money, this is needed, motion move into senate discussion.

Deepak object—person in public.

Peake withdraw.

Peake motion move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Markevich in breakdown, first column second row we need to spell out the word four.

Khan how long do these things usually last? Are you getting something more sturdy or…? Hawkins planning on having it last for at least fifteen to twenty years, that’s what the man with the bid said. That was a really low estimate because we only use this three days of the year. Last one was taken to Burning Man one year, we don’t even know when/where it came from. If taken there again, old one will be used so this shouldn’t degrade much at all.

Friedman wondering if any senators attended EPPC. WEF is environmentally friendly so like to know what was discussed.

Frick one of things pointed out was being very friendly unit they put appropriate thought into what was best for environment and cost. Commission very confident it was considered and necessary for moving into future.

Friedman motion to call to question.

Molnar object— let Rivera talk.

Friedman withdraw.

Rivera line 18 move parenthesis.

Friedman call to question.

DO PASS, 10-0-2, SB #48 Abstain: Rosas-Romero, Xie

Amaha motion ten minute break.

Vice President Carnes be back by 7:17.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:17 pm.

XV. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Zamora, Markevich, Bianchi (B&F), Khan, Lee (EAC), Rivera Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Benci-Woodward, Cokely


Amaha motion to consider SB #49.

Author’s Comments

Carnes add Amaha as coauthor. Talking about this event a lot, hunger/homelessness rally on MU patio. Include spoken word, some members of homeless community to speak on experiences. In addition resources fair from 12-2 to tell people how to get involved and members what resources available to them. Awesome event, something that is a big issue in our community, something happening in Davis, not just random people. Some of these people with college degrees, very real. Important we recognize this issue and provide resources.

Amaha any questions we’ve been meeting weekly. Hope you’re all on board.

Commission Recommendation

Bianchi (B&F) considered the amount to be pretty low considering the potential impact. Encouraged increased allotment of tables. I actually work at Davis Community Meals shelter, very pleased with planning done for this event. Not many recognize severity of this problem. We’ve had students here and Sac State who are homeless. This is an integrated problem, I urge this bill be passed with haste.

Lee (EAC) we like this bill, not only social issue but really student issue. Approx 200-300 students are homeless, good first step. One of things I mentioned in confirmation is working with local government to increase awareness of resources and what we can do to increase resources. Make recommendation that EAC add that as programmatic function. Urge speedy passage.

Public Discussion

Fricke following four concerns from Joseph Bleckman: 1) Why large number of tables? 2) Why large number of chairs? 3) Why money for chair setup? 4) What are the 500 copies for, flyering no more than one hundred likely needed.

Carnes tables asked for eight, for resource fair. Unfair to ask people to bring their own tables. B&F said we should increase for more room for orgs. Chair setup is labor total of them bringing it, etc. Don’t know that we’re even allowed to set up and anyway we have class. But if someone and/or Bleckman wants to do it that’s cool. About copies, that’s for flyers to go to dorms, campus, campus mail and in community.

Peake add on that you can’t set up yourself. They drive the truck and do it themselves. Bleckman could set up the tables. WE have obligation to homeless and rest of community Pass it... motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Harris went to one meeting, everyone in meeting worked really hard to cooperate. Looking into best funding issues many decisions made about saving and still getting word out. Lot of issues discussed, think it’s a good idea.

Deepak like said before, many homeless. 20 percent are age 17 or younger. This shows we’re there for them, and want them as part of our community. Motion to call to question. Withdraw.

Carnes we want to cut out “stop hunger why wait”, just calling it homeless recognition.

Deepak I was wondering if that would be the actual title.

Molnar would you be fine with making a thousand copies? I feel like we’re not giving much money for something like this…

Peake I say if Molnar wants to double the budget on something, we have to support it.

Carnes I love that idea, if you want to it’s great. Also Mike Tucker offered some publicity money from student government. We want to be environmentally friendly. Of course if we don’t use it we’ll return unused money.

Molnar motion amendment: strike out five hundred and change to thousand.

Friedman object—think five hundred is enough.

Author’s Comments

Molnar can’t compare this to candidate publicity, this is a lot bigger. Lot of stuff I never did. Thousand more reasonable.

Public Discussion

Peake if they need more they’ll print them. Extra money is just there if they need it and if not used will be returned. Motion to move to senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Markevich my only thing is that if we do change to one thousand, and money there, you’re gonna print a thousand. It doesn’t make sense just going to be there if you need it…

Friedman I objected; I love Genna and Naomi and everyone passionate about this. Not going to vote against this, senate reserves for special projects of senators. Does anyone else feel this isn’t appropriate for student government?

Markevich definitely think this is something worth doing, thousand flyers fine too.

Harris on flyer issue, think we all agree reaching out to public so thousand is fine.

Deepak Shwab reminded me we’re ranked 10th in nation for public service. We need to keep ourselves to higher standard, this thousand shows we’re involved in the community. As well, sure hesitant on whether thousand necessary, don’t always read flyers.

Harris motion call amendment to question.

DO AMEND, 10-0-2 (Abstain: Rosas-Romero, Xie)

Molnar this is a great bill, some things money is needed. Being poor is tough, many issues. Living in Nor Cal on streets is horrible.

Khan think we should pass it as soon as possible. Personal issue, wanted her story in the Aggie. For two quarters my friend slept in 24 hour room, took shower in ARC with little locker. Went between ARC and 24 hour room. She was very afraid to speak on this, something needs to be discussed.

Zamora I’m ready to do this bad boy.

Deepak do you know how much we have in senate reserves? Do we have enough? Plenty… never mind…

Carnes to my memory none was spent this quarter.

Deepak oh a new quarter.

Carnes about the idea that this isn’t a student issue, I have known two homeless students. If there’s one person out there, we need to educate the student body and represent that student. And about resource fair, mini-community service fair. Educational, offers volunteer and job opportunities to students.

Zamora call to question.

DO PASS, 10-0-2, SB #49 Abstain: Rosas-Romero, Xie

Amaha motion suspend orders of the day, move into other business.


Amaha motion consider ASUCD SB #50 urgent.

Holloway considering this urgent because of mix up at commissions last week, apparently seen and tabled by ECAC, IAC saw it and now ECAC saw and unanimously endorsed unofficially. Would like first meeting of this body this month.

Author’s Comments

Holloway reforming ASUCD’s committee on student police relations. ASUCD decided to reform our committee stemming from several events in community, especially Sterling Riot… police stormed party, student shot in face with non-lethal weapon and blinded. There was uproar in the community from law enforcement and community side. Unfortunately committee that was created composed of basically all ASUCD people, no reps from city or police depts. It’s ineffective to have student police relations without police in the body. Also there were hiring issues, trouble maintaining chairperson to facilitate the meetings. On city side, City of Davis formed their own committee in response to ours. Theirs had rep from Davis PD, UCDPD, students… problem was theat the only student rep was one undergrad, and city committee was bound to meet on city property: police station. So now only one student on police ground. Once Greg Russell stepped down, resigned position and committee is now dormant. Last meeting SLC disbanded it. Trying to merge those two bodies together to make something that is effectively addressing the relation/dialogue, and hold the meetings on campus. There will be reps from all aspects of campus; in terms of external entities all of these people eager to be part of this. Hope you will pass this tonight.

Commission Recommendation

Ext Affairs we liked this idea, especially freshmen living in dorms. Many incidents have involved them. Added student housing rep, urge speedy passage.

Rivera we liked it.

Khan informal, discussed fall quarter and thought great idea with what’s going on in other schools and history here. Like that it’s open to public and others can be added later. Passed unanimously.

Public Discussion

Mikalonis there is nothing on here requiring police to show up. If we can have quorum without them, we should add in section 8 that for quorum to be met some police should be present.

Peake this would allow police department to effectively shut down the meetings, maybe gives them too much power to shut down this body. Might not do that, but it leaves possibility open. Mikalonis if they’re not there, no point in having meeting. Won’t get much done without police. Also if police shut down meeting, we could talk to them about that. Think it’s very important that at least one police member be required to be present

Peake even if police rep is not there, this committee may discuss issues and talk about lobbying the police. Talking about issues, even without police, can come to a lot of great solutions...

Mikalonis way structured before, didn’t require police to be there. We might as well not pass the bill. Not going to require police, why go through this again?

Zamora my only concern is have all these parties been contacted? Are they aware they’re sitting on this committee? Would it pose a problem if some of these reps aren’t interested in sitting on the committee? Also what is the United Sorority/Fraternity Council?

Holloway essentially everyone included on original bill was contacted. Several additions like LGBTRC, student housing, rep from office of student assistant to chancellor. Everyone else has been contacted, specifically about United Sorority/Fraternity Council, Dave Adams from SPAC over Greek community. IFC, Panhellenic, African American GL council, then thirty plus not included in anybody so they’re creating United Fraternity/Sorotity Council to include those groups not already represented. I’m 99.9% sure it will be formed by end of this quarter.

Zamora I guess only concern is over time interest might die long term, wondering on line 150 about meeting times, necessary to add clause that they can convene as deemed necessary by chair? Implied anyway?

Schwab argue against making requirement police to be there, student liaison commission two years now and over past few years numerous times police don’t show up. Monthly meeting not happening because police not show up is quite ineffective. Not fair restriction. Business can still be conducted with absence of police officer.

Deepak do you want to add clause about rescheduling meeting if police officer doesn’t show up? If just one sided perspective…

Peake doubt it’s one sided with a group this diverse. Also looking at this makes it very difficult to schedule meetings just because one person doesn’t show up. This formalizes the role of the police, if they don’t show up at least they have the invite.

Deepak as far as one sided, besides UCPD and DPD it’s only student perspective… may not always address community perspective. I do think either there’s something about sending the minutes, or rescheduling, chairperson meet with them… Motion move to senate discussion.

Senate Discussion Holloway if the senate would feel comfortable adding a clause that states this body will be mandated to formally update police reps I would be fine with that. I would be opposed to limiting our ability to discuss these issues if the police don’t show up. Must be aware that the police do not have a regular 9-5 job, may be situations they have to respond to something that prevents them from being at this meeting. I really think this would be going against what we’re doing now. Key difference between this and previous body is that no invite was expressed to police to join. Spoken to reps from both departments and they are eager to sit down and start this dialogue. Again need to take into consideration that at some point they could have something more important to do like saving peoples’ lives. Also the rep from student liaison commission is our tie to the greater campus community. Another point about last section: also if someone would like to make amendment, clause about rescheduling at chair’s discretion that’s fine.

Friedman my proposal is that we can add another clause giving chair authority to reschedule with request with as many as five members. Formal way… it will address Marvin’s issue and issue of cops not showing up.

Holloway fine if you want to make it I’ll take it as friendly.

Bianchi about point of possible loss in interest, I’ve sat on meetings with such relations, worked with City of Davis police… they make periodic reports on changes in their staffing, specialized patrols, etc. and relay that info through this body. That communication forms real resource to students, importance of regular meeting.

Harris concern over police thing, there is clearly an incentive for police to come because they created their own committee. Most likely going to show up, don’t know if we really have the right to commit them to going.

Mikalonis we aren’t committing, just saying we aren’t going to function without them there. I do like this, it’s a much better committee, I would like the requirement still. Would also like Muslim Student Association on this, but maybe I will just write a different bill in the future.

Ajlouny when this bill passed the first time it didn’t work out, this bill looks much stronger with more interest.

Zamora would you like to amend line 102 to take out Greek Community?

Harris motion to amend line 102 … Taken as friendly. Motion to call to question.

Frick object—I was on speaker’s list.

Harris yields. Frick section 2 long list of people included, for these different groups is it their right to have a vote or are they required? I think this is great, to address some concerns I think it is worrisome that maybe in the future interest could decline. Is it head of committee’s responsibility to make sure people show up, or just tell them to come if interested? For maximum efficiency, is there any setup for how these members should prepare or just showing up as warm bodies? Any follow-up for making sure these groups properly attending, voting, representing, etc.

Holloway first in terms of right to vote or requirement, I’m a bit confused about your question… what would happen is that these are voting members. As long as we have quorum present, they would still vote on any action regardless of absence. In terms of lack of interest, I’d venture to say ineffectiveness of previous bodies not only because of flawed structure but also lack of marketing and that they were allowed to die for months at time. Also chair person being filled, ideally this person is contacting people, disseminating information, etc. Because there was no chair person, last one never really got off ground. So that’s why I made point to add clause that if there is no chair, then the president will sit on this body and play that role in order to keep this thing going.

Frick about interest, how are these positions going to stay filled, etc.?

Holloway specifically with student housing—that was something added and it is something that is ambiguous constituency. Good question, something that will have to be addressed. Generally speaking for most part these bodies are formal organizations that will know they have membership on this body. Might be something to look into.

Friedman not reflected in this bill, 1ine 24 student housing rep want to make sure it’s a rep in the dorms. I’d like to propose “student representative from the residence halls.”

Holloway if you put residence halls, won’t that limit transfer students who don’t live in residence halls?

Friedman residence halls include Cuarto.

Xie how would you choose this problem?

Friedman maybe we could always amend the bylaws…

Rivera have you thought of saying student representative…?

Peake motion for a five minute break to figure their wording out.

Carnes be back at 8:23.

XVIII. RECESS Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:23 pm.

XIX. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Carnes, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lee (EAC), Rivera Late: Ajlouny, Amaha, Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Rosas-Romero, Cokely, Benci-Woodward


Peake propose author’s amendment… Call to question.

Ajlouny object.

Peake withdraw I understand need for apartment complexes, but this meeting is open to public. We want to work with formal bodies. Call to question.

Friedman object—want to know what Mike had to say. Withdraws objection.

DO PASS, 11-0-1, SB #50 Abstain: Rosas-Romero

Amaha motion to resume orders of the day and return to officers’ reports.


Deepak, Frick, Fluet, Amaha, Zamora, Molnar, Xie, Friedman

President’s Report: Holloway

Media Board Rep: Xie

Internet Networking Committee: Zamora


Zamora all of you on Saturday should come out and watch Filipino Time, various acts and entertainment. 7:00 in Freeborn Hall, good show. Promise you will not be disappointed at all.

Regan 315 pledges today. Need 350 pledges tomorrow to hit the goal. Asking all our interns to put several hours in tomorrow, be really great if all you could put in hours too. After 5:00 won’t be very effective. Let’s finish this week and get drunk this weekend.

Xie what goal should everyone have? Regan four pledges in an hour, two hours. That would be just the kind of hump we need to get over this.

Powers important to bring up about last week IAC basically was to receive three legislation, third was pledge of allegiance and a gentleman from leadership institute began videotaping. Some question as to why he was taping, asked to stop and didn’t. This centers on vote for pledge of allegiance bill. Don’t know your opinions, but I would urge you to come to IAC next week, will be cameras around etc. To my understanding nothing that prevents videotaping unless it causes a disturbance. Urge you to come and say your piece on it. Some people feel it’s unfairly kept from senate, come to IAC: we’re a welcoming bunch. We can discuss the finer points of the bylaws.

Gray if you need something to do before Zamora’s event, I encourage you to attend PJ’s and Pastries (proceeds go to Woodland Women’s Center) and Sing Away Sexual Assault (proceeds go to Students Against Sexual Violence).

Schwab also Saturday is leadership summit. Many of you are facilitating, about 110 students signed up probably more will show up. 9-5, part of student group or dept or center sign up for raffle prize. Should be fun, interesting to see what happens.

Ajlouny motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 8:50 pm.

Faithfully submitted,

Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission


Alexandra Frick Senate Report February 8, 2007

This week I…. Attended GASC and EAC Held office hours in the WRRC Prepared for the Leadership Summit Had 3 midterms Went to the candidate’s forum Applied to be part of the Undergraduate Admissions recruitment team


Alexandra Frick

Senate Report Eric Friedman 2-8-07

I went to the Pro Unitrans meeting on Friday to discuss our campaign. I met with my interns to discuss the resolution we drafting regarding increasing Study Abroad opportunities to countries with State Department travel warnings, especially Israel. I went to the Infernal Affairs Commission on Monday night. I went to the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission Monday night as well. I attending the Senate Forum Wednesday night hosted by the lovely Miss Christine Pham. A gentlemen named Andy Ward spoke to us about hosting a dance-a-thon benefiting issues of social justice around the world, similar to the one UCLA hosts. I will be a part of the committee planning this event, which will occur at the end of May. Our first meeting is this Wednesday, 5:30 ASUCD Conference Room. I held office hours on the quad on Wednesday morning. I canvassed for Cal-PIRG Yeah

Sincerely and very respectfully submitted on this

8th Day of February

in the year of our Lord,

Two Thousand and Seven

Eric Friedman ASUCD Senator

Business and Finance Commission – Chair Report

Irina Dardik

Week of 2/05/07 – 2/09/07:

Held office hours on Monday. Held weekly meeting on 2/06/07, no legislation was considered but we did have members of the public speak on behalf of Calpirg. Also, some current and campaigning senators stopped by to discuss their events and introduce themselves. I reassigned the AS Papers audit to two B&F alternates and spoke with my commissioners about when they should have their audits completed. I distributed packets that contained a series of questions (to ask the unit directors and address in the audit) to help the commissioners get started on their audits. If any Senators have concerns or would like to see certain issues addressed with any of the following units: Picnic Day, Student Government, Post Office, AS Papers, or Cal Aggie Camp, please contact me. Attended the Walid Shoebat lecture in Freeborn on Tuesday night Attended the Financial Debt Management workshop (sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center) in-between attending the Senate meeting on Thursday night.

I Respectfully Submit,

Irina Dardik 2/09/07

External Affairs Commission Weekly Report 2/8/07

On Monday, I sat on the interviewing panel for ECAC. I also attend Project Compost. On Tuesday, EAC saw Senate Bill #49, it passed unanimously. On Wednesday, I went to the CAL Aggie Camp meeting, the Meet Your Senator’s Event, and the S.H.A.R.E. meeting. Today, I sat on the interviewing panel for GASC chair. I held Office Hours this week on Monday and Today.


Michael Lay External Affairs Commission Chair