ASUCD Senate Meeting Thursday, January 4, 2007 6:00 p.m. Mee Room


Vice President Genna Carnes called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Late: Zamora Absent: Molnar


Amaha said all bills except ASUCD SB 28 signed—it had some issues that have been resolved.


Vice President Carnes said no new legislation.


Gray apologizes for missing four sets of minutes; incomplete minutes made available on davis wiki.


Markevich said received letter from Asian American Defense and Education fund. Looking for interns for voting rights, communications, Asian American legal projects, office assistants. Can give flyer with information.


Amaha said last meeting’s minutes not yet available.


Amaha motioned to confirm any members/alternates of AAC; properly seconded without objection.

Chelsea Ming, Christine Pham, Joseph Bleckman

Markevich can we please recess?

Amaha motion five minute recess; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 6:10


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:08 pm.

X. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Xie, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Absent: Molnar


Chelsea Ming, Christine Pham

Markevich said these are two of seven people hired end of last qtr. Others couldn’t make it or are on their way. Outstanding candidates, have been on commission, excited to have them back. Please confirm.

Ajlouny why did you choose to return to AAC?

Ming I enjoyed being in AAC, I feel I helped AAC a lot. Feel student teacher communication is important.

Pham been on since fall of last year, near and dear to my heart. Want to continue working on projects start up excellence in education ceremony.

Zamora what was your greatest accomplishment in the last year?

Pham past quarter had beer vs. wine debate as one of most successful, amazing professors and event was packed.

Ming really liked the beer vs. wine debate.

Rosas-Romero want to say welcome and ask about a resolution passed about having honors program for undergrad majors in L&S. Do you have any plans on following up on that to make sure something happens?

Pham commissioner who authored that works in Letters and Sciences office will be sending those off, keeping us updated on status of each department.

Ming the honors thesis statement needs to be extended to more majors, definitely going to continue working on that.

Markevich we have another commissioner who just got here… if we can add him on?

Michael Wang

Markevich hard working outstanding candidate, urge to confirm him as well.

Ajlouny why did you choose AAC?

Wang feel that at university academics is important part of student agenda, need more communication between faculty and students.

Zamora what do you feel was your greatest achievement with AAC in past year?

Wang didn’t take too much credit, but very proud of whole student body coming together for getting General Assembly through senate.

Rosas-Romero resolution passed to add more honors thesis programs, do you plan to follow up with that?

Wang definitely, general agreement that different majors had many differences, want uniform accessibility to honors thesis. Definitely want to continue that agenda.


Amaha motion move into unit director reports; properly seconded without objections


Entertainment Council (Emily Tung)

Some of you I’ve met, others not. I’m excited to meet work with you. Flyers being passed with upcoming events. [talked about each event, dance party of the year encouraging ASUCD officers to auction selves off…]. If you know sponsors who might bring their products to big event, we’d definitely like that.

Other EC events in works trying to collaborate with Mondavi for more movies, Rocky Horror Picture Show in March, booking quad shows for Spring… want to really utilize quad this spring because many facilities very difficult to book. One really big spring concert with this big band, but staff wants to survey.

Really glad to be able to be part of EC, and director. Biggest challenge is promoting events for good turnout, I feel like lately been slow turnout (currently down two staff members, shortage of promotion ideas, shortage of people giving word out) so I highly encourage all in this room to tell people about events even if you’re not going. On a campus this big one of main things that keep us afloat is word of mouth. This is strongest thing to keep campus cohesive. Currently gotten lot of pressure from ARC Ballroom and Cal Aggie Host, two days before show keep us from putting on shows, don’t enumerate what steps we have to take. If something does come up with ARC Ballroom I need your support to make sure we can put events there, because it is clear they don’t want us having anything there. They don’t feel Ballroom is place for concerts or musical acts, they need to know that we are responsible that the facility is a part of us and that we have the right to be there.

Also currently working on senate bill for new film projector for Campus Cinema.

Peake dealing with Aggie Host, what specifically could we do to help you in this?

Wange Aggie Host bad at predicting things, feel like whole system needs reorganized, figure out ways to streamline campus events, economically and swiftly have things prepared. We’re not told what we’re supposed to do, we end up missing things we’re not told about. We need more communication and more policy.

Fluet if we have bands that haven’t worked with you but want to, shall we just send them to you?

Wang we are always looking for new musicians, we always want to add them in.

Ajlouny for February 13 if frats sponsored by Monster Energy drinks would you be able to collaborate with them?

Wang as much as I respect greek life and the pan-hellenic and IFC I feel like this is something EC and ASUCD can take on itself, something we all need to work together to put on by ourselves. If we can successfully put on something like this by ourselves, it could really boost ASUCD image.

Vice President Carnes thank you, if any of you have suggestions you all know where to find her.

Amaha motion move into ex officio reports; properly seconded without objection.


Rivera, Lay, Markevich, Dardik, Feldman, Khan


Carnes (1st campus safety meeting went well, first event on 17th free self defense workshop, working on contacting people from CVS and other groups about having night events at night)

Zamora, Deepak, Xie, Peake, Fluet, Rosas-Romero, Amaha, Ajlouny, Friedman, Frick, Harris


Harney said case 35 going to be settled outside of court, four new cases been submitted just waiting for proper papers to go through SGAO. Hopefully have opinion case 34 to be available Monday, someone will be here following Thursday to read it publicly. Looking forward to exec office setting new justices before you.

Markevich any timetable for new chief justice?

Harney prerogative of executive.

Friedman do you have all positions filled on court?

Harney currently only five members of nine.


Amaha need senator and commission chair for EPPC chair interviews Monday at 2. Peake and Feldman

Friedman motion to reenter appointments/confirmations; properly seconded without objection.


Amaha motion confirm any members/alternates of AAC; properly seconded without objection.

Yoni Sassoon freshman on campus, undeclared L&S major.

Markevich decided to hire him as alternate, excited to have him as part of commission. Great candidate, urge speedy confirmation.

Ajlouny why did you choose AAC?

Sassoon looking way to get involved in ASUCD, AAC way to influence not only my time here on campus but also other kids’ times. Being able to represent students in front of whole school seemed very interesting.

Zamora how did you hear about apps for AAC, any relevant experience from high school?

Sassoon heard about it from Friedman, was excited to be involved in ASUCD. My experience from high school was in a seminar learning how to write UN resolutions and UN procedures, relevant for me as AAC just recently passed a resolution.


Amaha motion move into second public discussion; properly seconded without objection.


Peake will be holding office hours m/w 10-12.

Harms glad everyone had good break, just quarterly SGAO reminder that senators need to attend one commission per week, all seven by end of quarter. Also meet with each of adopted units once per quarter. Also trying to make website better so we will be meeting with you to give you all username and password so you can update your own pages. Commission Chairs when you come in next week talk to us about rosters so we can keep them all current as possible.

Bleckman sorry about earlier I heard academic and thought you said Academic Senate. Wanted to let all senators know that because I attend regularly if ever any issue you want me to bring up in my committee on Academic Senate I would be glad to, I am here as a resource for you.

Amaha remind you to turn in office hour sheets to SGAO.

Mikalonis last time read off long list of names, want to say December was bloodiest month yet. Have broke 3k Americans dead.

-Moment of Silence in honor of fallen-

Xie another member of AAC arrived

Ostrowski for Tijuana house they completed one house completely as well as concrete foundation for two other structures. Going to try to get them here next week to give presentation about it. Also Academic Senate for Freedom and Responsibility to clarify what they do specific policies concerning academic policies. If student complain about professor that goes elsewhere, this committee scans reports just for academic freedom and makes reports based on that. More about policy than complaints.

Khan nothing to do with ASUCD, but if you’re interested in opening Wells Fargo this month you can get $25…

Rosas-Romero was wondering if anyone interested in working in terms of legislature or advocacy in homeless community. Last quarter was unable to give as much time, like to know that someone else might give their time to help in working on this.

Rivera shout out to my IAC members for coming when they don’t have to, and to Paul because he’s awesome and former IAC chair. Also want to remind people to submit outreach agendas.

Jeff Straw GM of Unitrans, seeking increased funding for system. Did this in 1990 and 99, had committee to help steer campaign. Imagine in next few weeks going to start putting that together, talk to my adopted senator or me if you’re interested.

Friedman like to do some tabling next week maybe we can coordinate our office hours together. If anyone interested talk to me afterwards for next week or something like that.

Lay went to Academic Senate Public Service Committee, doing nominations for public service award for professors. Got it down to six people, have four awards I think. Meeting soon to finalize recipients. Also having interview for commission Thurs 3-5.

Amaha motion to move into appointments/confirmations; properly seconded without objections.


Amaha motion confirm any members/alternates of AAC; properly seconded without objection.

Marcus Tang

Markevich great candidate, please confirm him.

Zamora how did you hear about applying for AAC and what drew you in particular? What relevant experience do you have from high school?

Tang heard about it by looking on wiki. What drew me was that our projects are so relevant to why we are here at Davis. Did lot of community service and leadership in high school.

DO CONFIRM, 11-0-1, MARCUS TANG, ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMISSION Amaha motion to adjourn; properly seconded without objection.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 6:58 pm.

Faithfully submitted,

Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission