ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 11, 2006 6:00 p.m., Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Feldman Late: Rivera Excused: Khan


Amaha there is no past legislation.


SR #9: Authored by Pham, Referred to AAC and EAC.

SB #38: Authored by Laabs, Referred to IAC.

SB #39: Authored by Shannon, Referred to IAC.


Heysteck read memorandum. City proposes April 12, hope part of this joint meeting could be to officially hold one each year. If any comments, be happy to answer. Council looking forward to joint meeting, like to thank Salem for working on this. Other thing: council willing to entertain resolution in support of no fare fee referendum. Mayor approached about supporting fee referendum and wants to work with ASUCD to get some kind of legislation in front of council on February 6 (tentative date, can’t be much later), suspect we will support it. I remember sitting on senate ‘98 and ‘99 and Unitrans was important to council then. Look forward to working with you.

Vice President Carnes said Khan is at a very big MSA event, that’s why she’s absent.

Mikalonis read names of U.S. fallen in Iraq Jan 1-9. Six unidentified bodies also.


Rosas-Romero thank everyone for attending homelessness awareness meeting yesterday. Next meeting is same time next Wednesday at 6 in the A.S. conference room. Begin planning week or day to bring awareness, perhaps write a resolution. Going to have them every week on Wednesday.

Amaha pass out guides about all programming by campus unions.

Lay a professor passed this to me, info about first officer who refused to go to Iraq.

Frick I’m helping advising services recruit for student regent position.

Peake ACLU first organizing meeting at 6 Wednesday outside bakery. Among other things, working on Queer Prom for Valentines Day.

Rosas-Romero if anyone wants be involved in Black Programming Week or other culture days, especially LGBT issues within those, email me

Vice President Carnes Women of Color Conference meetings WRRC Wed/Thur at 5. Also CCC’s Respect My Mind events January 23-25, all have free food (also sponsored by ECAC).

Ajlouny holding a speed dating fundraiser on 31st from 7-10 KDVS kindly supplied us with DJ playing around hip hop, R&B, mellow, etc. Money $2 to get in, funding to Cal-Aggie camp and some other orgs. More details as the next couple weeks to come. Heads up on that.

Friedman email about announcements during classes, I’d be interested in doing that if any others let me know and we’ll talk about it afterwards, make arrangements.

Markevich Jan 23 at 7 in Wllmn 26 Last Lecture Series featuring Prof. Andreas Toupodakis. I’ll be working with the Chancellor’s office to find student members for Administrative Advisory Committee for ’07-’08. Come talk to me!


Amaha going to pass those around throughout the meeting.


Amaha motion to confirm any members/alternates for EAC.

Carnes anyone here for EAC please stand up.

Christina Minasian, Julia Topleen, Kirsten O’Nell.

Lay all very qualified and good interviews; urge for a speedy confirmation.

Friedman what got you into EAC?

Minasian thought that as freshman strengthening those relationships from ASUCD and other students important, in student leadership role in high school, this is my avenue to get back to that in college.

Topleen really interested in the three units of external affairs.

O’Nell I think it’s vitally important how we interact with our community.

Peake all of you here for Heystek announcing joint meeting, external affairs would be involved in this a lot. One thing you think should be discussed or worked on?

Minasian police relations and students something ongoing.

Topleen police and student relations.

O’Nell I do believe that’s something that needs brought up.

Rosas-Romero working on homelessness issue, lot of students homeless, how would you go about using ECAC and working with city to help this community?

Minasian news to me, any organizations this brought to we can encourage to get involved, see if city willing to help these out by subsidizing, etc.

Topleen address ECAC, use that to help them.

O’Nell I do believe problem most people don’t realize, students being homeless, I know most people I know unaware and that’s a problem needs addressed.

Markevich along with local issue EAC and external office also works state/national level. What’s something you might get involved in on that level?

Minasian California needs students should be involved in education, be involved in prices. Not enough aware or too many apathetic, need to know what’s going on outside Davis bubble.

Topleen thinking same thing about tuition, all should be informed of fees, make it.

O’Nell that is something I’ve talked about, think one of problems people don’t know why it’s increasing, why it is.


Amaha motion to confirm EPPC chair.

Jillian Benci-Woodward, with EPPC over a year, fourth year, like to hug trees, etc.

Xie Jill is great, vice chair, works at CCE, urge speedy confirmation.

Deepak want to say you’re great, what direction would you like to see EPPC go? Another Captain Planet Day feasible? What else see done?

Benci-Woodward Capt. Planet hard to top, have some interesting ideas maybe involving nudity (don’t know about legality) want to work on getting info out, outreach, info to students. Many problems students not aware. One project sort of state of environment address, outreach and getting students to understand that sustainability is important and without it nothing to breathe and no water.


Amaha motion move into unit director reports.


Sharon Coulson (ASUCD Dining Services)

Rosas-Romero noticing burritos: there’s a vegetarian one with eggs and cheese, thought about having vegan one?

Coulson we have vegetarian burrito with beans and rice, no cheese possible. They can make vegan breakfast burritos upon request. I guess it would just be potatoes, we don’t have the vegan stuff.

Peake any plans to continue farmers market when weather better?

Coulson we hope so, maybe when local foods week starts again. I think it really depends on the farmers.

Friedman thanks for report, question about feasibility of extending hrs of coffee house, or maybe something thought about. Possible to extend bakery like during finals week, etc?

Coulson we’re open until 2 am during finals, worry about security and shifts. Not going to have someone available midnight to 6. Kinda have to look at return on investment, how much would campus support something like that. Worthy of thinking about, it’s been passed around over the years.

Vice President Carnes all unit directors’ emails are available in SGAO.

Amaha motion suspend orders day, move into consideration of old legislation.

Peake object—presentation for Newman Center.

Amaha withdraw, motion move into presentations.


Nick Spheda (Newman Center) went over Christmas break, really successful trip. Talking to community members, probably most successful Newman trip ever. Built one house, retaining wall other, foundation other. Worked five days instead of four, 31 people went down, really really fulfilling trip. Visited border one day, someone randomly came down from states and had debate about border issue, 2-3 hrs. Always local Mexicans at border to see what’s going on, really enlightening trip. Slides will give you an idea of what we do, all basic manual labor but finished project always beautiful. Families always really proud of construction, we couldn’t have done it without your help. Have six projects planned to get that money back to you so you can help out other groups. We’ll see you next year— the right way.

Amaha motioned to move into consideration of old legislation.


Amaha motion consider ASUCD SB #36.

Author’s Comments

Savaree-Ruess this probably biggest most important bill I’ve been part of; me, Darnell, Higgins, Salem and Jeff Straw as well as some wonderful people at student affairs. Unitrans fee referendum, basically most of you know situation, Unitrans get a lot of funding from student referendum, often have to come back to get new referendum to build reserve for next five years or so. Last referendum did well to sustain them (8 yrs) but reserves are now depleted. This number of $4.50 per student per quarter makes total fee 6 dollars requiring any ref has 25% return to rate component.

Holloway this should be our top priority as ASUCD this quarter. Currently sustaining themselves on reserve, would be in red without the reserve. Long term if we don’t get this passed, unitrans forced to reduce their level of service. Unitrans huge benefit to us and to local community, hopefully not too much debate on bill. Want us to focus on what we’re going to do to get this passed (need 20 percent turn out next election, 60 of that to be yes). I’m confident we can pull this off, even city considering passing a resolution in support of this. This is issue of making sure we educate campus community to make sure we get this through

Commission Recommendation

Rivera no objection, obviously needed by unitrans.

Vice President Carnes did you amend it?

Rivera only minor grammatical.

Dardik no amendments. Something needs done to protect the system, like to see it go through.

Questions in Text

Markevich line 19 make can not one word

Public Discussion

Paul Philley speaking in opposition to this. Undergrads would be footing bill, I’d benefit. Think other way to do this. A lot of money for Unitrans going to new busses and new terminals. This is about peaking issues, lot of empty busses running around in mid-day, when full ones in morning and evening. Maybe make peak hour prices, so students will level out peaking issues.

Peake terminals. My understanding terminal paid for not out of Unitrans budget, that was my understanding.

Philley the info I got was from today’s Enterprise. Listed capital expenditures, 20 percent from student fees. If we can use some capital or…

Savaree-Ruess there was actually part of division 1 initiative was Unitrans capital account component and I believe that’s where new terminal coming from. I don’t think we’re allowed to use that for operational expenses.

Philley what about bus money?

Savaree-Ruess this is about up keeping busses or buying new ones when necessary, but I do understand your concern.

Markevich quick thing to clear up, page 3 initiative provisions would be attached to amendment?

Savaree-Ruess everything you see here will be on the ballot.

Jeff Straw we’re not proposing any expansions of fleet, trying to replace busses we’ve had since 80’s. Really old diesel busses that make a lot of emissions, trying to get rid of those asap. For terminals building Hutchison terminal and getting 2 million fed money and matching student/city funds for buying busses, etc. including 4 dollar fee used to buy the busses this month. Wanted to clarify that, in terms of capacity been running trippers since 1987. True those sit during day, huge investment of capital, but we park those busses out only to be used during peak and we couldn’t get by without those for capacity needs.

Savaree-Ruess since I’ve gotten involved in putting this together, talking to other UC’s and campuses and this is by far most affordable and most convenient of other public transportations. Great investment, one of best services of ASUCD, ensures service stays around foreseeable future.

Straw this is a student run system, as career staff only here for guidance (9 of 13 in the shop). Just few of us for mentoring to student staff, goal to keep student focused as much as possible. 3.5 million dollar operating budget, some 1.8 million from students. Million and half goes back to student pockets as employees. Benefits students for employees and students for transport.

Harney of $4.50, how much to pay for raise in minimum wage and inflation?

Straw only done projected cost for next seven years, looking for bare minimum. Also have 25 busses due for replacement in next four years, also counting on match from state funds. Been lucky/successful in getting other funds, 10 million over last four years, been recognized for those efforts. Six busses in next year without any money out of our pockets, just for reducing emissions and traffic.

Philley I get to ride bus for free because no one there to collect my dollar etc, I know you get federal money, also concern about paying people… have to have people on call, extra people on G line, would peak pricing be able to push those people to midday or biking as well as fair box recovery ratio?

Philley based on student fees, cash very small component, issue about not paying when you get on—that’s a policing issue. We could really hammer our riders, but some students have cards anyway, don’t hammer hard. Issue is we carry over 20 k, get five in cash. Most students, 10 ride tickets, month passes. If this fails, we’ll have to look at this. Pricing issue to deal with demand, easy for cash payers, but do we charge undergrads too? Our main issue if we’re going to do something like that going to look into issue of how it will effect our riders, and timing. If we could get fare free we could get both doors open, more riders faster, less busses total.

Harney want to echo Kai, unitrans is one of our flagship projects. State and nationally renowned public transport systems. At top of low emissions, etc.

Zamora wondering what advanced technology systems are?

Straw about year ago Yolo district gave auto vehicle location system and auto passenger counters. Allows dispatchers to know how to best deploy resources, applying for some state funds to implement that. Went in as optional bid, tack onto their contract. Permit riders to get online, look up a bus to see if it’s on time, how full. If you know how close next one will be, you can do that. Deploying resources and trippers, we’d know where to do it. Avoid radio discussions, etc, some we do automatically because we just expect it. Communication better with drivers, 37 busses on time radios are crazy, often drivers wait up to seven minutes before they can get through and that’s a long delay. Project 650 k, reduces need to get new busses, great way to stave off additional pressures.

Zamora motion move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Ajlouny know in whole heated discussion, but I’m really hungry. Motion ten minute break.

Vice President Carnes be back at 7:15pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:15 pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouuny, Amaha, Deepak, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Peake, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Rivera, Feldman, Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway Late: Fluet, Molnar, Rosas-Romero, Lay Excused: Khan


Peake looking over this, seems obvious we need to pass it. One of our flagship units, keep strong by investing money into it.

Friedman interested in shifting discussion as to how to get 20 percent to vote on this.

Ajlouny my method is using facebook, because that really helps. I still believe the president will be voted into the U.S. using facebook in ten years.

Savaree-Ruess I’m going to be trying to get a core campaign group hopefully starting next week, also need to line up a con-campaign. For pro-campaign going to get as many people together to discuss publicity, donations because no candidate to fork up money, working when/where to place ads, whose going to be on ground talking to people. If you’re interested please let me know, also educational campaign hopefully paid for by student affairs, hopefully just getting out word that there’s a referendum out, etc.

Friedman hope to also use ad space on busses.

Amaha remember that today we’re just voting to put this on ballot, students will decide ultimately.

Frick lot of thought put into this, my biggest concern is the students that don’t use unitrans. Do you have a percentage of people who don’t use the service?

Straw I can provide survey info next meeting. Some by university, and surveys on busses.

Savaree-Ruess some thinking, what about those who don’t use unitrans? I think it benefits all students, if unitrans didn’t run as much or cost more, lot more people driving then permits more expensive, less parking, haphazard horrible experience getting to campus so everyone directly or indirectly benefits.

Zamora you should make campaign “a world without unitrans.”

Markevich hoping gentleman would still be in room, wanted to thank him for coming in to voice opposing viewpoint. First one I’ve heard, well thought out. Rest of my speech pointless, think no one in here is against.

Deepak main question, wondering what type of busses the ones you’re buying will be. Talking about cost in long run, could you do more sustainable bus service (hydrogen, natural gas) and would that make it cheaper?

Straw diesels are all over twenty yrs old… they cost $1.50 per mile, C&G less than a dollar. Busses we’re buying now almost zero emissions, diesel busses nowadays cleaner than C&G ten years ago. Looking at compressed natural gas, one of pioneers in the area, very clean reliable technology. In ‘95 they were breaking down all the time, guys in shop figured them out. Some have over 700k miles, still running strong.

Deepak is it feasible to have ads on the bus for this campaign?

Straw we have a service notice area, could probably use that for informational elements but can’t do advertising; that’s sold out. Unless we can get an existing sponsor to sell us space.

Deepak I think everyone is for it, I’m for it. Call to question.

DO PASS 12-0-0, SB #36

Amaha motioned to suspend orders of the day, back to appointments and confirmations.


Amaha any members/alternates of EAC.

Becky Salden very excited.

Lay all candidates gave good interview, good experience in past with student government.

Zamora do you have any previous relevant experience to apply to EAC?

Salden was vice president in high school, dealing with administration and town?

Peake earlier Heystek was here working towards creating joint meeting. What issues do you think students should be dealing with?

Salden probably police relations.


Amaha motion confirm any members/alternates of AAC.

Daniel Berliner, Ellen Sereno

Markevich Dan been on commission year now, Ellen newcomer and first alternate. Excited to have them both, hopefully with help get a lot done this quarter.

Friedman what direction would you like AAC to head in the next few quarters.

Berliner a lot of spring quarter will be working on excellence in education award. Important to get word out to students with changes in GE requirements that will confuse pretty much everybody.

Sereno talked about a lot as freshman is overwhelming sense of choosing own classes, etc, movement to make things easier. We had Summer Advising but still kinda crazy, also. Great things of ASUCD is teachers last stand, get more people to come etc.

Deepak what persuaded you to come to AAC or come back to it?

Berliner originally it was just that the commission was open. Now I really feel committed to helping with academic issues, I’m academic advisor for L&S and help freshman everyday. Like to use that experience to try to help them out further.

Sereno coming from h.s. very active in leadership especially academic groups (csf), that’s my relevant experience.


Amaha motion move into other business.


Amaha motion to consider SB #40 urgent. Just to clarify #22 that was passed.

Author’s Comments

Holloway after giving some thought, this best course of action to take. Currently legality of 22 has not been challenged, but if someone were to file court case they could have ground to stand on b/c proper procedure not taken. Someone could have suspended bylaws, that motion not made. I signed it into law, bill now in conflict with bylaws. Also to new senators, this serves as example what not to do. This bill is actual language, just saying senate suspends bylaws for sb 22. on back statement by mark champagne. His letter shows there is precedent, this is how it’s been done in past. Just re-allocating overenrollment funds in a legal way, it was passed unanimously. No question if intent behind legislation good, just formality overlooked by apparently everyone in ASUCD. This is just my solution to the problem, acknowledging proper procedure not taken just want to rectify situation.

Questions in Text

Zamora section 1 “asucd senate 22” needs to add “bill.”

Xie in SB 22 Salem spelled as Slame.

Harms first line of section 1 should say ‘ASUCD Senate.’

Public Discussion

Harney I appreciate Darnell’s doing this, think someone with crafty enough law mind, the fact that 2/3 approved it could be de-facto suspension of bylaws to make sure it worked. Even if that was true, this is a great bill to say we noticed and taking steps to amend it.

Zamora seems straight-forward, just to lay it out maybe you should have sent it to IAC and they would have caught it.

Rivera are we suspending the bylaws indefinitely or what?

Zamora pose that question to the floor.

Friedman I was wondering same.

Holloway by my interpretation fact it says specifically to ensure legality of SB 22 makes it specific to that situation, but if IAC would like to propose different wording by all means. Intent is not to indefinitely suspend, that would come from separate senate bill to amend bylaws.

Friedman seems like we’re retroactively suspending bylaws.

Peake actually going to throw “r” word out there too, seems we’re changing something we screwed up. Just doesn’t sit right with me.

Powers I understand where you’re going, but you’re actually passing this bill correctly. Senate has ability to amend any bylaws, make your own rules. You can go over legislation, and pass it correctly. You’re re-passing the bill over again, not ex-post-facto in that sense.

Peake that being said, see no reason to not pass this.

Holloway wanted to speak on that too… in this instance retroactive bill for this situation, example of retroactive would be taking that section out of bylaws. Legality of SB 22 not questioned, we’re acknowledging bylaws… we could just do nothing and wait for court case to be filed. What we’re doing is just proper course of action, not ex-post-facto.

Savaree-Ruess in end this has same affect as un-allocating those funds then re-passing another bill to do same thing along with suspending bylaws.

Harms Darnell took my words, not retroactive just preemptively stopping any questions of legality of SB 22.

Zamora move into senate discuss.

Senate Discussion

Rosas-Romero we talked about this last quarter, spent much time going through budget and decided this was really good. Budget not questioned, call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB 22

Amaha motion resume orders of the day.


Lay, Bencey-Woodward, Feldman, Rivera, Savaree-Ruess, Holloway


Zamora, Harris, Rosas-Romero, Xie,

Amaha motion suspend orders day, move back into appointments/confirmations.


Amaha motion to confirm any members/alternates of IAC.

Tu-Han Phan

Frick Tu-Han very well qualified, good grasp and articulate. Excited to have her here.

Zamora IAC very near/dear to my heart. Interested how it caught your attention.

Phan went to some slate meetings, read all the info online.

Friedman any relevant experience you can draw upon?

Phan president of youth leadership of Anaheim (ASB of entire school district), got a lot of exposure to whole education system, running meetings, changed whole bylaws that year so familiar with that paperwork and legislation.

Rivera please elaborate on ‘kick ash’ involvement.

Phan member of teens kick ash anti-tobacco campaign went all over Los Angeles area, tried to change laws of smoking. Small scale trying to get them to agree to have outdoor dining areas and patios smoke free, wanted entire area of downtown Disney to be smoke free. Four year project, still going on now.


Amaha motion five minute recess.

Vice President Carnes be back at 8:17pm.


Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:18 pm.


Present: Carnes, Amaha, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Lay, Rivera Late: Ajlouny, Deepak Early Departure: , Benci-Woodward, Dardik, Feldman, Markevich


Amaha motioned move into consideration of old legislation.

Motion consider SB 37.

Author’s Comments

Friedman basically requires senators spend half office hours in public venue. Preface by saying will be some authors’ amendments. Two goals of office hours: work/research, and outreach (I believe essential to good public official). Senators required to go to public venue for half office hours: quad, resource center, I do not see it in any way as a waste of time. If anything think of it as extra time available to student population, get student feedback etc. Commend Dwaimy for already doing this, Molly and I campaigned on this.

Harms reiterate about Dwaimy, one senator consistently two hours a week held office hours in resource centers around campus (CCC, recruitment and retention center, LGBTRC) this allows her to connect directly with students. Spent lots of time in senate office as chair, wish I could count hours of senate hours wasted, but I don’t have enough fingers… much homework but not much outreach. I think this great way to get senate out there, accessible to undergrads on campus. Whether on quad, resource center, get out there because almost no one out there really cares enough to walk up to third floor but if they see you on quad they just might come up and talk to you. This is how you can get student input to the table.

Laabs office hours once said to be pointless, in some sense this has been true. This bill gives more point to office hours, you are reps of people so should be among people. Good for you and good for association.

Rosas-Romero as been mentioned, I’ve been serving outside third floor since elected. Definitely been good way to outreach, and most of all work and form connections with people I currently work with. Because I’ve been out there and gotten to know them, have been able to collaborate and help them with things they need. Many of those people out there working for communities not going to come to third floor because that is not where work is done. Reason people don’t believe in ASUCD is because we’re not working beside them, and this we should be doing.

Commission Recommendation

Rivera we support this bill, only amendment was original language not mentioning some resource centers just thought should mention any other.

Questions in Text

Rivera l 31.

Mikalonis l 31.

Lay ll 39/40.

Public Discussion

Rivera one con maybe was vagueness of definition of public place, but no matter what I think this is going to get senators out there.

Powers funny as political science major and when they bring up a point it rings ASUCD bell. In congress it makes its own rules, always spending time on how they run things. This is just making your own rules that you want to be spending your time to actively be out there, actively outreaching, actively listening to students.

Peake I was disappointed we have to pass a bill like this so we’d do it of our own accord, but I think this bill has a place because it’s not happening and probably won’t if we don’t.

Powers this should also make sure that future senators are also representing the student population at large.

Molnar I personally don’t like going out in the cold. Resource center, would that include the ARC?

Rosas-Romero student resource center is place like women’s research/resource, ccc, LGBTRC, big ones heavily populated. Something easy is just talk to people who are interns there and let them know I’d be serving office hours and I get to know them from this. You don’t have to be outside in the cold, they have good comfortable couches, use their computers, libraries, etc. Use their resources a lot. Location gives other halls available.

Molnar last spring quarter did a lot of meetings with people in Mrak Hall, don’t know if that would count. Feel like this could be hard, if you could comment more on that.

Friedman right off bat, author’s amendment line 19. About meetings, I would think we would be able to hold meetings in addition to office hours.. I understand they last long but as senators we have many responsibilities. Meetings, and outreach also. I would hope we could hold meetings in addition to our four hours of office.

Zamora touching on public venue thing, what about holding a clause about when trying to hold office hours get it approved by student government advisor or something? Like to avoid senators just working out at ARC or something?

Amaha commend Friedman for writing this, spending office hours in other places couldn’t do this because of jobs, have now set up hours in South Hall…. Excited about having someone they could talk to about other services etc. Students are out there who could benefit from that, to many students the third floor really is intimidating. I think everyone should be down for it, if you’re concerned about places just talk to some of us who are already into spending office hours elsewhere

Ajlouny couple of concerns for me: holding hours in public place and see couple of friends heckling etc, making office hours deter other people from talking to you. Could just deter people to cause hours to be wasted. Another concern two hours mandatory think little much by demanding when they could feel uncomfortable at same time… change to one hour maybe more feasible. Maybe if they enjoy one hour they’d stay more time anyway. I’d rather have one hour rather then two just because.

Amaha for me once I start one hour can go by very quickly, two hours is more substantial for working in center. I schedule mine 8-10 because people might be making messes, talking, etc because senate office seems like place of chilling and not getting stuff done. Also you don’t have to do them just outside, many places to do these, do them in the library or other center.

Ajlouny cant really talk much in library… one hour can go by fast, maybe don’t notice and it’ll go above… I just don’t like making one hour mandatory. Someone might want to go back up to third floor after that hour. Motion senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Zamora talking about this in senate office, should we do same thing for vice president and president, mandate they hold public office hours. I don’t mind making them do same work we do. Argument they should be moreso than senators but kind of up for debate.

Friedman did not talk to Genna or Darnell, open to that, interested in hearing what Genna has to say about that.

Vice President Carnes already planning on doing that before I heard about bill, so I’ll be doing it either way. I’m definitely not against that.

Zamora maybe we could write that in somewhere if no one has issues? Still on table if you want to discuss that. I don’t mind holding public office hours, don’t mind definition of public venue, maybe approval of student government advisor could be in order, or maybe somewhat frivolous.

Xie I like that idea, what I would go to do is get clipboard and do it Calpirg style and ask them if they want to talk to a senator. I understand issues that people might mess around, get distracted, go somewhere not best, but still better than messing around in senate office. Messing around either way, just be held responsible to it. This will encourage senators who originally had reservations to do it.

Harney just change senate to elected officials.

Carnes our office hours not regulated, don’t know if it would fit with this bill. Maybe you’d want to write another bill. I’ll try to get Darnell on board to doing it without bill.

Xie we don’t have enough signs, I might propose a poster painting party so we don’t have to buy more vinyl.

Peake I did this earlier, don’t understand why there’s debate. I think we have some common sense about what a public space is, this isn’t. Sometimes my friends come up here, distractions anywhere. Think it’s better to be out in public, hope to call to question soon.

Frick brought this up in IAC, one of logistical problems not addressed is time frame of office hours. Different resource centers peak at different time, since doesn’t require same place every week people may switch around, in switching you may switch your hours a little bit. If you were doing hours in ARC, busier in evening, that may be best time to outreach to students going to the arc. Address section 2 you have to check in and check out, but doesn’t require hours during SGAO hours, maybe you should write that out (that hours must be conducted during hours of SGAO). Other thing wondering about is formula for choosing where, thinking about this earlier this week… asked if I could do them at First Resort and they said no. Kind of frustrating, maybe need to discuss so not too many people at same place, we want a broad spectrum of students. I’m in support, maybe need to work on making sure it’s used best as possible.

Rosas-Romero think most senators scheduled hours during SGAO hours, then just call to let them know where I am. Often a lot of people coming in, what is important is you’re getting out. About how to pick places, would suggest having a list of any resource centers or places or suggestions to give to SGAO so based on your hours already scheduled you could decide where you will be so they have record where you will be on certain days and you could ask them for recommendations based on their list. My suggestion is somewhere you have not visited in the past to meet students you haven’t gotten to know in the past.

Xie as far as clustering, I would love to have a giant cluster of senators in a public place for more people and a lot of fun… don’t think that’s a huge issue. As far as other concerns, if we find serious issues we can always adjust it later as we work in this trial period.

Frick definitely in support of this bill, thank you for your input. Motion to call to question.

Molnar object, withdraws objection.

Friedman object—was going to make some amendments… withdraw.

Molnar object—want to add his amendments.

Roll call: call to question or not? 9-2-1 question called (No: Deepak, Molnar Abstain: Friedman).

Ajlouny object to passing: don’t need mandatory office hours to promote ASUCD, walking on quad all day, don’t need mandate to do my job.

DO PASS, 10-2-0, SB #37 No: Ajlouny, Molnar

Amaha motion continue orders of day, move back into elected officers reports.


Amaha, Molnar, Friedman, Peake, Frick, Fluet, Deepak, Ajlouny

Internet Networking Committee Rep: Zamora

Media Board Representative: Xie


John Wheat reporting opinion on case 34.

Harney had four cases come up before us, decided to accept three of four. Writs will becoming fourth. Two are Ostrowski vs. Rivera, case 37 when position on IAC vacated and replaced with alternate, alleged dispute in term of new commissioner, due to nature of the term given to the commissioner we’ve decided to move that to front of our docket. Scheduled hearing for Wed, January 24 at 8:30. Attempt to have it in King Center or here in Mee room. Second case to do with IAC hiring practices not in line with bylaws, court will hear all relevant info. Third Ostrowski vs. SGAO saying SGAO has not published senate minutes within time allotted by ASUCD bylaws. Court will hear all relevant information. Hope that by next meeting will have all four writs published and distributed.

Rivera are we going to hold both on Wednesday night?

Harney no, case 37 will be held, second case will be scheduled and third subsequently.

Wheat will probably be significant amount of time between cases.

Harney would like to request defendant submit his (explanation) by next Tuesday. Writ of assorci.

Harms in regards to opinion of court, sounds like what you said Brown Act was used a lot. Could you explain relevance of Brown Act to ASUCD?

Harney relationship not officially part of question asked, most of us as been heard act under spirit of Brown Act.

Wheat relationship clear that author of this section was writing it in spirit of brown act. Multiple factors, each held enough weight.

Harms in summary we are bound by spirit of brown act?

Wheat in chapter nine it was clear that was in spirit, chapter nine meant to protect rights of employees not just anyone. Just employees and appointees. We looked at spirit of it to protect those rights, and public’s interest in having those interests exposed.


Regan update of Calpirg. Today sweet event: Calpirg and ASUCD press conference on student debt campaign. Bill in congress cut student interest rate down to 3.4%, working on past year and half. At press conference Darnell, Mitty Chang, Kevin Roddy, and director of financial aid. Mitty Chang especially well, set up whole thing. Davis enterprise, crowd, Darnell’s speech attracted a lot of people. Yesterday event to promote LEED Platinum campaign. Introducing new campaign, called Oceans’ Campaign. Plastic in oceans ends up in coast or few clusters in middle, cluster of plastic in center of Pacific Ocean size of Texas. We want to cut down on this disgusting problem. Invite everyone in this room to Woodstock’s tomorrow 5-7. Last thing: middle of recruitment drive, all come to peak in January 22 campaign kick-off meeting.

Frick commend Calpirg’s efforts going into classrooms. Heard a lot of people never reached before, keep it up.

Fluet large event today, lot of media there. Was Cal Aggie there?

Regan no, but somebody took pictures said they’d give it to Cal Aggie.

Harney that everyone should have protection mentioned in Genna’s report. Unfortunately, constitution of U.S. disagrees that policy that everyone has right to address their accuser. That persecution be done in public court manner. Easier if witness testimony could be given in secret, but our philosophies say that that cannot be. Nasty tendency in history that led to secret trials and bad stuff. As said in Brown Act we do not seek to let our government service to say what can and cannot be known.

Deepak is this TV drama, or can courts close themselves from media and public?

Harney some specific measures that keep media and public out, but once case is open public record is also made available.

Laabs saying that if closed session called, person being accused must be in room must be there the whole time or it must be valid? Because Peake left room for certain amount of time a reason he wasn’t party?

Harney when looking to decide if Peake was in fact party, fact that he was excused by senate and session continued without him helped us to determine that he was a witness to employment, and party to altercation.

Deepak just because he left, I see how it could carry on if no one asked to open it up again.

Peake I wasn’t dismissed, left of my own accord.

Vice President Carnes I by no means meant to disrespect your opinion, I am not VP of United States., I am V.P. to represent student rights. This was not trial, I don’t think we should have had to follow trial regulations. The reason we didn’t open it also was because we didn’t think we could according to the bylaws. I don’t think we need to discuss this further because the ruling was made.

Schwab leadership summit, you got your facebook invites, main thing COO working on this quarter. Feb 10, purpose of event to connect ASUCD as well as other student leaders. First half workshops (fundraising, recruitment/retention) as well as second half break out sessions among student group communities to strategize about problems and solutions to those problems. Example spiritual community hard to get interfaith events, strategize about that problem and make solutions (ie campaigns, events, etc). hopefully out of that more cohesive student groups with stronger coalitions. Hopefully just first of many student summits. Tomorrow 2pm AS conference room to discuss leadership summit. Everyone needs to register, 125 open spots have about 70 registered. to register. Send info and what community you want to work with.

Ajlouny is there like a science and engineering community?

Shwab yes, if you could recruit people for that it would be great. Also register your SPAC registered student group for prizes. Great way for ASUCD to outreach, side note about student regent positon zero Davis students applied last time that made it to final round. Coming to campus Ben Allen, really great guy.

Powers counsel for court case for you guys, first sorry it didn’t go our way. As a former justice on court I really admire the writing of this opinion, well written. But in all reality if there was an appellate process I would appeal this back to stone age. I don’t agree with this opinion, think senate right in considering Peake a party. 1965 Greenswald v Connecticut considered privacy to public. In closing one of great things about government you have ability to make own rules. In past when supreme ruled some opinion, legislature has been able to make constitutional amendment to fix the problem. I and others are well at work on writing legislation about this issue, I believe privacy of the public is absolutely crucial, a basic right. I think the spirit in bylaws, court disagrees with me (they have that right, did great job, I disagree). We’ll move on from this, make things right.

Mikalonis the court is becoming new IAC, tons of stuff from Ostrowski through them. Want to get events on quad (email him about this) think this is important, again just outreach. Outreach with a different message. Also think Calpirg great, we can take a stance on this issue while Calpirg can’t because they are nonpartisan.

Peake I do respect court’s decision, lot of respect for court. Well-prepared opinion, but I don’t agree. Maybe looking into stuff a bit too much. I look forward to Ostrowski v everything.

Wheat lot of talk about respecting privacy rights of individuals. I’d like to talk about protecting rights of privacy of all ASUCD officials. Talk about low turnout (11-13%), perhaps making meetings closed not great way to make things open. We did look at text closely, session closed unless ASUCD official or appointee asks otherwise. In over 200 years constitution only amended like 27 times, very keen on protecting rights of all ASUCD individuals. Chapter 904 also agrees. Anymore questions feel free to talk to any members of court.

Zamora motion to adjourn, withdraw. Motion move into any other business.


Amaha interviews for chief justice. 9:30-12 Thursday. EPPC interviews Tues-Thurs 12-3. Remind outreach agendas. Talked to Paul Cody, informed me typically ASUCD has presence in deciding CFC board members. If anyone wants to sit on those interviews Feb 20— let me know. Paul Cody is an assistant director student affairs. Motion to move into approval past meetings minutes


Amaha motion to approve minutes for January 4, 2007 and December 7, 2006.

DO APPROVE, 12-0-0, Minutes: 1/4/07 and 12/7/06

Amaha motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 9:45 pm.


Bobby Gray 1-18-07 ASUCD Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission