ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 2, 2006 5:30 pm, Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Molnar, Rogers, Zamora, Markevich, Vora (B&F), Khan, Paniagua (EPPC), Lay, Feldman Late: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Rivera

Vice President Carnes said we need to elect a temporary pro tempore.

Amaha nominates Rogers, Rogers accepted.

Molnar nominated Amaha, Amaha declined.

Sanders entered meeting late, nominations withdrawn.


Sanders said all previous legislation signed.


SB #21 Authored by Ostrowski, Introduced by Higgins, Referred to IAC. An ASUCD Senate Bill to remove UCSA from our bylaws.

SB #22 Authored by Holloway, Introduced by Salem, Referred to B&F. An ASUCD Senate Bill to supplement the 2006-2007 operating budget.

Vice President Carnes announced that senators introducing legislation must personally turn in legislation.


Laabs said vote for me, I’m running for fake senate. Read a statement about UCSA.

Sanders apologized for being late, for bus incident. Irina not here because had to go to Lost Angeles for family business. Motioned to suspend orders of the day, enter appointments and confirmations; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to confirm any members/alternates of AAC; properly seconded without objections.

Marcus Tang, Monica Dean, Kristianne Rebottaro introduced selves.

Markevich said there were six fantastic applicants; we had to hire only three. I’m excited to work with all three for the upcoming quarter and beyond.

Deepak said hearing about beer and wine lecture, what other sort of lectures or events do you want to see?

Tang said I want to participate more before coming up with ideas, idea of student faculty forums is something I would pursue.

Rebottaro said I attended last night’s activity, it was interesting, and a way to relate with my professor. He (Banforth) was an excellent choice but I don’t have ideas at moment, anything is an excellent decision if other professors could spark interest of other students. I wish to look more into it.

Dean said I want to focus on some events that aren’t so traditional. For example, entomology and techno cultural studies.

Zamora asked what interested you specifically about AAC?

Rebotarro said I’m also a tour guide, and often asked about faculty student ratio. We could improve those relations besides just mentioning the professors’ office hours. I think this helps to take care of new applicant’s concerns, etc.

Tang said I want to get involved with a commission, didn’t get into external affairs. I’m interested in projects they hold that bring professors closer to students and helps to unify the campus as a whole.

Dean said I work with Dan who’s already on commission, he told me about it, I want to work with changing GE’s (College of Letters and Sciences).


Sanders motioned confirm any members/alternates of GASC; properly seconded without objection.

Amanda Peterson, Hyatt Cummings, and Bobby Gray introduced selves.

Feldman said all three applicants show potential in the commission and I urge for speedy confirmations.

Deepak asked where would you like to see GASC go?

Peterson said I want to work for free testing for students and other programs with GASC that are already in place.

Cummings said I want to increase in student involvement. New activism events so that the campus can be involved like Berkeley’s “Hold Hands and Go Red.”

Gray said I think it’s important to realize that GASC is about more than just sex. It is equality for all. Outreach to the community, etc. I want to communicate that, and also to try to find groups that have problems with GASC and try to address those problems in an open, non-confrontational environment.



Derrick Lennox, Lobby Corp. Michelle Shaffie, State and National Affairs

Sanders motioned to suspend the orders of the day, enter presentations; properly seconded without objection.


Jay Ziegler and Tracy Beckwith representing the Yes on K Campaign for Davis.

Ziegler said for Measure K, I want to start by saying it’s easier to be no for any new idea. If you look at Davis, you’ll see 300K people making trips on highways, and this doesn’t make any sense. Ten trips per household just for Target, all of you probably know that need as well. I was helping some students move in, they found Ace and Target ran out of hangers. What does this Target bring? Davis now gets half of its sales tax from the auto mall on I80, other half from retail. This target would provide ten percent more than the existing retail. We are the region leader in lost sales tax. This affects our resources. Sometimes we hear opponents saying it’s only a gain of two dollars per person. This is subtracting revenue from Target store from a project that doesn’t exist. Target produces close to one million from city of Davis, so it loses the most tax dollars. You know difficulty of coming up with new revenue sources. Target will provide 200-250 jobs and benefits, even for people working only twenty hours a week… This use of the site at the Second Street Crossing, zoned for commercial industrial, look at other side of freeway for alternative. City has demanded clean up for this site, environmentally engineered LEED building, reduce energy usage on site. Davis doesn’t have any LEED buildings, as progressive as it is. This Target is consistent with Davis values, we will extend the Unitrans bus line, provide charging station for electric vehicles. Bring other environmental amenities like an open space buffer; by comparison it will be closest set back 200 ft, while current requirement is only 25 ft. This is in sync with Davis values, and more importantly its shopping needs.

Beckwith said I told my family how smart, cool, and well educated students at UCD are. Normally my generation doesn’t know anything about LEED buildings, and opponents talked about it draining the downtown. They say look at Woodland/Dixon: well, we are not Woodland nor Dixon, and it’s because of you. We will always have you (30k students living here). One downtown retailer is paying for ads in the Aggie because her store will probably have its monopoly ended. This is Davis Ace and its prices are already much higher than normal. I say it’s okay for some competition, but otherwise this is really an apples and oranges environment. Social impact: contraceptives. In CA since 2002 you don’t need a prescription for emergency contraceptives. To go into more detail on this policy, taking from their website, they will dispense Plan B contraceptive, if pharmacist has objection they must find other pharmacist or refer to other pharmacy w/in 24 hrs. I’m pro choice, and I feel strongly about it… I also have to respect peoples’ individual religious philosophy, and if you’re truly open minded you can respect that too. Target is able to care for both interests in this way. If you have concerns, I hear you, I understand. I looked, I am ok, and this is not an issue in CA. Also remember that Target is not a Wal-Mart, it will bring in specialty goods aimed at college students. Great fit for our town, we need it raising a family… we need this town sustainable. Auto sales may not always be around.

Deepak asked 1) will the new Target be like 5 minutes away from projected? Another 20 minutes away? 2) Target hasn’t proposed green policy at other sites, are they just doing this to appease us? Is Target itself green or not?

Ziegler said this is the fourth Target LEED building; there are two in Illinois, one in Michigan. It’s the only major retail with LEED buildings, and there are only ten in the world. It is clearly willing to work with local government when requested, more than any national retailer has ever done. End of Road 102, it’s going to be different road, will be Rarget there but doesn’t serve Davis… So, millions of tax dollars will still be going out of Davis. Conscious choice: invest in community or sell tax dollars out.

Beckwith said it will be nineteen miles round trip, and cost 25 million to build the store. Building LEED is not cheap, maybe UC can afford to do it. This fits exactly with what Davis is about.

Vice President Carnes said sorry you are out of time, can you give contact info?

Ziegler said email us at or , that is the best way to contact us and we’ll respond.

Rob Westerguard, fourth generation Davis resident and a UCD graduate. I’m here representing No on K; it’s been a while since I was a student, so to pander students is why I brought Rob Roy. As far as them saying it’s easy to be no on something, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not political or activist. I didn’t get involved because I wanted, but because I had to. I grew up here, have perspective on what makes us who we are. This proposal will not help us improve our city. Yes the site is 19 acre development, 137k sq feet, additional 45k sq ft than for other stores. The store itself is almost two and a half football fields inside, over 2 acres. Put Davis commons inside it 3x over. Not fair to compare opposition to proposal, can’t compare to Davis Commons at edge of downtown, this is at the edge of town. City council is proposing to make new zoning designation. Current limits 30k, 50k for grocery stores. This will be four times the size we currently have in Davis. About ads from Ace Hardware, downtown retailers perspective is that they are not afraid from competition of goods, but they’re worried about higher rent and that Target is given an unfair opportunity in its in size advantage. If built in current zoning, this ordinance makes it apply to only one store. Not even Ace Hardware could compete with size if they wanted. Don’t want to see someone else get unfair advantage, concerned about creating second destination for shoppers away from downtown. Downtown good for walking around with backpack, eat, see movie, shop. According to staff report the net tax revenue is ½ of percent of city’s budget. As far as losing tax rev, sales tax leakage, we make this amount, thus we should be spending this amount in town. Like all stats, vary wildly depending on assumptions. Environmental impact report prepared by CB Richard Ellis, only draw 20 percent of business from existing retail. Bay Area Economics says 50-75 percent of business taken from existing. Makes net benefit even smaller. In terms of how many jobs, 250 jobs…more than half part time. How many thousands of undergrads are there? The odds are not in your favor of getting a job. Especially if expecting four hour block of time after getting all the way over there. Every other student will want to work on weekends too, don’t let the idea of a job sway your opinion. Talked to freshman at Rock the Vote, she said if I’m saving three dollars to go to Target it will be a benefit, but that round trip takes over an hour…her time is apparently only worth three dollars an hour. Savings will be better to work an hour at a job rather than hopping on that bus. Also Wal-Mart in Dixon is exactly the same distance from the dorms as this Target will be.

Rob Roy said about the idea that you could work for target. One of my best friends (former Senator Birdsall) worked for a Target, and she said “oh my god, why would anyone want to work there?” It’s not a great job. Just try to get a job at the CoHo, they’re always hiring. Shopping options and the idea that you can’t buy things in Davis. Even if you do go to Woodland, and there’s sales tax leakage, a city can’t have everything. Same idea with Kings game in Sac. Should be nice to know not every city has same thing. Woodland seems to have a good relationship with Target; things not working in one area, so they move it! Maybe Davis could do same thing, move them around when things don’t work. Not environmental… this is how big box stores work. For retail in Davis, there have been planning commissions to approve other retail in Davis that will not be built, “b/c of Target, decided against putting in retail” due to its monopoly of planning, preventing diversity in Davis. Not that green, covered parking no solar power, manipulating the term green. Sierra club would have been for green…

Deepak asked do you know if the zoning changed for when grocery stores were put in? Did Bay Area Economics account for traveling, i.e. affects on residents not students?

Westerguard said that study was meant for leakage, Davis actually got sales tax injection in last few years, not meant for analysis of specific store.

Roy said even the Target in Woodland was not built close to houses… the residents at Second Street Crossing were not planning on having a Target in their back yard.

Contact info: and

Sanders motioned to resume orders of day; properly seconded without objection.


Feldman said Generation Sex and Trans-Action Week is coming up, you’ll seeing a resolution about transgender facilities, you should attend the transaction events.

Harms said as you may know, ASUCD is having mock election that’s ending tomorrow morning at 8 am to test the new software. Get as much vote turnout as possible, trying to break 300. Go there and vote for your favorite people who could never or would never run for Senate.

Rogers said I did mock election and there are were no pictures. Will there ever be pictures?

Harms said I am the wrong person to ask.

Savaree-Ruess said if you have any problems with layout or website ballot, we will be discussing it in IAC tomorrow in the ASUCD conference room.


Sanders motioned to approve minutes from Oct 5, Sept 29, Oct 19, Oct 26; seconded without objection.


Markevich, Ami Vora (B&F), Feldman, Khan, Lay, Paniagua (EPPC), Rivera, Savaree-Ruess, Holloway, Carnes


Deepak, Farhadmotamed

Salem motioned to have a five minute recess.

Ajlouny objected I don’t want a break, but if we’re going to it should be for ten.

Salem withdrew, motioned for ten minute; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 6:44.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:45 p.m.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Vora, Khan, Xie, Lay, Rivera, Feldman

Absent: Savaree-Ruess, Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Rosas-Romero


Salem motioned to suspend orders of the day and move into public discussion; properly seconded without objection.


Steve Sorromight from Reno, Native American, Woodland Community College. I want to ask group: I belong to HAGS Party of Davis (Homeless Native Americans Gay Students)… There are over one hundred fifty homeless in or around Davis, including children and single mothers. I am on off and on one of these… we are an invisible population. Winter has arrived, and it’s not good for these people. Right now as social services in Davis there are huge gaps in opportunities and services available to these people living hand to mouth existence. Maybe folks remember me last year to see about adopting an official day on this campus to recognize that homelessness exists here in Davis, and the problem is becoming worse as time goes by for any number of reasons. I also want to remind people passing this resolution that by doing so this government body will set aside the day to remember that a young person lost his life last year. Jesse Newberry, mentally disabled, fell through the cracks and got run over by Amtrak. I’ve fought for human dignity all my life (50 yrs) so once again by coming here purpose that HAGS group not so much a group as movement of concerned people. Request to ask Senate if you would pass a resolution that says yes indeed homeless people exist here in Davis, not appreciate that people are homeless but respect for these people who for one reason or another are in trouble living day to day. The average temperature of refrigerator is 40 degrees. It’s going to be 40 or below a lot this winter. Put yourself in same position of living in a refrigerator every day and every night. Make some connection between the opportunities you have and the opportunities that will never come again to these homeless people. Thank you. I will provide my contact information.

Haysteck said thank you for your hospitality… Davis City Council, we are going to have a joint city council meeting with ASUCD senate. Haven’t quite figured out city’s bureaucracy, but excited last time had this meeting was when I was on senate. Meeting will not be held in campus, can only be held in official capacity if it’s off campus in city limits. Probably somewhere mutually acceptable like the International House. Another issue not as a liaison but as someone involved is that there might be an effort to call up a resolution urgent after it’s been failed. At city level this would be an insult from commission process… I hope you will give respect that commission killed this, show respect for subordinate bodies of this senate and not ignore their recommendation. Remember license not had to call up things urgent when commission fails something, as may happen tonight.

Sanders said I would like to move to suspend orders of the day, move into consideration of old legislation; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to see SR #5; properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comments

Salem said this is a senate resolution in support of measures H and I. I think that this is a highly relevant issue and students’ voice should be expressed in this case and would like to pass this.

Heystek said thanks to Kareem who took initiative in this. Remember students pay nearly half of utilities in Davis, anyone served by not for profit can say their rates are significantly lower than PG&E. I’m glad commission heard arguments and endorsed. Please elevate this issue to consciousness of students by taking a stand and letting them know it’s on the ballot and for their own good.

Commission Recommendation

Lay said pros: SMUD guarantees two percent lower rates, is environmentally friendly, rates at least 30 percent lower eventually. A lot of us are renters, huge student population and always incoming freshman so we’re always going to be there. Concern about resolution because resolutions are important and feels other ways to promote these measures without resolution.

Questions in Text

Zamora said this was recommended by EAC 8-1-0

Deepak line 20 thirty not needed in parenthesis.

Zamora line 59 comma at end.

Patel line 72-73 italicize The California Aggie and The Sacramento Bee.

Markevich line 25 insert “(PG&E)” between Company and comma.

Public Discussion

Savaree-Ruess said I would like to see something added as to why it is an important student issue. I see that it is a Davis issue, but we should be clear why this is important for students because this is ASUCD taking a stance. Maybe the author insert something.

Patel said I agree with Savaree-Ruess because we’ve voted down local legislation resolutions in the past.

Deepak asked in line 66 does university get power from PG&E? For that it is a university issue because universities should have green policy (more so than Virginia).

Heystek said actually university doesn’t get power from PG&E.

Deepak said I think a lot of students get their electricity from there, so it should be seen as a student issue.

Lay said line 62 should be struck.

Farhadmotamed said all of Tandem properties that houses students, it is a student issue.

Rivera said I think the point should also be made that this is not solely a student issue, so us taking stance does say a lot.

Roy said that this issue is larger can benefit students. We passed a resolution in support of federal bill that could help out Unitrans, even though it was a federal bill and not really a student issue… but could help ASUCD. Is H and I student issue? Yes b/c cheaper electricity. I lived in Sac, used SMUD: much better service, cost, management. PG&E spends money saying yes, no, remember Erin Brokavich sued them for giving kids cancer. SMUD is a better company, people of Yolo deserve a better managed company. We have the opportunity to let folks know that ASUCD pays attention, lobbies for student issues even if we got out of UCSA. Yes this pertains to our constituents, and we care. Don’t write it off, I encourage you to vote yes.

Salem said I want comment on why I feel like we should have a resolution like this, basically research there and we know this is better. I’d like to hear opposition to SMUD, I think it’s unanimous that there’s not much. ASUCD has opportunity to voice to students we’ve seen numbers and know it’s right, we encourage you to go out and pass this. When I compare it to other local measures that divide; this one all I see is pro. I respect arguments, let’s be careful, not pass to many resolutions, I think if we sit back and not take this opportunity… this is pro pro pro. Let’s have ASUCD senate take stance

Roy said considering a lot of people get this in mail, really allowing us to analyze that ASUCD studied (and you can trust us, ASUCD senate!). Perhaps misled, they can look at facts to see this would improve student welfare. Let us educate, lead masses, and vote yes.

Higgins said I have a few questions: how long will it take for prices to fall because of cost of transition? Will you go over annexation process?

Heystek said when annex is completed, savings are immediate. It will be about three years to see complete annexation process. As soon as SMUD takes control, there will be immediate savings by smaller percentage.

Higgins said what does this really affect, how are prices cheaper? Will PG&E workers lose jobs, be offered new jobs first under SMUD? How will it affect their pay? Are PG&E unionized or have higher wages, will it affect all those workers of PG&E in Yolo County?

Deepak said I understand being a green person, and believe in SMUD as a better source. Even through annexation rates will probably be less, and I saw Erin Brokavich and it was a good movie. I feel concerned that we are buying from a profitable corporation that condones—what you saw in the movie, cancer—this is a student based issue even in the university. A market shift to greener economy is something we should all move towards.

Salem said tie in PG&E workers, and how it affects students. How does that tie in to students?

Deepak said a profitable company will raise rates over nonprofit because they don’t need, so better for people (benevolence).

Heystek said the jobs lost are guaranteed jobs with SMUD… More employees will be needed for infrastructure. Working for university or government agency gives pension plan, better benefits. More SMUD will not decrease quality life. Also remember we are renters together, insert as a whereas clause line 57: “whereas rental units compose nearly fifty percent of all residential units in the city of Davis, and because students occupy a vast majority of these units, they constitute a significant segment of all rate payers in Davis.”

Roy said remember there’s a higher markup for PG&E, also remember Sacramento has more solar than any other place.

Deepak said with any market change, people lose and people gain jobs. What was the stance of the union… do they want PG&E or SMUD?

Roy said I know it’s the same union, as far as job-wise SMUD needs the same things. Also remember PG&E will still do gas… so it’s a big mess. For the most part the union is going to get hired, pay check from different people but will have a cushy government job. I don’t know their stance.

Markevich said I have questions for councilman. Transition period is three yrs. What will prices be during that time period? Also a minor concern: if these measures were to pass, would current customers need to re-register with SMUD?

Heystek said there will be no interruption in service, no inconvenience. Just the logo will change. Immediate savings is 2 percent (both sides admit this). When annexation is complete, savings will be up to thirty percent. I emphasize that our city council will argue about dinner… we had argument over café med or cantina… but we all seem to agree on this issue.

Sanders motioned to move into Senate Discussion; properly seconded without objection.

Senate Discussion

Deepak said I have minor question, since seems unanimous that it’s better… With resolution with potential flood gate where people keep asking resolutions, will this resolution be necessary?

Roy said the floodgates are open, I sat here for a year and people were always looking for resolution on anything. You’re just wasting an opportunity by not taking stance. People already asked for it, wasting opportunity on this issue because people will keep coming.

Heystek said when I was on senate, I couldn’t get anything passed… I would love this opportunity to see something of mine actually pass. SMUD asked students for this resolution. Campaign wants to know what students think, define as own issues. Does it divide senate or create negative working relationship? Well, you haven’t choked each other. Will outcome be to the desire of Senate? I think affect will be measurable, and Aggie will be missing out if they don’t cover this in Monday issue. Clear clear issues upon which the senate should take a stance.

Deepak said another minor concern is that a lot of students not even registered to vote in Yolo. I feel there is disconnect and many not even registered here, but that’s minor. If you owe stock in PG&E you should take them out.

Xie said as far as greenness, SMUD is first to do green tag (pay extra to reinvest in green). Line 56 revise.

Patel said this issue is important enough to students to address, I’m not huge for political decisions but if we pass this it’s sending the message that voting matters. We think it does in city of Davis, SMUD is definitely better, it is pertinent to majority of students, by passing as senate we are saying voting matters. We think these measures matter, hopefully students will get same message that it matters.

Sanders said after Heystek came last week I remembered SMUD from somewhere, called mom. Apparently lived in small northern California town and paid bills to SMUD, switched to PG&E thought they were better, rates went really high and lived in expensive cold winter. She was ranting and raging about PG&E, switched back to SMUD and all was good again. PG&E only came in after a ski resort put in next to town because they wanted big electricity. From personal experience, SMUD is better even if confusing when gas/electric split. With what Patel said, we do resolution and worry if students will feel same as senate (whether religion or morals). This probably isn’t about religion, not about sex or morals but something we can agree on: saving money! We want you to vote and participate, why not do it on a resolution we all agree on. Saving money seems human nature to agree on. I like SMUD, and to write it out on checks… funny that an electric company has mud in it.

Higgins called to question; properly seconded without objection.

DO PASS, SR #5, 12-0-0

Sanders motioned for five minute; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 7:40.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:42 p.m.



Sanders motioned to consider SR #2; properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comments

Harms said I’m author on this because Laabs wrote the original, Kai wrote this copy, I feel strongly that if we are going to dissociate we should make a statement to accompany the break. We must give explanation to these organizations we are separating from.

Savaree-Ruess said basically it took time to fill this out, now has more specific things happened or problems with UCSA. Make stronger statement to other AS presidents. Also a genius inclusion is recognizing ability of any additional ASUCD members to still be a part of UCSA, and encourages our government to continue working with them. Being respectful and kind, even though it’s maybe not warranted. Hopefully you think this is good.

Salem said I appreciate the diction that recounts our experiences. If this is advocated we’ll be sending it to all AS offices.

Commission Recommendation

Lay said they have not effectively used our dues, treated ASUCD unfairly in the past… these dues can be used to fund external. We should me nonpartisan.

Markevich said we approved informally… Consensus that we’re everything but dissociated, might as well make it formal. Might as well pass it.

Questions in Text

Farhadmotamed said Directorsand should not be one word in line 26.

Rogers line 15 change “have been” to “were” and “made to feel” to “treated as if they were.”

Sanders line 56 spell out AS.

Public Discussion

Schwab said for this resolution there are a lot of eyes on Davis… state legislators, other UC’s etc. Keep in mind this decision will have a statewide effect. I support the resolution, people in this room going to be around next few years be sure to work to reform UCSA because they will be spending a lot of students money. That said, we should pass this. I agree with the language… just keep in mind statewide maybe national repercussions.

Ostrowski said I think there will be confusion why we pulled out, explanation will be good. I think it’s funny that Keith Shively a year ago tried to pull out, it’s finally being realized.

Laabs said I feel this is something you should pass. Not me trying to get back at them, just best course for ASUCD to take at this time. Seems their philosophy is to create noise to make change, and Lobby Corp wants to shake hands and make deals, come up with solutions themselves. Probably why we’re incompatible now, other issues may come up.

Holloway said when we went down to Congress at San Diego we signed contract to pay by November 1, now we’re obligated to do what we’re doing with this resolution and SB #14. Either way we need to pass this… doesn’t seem there’s too much disagreement. I can attest this is all factual, good job of keeping good-natured given circumstances of current situation.

Feldman remove quotation marks from hiss at line 15. Line 37 change “ought” to “wants.” Line 56 spell out GSA.

Flicke said they haven’t met us half way. Future senators should keep in mind that we do want to work with them.

Amaha asked are we really “incapable” (l. 34)?

Schwab said reason we don’t do everything is because of paying... we would need more money to fully participate anyway.

Patel l. 37 spell out University of California followed by UC in parenthesis.

Savaree-Ruess insert semicolon, “and” and a comma at end line 16. Strike line 17.

Zamora strike “showcasing the clear” and insert “which displays a” line 16.

Ajlouny motioned to move into senate discussion; properly seconded without objection.

Senate Discussion

Rosas-Romero I still feel that my communities feel strongly for staying with UCSA. I will choose to abstain because obviously this is necessary, but at same time I won’t want to say I support this.

Molnar added names of people for resolution to be distributed to: Senate Minority Leader Dick Ackerman, Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, Majority Floor Leader Dari Frommer, Minority Floor Leader George Plescia.

Savaree-Ruess said we don’t want to accuse them of breaking contract and open us to suing, used word believe.

Salem called to question; properly seconded without objection.

Salem objected for roll call vote.

DO PASS, SR#2, 11-0-1 Abstain: Rosas-Romero

Sanders motioned to consider SB #14; properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comment(s)

Savaree-Ruess said just going into general programs budget and renaming membership line external programs, and description l. 37 and 38 that portion going into actual budget. Essentially that money will be in this line item called external programs available for city county affairs, lobby, state national, they just have to request and get 2/3 vote from senate. In all honesty, probably will be another bill to touch this money, may be other expenditures wanted to take out of this sum. Holloway said this is something we need to address tonight. In terms of going about this last section of bill implied this money will not be line item next year but distributed among the three external units. All we’re looking at doing, we’re not going to spend this full amount. In area of 5k or more depending what we decide to do with this. Probably not best in budget for future to leave this sitting. More bills in future to use this and move remaining to other places.

Herold change lines 37 and 38.

Savaree-Ruess said the reason we’re not splitting this immediately is because it would be rushed irresponsibly, best way to make funds available without throwing it around without concrete plan.

Commission Recommendation

Dardik said we passed it unanimously. Access with a process for external Units to apply to these funds. Inject money directly but still give accountability. Section 2 gives future senators recommendation how to use this money. Only concern is that if we do allocate this, it will have to be cut out to refund UCSA.

Lay said the senate resolution said why we should cut out, this makes it official.

Questions in Text

Farhadmotamed l. 18 change semicolon to comma.

See accompanying senate bill for further revisions.

Public Discussion

Amaha asked can the authors clarify why each allocation is not going through B&F because all bills go to them, why directly to the senate without involving them for proposals?

Savaree-Ruess said we wanted to make it so they could get money quickly. Discussed at B&F who had same concerns, example: on Tuesday an external unit realizes money needed for weekend conference, they should be able to get money that quickly. Not even have to draft senate bill so that “unofficial” proposal would suffice. Some oversight, but not bog down process to access money that is theirs.

Amaha said so we’d discuss it under any other business.

Higgins motioned to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Rivera said on line 7 change “It has also been shown that” to “Also since then” and insert commas before and after Davis.

Higgins called to question.

Sanders objected because of logistics; Higgins withdrew.

Rosas-Romero said 1) hopefully this will be a time ASUCD demonstrates to all communities that it can actually represent all communities. Do outreach, attend meetings/student groups for activism and 2) encourage directly all student leaders from communities be involved in this (they don’t currently trust ASUCD, never seen them present at programs etc). I hope to see external officers at those meetings; I have never seen them present among these marginalized communities. Too Few for Too Long protest is happening next quarter, maybe you’d be interested.

Deepak said include in section 2 that maybe if UCSA is reformed we could join…

Holloway said this is strictly a budgetary issue; that would have been better for the resolution. It doesn’t need to be stated here.

Deepak said it says in future should allocate to units, it should also say that money can be allocated to UCSA.

Schwab process of getting back to UCSA will be long process, money isn’t going there because that process will be completely different bill.

Deepak just mentioning future budget, it must hurt them enough maybe they’d consider reforming. You’ve got okay with me.

Sanders curious about informal proposal to allocate these funds, how would you put that in agenda and how to put in bylaws (how can senate vote on something not bill or resolution?).

Savaree-Ruess line item that funds dispersed with 2/3 vote from submitted proposal. This is not funds appropriated by funds, not even in student govt. budget. In programs budget, really mark champagne’s final say…neither of us will sign off on these expenditures until we can see the 2/3 vote from senate.

Sanders original concern that I tell people that urgent fund requests they should have been planned better, but b/c this is not senate reserves and we’re just watch-dogging it makes more sense. Not senate money, their money. Still worried how general public will see this, how senate gives money to own unit, but not to external units.

Savaree-Ruess if issue, explain to them that the commitment has been made to fund the unit through the bill…not taken through full budget process so in lieu of that maintaining some level of accountability. Before long process for budget, because this isn’t anticipated senate can watch these funds ongoing basis so can external affairs can be proactively using these funds.

Sanders need to mention controller/manager end of l. 38.

Savaree-Ruess already needed anyway.

Sanders remember this money not going to UCSA because of lack of lobbying… Hopefully they will keep that in mind, maybe things less expensive so money eventually can go to other units. Maybe next controller can decide if this amount even necessary… good for line item that we can watchdog.

Ajlouny want to say my only concern I’m guessing when UCSA picks up slack and we decide to go back, then we have to pull this money out of external program, what will happen to them, used to this amount and then lose it?

Savaree-Ruess this concern brought up. We have this money now, we have to do something with it. Can’t just let it sit until we want to go back to UCSA. Can’t anticipate going back. At time we decide to rejoin, it will be on current senate and exec office to find those funds again.

Ajlouny I don’t want commotion.

Holloway most other schools passed referendums to pass UCSA, in the future I would suggest going about it that way in order to keep it funded. Also will bring about campus attention; they’d know what UCSA is if they had the decision whether or not to pay to join.

Ajlouny motion call question.

Sanders object- ext affairs says no, it pertains.

Ajlouny withdraw.

Zamora this is good.

Rogers line item external programs, thinking that commissions have capacity to put on external programs how would you feel about adding them on l. 19?

Savaree-Ruess they could work with external program, but I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to give them access to money especially because it’s their duty to advise senate more.

Rogers I agree.

Lay should appropriation say amount?

Savaree-Ruess no, just renaming line item already there.

Sanders call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB # 14

Sanders motion 5 minute break.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 8:43.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:43 pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Khan, Hooper (B&F) Lay, Feldman Absent: Holloway, Markevich, Xie, Rivera


Sanders motion consider senate bill 16.

Author’s Comments

Harms fun bylaw changing bill. Basically this ties in two big projects of past controller: Unit director reports and their written reports. Mandate that SGAO distribute unit director reports to senators based on who adopted the unit. Every senator got report except Molnar who has Aggie and CoHo. Each senator should have some info on their unit, so when in meeting can be better informed. Also to ensure that there is someone making sure the reports come in on time, so if unit director (like lobby corp…week and half late….unfortunately he left room…) also to make sure SGAO keeps archive of these reports. Been helpful for Darnell to make state of association speech. Makes sure reports in on time and senate well informed.

Savaree-Ruess I’ve spent my career changing and ending things the past controller did. I was going after unit director reports, keeping them in my profile. Now SGAO got ambitious, took it on, both of us were looking for same reports. They feel they’re in better position to handle this; they’re more accessible to get hands on reports. So now this bill says it’s actually their job. Just pass this.

Commission Recommendation

Rivera simple, provide more efficient archive, more duties to SGAO they’re ok with it.

Senate Discussion

Sanders I went to IAC with this because affects pro-tempore, nice becoming pro temp finally showing who needs to go to units and who is responsible. Pro temp can ask, controller can ask, this is removing disconnect from unit directors. Now only one person seeking unit directors, seems exec office job but SGAO said enough man hours to do it. I like the bill, think it’s good, that’s all.

Patel think this is great, alleviates pressure from controller and business manager. Call to question

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB #16

Sanders call SB #20.

Author’s Comments

Rivera read statement from Bleckman

Public Discussion

Ajlouny move to senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Sanders I like the bill, good idea because interns and commissioners don’t get paid but involved… should be eligible. The people volunteering should be eligible from the organization because putting in time. Only question is on chair persons because they’re being paid. They sit around table, feel like it’s different because they are directly involved. I’m not opposed to letting them have scholarships, I just want some discussion.

Feldman it’s adding ex-officio members, so that should alleviate your concerns.

Sanders call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB #20

Vice President Carnes remind please remain quiet during voting.

Sanders resume orders day.


Salem, Zamora, Rosas-Romero, Ajlouny, Higgins, Molnar, Sanders, Amaha, Patel, Rogers

Media Board: Salem Internet Networking: Zamora


Schwab Tues 6-7 Wellman 2, voting in general, ASUCD candidates give presentation… not sure if debate or forum.

Sanders did you send something on facebook?

Schwab Madison did “vote or die.”

Patel I wrote statement in response to Aggie’s editorial [read statement].

Sanders point of clarification: We don’t actually fund Aggie, they do sell adds. I don’t wish to steal thunder

Rogers I was going to read statement, instead I am going to speak and about last week. Conveniently Tiny’s name was on list, my name right after. Whether he said what he said or not, I was still going to say what I said. Miraculously in Aggie, it doesn’t seem that way. I will have you know I’m not going to call closed session: 1) Can’t call on senators 2) shouldn’t. After meeting, Tiny and I spoke, and about his opinionation and position of pro tempore. I felt he was dictating meeting more than running it, and what we wanted to say was overlooked. Today I saw a big change. I think that had to do with what I said, and his respect for this committee as a whole. I would like for everyone to talk to Tiny or talk to him now, people wondering why don’t you call for a meeting outside so it’s not public: my opinion this is time to do this publicly, if we have a problem with leadership we should voice this publicly. I’d also like to say we should all go to commission meetings weekly instead of saving them until last week, so our arguments here aren’t circular. We’re all students, we have midterms, I’d like this meeting to go faster. One way is us to go to commission meeting weekly.

Savaree-Ruess I want to speak on what Avni mentioned. I think it’s acceptable for you to disagree with Aggie, encourage you all to take that editorial for what it is, check anger and take something away. I think it had a valuable criticism. I think you’re doing a good job, but I feel like this particular Senate is a little less committed to being here, doing their job then previous senates I’ve seen. This is my opinion, and I’ve also talked to LEAD, Focus and Independent. Take it for what it is, look at yourself and ask am I really doing everything I can do for this job. This is a very important position you’ve been entrusted to. I understand other involvements, but I feel like you’re students, but this should be one of your primary focuses. I think, not right for Aggie to call individuals without full story, but on whole somewhat of a fair criticism as a general statement. I don’t know if it was meant to be productive, I’d encourage you to see it that way and attempt to better yourselves. Even though I’m not on the Senate, I will be looking at how I can do my own job better and hope you will too

Ajlouny when I first read it I was sad, it hurt my feelings. At same time business over emotions… constructive. They didn’t know whole gist of everything, like why I didn’t go to meetings. I understand where they’re coming from. I’m not hurt over it. I hope everyone makes their speech quick.

Sanders I forgot to mention I updated list-serve, if you’re not receiving emails let me know. Rogers was right, with this position and my approach I don’t know if something’s wrong if you don’t tell me. I don’t know if you tell other people, and rumors are about everything so I don’t know if they’re true. I’m nice, I won’t hurt you. Rogers is up front, and I respect that. I checked myself, and realize every time we’re ready to vote I bring it to a vote. Also about Aggie, I remember my election there was scandal, even though I wasn’t involved I was criticized because of alleged probation because I’m the frat guy them assume it’s me. Being in paper is sacrificed to public, yea it sucks but you are open to criticize them. It’s an opinion piece, not article. Not saying don’t take lightly or criticize, but it was controversy.

Harms for all benefit this week as far as commission attendance best week we’ve had all year. Senators come to commissions who haven’t been at all this year. Couple senators who still haven’t, I don’t need to say who they are. Also impressed many senators going out and talking to their unit directors. I hope that gets into the Aggie.

Sanders I don’t care what gets into the Aggie, I only have to answer to the people who got me elected.

Higgins I’m positive you can’t call closed session on a position, but you could always opt to elect a new pro tempore. There has to be a way. I’m not saying let’s do this, but it has to be possible. I think Tiny’s doing a great job, please don’t be mad. Also pro temp doesn’t have to be non-opinionated, that’s the VP’s job h/she runs job. Pro temp assists and can still be opinionated because is senator. As long as they respect speaker’s list, it’s all good.

Rogers I think you missed point of what I said. Tiny was more opinionated than his job allowed for, forgot about job of pro temp. And no you can’t remove pro temp, it’s elected for quarter. This is according to the bylaws and constitution.

Higgins there has to be a way.

Rogers ok.

Sanders so you know, the way is to ask someone to resign… it’s elected for quarter… but vote of no confidence it’s still the pro temp’s decision whether or not to resign.

Higgins I understand what you’re saying. As long as he keeps in mind speaker’s list lets people speak, he is doing job well and can still be opinionated.

Salem as far as being Aggie I’m media board rep, bring me your concerns. You’re right, Aggie asked me to resign because I’m bad senator, I think I proved them wrong. Be all you can be! Still, if you have grievances I would be happy to take it to media board.

Ajlouny Tiny said he won’t hit you if you talk to him, just don’t talk to him about having more friends on facebook.

Salem what was done was done.

Patel, I’m not hurt but I just feel like I need to step up because I let Aggie step on me all the time. I didn’t even notice this article, I get my news from higher places than Aggie. The point of statement was not I was hurt, Aggie get your facts right even though you need to, my point is that we are all leaders on campus and Aggie is dividing us more than they need to and they need to promote Senate and ASUCD more and we need to step up so they can do that. Quit bickering Senate sucks Aggie sucks, let’s show we care about the STUDENTS. Undergrads need to see our leadership, not only be involved in school. Branch out, do some extra.

Salem I will present those concerns, maybe we can mend things. WE haven’t been interacting much. Maybe if we had a traditional slosh-ball between senate and aggie, open up communication.

Patel I never cried, never will, it’s the Aggie.

Deepak so this has happened 4 times in past 2 wks. I think lot of groups major disconnect, maybe we need to talk and present problems to the person. No fault, but even happened in Aggie… no one knew Avni’s position just wrote she was late. Aggie is easy to sell, you can see that in Enquirer. Something we should all realize, if we have a problem best way to solve is actually present it (but maybe not when heated). I encourage everyone to present problems and not just let it marinate.

Savaree-Ruess I didn’t see Aggie as just bickering, it is part of ASUCD but those people individually are ASUCD elections. They are your constituents as well, sometimes they are the only ones to raise issue against Senate coherently. At least Aggie has problem, wrote about it, and student today wrote back in support of Senate. Starts dialogue about senate, even if they don’t feel being represented properly at least engaging in ASUCD. Overall even though you bear brunt of whatever, benefit to have aggie criticizing ASUCD. Hopefully makes us better at same time.

Deepak that was inspirational. Aggie didn’t endorse me and I’m senator baby. I want to convey message we need to increase dialogue in all groups, not be confrontational, etc. Motion to adjourn.

Sanders object, Deepak withdraw.

Rivera unrelated, apologize drink a lot of water and coffee, have to pee a lot.

Powers I’m events coordinator. Seriously I have office hours MWF, have feet up making money, I’d like to be an asset. If you have ideas for events, come say hello shoot me an email. We have a lot of resources I’d be happy to help you out.

Carnes I’ve been talking to people about changing meeting time, persistently people have to take classes to graduate and cant get here until 6. Makes more time to have meeting with class schedule. Not appropriate to change time this quarter, head nod if we can officially change time winter quarter. I know senators tell me they must take classes 4-6 next quarter, I’ve put off a class four quarters and can’t any longer and I’ll have to take class until 6 next quarter. I want to have meetings with everyone just check in, etc, send out email hopefully get them all done next week. Do best to work around everyone’s schedule.

Rivera is this addition to meeting with Darnell?

Carnes I’ll get back to you. Senators for sure, chairs maybe I must check with Holloway. Official verdict on meeting time next week.

Zamora motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 9:45 p.m.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission