University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 25, 2007 6:00 p.m., Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:01pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Late: Rosas-Romero, Rivera Absent: Holloway


Amaha all legislation has been signed by the president.


SB #47 An ASUCD Senate Bill to require that KDVS and The California Aggie invite all competing Campaign Executives to an impartial interview before they are able to endorse candidates and/or ballot issues in any ASUCD election.

SB #48 An ASUCD Senate Bill to appropriate $7,596.38 from the Equipment Replacements Reserve for the purpose of purchasing a new tent cover for the Whole Earth Festival.

SB #49 An ASUCD Senate Bill to allocate $200 to the ASUCD Stop Hunger, Why Wait? Rally on February 27th, 2007.

SB #50 An ASUCD Senate Bill to amend the ASUCD Bylaws to reform the Committee on Student-Police Relations.

CA #21 A constitutional amendment to reduce the required number of signatures required to initiate a ballot measure recall election or referendum.


Reagan CalPIRG pledge drive twenty two hundred pledges remain, twenty percent of campus needed. Would be horrible to see CalPIRG slip through our fingers, been working on a lot. Spread this word, more so in order to have successful drive need everyone to commit some hours as soon as possible. Hosting pledge trainings all through next week in MU 360 first training Mon, Tue, Wed 11,3,6 and second training Thur 11, 3, 6, Fri, Sat 11 and 3. Pass out sign up sheet.

Savaree-Ruess save Unitrans campaign looking for donations, donation sheet (suggested two dollars). Want to make sure we get enough word out to get the twenty percent we need to get Unitrans its money.

Deepak make sure we support CalPIRG, very diverse needs that do represent us (like text book affordability). We all come together and help them out. Motion move public announcements.

Peake object for Mikalonis.

Deepak withdraw.

Mikalonis newspaper on Monday, Saturday was third bloodiest day for US troops. Most killed in helicopter were in their thirties to forties, parents.

Zamora move into public announcements.


Lay this Saturday 11-1 project compost is offering free workshops, go home with free worms and a bin.

Zamora tomorrow is an annual winter ball benefit, free to attend ARC ballroom 8:30. Setting up donations, 100% proceeds will be towards Sacramento ww2 veterans’ fund. Everyone welcome, $10 minimum donation, just requested. RSVP through me.

Friedman tonight 7:30 comedy show coffee house, Israeli guy talking about his life/time there. Encourage members of the public to attend that. Commend Mikalonis for reading names, reality check.

Vice President Carnes Women of Color Conference planning committee looking for volunteers. 2007 student recognition awards, has nomination form. Interested in forming selection committee talk to me, looking for students for that.

Weinstein tomorrow 6-8 UCD gospel choir fundraiser for world war children’s fund. Raffle for lift tickets, tickets for event are in freeborn for $5.

Burston March 10 and 11 around 200 UC students for conference on student initiated academic preparation money. Incur we use this money for grants for orgs, good if our A.S. was involved, many from other A.S.’s. Regardless of what might have gone down, other UC’s do like us… attended their conference last quarter and really interested in having conference at UCD. Like to see participation by ASUCD.

Vice President Carnes is there a way to sign up?

Burston still getting agenda and flyers together...


Minutes are approved.


Amaha motion to confirm any members/alternates of GASC.

Jennifer Baltich

Cokely has served full fall quarter, excited to have her back.

Peake past few years GASC has thrown some amazing events, how do you plan to continue this tradition and keep them accessible to all students?

Baltich I feel our events are very accessible to students, would like to promote it more outside of the UCD body, a lot of events can benefit all of Davis in general.

Rosas-Romero do you have any ideas for programming that would address intersections of identity? I.e. ethnicity, culture, sexuality and how they come together.

Baltich a lot of programs already do, race, religion, etc. comes into gender and sexuality a lot.

Friedman do you think distributing condoms in the MU is a good use of GASC’s time?

Baltich I strongly promote condoms everywhere, proponent of safe sex and that’s maybe not promoted enough on campus.

Friedman what more can be done?

Baltich HEP helps a lot, I’m going to be wearing a shirt with them for Ask me for a Condom Week, more in dorms, etc.


Amaha motion to confirm any members of the court.

Russell Manning, Dell Bonner, Tiffany Setters

Peake these are all great candidates, all three have passion for law. Articulate, great people for making sure that association stays fair and honest.

Deepak where do you want to take the court in the upcoming months?

Bonner I don’t think a new justice on a court is really best person to decide where to take the court, court is more independent arbiter to decide cases brought to it. More the role of the senate to decide where the court goes.

Manning no idea at this point.

Setters agree with Dell, really think that the court is a cooperative body, my opinion affects the other justices, but job of entire court to decide where it goes.

Harris what sparked your interest in the court?

Manning always been interested in judicial issues, started one up in high school, something always interested.

Bonner I like philosophy, like thinking critically and rationally. Want to go to law school. Additionally interested in judicial things, took class about court, want to get involved see what it’s like.

Setters plan to go to law school, pre-law frat, I hope to make actions the senate does that may come into question a little more ironclad so that we’re clear on our position so that ASUCD and UCD can be respected organizations.

Powers congratulations. What is your concept of judicial review? Where do you see the court functioning within the rest of the association?

Bonner again go back to independent arbiter, liberalism as an ideology, that we’re independent to decide disputes. Judicial review is the idea that higher body of law (constitution) that must be respected at all times. Job of arbiter to decide how to resolve disputes over this.

Manning job of court to be a part of checks and balances in student government. Make sure that each legislation coincides with the actual ASUCD constitution. Duty to keep all of our issues relevant to ASUCD and its constitution.

Setters needs to be system of checks and balances, also way for ASUCD to issue an opinion that everyone in the student body can agree with.

Powers as someone who sat on court and argued before it, nice to see people who have clear idea of laws etc. Urge speedy passage.

Zamora have you read through ASUCD bylaws and constitution in its entirety?

Bonner constitution yes, not verbatim the entire seventy eight pages of bylaws.

Manning read constitution, skipped through parts of bylaws.

Setters same: started bylaws last quarter, so don’t quiz me too hard on them.

Friedman so bylaw 400 1B… j/k. One comment about all candidates that they all seemed very level headed, put emotions aside to independently make determination like in a conflict, definitely great candidates. I apologize I don’t have a question, wanted to make that comment.



Amaha motion to move into ex-officio reports.


Rivera, Cokely, Lay, Khan, Dardik, Benci-Woodward, Markevich


Carnes, Zamora, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Xie, Zamora

Ajlouny motion ten minute break.

Molnar object can we finish? Withdraw.

Vice President Carnes be back at 7:16.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:16.

XIII. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Deepak, Ajlouny

Internet Networking Committee: Zamora Media Board Representative: Xie


Amaha motion to consider SR #9.

Author’s Comments

Pham textbooks coordinator for CalPIRG, text books are very expensive. You spend hundreds each quarter. Right now unique opportunity, legislation written by CalPIRG that requires text book companies to disclose prices and how long books will be on the market for professor. Right now publishers push more expensive books to professor without telling price. Also to stop bundling, where you have to pay for multiple items together when you don’t necessarily need all of them.

Xie upcoming legislation about this, we just want to have that we advocate on its behalf so they can have that extra bit of ammo. We’ve been doing our homework, working hard, this resolution is one more thing to help us out.

Commission Recommendation

Lay didn’t see any cons about this, just tries to save students money. Few changes, don’t see them here, will bring them up during public discussion.

Markevich first time we saw this tabled it, saw again on Monday and liked this version a lot better. Passed unanimously. Pros: text book prices too high, CalPIRG has legislation to lower them. Cons: couple issues that some of the things that resolution complains about as unfair practices are publishers’ rights as a business, but overall we really liked it and passed unanimously.

Public Discussion

Ajlouny line 17-18 line 23-25 resources for those?

Pham states in lines 4-6.

Ajlouny line 21 saying old textbooks discouraging… any way to reword this? Old books become obsolete, they could still be used even with a few content changes. Lines 41-42 could we rephrase saying whereas these factors include… and therefore… like a factorial. Do you get what I’m saying, any of the authors?

Powers over the last few summers worked as supervisor in junior college bookstore. I learned: 1) books in boxes are very heavy. 2) book prices are absurd, working there you see just how bad these are. As professor to get tenure you have you publish, and publishers are very aware of this so like professors to make updates, way to keep their resume fresh and way to keep publishers charging a lot for books. As students we realize it’s difficult to pay for textbooks, supporting this legislation is important I think it’s something we should do. This is a consensus issue; I think all parties can agree it’s in best interest of students.

Frick this is SR 9. Line 27 also clarify in resolution what exactly referring to in.

Friedman argument for that particular clause exists in 30-32.

Frick maybe we should combine those for clarification, but that’s totally up to you. Just from an outside view for clarity.

Peake I see no reason not to pass this, I’ve heard one argument “this isn’t very good for publishers.” I wasn’t elected to represent the publishers, I was elected to represent the students; it’s the students who are getting screwed.

Ostrowski line 27-49 is almost entirely new from EAC, basically half of this resolution wasn’t seen by this commission. We nitpicked this, trying to get most correct language in there, then half of it is reorganized.

Friedman apologize to EAC, AAC was not very happy with the status of the legislation when AAC saw it, took that into consideration and rewrote it to satisfy AAC without removing content that was in the first bill seen by EAC. AAC felt original form was too vague, so we added specific incidences. I guess my question is are you not happy with the current form of the bill?

Ostrowski upcoming legislation dealing with that, when one commission passes it and then the next commission radically changes it. When one half of resolution is radically changed, it kinda weirds me out. Theme of this bill is good and everything, all changes made kinda weird me out. A lot of these changes made—I heard a lot of objections in EAC being over political to publishers, much modification made for those statements. And now that’s not really there anymore. Despite that I think you guys should pass it.

Lay it’s true, we changed a lot and added a few facts; I don’t see anything here resembling what we changed. I don’t have any qualms with it now, but it’s true nothing we changed is here.

Ostrowski I didn’t vote on this anyway because I wasn’t on EAC, but it still just kinda weirds me out.

Deepak wondering if someone going to clarify House Leaders. Also want to know if someone contacted publishers deal about bundling, to know if it’s publishers deal or campus deal. Will being sold separately actually reduce it and how significantly?

Xie think you’re trying to say maybe they’re bundling it to make them cheaper, and maybe you can buy the things separately. I’ve never seen that and what government accountability and our research have showed that it’s just a rip off. They don’t offer workbook and CD’s separately so you can buy what professor says, they bundle it because they know parts are unnecessary and you have to buy it all.

Deepak what about the House Leaders? Are we going to clarify that further? I know some professors use CD’s, a chemistry professor in Virginia did this but we’re in California now.

Stafford according to some studies by PIRG from nationwide, consistent that 80-90 percent of professors who have bundled books don’t use the supplemental materials.

Lay l 31. Example in commission brought up UCLA passing similar resolution and ended up saving like ten percent on their books.

Friedman want to apologize some of that got taken out. Do you have any specific things put in?

Lay no, and I’m fine the way it is. If you think it’s stronger with that fact or not, I’m fine with it regardless.

Friedman about bundling…

Markevich about word obsolete, the way old editions made obsolete is changing homework problems around and changing order of chapters so makes it harder for professors to teach with newer books. Regarding house leaders, I would propose strike them and add speaker of CA state assembly, President pro tempore of CA state senate, majority and minority leaders of assembly and senate.

Ajlouny on obsolete thing, wouldn’t that be a whole set of new data? You can’t say every book made new the questions are made different, I know a lot of chemistry books are basically same down the line. Not all the books are going to change, not even that much content just do the same with old books. If you could reword this, or anyone else, just so it’s not “obsolete” that would be perfect.

Markevich I agree content changes minimal, but the fact they change it around makes it hard for professors to teach class and for students to follow. I think the word obsolete is valid.

Carnes “discouraging purchase and use of old editions” might please everyone but I’m not against or for any changes.

Cokely I own three organic chemistry text books, if I could do anything to not own three I would, but I can’t sell the old ones and had to buy a new one because two or three years after professor printed fourth edition he printed a fifth. Same has happened for pretty much all of my science classes, something that happens a lot and exactly what Pete said, they change it all around so you just can’t keep up using the old one.

Frick they also combine books into one edition, or separate one into two, definitely doing that in some of my classes. Without actually changing what’s said, they just splice so you can’t sell back your old books.

Cokely please, if anyone wants the organic chemistry books, I don’t want to see them again.

Zamora I like the strength of the word obsolete. Like that quick amendment idea of Carnes, amend l 21. Move into senate discussion.

Ajlouny object, withdraw.

Molnar wanted to make some motions to add for distribution. Also add UC president Dynes and board of regents chairmen.

Fluet this resolution has been thoroughly researched, two commissions, need to be passed speedily. Think we’re going roundabout talking about diction that’s too strong.

Rosas-Romero definitely think this is a wonderful way to go, any step towards making things more affordable we’re increasing retention (a lot of people just struggle with fees and rent). Not everyone privileged enough to pay for new books all the time (lot of classes only have new books).

Harris I think we all agree, point of this is to communicate our concerns. Looking at dialogue is important, fact we’re sending professional letter… lines 30-32 talking about CalPIRG receiving reports that reps encourage expensive products, offering gifts etc, I don’t feel that part is necessary. Think legislation we’re supporting will deal with that indirectly; don’t think this is as friendly nor professional as it could be.

Friedman I see your point, this is a fact though. We got this from CalPIRG packet, and I think it shows that they’re giving incentives to make sure professors buy expensive products so we have to pay the higher prices. In order for them to wake up, they need to see this. I would personally rather keep it in.

Harris I definitely support the strong dialogue, other thing is it doesn’t mention this concept. Strong statement, can’t just have it as one issue, should be included in therefore clause also.

Xie I love that we are nitpicking this, do think that when it comes down to this it’s going to be one of many tools used by our advocates. When they hand it over, they’re going to look to see ASUCD passed it too and with all other actions and reports. Less them reading this line for line, because this isn’t standing alone, this is part of large bundle of info so I don’t think specific wording of this legislation is as important.

Harris I hear that, my suggestion is maybe we want to expand on what we want to happen with that. Thanks for your input.

Peake think we need to look at big picture, add sending it to the student regents. Start telling them what we’re doing.

Xie line 38-42 therefore it be resolved that the ASUCD Senate supports upcoming legislation…

Peake motion changes read by Xie. Call to question.

Friedman object for one amendment

Peake withdraw

Friedman add Allen Corbay and Louis Wolk to be distributed to.

Vice President Carnes would it be good idea to let other A.S.’s know about this?

Friedman motion five minute recess.

Vice President Carnes be back at 8:14.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:14 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Friedman call SR #9 to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SR #9

Amaha motion to consider SB #43.

Author’s Comments

Molnar happy it made it through commission, don’t think we should argue this. Just changed order because there were too many b’s in the subsection.

Commission Recommendation

Rivera please take no longer than five minutes on this bill.

Public Discussion

Zamora there are so many problems with this bill, move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Peake call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB #43

Amaha motion to consider SB #45.

Author’s Comments

Dardik had meeting couple weeks ago to assess current computer needs. This bill is straightforward. Getting total of seven iMac computers, iMacs come pretty standard. Alex going to be maintaining them, he is an apple expert. One scanner for Whole Earth Festival going to be sharing with EC. One printer for senate office, going for duplex printer good for saving paper, one in there works is really old. Better to bundle this all together so we don’t have many separate things going through.

Zamora mentioned these in my report last week, did mention all iMacs, why we chose iMacs (apple) is increased robustness against spyware etc. Public use computer, more susceptible to those threats making apple better choice. IMacs more compact, don’t have to worry about tower in crowded senate office, all have upgraded memory to help longevity. Only debate mentioned so far is the need for senate office computers. Reflect sentiment prevalent in meeting, we were also kind of iffy about buying comps for senate office. Went ahead and threw on bill, maybe somewhat up for discussion.

Rivera l 31 and 32, going about in environmentally friendly way.

Commission Recommendation

Dardik one commissioner voted no but gave no reason, think he just wanted roll call vote. I abstained because I’ll be using computer, but actually I won’t because I’m going to be gone. Just want to be politically correct I guess. Really urge for speedy go through.

Public Discussion

Xie don’t think we need three new ones. Maybe just two or three. One on the left works, minor problem with one on the third. All we really do on those is use internet, word, and sometimes excel. Let me know if you prefer two or one or three, I’m of the one crowd right now.

Peake if we only bought one computer it would save 2.5K of student fees, don’t feel comfortable buying myself a computer to surf the internet with student fees.

Xie I’m of one crowd, maybe persuaded if they can fax food to me or something.

Molnar amendment: change to only one iMac for senate office. Two computers work and one doesn’t, why do we need three? I’d like to save money, this is a way to save two thousand dollars.

Public Discussion

Markevich think computer on the right isn’t working, we should get two instead of one. We are saving money, don’t need to get three.

Deepak why did INC think three computers would serve the office? Buying two good for exchange of parts, etc.

Zamora believe this sentiment we were also iffy as a committee, wanted to leave this up to you. To be honest, knew that it was possible to get three, also possibility that you’d want less. As a committee we weren’t opposed to lowering it. They can speak on that themselves.

Deepak do you know if Alex Park felt that the farthest computer could be fixed?

Zamora they’re fixable, just a matter of doing it. Other problem is they just break all the time, always finding ways to screw themselves up.

Deepak know they’re both leaving this quarter, don’t know if there are other senators who can fix them routinely. Also don’t know if we need to buy this Microsoft office… motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Frick wanted to bring up fact that we’re all only spending two hours in senate office per week, know I’m getting into habit of bringing my laptop. Think it makes sense to buy one so we have three workstations, money doesn’t need spent on me because I got a nice computer from Santa. Less time spent in office, don’t really need these.

Lay I’m in favor of three. When you buy, eventually the other ones are going to die anyways. If you’re going to use old computers for parts and they die, can’t even use them for parts. Might as well get all new computers that will last.

Friedman other people including commissions use computers, legislative office. Off bat I think we should stay with three: coming from capital reserves with like one million dollars, ten thousand out of this. It’s in a savings account just sitting there, maybe accumulation of student fees over years caused this to exist. This is why we have capital reserves. Student government is also a unit, think we should be willing to invest in this senate and future senates. We’re going to have to get computers sometime, we have a million dollars in there… maybe two okay, can have workstations in there… think whole office needs redone. I’d be happy with two, I’d prefer to have three. I think we should have three, let’s not be in the cheap in here.

Frick before we jump into the whole idea of buying three, capital reserves is still not money coming off of trees.

Rivera question for anyone: if we’re not using capital reserves for this kind of need, what are we using it for?

Ajlouny a concern was that computers really old and fixable, they’re going to keep breaking down and bugging people. If we only get one computer, people will be fighting for that computer. It’s already feisty on third floor.

Markevich some people like PC’s.

Rivera if people really hate the Mac operating system, Alex can opt to put windows on them. Also as Marvin said, Mac operating system is less prone to viruses.

Harris curious if you guys had a number of some amount we’d get back from parts? (It’s negligible…)

Fluet agree with Eric, feel we should have three. Willing to go to two, one is just because of cleanliness of office anyway. Macs will have cleaner look. CCC computer lab easier to get around because of Macs. Safer because of lack of cords, agree with two for more workspace. On table talking about ourselves, we won’t be here as much but more people are in there each day. Some people getting so many more interns who are researching, commissions getting busier. Whole Earth Festival is getting three, we’re doing as much work.

Rivera way it works we’re trying to sell it to bargain barn. If they don’t take it, Creative Media will use it for spare parts.

Fluet about Alex Parks, he’s taking care of these computers many times all day. If he likes Macs we should give it to him.

Dardik no one in B&F is going to use these computers, and they’re fine with this. Even if we get those PC’s fixed up, they’re so prone to viruses. Inconvenient when we’re trying to get something done. The money is to be considered, but B&F already considered it. Macs will be virus safe, cleaner, etc. Urge you to fail this amendment.

Zamora all valid points. I also urge you all to keep it at three. Call amendment to question.

Peake object—I want to speak.

5-7 vote, question not called.

Zamora agree this is long term investment

Rivera I know personally I don’t operate on a million dollar budget. Two thousand is a lot of me to imagine, more than my bank account. But keep in mind we are in a million dollar scale.

Markevich how many times has leftmost computer caused problems?

Zamora we didn’t ask that directly, in my experience left one has always been good. Right one half alive, middle one always dead.

Amaha I was against at first, I see it as long term, keep it with the three. Less time Alex Park is messing with our computers he can be fixing other students.’

Peake sorry for holding this up. But I’m very much in this. We use these for two things: research on internet, and write bills. Don’t need an expensive computer for this. Two k might not be a lot for this, but last week a commission tried to save like two hundred dollars. Like powers said, it’s the little things. This going to save 2500 dollars, not needed right now.

Xie we have a million dollars and this is what it’s for. Hopefully if I have a computer that’s working, I’m not going to say “just cuz this might die in a couple years, might as well buy a new one.” I’ve never seen one of them have a problem, I love it and it loves us. Let’s get a new computer when it shows signs of being sick. I won’t fight you for the computer, all I need is word and internet.

Peake fiscal responsibility is the same when you have a million, ten million, ten cents. WEF and EC had computers that worked for their purpose. These are working for their purpose. Point on looking cleaner, I like clean office but I don’t think clean office is worth 2.5k dollars.

Fluet in relation to CCC office, senators office should look somewhat professional.

Peake we should clean it up, unrelated. IMacs not going to change it significantly. Call this amendment to question.

4-8-0 amendment fails

Molnar motion to amend it to two computers, change accompanying amounts.

Author’s Comments

Molnar I don’t see need for new computers, if we have one that’s working. Run it down until it blows it up, there could always be a price decrease in future.

Public Discussion

Deepak quote from my X-Country coach, buy your running shoes in pairs. You don’t want to wear and tear them down. Think one was a bit too little, I do think that three could be excessive because two of four office hours outside. We have one working computer, if we use that if it breaks down have laptop station and people can bring in own computers or do paperwork. Allows flexibility for maintenance, check up and parts exchange. I do think that two is a good strong number, b-ball players also buy two shoes at once.

Friedman I would still be against just two. I understand aggie is here, fiscal responsibility, but we’re investing in future of senate office. I can’t believe we’re arguing over, we’re getting us something (sounds shady I know) but we’re getting something to benefit us and we could use it for our the right purposes. If you guys are adamantly opposed to that I’m okay, but throw it back to you guys.

Deepak can’t disagree with you anymore. Think two is good strong number, I don’t see three as better. Most of time I’m in there, at least one is available. People also bring their own laptops in.

Lay stick with three for three reasons: 1) don’t save money, computers eventually die. Spend it now, or in two or three years and we’re still spending the money. 2) gives the bargain barn a computer. We’re giving them another that they could probably use, if we don’t buy three they don’t get one. 3) best mind for future.

Deepak bookstore has doubled in sales for laptops. If you’re carrying your laptop around campus, future is in laptops. I think two is still right number. Especially if this does die, we can always use pen and paper which is old man’s computer.

Lay no wireless access in senate office. Either invest in wireless routing system in senate office which could cost same amount as computer, or get desktops.

Powers in relation to Peake’s three hundred, that was out of operating budget and I’m firm believer in balancing operating budget. But we can look at capital reserves as investing in future. But Molnar says running things until they die, marine corps run the same Chinook helicopters since Vietnam and they’re shit. Third point: senate office itself, if this is where you’re doing business, office of senate, 23k students trusting their voice. Should have computers that run efficiently, office not look like garbage, people should be acting professionally. Having a dead computer reflects on senate as whole that you don’t care about the equipment you use, and means you don’t care about the students. Don’t care if that’s true or not.

Xie the computer on the left works fine, it’s my friend. Replacing it with a Mac doesn’t increase my efficiency because it just confuses me. It’s indulgent to replace it now when it’s fine now. I will vote no with three, let’s pass it with two.

Powers if we were to look at it now, imagine on a larger scale. Like real government, wouldn’t that being Washington DC make people say wow? Investing 2k out of a million to look professional seems little.

Vice President Carnes from an historical perspective I think I’ve been here longest, senate intern, commissioner, chair. Left computer I don’t remember any problems, other two have always had problems. Always people in SGAO using the computer because senate office computers bad. People in exec office, have to let my exec staff use my computer all the time. I think new computers need bought, large problem right now, we do feel the effect at other ends of office. Now one is broken in exec office even so we only have one.

Powers if senate to allocate for these computers, maybe functioning one can be moved into exec office. Think that’s responsible and accomplishes everyone’s goal.

Markevich I like Powers’ idea, I’d prefer to keep functioning PC in senate because some people more comfortable with that, maybe we can discuss giving exec office new iMac in future.

Rivera “obsolete.”

Harris want informal vote on who would vote for two and who for three.

Rosas-Romero I’m down for two or three. Like Ravi’s idea of giving to exec office, also want to mention that you can always bring laptops. But have to consider there are people who don’t own laptops, such as interns, commissioners, or even senators.

Zamora about getting three just for exec office, seems shady just earmarking one for exec office. We considered this for senate office, not exec office.

Deepak it would be old one moving…

Zamora let’s discuss the three in front of us right now. When we buy these, you can install Windows. In regards to working computer, you have to conceptualize more than just one person working on that computer every day, we don’t restart it and over time just during the day it gets slower. Especially because memory is not as high. Also issue to data because hard drive could die at any moment, lot of people careless save directly to hard drive. These may be moot points, just want to lay them out.

Rosas-Romero trying to be fiscal responsible, but given amount in capital this is a good investment.

Rivera going to say this one last time: Alex Park’s and INC opinion to get three. Also Zamora works at med school as computer technician, knows his stuff.

Rosas-Romero call amendment to question.

5-7-0 amendment fails

Molnar on line 36 let’s add another row for exec office and take away one from senate office.

Vice President Carnes when I said we need one, I’m not trying to overstep INC nor propose you give me one, I really think we should go through due process and proper channels. B&F and INC approved this for senate office. Fact is just that computers are a huge problem on the third floor.

Molnar I just don’t like iMacs. Move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Rosas-Romero call to question.

Deepak object—want small amendment to line 28.

Rosas-Romero withdraw.

Deepak I think this could be a happy medium, where we say in line 31 all old equipment that is replaced will be taken to bargain barn or put to exec office or taken to creative media. So they have option if they think they can use it, we do need extra computers. Doesn’t say they can’t later give it away and get a new iMac.

Rosas-Romero do you want me to make that amendment?

Rivera I’d be fine if you don’t imply that exec office is using spare parts.

Rosas-Romero motion five minute break.

Vice President Carnes be back at 9:24.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 9:24.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Cokely (GASC), Benci-Woodward Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Rosas-Romero made amendment. FYI Alex Park is certified for Macs, we could ask for a brief tutorial. Good for us graduating to get a job. Call to question.

Peake object to passing—I said my piece.

DO PASS, 8-4-0, SB #45 No: Frick, Molnar, Peake, Xie

Amaha move back into appointments and confirmations.


Amaha motion confirm any members/alternates of ECAC.

Madisyn Coniglio third year. Sociology major.

Khan been a great vice chair past quarter, on commission last year. Stands for a lot of social justice issues, active on this campus.

Frick what issues that ECAC works on particularly interest you?

Coniglio worked on getting our diversity training again. Want to work on getting ourselves better educated before we continue trying to educate others. Going through training in CCC for better training of commissioners, also want to work on making sure we get safe zone trained, etc.

Zamora what keeps you coming back to ECAC?

Coniglio on IAC for a while, I loved it. Prepared me well with legislation. But something I was missing was programmatic part and working with students. What I really like about ECAC is that we have a lot of students visit us with different issues, we get to work with different groups on campus. Social justice is my passion.


Amaha move into other business.


Amaha email couple days ago, need more senators for science and engineering interview committee.

Ajlouny for head or what?

Amaha members.

Khan needs senators for her interview tomorrow at 11.


Lay inter-mural sports want bowling talked to as many as I could. Just needs lots of people to go into the ARC to request it.

Friedman anyone down for going down to bars afterwards? I’m going to throw that out there, little Prague or something.

Peake want to thank Eric. Contentious debate but we’re all still homies.

Ajlouny I will not be able to attend senate meeting next week, have been over-flooded with things to take care of for school. My apologies. Motion to adjourn. Withdraw.

Gray past-chair Feldman sends his regards. February is “National Freedom to Marry Month” and February 14th is “National Freedom to Marry Day.” Each year there are some people who go to county clerk on this day, request to be married, and are denied based upon same-sex status. Please talk to me if you’re interested in participating in a GASC-ASUCD group attending to show our support.

Zamora if you guys are free tomorrow, please come through. If you want to help a cause, please dance the night away at the ARC ballroom.

Rosas-Romero what if we can’t go? Can we still give money?

Zamora yes. Come through tomorrow 8:30 ARC ballroom.

Markevich as election season heats up I may need to miss a few meetings, will try to ensure AAC always represented in that. I apologize in advance.

Powers feeling a little lonely from ASUCD events Wednesday nights. Come on in this Wednesday here at 8:30 to see Rivera in the defense.

Carnes if you haven’t noticed yet I’m not tolerant of notes being passed or you talking during questions. We invite these people to come, they’ve been through a lot and now drilled in front of Aggie reporter. During appointments and confirmations this will be absolutely unacceptable. Going to say earlier in meeting very efficient, but big turn for worse because so much side talking, etc, very hard. I realize sometimes must talk to neighbor or pass note, but be considerate! Chairs remember to add pros and cons. Also I’m going to work with SGAO to make a list of people we generally send resolutions too. Also media board place for complaints, suggestions, etc about KDVS, Aggie, etc. Complaining here doesn’t work so well. I love you all.

Rosas-Romero on happier note, some of us only have five weeks left as senators. Encourage you to get your work done, I’ve loved being here at the table with you. Enjoy your time and get as much done while you still can.

Amaha very happy to see acknowledgement in Aggie for custodial staff, check it out. Motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 9:42 pm.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission