ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 18, 2006 6:00 pm, Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Bianci (B&F), Khan, Lay, Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Late: Rivera Absent: Holloway


Amaha all past legislation has been signed by the president.


SB #40: Authored by Ajlouny, Referred to B&F SB #41: Authored by Molnar, Referred to IAC and EPPC SB #42: Authored by Molnar, Referred to AAC and IAC SB #43: Authored by Molnar, Referred to IAC SB #44: Authored by Savaree-Ruess, Introduced by Ajlouny, Referred to IAC SB #45: Authored by Internet Networking Committee, Referred to B&F CA #20: Authored by Molnar, Referred to AAC and IAC


Tara Stafford CalPirg update last week of recruitment drive, Tuesday first event Ocean Campaign almost 200 petitions to governor, yesterday hunger campaign education event (yolo county 16th highest poverty rate), student debt campaign event today (house voted on bill, cut student interest rates in half over next few years), next couple months making sure senate passes more comprehensive bills. Tomorrow Campus Climate Challenge campaign event, signing postcards to governor to implement clean act… Also would be great if any of you could come out tomorrow to help recruitment drive. Monday at 7 in Wellman 234 big campaign kick off meeting, guest speaker Randy Shaw (author of Activist’s Handbook).

Mikalonis talked to UC Regents today with Lobby Corp, that’s why I’m wearing a suit. Past week ten deaths in Iraq of U.S. troops, five of them names unknown. Something like 65,000(?) died in ’06. Quad reserved week of Valentine’s Day for event.

Roy I just want to motivate some people. Last weekend went to New Orleans to spend some time helping Habitat for Humanity. Big catastrophe, only part restored is tourist area. Neighborhoods are absolute shells. As spring break comes we can go party, etc, I’m compelling people to… planning a trip outside of Davis… see if you can sign up on to help out. Really bad, looks like 3rd world. Encourage to talk to anyone, talk to me, or contact them via website. Spend evenings on Bourbon St getting hammered if you like, but spend days helping. Lot of people need help who are not returning, property foreclosing and banks stealing their property.

Harms executive council of academic senate met today, I’m ASUC representative. Voted to change bylaws to create committee on info technology, will have an undergrad member. Will probably contact Pete once the changes go through.


Savaree-Ruess tomorrow 11am in the AS conference room, first Unitrans pro-campaign meeting. Interested in helping or giving input, come by.

Friedman tomorrow Habitat work day in Woodland, interested people meeting at CA House on Russel at 8:30 am. If you don’t have class, maybe want to go.

Markevich upcoming Tues Jan 23 hosting event 3rd installment of Last Lecture series: The Last Lecture Series: Application of the Life Curve in College. Something we as college students can appreciate. Should be great, free food, should definitely come. Announce the event at some meeting of yours. It’s in Wellman 26.

Cokely GASC looking for new members and alternates, (and a chairperson).

Markevich opening for position on Undergrad Council of Academic Senate, should be able to post that up tomorrow or early next week. Know anyone interested can apply online.

Rosas-Romero want to announce LGBTRC and CCC accepting applications for interns. Make sure all senators and chairs read email about situation in Dutton Hall this morning. Talk about it outside, but be aware.

Frick next Wed (Jan 24) the student regent will be here from 12-1 in this room, free food.

Vice Presient Carnes record release party for Mushpot Records is Saturday 8 PM at Delta of Venus. That’s Jenn de la Vega’s record lable.


Rivera I wasn’t absent, late.

Deepak I was late too, don’t know if minutes reflected that.

Vice President Carnes we’ll come back to the minutes later.


Amaha motion to confirm any members or alternates of EPPC.

Eric Sneathen, Crystal Huang

Benci-Woodward these two are great candidates, been to my meetings already. Look forward to working with them.

Friedman if you have any ideas for EPPC, what direction to take it, etc?

Sneathen no not really, just getting used to commission. Only been to couple short meetings, don’t quite know yet what it’s all about. Want to look at programs with environmentalism from a social standpoint, how it affects communities.

Huang want to first explore, because I’m a first year I don’t know much. Part of some orgs so want to make EPPC more active and explore problems.

Ajlouny did you watch Al Gore movie Inconvenient Truth?

Huang I did.

Sneathen yes.


Amaha motion to confirm any members or alternates of EAC.

Steven Ostrowski

Lay Steven is well qualified, already comes to all meetings, unanimous decision to give him a position.

Peake one of key parts on being in any commission or organization is effective communication. Given your history do you feel you can effectively communicate with members of this association? Ostrowski I got a new phone, corrected my over-quota mail box. Communication should be pretty effective now.

Molnar why do you feel like you’re most qualified?

Ostrowski don’t know other applicants, but I’m involved in so many political organizations, have made resolutions, gone to EAC, just feel that I’ve done everything possible outside of actually being on a commission. For that reason I’d assume I’d be most qualified

Xie what about your personality or experience makes you most qualified to represent students on this campus?

Ostrowski can take any cause of student and push to greatest extent whether democrat or republican, campaign or project. Not always about ideology, about serving students and getting people involved in the process. My personality is always determined, I take things to the very end.

Rosas-Romero let’s say since EAC works having resolutions in things happening/affecting students in California. In past students have written resolutions that favor both for and against the same issue, authored by same person. Do you feel this is something acceptable as EAC commissioner? How is that going to impact in terms of working with other commissioners and not necessarily taking sides for one resolution or the other?

Ostrowski in event two resolutions that exactly contradicted each other were passed down, look at both and dismiss author and look totally at content of resolution. Consider content, factually correct. Whether really serves students, left or right. If resolution fails to uphold that, I wouldn’t be so favorable to them. Resolutions that are too extreme or out of the mainstream (to Left or Right) probably wouldn’t do so well with me.

Ajlouny want to say I personally believe you are most qualified for this position. Why did you choose EAC?

Ostrowski to be honest I applied to every commission, I can’t think of any I didn’t apply for. I was informed about interviews, guess one of reasons with external is that politics is what I do, political science major, involved in clubs and campaigns. My success rate with internal matters has not been going so well, figure going outside and doing external things and reaching out might be good change of course. Any commission would have been great to be on.

Harris since commissions often must see controversial issues, would you be willing to cooperate with other views different than your own, and how would you go about that and creating an environment in which everyone can speak?

Ostrowski various things commission can do to shut off senate, seen it with myself and other situations. Issues simply become circular, at one point need to call to question. If new input in public, some might immediately try to push for commission discussion prematurely, cut someone off— that is something I will not do at all. That needs to be looked at. If they have something to say whether or not I like something I will look into. Also give deferments that someone needs, especially in public, I’ve seen commissions ignore and go call to question. Those sorts of tactics I would not do.

Bianci expressed your willingness to hear out opposing ideas, how would you characterize your ability to compromise on any issue whether resolution or actions, etc?

Ostrowski plenty of resolutions where I’ve been here where I’d say pass but make changes. As public can’t make amendments, this past EAC in public some changes made some not. Ultimately have to look at all changes made, decide are you going to vote against despite compromises or for. I think I’m reasonable with compromises, don’t think I’ll have problem in that area.

Friedman clearly very persistent, seems like you’re very interested, wondering where that motivation comes from.

Ostrowski when I started Christian slate my goal was to take over ASUCD single-handedly, and I still desire to fulfill that goal. Persistence continues even to this day, as someone of third party it’s my obligation to keep on going. Sometimes I offend people in both slates, think it’s because there was a vacuum there and I needed to fill it in with my time and energy. My obligation as a person in control of a slate is to continue and advance these ideas. A lot of people who feel same way as me don’t become involved, therefore not heard.

Savaree-Ruess seems your reputation precedes you, don’t want to assume anyone would treat you with less respect but if commission was unable to work effectively with you because of your plans of domination, how do you plan to go about diffusing that situation and not only accept the commission, but be accepted by the commission as well?

Ostrowski the person who eventually becomes vice chair is going to have to work with all the people in that commission, have an agreeable attitude. No one who is vice chair is going to be overly antagonistic. Important to make noise but not be overly antagonistic, don’t think I have a record of being antagonistic to EAC specifically. Other than Lay, not very familiar with others in EAC so it’s a clean slate as far as I’m concerned. I should work well with those guys.

Roy this big step for you, having a vote in case of absence (and everyone knows there’s always an absence). As you stated, aiming to be vice chair of this commission, this vote is a big step in your ASUC career. If you were to have a vote, would you vote like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader?

Ostrowski I suppose it would depend on your definition of the Empire (slate in control LEAD or other groups etc). When I was at EAC I was dressed as Dader to do canned food drive thing. My politics are more on empire side, most likely on Darth Vader side.

Peake objects: I have reservations about him. Had some problems communicating, asked him a question, and he mocked me. I think that’s exactly why we should not confirm him; people in here should have goals of working with and for the association, not for themselves. Should especially be respectful in this room, willing to work with people and the association.

DO CONFIRM, 7-6-0, STEVEN OSTROWSKI, EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION Yes: Ajlouny, Deepak, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Vice President Carnes No: Amaha, Fluet, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora

Amaha motion to confirm chief justice of court.

Tim Cody: on court since end of fall quarter last year.

Peake great applicants, Tim Cody by far has great plan for court, wants to strengthen ties between ASUCD and the court.

Markevich what are your plans for next couple years?

Cody thought a lot of things court needs to work on, some things have strengthened. One of big goals is increase communication between other branches, usually meetings are just us and Mikalonis. Seems to other members that we’re not getting much done, only public view is during hearings. Maybe start filling in rest of body as to what we’re doing, maybe try to get senators and chairs to our meetings. We also need an easier way to access our previous opinions, SGAO most part, like us to have them on our own so we can see precedents ourselves.

Friedman what do you believe is the role of the court in the association?

Harney court is there for purpose of area in bylaws that doesn’t make sense, leads to dispute, there to draw on both documents to figure out how to fix. Other duty if someone doesn’t do their job to receive this complaint, make an order for that person to complete. Feel should not step out of bounds, issues need be brought to us.

Harms hopefully soon court will have new justices confirmed, people on court never heard a case before, maybe never read codes etc. How do you plan to ensure these justices are trained?

Cody according to rules/procedures not really my job, technically the job of the government advisor who should set up a meeting with the ASUCD attorney… It never happened with me might not with new justices either. It’s important before someone hears a case that they be very familiar with bylaws and codes, so I guess I would encourage them to read and be familiar.

Powers what’s your opinion on judicial review within ASUCD. Talked about court rectifying issues, how do you see judicial review comes into that, think court is final word?

Cody each branch has the ability to interpret constitution, but it states clearly court has final word. While others should look and read, believe court’s responsibility to issue final ruling?

Powers would you say that in constitution saying that court has final word, would you say bylaws also ties into court having final word?

Cody to an extent, senate has ability to change bylaws if needed. Even though we would technically have strong opinion, precedent on reading bylaws, senate can always change those.


Amaha motion to move into ex-officio reports.


Rivera, Cokely, Lay, Khan, Bianci, Benci-Woodward, Markevich, Carnes


Zamora motion for seven minute break.

Ajlouny object for ten minute break.

Do Break seven minutes, 10-1-1 (No: Ajlouny, Abstain: Friedman)

Vice President Carnes be back at 7:08pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:09pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Khan, Lay, Bianci (B&F), Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Late: Deepak, Rivera Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Zamora, Deepak, Xie, Fluet, Rosas-Romero

Amaha motion to suspend orders of the day, go into appointments and confirmations.


Amaha motion to confirm any members or alternates of EPPC.

Shilpa Banik

Benci-Woodward she’s awesome, look forward to working with her.

Deepak what direction do you want to take EPPC in?

Banik spread more awareness about what UCD students can do to contribute to what we’re trying to do?

Zamora how did you hear about ASUCD and what brought you to EPPC in particular?

Banik looking for a job on ASUCD website, saw EPPC looking for more members.


Amaha resume orders of the day, return to officer reports.


Amaha, Harris, Molnar, Frick, Peake, Friedman, Ajlouny

Media Board Rep: Xie

Internet and Networking Committee Rep: Zamora


Amaha motion to consider SB #38. Molnar object, want to approve past meetings minutes, withdraw.

Author’s Comments Laabs I’ve tried to introduce this several times, basically takes bad section of bylaws on ballot measures and recalls. Normally when I try to do this, just repairs, but organization so bad I rewrote it so people can understand it. People doing ballot measures should understand the process to do it. Everything was out of order, this is an attempt to simplify it.

Peake did you change any of the content or just reorganized?

Laab lengthened amount of time from two weeks to four weeks for collecting signatures. All of you ran for Senate, imagine one thousand signatures. Also made it easier to combine measures onto regular elections to save money.

Commission Recommendation

Powers we really took a close look at this bill, somewhat intimidated when three pages of new text. Section G was lengthened from three to six days, one thing we really recommended. If we used same formula for day per 32.25 signatures, would take 47 days. Seems reasonable for amount of signatures needed to be verified, should have ample time to do that. Read over it to make sure it’s clear. Abstentions were due to absence.

Public Discussion

Molnar when are you going to erect a constitutional amendment about this?

Friedman I wrote it and emailed it to Laabs. It will be introduced next week.

Mikalonis looked over this in IAC, one thing that confused me. Lines 52 and 53 are clear. Lines 64: is SGAO going to have to check these names…?

Rivera amendment on line 56.

Peake don’t want to make it easier for me to be recalled, but I see no reason to not pass this. Motion move into senate discuss.

Friedman object would like to hear from elections committee.

Peake withdraw.

Flick last time I peaked at bylaws, I was extremely confused and going to propose that somebody fix them. Rare we’re going to have this, but this makes it much easier for me as a committee member. Peake contention on promise that Brent Laabs will not recall me, move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Friedman I will be introducing a constitutional amendment, right now thinking of lowering it to one thousand signatures needed to recall someone rather than eight percent. Eight percent is some nineteen hundred people, huge task to achieve. Think one thousand represents good share of population, five percent has been recommended, just want to throw that out. Has the election committee ever seen a recall or initiative, has there been a problem verifying the names?

Flick don’t think we’ve seen one, but we verify twenty five percent of one hundred twenty five signatures, reasonable to see this shared among people to get them verified. Doable, definitely within six days.

Harris curious about passing a bill without making amendments first.

Molnar wondering why we can do this without making CA for 8 percent, or will CA change bylaws and constitution?

Laabs constitution automatically overrides bylaws, but we will have to go back to change later. Should be quick and easy. About recall coming up, apparently never been recall since Mark Champagne worked here, some got close, got Ackerman to resign, not really come up before. Either you’re doing a good job or no one cares. Hopefully the former.

Frick do you have to explain to people when you’re getting these signatures? What all do you have to explain, takes a lot of time?

Laabs part of time extension, it’s on paperwork, but yeah you’ll have to explain what they’re signing like in elections.

Deepak does constitutional amendment have to be made before the elections? We have to submit a CA, so essentially that’s necessary before election. Two weeks. Brilliant plan, call to question.

DO CONFIRM, 12-0-0, SB #38


Amaha motion approve past meeting’s minutes as amended.

Do Approve 12-0-0, Minutes January 11.


Zamora about the whole CFC applications, another way to get involved with ASUCD in another way, if you didn’t know we give them a grant to give out that money, so sitting on board you decide how money is allocated. I planned on doing it, maybe after senate if anyone else wants to do it with me…

Markevich regarding EAC confirmation earlier, I heard a lot of people talking about how Mr. Ostrowski would be becoming part of this association or working with this association. Want to say every student who pays his/her fees is a member of this association, we often lose sight of that. That said, he spends as much time as many of us on this floor, writing/supporting legislation, think he was obviously qualified for this position. I thank madam vice president, disappointed that the tie-breaking vote was necessary.

Xie want sign up sheet for table tomorrow. Didn’t vote for Ostrowski, don’t want anyone who will print my picture on internet and distribute it without my permission. Totally improper to have someone who does this representing students.

Cole from CalPirg believe special interest money dominates politics to hurt regular people, we’re holding meeting next week, watch movie about all the money lobbied in congress and then same people take advantage of conflict in Iraq. Also if you’re interested in group in general, sign up here.

Vice President Carnes forgot to mention, had meeting about Speed Mixer Event. Wanted to commend George for being open minded, making it a more inclusive event. Made possibilities more endless, find a date, find a friend, etc. Remind you turn in pro/con statements with legislation. Also remind you we have checks and balances in ASUCD for ASUCD officials, if anyone not happy with performance of anyone employee of ASUCD, that person can be removed if deemed necessary.

Friedman I was the one that said about association, I meant student government. Miss Fluet I would hope you might bring up that tailgating issue with the athletics director, mentioned we were meeting tomorrow.

Ajlouny held office hours in library, in front of stairs and asked people if I could move table in front of stairs and had a big poster. Had over two hundred people ask me things, half of them I could not answer, so I gave them my logic from my experiences. I held over fifteen hours of office this week. I don’t mind people voicing different opinions, when someone disagrees with what you think it doesn’t mean you start shouting out. I felt disrespected when I was trying to say something good about Ostrowski, have someone shout out. Show respect.

Deepak talking about student fees, found out a few senators are not part of CalPirg! You should register with that, it works WITH us. I’ll work on you guys later. I think we should all just respect each other, everyone has right to opinions. Peake I voted the way I did, explained it, nothing more to say.

Laabs Lobby Corp got their first release in yahoo news, agree with Pete that all people who pay dues are full members. Some members don’t get to vote in elections, and all ASUCD members should have the right to serve as officials. But some members actually don’t, and that’s bullshit.

Mikalonis I think at least one senator has not announced where they’re holding senate hours next week, think they need to do that to follow new bylaws.

Zamora motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 8:03 pm.

Faithfully submitted,

Bobby Gray ASUCD Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission