ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:30 p.m. Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:32pm.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Late: Savaree-Ruess, Higgins

Tucker said starting about a year ago my first senatorial class was those who are leaving today. They’ve not yet received their election certificates; I’m just making sure they receive those before they leave office. Also I want to present the Michael John Tucker Leadership Award, characteristics essential to success of association, leadership qualities and team member… SGAO chooses the recipient and I confirm, hard to choose one but must be only one in order to be a good reward. A tireless worker, passion for campus and community evident, personally a pleasure to be around, the recipient is AVNI PATEL.


Farhadmotamed held signs in Gunrock costume: Dear everybody and all awesome people… at senate farewells… Gunrock is here tonight… On behalf of Senator Farhadmotamed... Gunrock just wants to say… I heart ASUCD! I will be very very sad to not have a vote… I mean not work to and collaborate with everyone on legislation, projects (btw I didn’t get into REACH, don’t worry Dwaimy I still love you). Every time I think of ASUCD with all the baby senators I will get sad and look like this >:( . Soo… I have decided to not leave you forever. In fact Natalia has told me she wants to run for… controller of the world!

Higgins read statement.

Rogers said for people who know me best know I couldn’t put anything on paper and expect to say word for word because so much to say and it will not come to me until I see all of you here at once. I tried to document what I wanted to say about a week ago and thought “what should I say? Farewell? I don’t know.” A lot of that stirred some reflection about what ASUCD meant to me, what it means now and the process in between. Thinking about when I was elected, when I was elected I thought I was the same person. Like to help student body, saw myself as leader, and now I have seat at senate. Thinking back to those first weeks, used to advantage/disadvantage, want to pass on to futures associates to pass on we have to work together in order to get something done, or you will end your career unsatisfied. I feel not very satisfied with myself as a senator b/c I feel like we could have worked together more. There was a lot of stigma behind that was me being with my group and seeing other groups, stepping into senate and feeling disconnect. As new senator I felt underdog to older senators. When you step here there may be those you don’t know well, but get to know them and use them to your advantage. Use people from other slates because if you don’t do that you’ll never know your true potential as a senator. I hate when people here claim different parties and never work together or get anything done. It took me time to figure that out. Yes you all were in competition; yes you’re fighting for senate seats. You got them. What are you going to do with them? People are going to see you how they see you, might be nothing you can do about that. I feel I did a lot for student body… People will think otherwise and you can not let that get you down. Do what you do, work with other people, be the leader you think you are and turn into the leader I and the student body knows you can be. Last I’d like to say that I will miss this experience. I’ll miss this experience b/c I’ve learned a lot about each and every one of you, no matter how you thought of me. Know now that I respect each and every in this room, I hope you all continue to do big things. One thing I’m gaining from after today is my Thursday night back, most of those I’ll be 21. I want to say thank you: for the experience, your progress, good luck to senators seated tonight. I’m just glad we can do this transition without court cases.

Sanders said this senate has come under scrutiny sometimes, and it came right after a really great senate. We’ve gone through difficult and historical times, us just getting seated (when Tucker, myself, and Genna were doing training I remembered them telling us we couldn’t be seated and how guilty I looked). We got seated, moved out of UCSA (huge to me) and I think it’s great we took such a huge step for better or worse. Thank you SGAO, Paul (I don’t think of you just as SGAO), you all always make me smile at my office hours, thank you to other senators for a group that I disagree with I respect you a lot. Nice to argue for three hours about an assembly bill, then go outside and joke around. Student Focus, LEAD, independent, Ignite, others all friends in end. Delta Ki got me elected. Some still don’t know where I am Thursday night, but they voted. Thanks all people voted. Thanks to my mom is getting her administration credentials… one person I call when frustrated with senate or life. She says all will be ok, and I believe her. Thanks to Ravi; I was his summer advisor, when he was just Ravioli without the oli. He campaigned for me, and then sat at table with me. Sarah Cokely by my side a lot last year, I think she can do great things. Last person I’d like to thank anyone who ever talked to me about things ASUCD, it takes guts to look at senators (people just like you but got elected). I feel like I have to earn my respect, shocked when someone comes up to me (guy on L line, year younger then me, asked you’re senator right? I voted for you, read about you… to think that someone in this huge school reads and cares is pretty awesome). Remember that, friends closest to you, but there are people out there who voted for you and think you best candidate. Maybe one day you’ll see them on the bus, you represent all of them. ASUCD as senator has been education, learned about myself. To anyone getting involved, remember to do what you feel is best. My time as senator is what I’m most proud of thus far in life. At sunset of my term question rises whether time to move out of third floor, I promised I’d only run again if a group let me work with them but still be the independent thinker that I am. Genna thought I’m not done in ASUCD, I hope you’re right. Recently a group approached me; it’s now my pleasure to announce that I’ll be joining Higgins in running for Vice President. It’s time for change.

Patel thanks for coming. Thank mom and dad even though they don’t understand everything I do for the Senate, they raised me in way to respect all people. (read statement)

Salem said it’s funny how fast your heart starts pumping when it gets closer and closer to being your turn…. (read statement)


Amaha motion for ten minute break.

Ajlouny object for fifteen, withdraw.

Vice President Carnes be back at 6:29 pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:29 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Markevich, Hooper (B&F), Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Rosas-Romero motion to move into other business.


Rosas-Romero motion to elect a pro tempore.

Rosas nominates Amaha, accepted. Ajlouny nominates Deepak, declined. Friedman nominates Molnar, accepted. Ajlouny nominates Zamora, accepted.

Amaha I’ve been on table two quarters, feel comfortable. Not a big talker, make sure everyone has equal say. Good on getting back on emails, want to make sure everyone gets units they want. Good to work with.

Molnar us three would make best pro temps of time. Being independent gives me an advantage, don’t usually have opinion over anyone. I listen, not talk all time. Other two are just as good though. Whoever feels best, I think all three of us would do a great job.

Zamora I accepted in interest of democracy. I withdrew once and someone got mad because only one other candidate. I just want to make sure meetings run efficient. I have complete faith Amaha and even Molnar… being frank, I was planning on voting for Naomi.

Amaha elected with 8 votes vs. Molnar 3 and Zamora 1.

Amaha motion resume orders of the day.


To my knowledge it’s all been signed by the president.


SR 7, SR 8, SB 26, SB 27, SB 28, SB 29, SB 30, SB 31, SB 32, SB 33


Hooper I’m current chief of staff in office of president, these are our exec staffers (missing special projects and campus safety coordinator). Wanted to show our faces, all have office hours. Working on few things, like senate forum, coordinating events with Mondavi Center.

Dizon introduced self as executive intern.

Pham special projects coordinator.

Whitney intern.

Dell special projects, intern.

Powers events coordinator.

Hooper urge you guys, I’ve been in exec office couple quarters and noticed disconnect between commission chairs and senators, we’re not busy all the time love to have you talk to us.

Powers want to add on office hrs M, W, F 12-2, I’ve got time if you want to come to talk about potential events I’m around. Next Wed at 7:10 is court case 34 so come watch the proceedings.

Amaha motion move into unit director reports.

Ajlouny object for members public.

Amaha withdraw.

Ostrowski the bill for Tijuana funds, going to be problem not enough time for it to see all commissions before Christmas break, needs to just go to two commissions. Don’t know what your discretion is, but think it’s more ECAC than external…

Vice President Carnes it’s been referred to three, you’ll have to work it out.

Ostrowski basically if I could figure out the rules…

Vice President Carnes this discussion will be more appropriate at another time.

Amaha motion unit director reports


Unitrans Jeff Straw general manager of Unitrans. Feel little naked here, two outgoing senators were drivers. Ridership increasing a lot every year. Struggle next fall, getting new busses… financially this is our third year running into deficit… last year 300k, this year probably 400k. Now that enrollment bumping back up should help fill, got some federal funds but this is an ongoing problem. Potential increase in fees, hasn’t gone up since 1999. You’re going to get sick of seeing me over next quarter... try to create a lot of excitement about this, need 20 percent turnout with 16 percent voting yes. Good thing to work on. Capital new busses coming... say March probably get them in May. Freight busses, $350k a piece. They should last 12-15 yrs. Other thing is building new passenger facility. Most negative thing is that telephone junction box needs moved 60 ft for some 25k dollars. On Tuesday met before vice chancellor, heads committee transportation work group. Try to put transit signal priority so as we approach intersections keep light green if we’re near… so if you drive to campus get behind bus and we’ll get you here faster. If anyone rides P or Q line, 31 signalized intersections, almost impossible in fifteen minute cycle.

Deepak vote in Virginia, heard we had some bio-diesel busses, do you know percentages? Someone from Berkeley wants green plead initiative, huge project throughout all UC’s.

Straw with this bond know we have about 3 mil additional dollars… capital we can use to buy busses and other thing with. Plan on getting some of that money, yes going after it but it can only be used for capital. Bio-diesel we experimented starting four years ago, 80-20 problem is emits more nitrous oxide than petro-diesel. Penalized for it. Our diesel busses don’t have new enough technology to clean up that nox. Fleet uses it between med center campus and Berkeley bus. We’re taking one of diesel busses with bio diesel to Berkeley soon… last year demonstrator of double decker bus got funding to buy two of those, cant get compressed natural gas engine to fit in those bus. Has to be diesel and clean as possible, get city to buy off that first because diesel thought of as dirty even though much cleaner now. We do see diesel as potential power source as long as it’s clean as compressed natural gas.

Cal Aggie Camp Bones/Austin been here six yrs, grad student, have couple people here to intro video

Philip Roliz, Umba/Catherine

Catherine thank for support from last group of senators. I graduated in 1982, haven’t always had that support, hope it continues with new senators.

Roliz 2003 graduate, doing camp for seven yrs, new senators your opportunity. [showed video presentation] Big round applause first eight minute presentation. Compilation of all activities. Final night there have wish boats with candles…

Austin I want to take opportunity to thank all of you on panel, know had debates prior to camp but turned out well. About 100 kids over course of two weeks, not as many as wanted but 50 who cancelled and it actually kinda helped us out. We were actually within $35.32 what we were allotted, but if those people hadn’t cancelled we would have been in some major problems. Admin plan written in 1999 or 98, very outdated. We’d like to go back and rewrite admin plan to include more kids and accompanying more money. What we do, what you do, what counselors and ASUCD does is amazing. We really appreciate it, want to maintain good working relationship. We’ve solidified our campsite, got it nailed down with deposit (camp Gold Hollow), dates set 2nd two weeks in July. Start presenting video to find counselors, looking to get young ones, just posted assistant directorship. We’d like to bring in a young assistant director like sophomore or junior who can bring in some more years. We’ve had such a great turn out every year with alumni, want to bring in younger ones. As far as everything else, pretty much where we stand at this point.

Catherine provided emails again Chewy=Roliz=

Austin I want to thank you for funds last year, wasn’t here for debates. Money definitely going to good use, applaud you and thanks.

Amaha the position is posted?

Austin yes, it ends in two weeks.

Chewy come out if you get a chance, toughest week with kids you’ll ever love, as UCD student.

Friedman want to know if you could talk about some activities on daily basis and how they relate to outreaching and encouraging for higher education?

Austin all UCD students running it, constantly immersed with us… talking about plans etc. All from Sac area, foster homes, poor families, etc. Tons of activities, crafts, social, pool, etc. Majority comes from us, counselors, etc: conversation! Not used to having conversation with people in college, some barriers to be broken down but then these kids ask. Not college recruitment, time for these kids to get opportunity to be kids. Dealing with stuff that people here never even dreamed of. We’re not pushing college, but we’re there as role models.

Chewy past years few students brought up, last year person said wow you’re all from UCD… kid excited to find this out because he always wanted to go to UCD.

Austin our hope is they’ll take role models, we keep in contact with these kids: emails, I get phone calls from social workers, mentors.

Vice President Carnes thank you so much for coming.

Book Exchange Jennifer Dang (see report)

Friedman have you thought about getting online?

Dang not quite sure how it would work, don’t know if server compatible. Purpose is a place to go and actually look at all books.

Molnar are you going to have more than two registers in the future?

Dang I’m planning on possibly a third one to speed up line.

Molnar credit card signal in room?

Dang don’t know what I can do about that, look into it.

Markevich have you been in contact with text book affordability committee, how will you collaborate?

Dang yes Amy came to me, talked to me about it, I haven’t really talked much about it because it’s still new. She and I both agree if either of us needs help we will do it.

Hooper wondering if you could maybe discuss some specific ways of publicity?

Dang right now a display case, also put up fliers. Always ad in aggie, plan on a-frames next qtr. Looking into Unitrans ad and signs in first floor MU with location arrow,

STS and Tipsy Taxi Kent Bose this qtr been a lot of fun, understaffed for a while, caught up now with new staffers. Know about Darnell’s fixed route plan, going to talk to commission some more tomorrow. Talked to Kai today about financial stuff, looking to change rates for charters. If you’re not affiliated with ASUCD, charter something, going to be 2-3x more. We’re not supposed to be as competitive but we are, looking to raise rates. Lots times on busses people like to vomit everywhere, people cleaning don’t see any benefit. Working on incentives, one-line item in budget to help with that. They pay extra money when they mess up bus to charter funds, want to move that somewhere, can’t move more than five hundred without your approval, trying to get around that so don’t have to bother you and just let it happen.

Harris what specifically referring to rates?

Bose ASUCD will still pay same, rates outside ASUCD we’re going to jack those rates up a lot by talking to other charter companies and taking average.

Peake if we’re able to raise those rates can we lower ASUCD rates?

Bose when we raise those, we’re going to turn down outside surface, won’t be able to make it up if we lower other rates. They’re already low compared to other rates.

Deepak just wondering did you mean UCD clubs etc still pay ASUCD rates?

Bose yes anyone UCD is ASUCD.

Amaha motion to resume orders of the day.


Amaha two: fundraiser for black graduating students, and gospel choir at Freeborn.

Molnar really cool debate at 8, Muslim student associations and two Christian groups against two intellectuals. Both groups coming together, talk about if Jesus resurrected or not.

Feldman tomorrow World AIDS day, march and rally; march 11:30 in front of flag pole, rally at noon on MU patio.

Khan multi-cultural night right now.


Amaha the previous pro-temp didn’t leave the minutes with me, I’ll be sure to have them next week.


Lay, Khan, Markevich, Feldman, Rivera, Hooper (B&F), Carnes, Savaree-Ruess


Amaha motion to suspend orders of day and move back into unit director reports.


Project Compost Derek Downey [gave presentation on what compost is/does] we were on front page of the paper thanks to senate too, without senators we’d have no funding. Unfortunately need money for everything, funding thru ASUCD gives us four directors, managing different aspects of the project. Significant proportion of campus waste along with straw is being diverted away from landfills. Tercero dining commons over 90% of waste materials being recycled. Learning more about our resources and being able to recycle them instead of locking them up in system where computers etc mix with organic waste, go into water and air and waste nutrients. Simple thing but important. Project compost done such a good job, good model for rest of US. Going for five years now and we’ve had five college tours already wanting to see our model, means we’re doings something right. This year two free workshops every quarter for public, in past maybe ten people at most. This year huge incentive: we give people worms. Worms don’t hurt you, they’re helping us everyday. My idea is if you use worms, you can compost anywhere. Don’t have to be millionaire and have space: can do this under kitchen sink, bathroom, dorm room. Just need small container, use newspaper strips from Cal Aggie, tear those up moisten it, put worms in there. Put food scraps there everyday. Solves problem of stink because in worm bin aerobic bacteria instead of toxic anaerobic. In worm bin it’s breathing oxygen like us, converting food into best compost known. Because I started a worm farm in March, we can give people worms for free at our workshops and this attracted 20-30 people to our last workshop. 25-30 bucks per pound from worm farmer (I ordered them online when I was in dorm, half died in the mail, etc… college student gave all money), now this worm farm runs on garbage. Guy in New Jersey runs business based on garbage; turns scraps into worm poop into liquid fertilizer makes 4 million a year. Next few workshops Jan and Feb. These workshops are worm compost because too cold to be outside. Hundreds of people at farmers market say they want to come. Selling t-shirts at farmers market now, Eric one of newest volunteers. Every week Monday afternoon drives vehicle around and picks up a ton of garbage mix with straw at farm. New bike cart picks up over 600 lbs, picking up from Delta of Venus and Café Roma. All turning into rich fertilizer. I’d love to talk more, but I know you’ve been here multiple years. I’ll give you my farewell now, but I’ll be here few more years, graduate, then I’ll come back and project compost will be nation model.

Rivera love seeing you around, love your jacket, I commend you.

Xie heard of attempt of office composting for ASUCD. Waste diverted from Tercero is not all post-consumer?

Downey at Tercero we’ve always been picking up pre-consumer compost matter i.e. eggshells, coffee grounds, amounts to over 250 tons. Post consumer heavily regulated trying to get around that, at Tercero send that stuff to facility in Dixon so we’re not composting it on site, we’re making sure next best thing that it does get composted. Part of educating staff members, they’re great at that. Castilian is going to follow, in Jan going to start post consumer there too. I personally started group researching worm composting take 12 lbs food waste a day. Set up plan to do that, to use worms for post consumer stuff.

Amaha motion for five minute recess.

Vice President Carnes be back at 7:55pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:56 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Molnar, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Rivera Late: Deepak, Markevich Early Departure: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Feldman


Amaha motion to move into New Court Cases.


Fricke I’m still chief justice until replaced, induction of new senators brings me to 57 senators. Two cases filed since my last time here, case 33 Laabs vs Senate was rejected. Savaree-Ruess vs. Carnes accepted, postponed until next week in the Mee Room at 7:10 pm. I realized today we’ve had perfect attendance entire quarter, couple excused none unexcused. I plan on working on intercollegiate judicial affiliate. Last week reestablished with UCI, Puget Sound, University of Iowa, Antelope Valley. Yesterday Merced inducted seven justices, Rivera said he’s working on plan for indictments of new judges.

Xie what day next week?

Fricke Wednesday. One more thing: plaintiff’s motion to have two spokespeople speak for each instead of only one.

Amaha senators need two and Genna two?

Fricke that’s at Genna’s discrepancy.

Amaha motion to move into consideration of old legislation.


Amaha motion to consider SB #18.

Author’s Comments

Salem science and engineering basically lot of people trying to gauge the disconnect, often times said too much obligation to care about how their student fees being paid. This committee approached this community to tell them what there is to offer, bring info back to senate table.

Amaha hope this passes quickly, have three students interested in committee.

Deepak ditto.

Commission Recommendation

Rivera initially a lot of work needed, looks very pretty now. Passed 9-0-0.

Markevich thanks IAC for doing grunge work. Came to us in good shape, a very good bill. I was on hiring committee for chair, have confidence.

Public Discussion

Lay I know committee already formed, was there any consideration maybe having separate person for that on outreach assembly instead of this committee?

Salem this is core problem now, people all at MU and nothing at Silo. How do we target this HUGE group at research facility? Make this committee to target them directly and specifically. Much more majority with this specific committee than attaching it onto assembly so we know this problem will be addressed.

Mikalonis I’m genetics major, I think this is very necessary. Need to pass this because science engineering majors not well represented on this campus. Hard ASUCD connect with them where 15 units major work, internships and constant mid terms. It’s great, pass this.

Powers over summer got together with lot of ideas, definitely outreaching to science community was considered, but to get all aspects on school we aren’t giving this community as much representing as it really needs. The assembly will endeavor outreach into this community, but this specific interest is definitely something that needs to be pursued.

Ajlouny being biochemical major I like this, not even 1/12 senate (me) doing great job to represent this community.

Senate Discussion

Zamora on campus interaction chart in campus interaction choosing liaisons, what does that mean? And description current operations: shouldn’t that be under future plans because it’s not under operation yet?

Salem in drafting always a template, referred to previous admin plans. For ops performed, everything going to happen is listed as goals. Although future because it’s a new committee, this is an admin plan for a current committee. On campus interaction chart says this unit will rely on designated group liaisons. Because we have so many communities, but only 12 members and chair, we want to create additional liaisons.

Zamora who designates these liaisons? Are committee members liaisons or other people?

Salem people heading groups now on committee, so they will be liaisons. If wording is tricky we can specify or whatever. That’s just general consensus of outline.

Zamora I see where you’re getting, just want to clean that up. In terms of future plans it looks good but I felt like you could flush it out a bit more, provide more clear direction. I don’t see it as a reason to stop this bill from passing.

Rosas-Romero I love this bill, think it’s a wonderful idea. Actual admin plan well written. Increase involvement/interest, getting students to discuss concerns is absolutely crucial. First thing comes into mind is minimum progress requirement, need to address this when people have to work to fund college and grad in four years too! Also appreciate this to go to ECAC and GASC because can address issues in this community for gender and ethnicity.

Deepak want to go over some presentation issues. As coauthor I think it has perfect direction of what I envisioned it to be. Think Kareem did great job with this. To speak on outreach committee, science engineering community so vast, assembly could not fulfill that and this just there to reinforce it. Trying to get big speakers, etc… going to be super chill, if you vote no to this you’re killing babies. Motion to call to question.

Ajlouny object for speakers.

Deepak withdraw, urge you to go through this.

Friedman looks like a good plan, few specific suggestions. Is meeting once a month enough? Maybe bi-monthly, or things could fall through cracks. Not sure how members of committee chosen, heads of student groups…

Salem did look into option of meeting bi-weekly, weekly. Take into consideration regular clubs meet bi weekly, weekly. Want to take those meetings discussion, summarize them into monthly overview between all orgs. For second question, this is admin plan, bill outlined hiring process involving two senators, etc in bylaws.

Markevich propose line 47 change to “at least once a month.” On campus interaction chart line 145, 172 add “on campus” I also think it’s fine to let this committee forge its own identity.

Ajlouny for me to graduate in four years need 192 units, this might help on that. Make facebook group too, powerful tool these days. I’m admin of engineering group. And have you hired head committee chair? I’d like to participate in that…

Salem chair interviewed for committee already, but could be vacant in future. Student I think is graduating soon.

Lay line 80 list some of those activities? L 74…

Salem vague on this, what if those activities disappear in future… if vagueness is non-assuring, maybe specify… I thought it was good to be vague because anything could be addressed this way.

Lay just wanted to know what kind of existing ASUCD activities, maybe not see a list… give me some existing ASUCD activities right now you’re trying to evaluate effectiveness of…

Peake go look at stuff AAC has done, lecture series of one of few programs geared towards this community. The fact we’re having problems thinking of this is a reason to pass this.

Amaha each admin plan reviewed every other year, because this is new they can amend it to work out kinks, current goals, etc.

Xie line 80 maybe not need to list something now. Motion change lines 145 146 to student reps from science and engineering groups. Call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SB #18

Amaha motion to consider SR #6.

Deepak object for unit director report, withdraw.

Author’s Comments

Tsighe we aim to make sure that all students have the opportunity to graduate with higher or highest honors, focusing specifically on L&S… currently nine majors don’t have course 194H that allows for honors with graduation.

Berliner reason specifically in L&S all other colleges can get honors according to GPA, but here need specific course.

Public Discussion

Markevich commend three commissioners for staying, done a lot of work throughout quarter along with Avni, pretty much her last project. Other than that a great bill… deserves to be passed.

Carnes Avni wanted to be here, didn’t want to miss Multicultural night because she was always prevented before by senate meetings.

Ajlouny motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion

Peake has anyone from these departments been willing to head up the honors project?

Pham reason up to now is because people think no interest from students, want to show there is going to be interest if there is an opportunity.

Berliner usually faculty member not staff, if they say major so small… a lot of distinguished ones very small even only four people.

Ajlouny why hasn’t this problem been assessed before by the university?

Pham I don’t think people realized it. Avni wanted to have honors in African, African American studies and couldn’t because it didn’t exist.

Zamora when you contacted departments did they express interest, what was their reaction?

Pham I personally contacted math dept, it’s different for them because their thesis is a bit unique. If there is student interest, they will do it but not many students brought it up to them.

Zamora never heard about this problem, seems surprising to me.

Xie issue if you’re just in one major you accept what’s available and not aware of other options that other majors have.

Zamora I definitely think it’s tight you’re bringing it up.

Rosas-Romero think this is great resolution, want to comment AAC for doing great job. Main problem is lack of publicity in honors program; a lot of people don’t realize they can do it. I feel like people should not be deprived from this based on their choice of studies. Going to bring more publicity, light, let’s show faculty how important this is. This will also enhance students’ undergrad resume.

Amaha also lines 36-38 if you’re in GPA enough to get honors, should still be able to take the class just for the experience.

Rosas-Romero research that begins here can continue into grad school and become something bigger.

Zamora also another issue creating new little class, would you have to discuss this with academic senate or go through committees?

Rosas-Romero I can bring that up to academic senate next week.

Markevich I’d like to propose added whereas clause, to address Zamora’s concern about line 41.

Friedman urge speedy passage, call to question.

DO PASS, 12-0-0, SR #6

Amaha motion to suspend orders of the day, move into unit director reports. Withdraw. Motion five minute break.

Vice President Carnes be back at 8:45pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:45 pm.


Present: Carnes, Amaha, Fluet, Frick, Harris, Peake, Rosas-Romero, Zamora, Xie, Markevich Late: Ajlouny, Deepak, Friedman Early Departure: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Deepak, Molnar, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Rivera, Feldman


Campus Center for the Environment Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy we participated in publicity events, used opportunities like KDVS and display case. Worked to strengthen website by updating regularly. Working with creative media to make more user friendly. Monthly meetings with all environmental clubs, have one of those meetings this upcoming Thursday… We helped Cal Pirg to coordinate press conference. Maintain link between students and admin by sitting on committee. Environmental meetings to stay up to date with clubs, developed list of environ projects to be taken on next quarter. (see report)

Rosas-Romero I think you’re doing a great job, glad you’re working on this. We went to high school together, you’re still amazing.

Amaha motion to resume orders of the day, return to officer reports.



Internet and Networking Committee: Zamora

Media Board Representative: (Salem)


Amaha motion to elect a media board rep.

Zamora nominate Deepak, accepted. Peake nominate Xie, accepted.

Ajlouny worked in tech dept’s in Virginia, on IT committee now, working on event calendar… want to work as liaison for senate and representing student needs. Think I could put my whole force behind this, especially because new IT person being chosen next quarter. You all can decide.

Xie sat on media board before I was notified that I couldn’t any longer as a chair. Really interesting seeing these cases, think I’d be good representative.

Xie 7 vs. Ajlouny 4

Amaha interviews B&F, IAC, AAC… Make contact list, need new unit assignments.


Vice President Carnes the meeting starting winter quarter is going to be at 6pm, standard time from now on. Frees up more availability for classes. For place cards, everything got thrown away from senate box. Big mistake, everything starting new. Be careful about where you leave things in the senate and exec office, janitorial staff does great job but mistakes happen. About court case, against senate but mainly me because I made main decisions, I chose Harms and Powers as our representatives so no one besides Andrew and I are required to be there. No one else will be called as a witness.

Harms want to remind senior senators next week is last week to get commission meetings done. So if you haven’t been to ECAC or B&F at all this quarter and don’t have class, you need to go. Part of your outline of ethics you swore to. For new senators, please fill out office hours paperwork so we can post those for next quarter.

Salem Multicultural night downstairs, about 800 people there already. Go check it out.

Ajlouny got freshman intern, so I’m happy.

Xie my commission decided since not a lot there and not much to talk about, not having a meeting next week. I don’t know if there’s problem with that...

Markevich FYI our meeting this Monday will be at Woodstock’s as wrap up for quarter.

Amaha Natalia left her placard if you’d like to sign it.

Zamora motion to adjourn.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 9:17pm.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission