University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Minutes Thursday, November 9, 2006 5:30 p.m., ARC Meeting Room 2


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Coniglio (ECAC), Xie, Lay, Shannon (IAC), Feldman

Absent: Higgins, Rosas-Romero

Vice President Carnes reminded the table that the ECAC chair was at an event and Rosas-Romero was out of state.


Sanders said all legislation has been signed.


SB #18 Authored by Salem, Introduced by Salem, Referred to IAC and EAC. An ASUCD Senate Bill to introduce an administrative plan for the ASUCD Committee on Science and Engineering.


Salem said one unit director is here for report, I’d like to hear that: motion to suspend orders of the day and enter unit director reports.

Sanders objected I have an announcement.

Salem withdrew.

Sanders said as the VP already said we do have some absences, Higgins is in a midterm to make up, hopefully will be here at 7:30.

Salem remade motion; properly seconded without objection.

V. UNIT DIRECTOR REPORTS Lynndee Norris introduced self from Experimental College, with Allie (limbo position). I have three goals for the next two quarters: course credit for instructors thru ICC, students get pass/no pass credit. I’m working on that with Dwaimy and her interns. Two, strengthen our test prep, make cheaper prep available and make it worthwhile. Also working with Dwaimy and interns on that (I want them to mass email the department heads, offering to pay them). Three, improve relations with ASUCD; in the past it’s been very weak, nonexistent relationship. Short term: get staff strong and united.

Patel said I talked to the previous director, so how are you going about finding instructors for test prep?

Norris said I’ve had a lot of people ask, even out of state. We want to advertise and also look at going to premed frats.

Sanders motioned to suspend orders of the day, reenter public discussion; properly seconded without objection.


Carnes said there was no way to transport the flag safely.

Ostrowski said I understand that there is a closed session on the controller, found out on wiki day before at 11 or midnight without reason or publicity. Usually people are fired at closed sessions, rumors floating is that there was an argument between Kai and Andrew, seems partisan politics mainly with people pushing, and I don’t think votes are there… I don’t know what’s going on but Kai’s been in AAC, etc, etc, and now as controller, wrote budget when some senators were late, he has a history of being bipartisan working with LEAD admin…timing right before election just few days before, not only extreme but waste of time and seems partisan. Hope there’s some discussion as to why this is happening, other than insiders no one knows what’s going on.

Roy said I’ve been involved in a half dozen closed sessions and never fired anyone, and Kai doesn’t seem worried. As an onlooker, political outsider, Kai was hired by LEAD admin…so don’t worry!

Ostrowski said someone could just explain why this is going on, it’s going in the minutes.

Savaree-Ruess said thank you for your endorsement, most of what you said was true… a number of people did approach me as to why this was being called, and it was not a huge shock to me. I was given twenty-four hour notice, and this is an issue a lot of people feel strongly about that we need a closed session, if that’s how they feel it’s fine. Again, don’t worry.

Ostrowski said I’m not worried I just don’t like the partisan atmosphere.

Patel read statement about occurrence in class (see accompanying statement).

Laabs said just to address what Steven said, and by the way it was amazing to hear about what Avni said. About Steven, reason for closed session is to protect privacy of individual, as employee probably good discussion but needs closed session. Also Fricke had closed session called on him thrice, and he’s probably going retire soon. Lastly, Andrew Fricke is good guy.

Savaree-Ruess said I want to request closed session be left open to public, I’d like issues to be aired out in public because they’ve found their way into campus media and public perception. If at all possible, I’d like it in an open forum.

Ostrowski said I want it open, I’ve talked to Fricke and he thought they were partisan. The timing is awful, it’s right before election!

Sanders motioned to move into public announcements; properly seconded without objection.


Feldman said next week is Generation Sex/Transaction Week and I have flyers. Also Glamour Magazine is accepting apps for top ten college women, apps accessed at

Patel said the fall dialogue with chancellor will be November 20 at 6pm in MU2. Everyone is invited. If you’re interested RSVP at

Amaha said a student emailed me about an upcoming event in Freeborn Monday 6-10.

Ostrowski said the Newman Center November 19 is having a spaghetti dinner, huge fundraiser to go down to Mexico and build houses during Christmas. Seven dollars adult, six students, five children…all you can eat spaghetti, auctions, prizes. Has a facebook event, depending a lot on St. James parishioners, student involved would be awesome too. Next week will have advance tickets available. Time 5-9 at St James memorial center (B St.).

Xie said next week is hunger awareness week, Calpirg is doing work you can come to office get in. College Bowl 2006 varsity sport of mind, a lot of trivia etc to national level. Apps due Nov 22 at 3, come to me for more info.

Lay said I’ve already told some, my frat is having a pancake breakfast the 18th 10:30 to 12 in our house on Russell, right before the causeway classics. $5 all u can eat. Weinstein mondavi center Sunday concert at 8 pm


Sanders said the last set of minutes was not prepared yet, it’s midterm season so be nice.


Lay, Dardik, Coniglio, Xie, Rivera, Feldman, Markevich, Savaree-Ruess



Patel asked when we were considering legislation about plasma screens, AggieTV said they had fourteen hrs taping… have they continued?

Holloway said the issue is that they don’t have enough content total, but we can also put up ads for ASUCD etc in empty space.

Carnes, Zamora, Ajlouny, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Sanders, Patel, Amaha, Deepak, Salem, Rogers

Media board: Salem

Internet networking: Zamora


Vice President Carnes said there are none.


Sanders said for the public, there is food in the café… Motion for ten minute break; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 6:52 pm.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:54.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Coniglio, Xie, Lay, Rivera, Feldman

Absent: Rosas-Romero

Sanders motioned to suspend orders of the day, move into closed session; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said because this is a private matter, public and commission chairs must leave.

Patel said I filed this because of a specific incident that needs to be addressed and taken seriously.

Savaree-Ruess said we both have agreed to have this public, both will issue short statement in public: if we can.

Peake said I’d like to respect Savaree-Ruess’ wishes to keep this in the open, I’d also like to retain this can go into closed after short statement.

Sanders said maybe it would be best to move into public discussion for statements. Withdrew motion, motioned to enter public discussion; properly seconded without objection.


Savaree-Ruess said I didn’t bring my written statement: Peake and I had an altercation yesterday after candidate’s forum. I’ve discussed my take on it; I think most of you understand where I’m coming from. At this point I’m ready to apologize for turning what I thought was a bad situation into a worse one; I said inappropriate things at best in a very emotional/angry state. I Felt as though I was being attacked, please understand that when I said what I said it was from brief moment of unclarity following what I saw as a threatening situation brought upon me. Also another issue brought to my attention, about quote ending up on wiki. I’d like to say that quote was obviously not meant to be public fodder; something said in my office in certain context that still doesn’t make it politically correct but at least Naomi understands that it was not said with ill will towards any particulars or LEAD slate. Something said in jest following similar situation with similar context, I sincerely apologize for that I did not mean for it to become public, said in my office in small group no intention of trying to create downfall of anyone at table or anyone currently running for office. I hope you’ve seen I have tried during my time here to work with everyone and from both sides of political spectrum. Thank you for time, hopefully this is cleared up and I will yield.

Ostrowski said there are several senate bills, maybe better to pass these or not … my question is how long will this be?

Sanders said the time limit is undetermined, as long as it takes, of course we’ll take down signs and move out as soon as it’s finished.

Peake said I’d like to apologize to the entire room that this had to be heard here… I assure you this is not partisan. The issues I campaign on are very personal, dealing with who I am. What I perceived Savaree-Ruess was doing I now realize was a misunderstanding. I approached him in an unprofessional way, I’m sorry for that and how it escalated. I do not believe it was appropriate for threats of violence; I do not believe I am capable of being threatening. I accept Savaree-Ruess’ apology and again I too apologize.

Sanders motioned to move into a closed session; Deepak objected.

Deepak as a point of order as was demonstrated last year, senators and candidates are not personnel subject to closed session rules. It could be argued that a closed session can’t be called on Peake.

Vice President Carnes said the session was called on Savaree-Ruess; Peake was just involved in the incident. Nothing to do with who this is called on, it’s just the parties involved.

Molnar said after hearing their stories, I don’t think we need a session. I feel they resolved the matter and this can be done in a public manner. Vote the way you want to.

DO ENTER CLOSED SESSION, 8-2-2 Yes: Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Sanders, Zamora No: Ajlouny, Molnar Abstain: Higgins, Rosas-Romero

**********CLOSED SESSION**************

Sanders said we will announce our decision at the next meeting, I hope you didn’t sit around waiting for that decision. Motion to resume orders of the day; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to consider SB #21.

Author’s Comments:

Ostrowski said please add Mike Rivera and Joseph Bleckman as coauthors. The only area UCSA was found in the bylaws was here, needs updated. Whether or not agreed, status quo not up-to-date. But don’t wish to lose institutional memory. Even though not in UCSA, helpful if report given on what they’re doing etc so people can decide if want to be back in UCSA at some point. Think that’s important for institutional memory, common knowledge etc. This is a commonsense bill.

Bleckman said it’s a good bill, pass it.

Commission Recommendation:

Rivera said my commission recommends this, we saw no problem, only abstains were absences. Pass quickly.

Questions in Text:

Patel modified line 1.

Public Discussion:

Ostrowski said I thought it was pretty lame that Fluet and Suyat were absent, so Bleckman voted on this and they didn’t.

Salem asked can you clarify the problem?

Ostrowski said I feel they left because of the candidate meeting, while Bleckman stayed for his commission.

Vice President Carnes said this has nothing to do with the bill.

Senate Discussion:

Deepak said I don’t know where you were going with that, anyhow motion to call to question; Sanders objected.

Deepak withdrew.

Markevich said I have a question to clarify, why is it just state and national and not lobby corp? I think they have as much to do with this.

Rivera said usually state national affairs would be the voting member if they were member of UCSA.

Markevich said this is a statement of objectives regarding our approach to UCSA or of their plans for projects etc?

Rivera said if you read section 3, they are essentially doing what they would have done if they were a voting member. Same as was before, except the reporter no longer a voting member.

Markevich said I am still unclear what the statement of objectives is meant to address. Our relationship with UCSA, or something different?

Zamora said this is UCSA’s statement of objectives, not ours. So they’re reading what UCSA published…

Zamora said in Section C is it correct that the voting member in ASUCD gives their own personal statement of objectives to UCSA?

Bleckman said we’ve decided to keep the part about UCSA and include the other stuff when we’re not in UCSA because discussion about not having a report actually given to us. Because of that it might be best to leave it in the bylaws so if we rejoin it’s still in there.

Sanders said basically they left it in the bylaws for internal memory. Put in contingency plan in case vote lost.

Zamora called to question; properly seconded without objections.

DO PASS, SB #21, 10-0-2

Sanders motioned to table SB #11 and CA #16; properly seconded without objection.


Vice President Carnes said first we have an external affairs expense program proposal. They want to request $795.96 to reimburse Savaree-Ruess for renting hotel rooms for the External Affairs trip.

Zamora asked was the expense made in mindset he’d be paid back?

Vice President Carnes said there was miscommunication where the funds would come from, but he was told he’d be paid back. This would be the source, or a senate bill. You have the right not to approve it.


Rivera said I thought the closed session occurred in a respectable manner, but it would have been more considerate to table legislation first for commission chairs. We didn’t benefit from waiting, nor did the senate. Especially when the one piece of legislation passed was trivial.

Gray announced e-mail address for officers and ex-officio members of the senate wishing submit written reports for the minutes after the actual meeting.

Zamora said two of three rooms are looking for reimbursement. Who paid for the other room?

Vice President Carnes said the other room was paid in Darnell’s budget. He couldn’t pay for others. And my budget was also too small, I could’ve only partially reimbursed… couldn’t justify exhausting my budget for external affairs.

Bleckman asked do you need signatures from all the senators to get external funds?

Sanders said the way the bill is written, we just need a majority. Not really appropriating money, just watch dogging it because no actual budget has been created for it.

Vice President Carnes said I apologize to the public and senate for confusion, new bill.

Patel said to Rivera thanks for comments, I was under the impression we were going to see the bills… I was telling Naomi and Ravi this was a testament to how much work you put in by staying when you didn’t need to be here.

Amaha said just to address what happened in the last bill, Steven I don’t know what you were trying to prove by saying two candidates weren’t there… I think you should keep bill discussion to the bill; you don’t need to overemphasize the fact that someone was or was not there.

Ostrowski said I found it useful to demonstrate that information, and felt it was in my right to do so.

Amaha said the point of the bill had nothing to do with the candidates. Commissioners told their chair they wouldn’t be there; Michael didn’t feel he needed to address that. You snuck in those comments and they were not needed.

Sanders said please be careful when talking publicly about locations of people you’re not representative of, it is a question of privilege. Let’s just have a nice night everyone. Motioned to adjourn; Ajlouny objected.

Sanders withdrew.

Ajlouny said I want to say this quote: “Dance like no one is watching and everything seems much more fun.”

Sanders said thank you for staying, next week should be less exciting. Motioned to adjourn; properly seconded without objection.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 10:42pm.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission