University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Minutes Thursday, October 12, 2006 5:30 PM, Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm.


Present: Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Higgins, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich (AAC), Dardik (B&F), Khan (ECAC), Xie (EPPC), Lay (EAC), Feldman (GASC)

Absent: Holloway, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Patel, Rivera (IAC)


Sanders said all previous legislation has been signed.


SB #15, Authored by Amaha, Referred to AAC and IAC An ASUCD Senate Bill to introduce an administrative plan for the textbook affordability committee.


Courtney Weaver introduced herself as the Legislative Affairs Director of University of California Students Association (UCSA); Amanda Martin introduced herself as the Field Organizer & Collective Bargaining Program Coordinator for UCSA.

Weaver said we want to give you updates on our voter registration guide.

Martin says the California Aggie wrote some articles on our guide, and now the director is in contact with the office of the president, in regards to claim that our guide is partisan in some forms. UCSA takes these suggestions seriously: a lot of work goes into making the guides nonpartisan and so that they can be used on any campus by any group. I don’t know who here has read the articles, but you may at least have seen them. This is what was said: members perceived the guide as not representing all candidates equally, especially with the idea that some candidates’ info was from their websites, while others had actual responses. It was suggested that UCSA took a very informal approach by copy/pasting from some candidates’ websites. And that UCD would be uncomfortable distributing something so partisan.

Martin said another article states a lack of professionalism within UCSA; that we should have tried harder to make the guide nonpartisan. We take these things very seriously, and since these articles have come out we have some updates from the UC Office of the President and have some papers to pass to you.

Weaver said as you know UCSA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Because of this, any voter guide we make must have original, unedited information from the candidates. For us to have taken information from any candidate’s website we would have broken the law by editing what we were cropping and taking off their website. Also just the act of cropping would be spending more time on one candidate is that also is partisan (illegal).

Martin said in addition we have been working with GOCP Council who certified that the guide and candidate questionnaire was nonpartisan. We just want to clear up the accusations made in the California Aggie, and want you to feel that you’re well represented by our organization.

Weaver said we have a paper with the information for 501c3 organizations.

Dardik asked did the Cal Aggie contact you before writing the article?

Martin said no, and we were on campus when the article was written. We did meet with the author once, and she brought up none of these issues. They also have our contact information, and we’ve not been contacted. We wanted to make sure we researched into the issue before coming back to you about it.

Shannon said we didn’t hand out the guide because we didn’t have the funds to distribute them. Instead we got free ones from the Secretary of the State.

Savaree-Ruess said I don’t think anyone on the campus was expecting UCSA to go find information on candidates that didn’t answer the questionnaire, but to hand out a guide that only has information on some candidates and not others is by default partisan. That might be part of reason we decided not to distribute because the state’s guide is completely nonpartisan. I also believe Brent Laabs actually was contacted for the article.

Schwab said on another note, if anyone is wondering why the piano not in the Coffee House: last night around 9pm someone stole it…rolled it out of the doors….the camera filmed the thieves. This morning staff managers looking at door etc, recognize the thieves as the people who were selling the posters on the quad. One ran away, both arrested later and piano will be back Monday.

Ostrowski asks how much would it have cost for ASUCD to print the UCSA voter guide? Would it have been a big deal?

Shannon says special projects budget is only $150: any money would have been too much when we could get free ones from the State and we have special projects that we want to hold throughout the year.

Dustin Murray asked why cant we just email the voter guide to every single student on campus?

Savaree-Ruess said someone tried to get a list of all the emails: the administration is very stingy with that. Basically you’d have to “find” the emails for all the students and that’s a very hard task.

Sanders motioned to end public discussion; properly seconded without objections.


Rosas-Romero announced Pride Week is coming up next week; I’m passing out fliers. I hope to see everyone at the events. I want to emphasize Paint! on October 18 at the Wyatt! Theater.

Deepak announced I did “cleaning the dirty politician” and I was the only one out there. When CalPirg does it next I want to see president out there. And maybe Lamar. Hopefully next time they have hoses instead of sponges.

Khan said we’re having a free event with Persian food. It starts at six and is at Davis Senior Center I’ll pass out my email for event. Tuesday is the Middle East/South Asia Studies Fall Welcome: anyone interested in the minor should feel free to come. The event is 6-9, free dinner begins at 6:30.

Savaree-Ruess said this Sunday all of you will be in the CoHo for the retreat. I will be helping us to team build. Be there at 10:15.

Vice President Carnes said the email said that the retreat starts at 10:30, but you should be there at 10:15 unless you’re excused with Kai or talk to me after the meeting.

Feldman two weeks from today at 1pm Michelle Tea is presenting “The Personal is Still Political: Queerness, Class, Sex Work, and Feminism” in Voorhies 126.

Markevich said we’re compiling a list of ASUCD representatives for Academic Senate committees; there are still spots open for very intriguing committees. If you’d like to meet with faculty or administration please let me know.

Sanders said if you’re sitting around the Senate table and not getting emails, let me know. I’ve made the list-serve so please make sure to notify me so that I can add you to it. Xie said EPPC is having its first event next Thursday at 6:00. It’s for everyone in the public and it’s featuring a discussion panel on sustainability and urban growth.

Savaree-Ruess said I went to SSFAC today and they are looking for a couple more members and alternates. Ask me about it and I’ll connect you. It’s pretty cool because you get to oversee how all the student fees are getting spent.

Sanders said I just got a flier for a brownbag lunch chat with the chancellor: bring your lunch, questions and comments Thursday, October 19 to the Cabernet Room at the Silo.

Rogers said I’m sure Avni would’ve liked this to be mentioned: Teach for America Info Session is October 18 and there’s going to be free pizza!


Vice President Carnes said last meeting’s minutes still aren’t available. Our pro-temp Sanders is going to get on that for the next meeting.


Sanders moved to confirm any members or alternates of ECAC.

George O’Neil introduced himself as a 4th year Aries.

Khan said he did a great job: he’s been part of two other commissions; he’s well rounded, and spoke well.

Deepak asked so where do you plan to take ECAC in these next few months?

O’Neil said I plan to attend some of the cultural events here on campus; it’s not enough to just sit in the MU. I want to be familiar with the Mondavi events and other events that occur on campus. I want there to be a visual representation of ECAC and some of the resources they can offer.

Zamora said as a former member of IAC and GASC, what brought you to ECAC?

O’Neil said it’s a new opportunity, and I want to serve for something that interests me. I look forward to having a chance to go out and do something: I’ve had opportunities to deal with legislation in IAC, I did some programming in GASC and I’m looking forward to participating in more programming with ECAC.


Sander motioned to confirm the unit director of State and National Affairs; properly seconded without objections.

Michelle Shaffie introduced herself as a second year Spanish and International Relations major.

Schwab said I was at her interview. Shaffie got involved within her first few weeks at UCD. She did a great job at Lobby Corp. She’s been to UCSA meetings and she’ll definitely be good for the job; she’s an excellent worker. And she definitely stuck it to Chuck Colton with the security costs.

Deepak, where do you want to see your unit go, a projection into the future?

Shaffie said we’re wrapping up voter registration in the next few weeks. I want to continue our relationship with lobby corp, they should have all the info they need. I also want to bring more info to the students: speakers, debates, etc.


Sanders motioned to move into unit director reports; properly seconded without objections.


Danielle Vaticano: Lobby Corp

Sanders motioned to suspend the orders of the day and move into consideration of old legislation; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to consider SB#9; properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comment’s

Ostrowski said I found the word student all over place in here, it was asked of me by people in the court to remove the mention of student in the judicial codes. You don’t call the president “student president,” senators “student senators.” Some people on the court thought it somewhat demeaning, I think putting student in was just a typo to begin with. I want to do this to remove tensions between the various branches of government.

Commission Recommendation

Rivera said the commission voted unanimously to pass this; it’s very simple.

Public Discussion

Ajlouny asked is that the only reason to pass this bill? Because it’s demeaning? I don’t think it matters because we really are students.

Ostrowski says it’s just not consistent because the bylaws don’t say student.

Ajlouly said I see no point, but that’s just me.

Aguilara said I’m a justice on the student court. I think this is a cool enough idea, but the court isn’t like “hey guys…mm…” Basically we have no animosity towards the senate.

Salem said yea I think it just has to do with consistency. Motion to move into senate discussion; properly seconded without objections.

Senate Discussion

Sanders said you can call me a rubber ducky but I really don’t care. The only reason for this to come up is inconsistency in wording. I move to call SB#9 to question.

DO PASS, SB#9, 9-0-3 Abstain: Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Patel

Sanders motioned to consider SB#13; properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comments

Dardik said this bill came up urgent. My commission just made this informally thinking: it’s straight forward was want to give one hundred dollars for snacks at the retreat.

Savaree-Ruess said if you want to eat on Sunday, the CoHo is definitely down for a hundred bucks.

Public Discussion

Higgins said all I want to know Kai, is this enough to cover us? Hundred bucks isn’t much.

Savaree-Ruess said I didn’t want to get to much into your reserve, it’s limited especially if you pass concert bill coming up. I’m just trying to keep it modest. I was originally thinking Papa John’s pizza because I know the manager. But I’ve since talked to Sharon in the CoHo: if other units will pitch in like project compost getting paper plates, etc, she thinks a hundred bucks will be good. It won’t be a three course dinner, but you’ll be fed.

Higgins said that’s awesome because I definitely want to eat on Sunday.

Higgins motioned to move into senate discussion; properly seconded without objection.

Senate Discussion

Deepak said I happen to be a vegetarian. Sometimes there haven’t been good vegetarian things available at events like this.

Savaree-Ruess said you should talk to Sharon about that.

Deepak said fine, I owe her a teddy bear anyway. Motion to call SB#9 to question; properly seconded without objection.

DO PASS, SB #13, 11-0-1 Abstain: Molnar

Sanders motioned to suspend the orders of the day and move into appointments and confirmations; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to confirm any members of the elections committee.

Connie Zheng outreach and hiring coordinator. Introduced herself as a 4th yr history major, involved in court as freshman. No cases, right after I quit there was an influx of cases (I was sad). I was also involved in picnic day.

Prashanth Arulsakaran second year biochem major. Confirm for media coordinator.

Leathers said the other position is still open. Hopefully we’ll have a good election even though the committee isn’t full yet.

Deepak asked what do you want to do differently this year? Withdrew his question.

Zamora said I couldn’t hear the exact positions you’re going for.

-Repeated names and positions-

Patel asked how do you think we can use the media resources already on campus to increase voter turnout, and will installing voter booths or a specific site increase turnout?

Arulskaran said it could, but I think the online version is working. I guess we’re promoting it through some services in UCD, getting more interviews out, etc.

Zamora said I guess you could say this commission isn’t always the prettiest job. What attracted you to the positions?

Zheng said I’m a history major: I’m not going into politics, but I want to involve myself… I want to take away as much as possible from UCD and I want to be involved in best way I can with ASUCD. As a history major I’m not interested in politics or some agenda, but I’m very interested in process. Through the election committee I can be very involved in that process.

Arulsakaran said elections is our democracy. I really wanted to be involved because that’s basically how we get things done.


Sanders motioned to confirm any members/alternates of B&F.

Reed Munn introduced himself as a third year alternate.

Higgins said he has a lot of background experience from high school and his fraternity. He’s really interested, applied before and failed miserably. He’s shown determination, come back, is willing to work hard and is going to be great.

Ajlouny asked why did you choose B&F?

Munn said I was involved in business/finance in high school, and I want to be aware of the school’s money.

Sanders said you don’t have to respond to this, but I sure hope Higgins is your friend. Just curious, what attracted to you B&F instead of other commissions and what experience do you have?

Munn said I was Freshman-Senior Treasurer, Business Manager at end of my high school career for the whole student body. I now deal with finances in my frat too.

Lay said sometimes B&F has to make allocations, things can get emotional. Do you have any experience in that territory and how will you handle it?

Munn said I will listen to opposing views, not be biased, and look at the situation as a whole.

Savaree-Ruess asked in your experience with ASUCD do you think the money allocations made recently have been warranted, and is there any particular thing you didn’t agree with?

Munn said I think so far they’ve been warranted but of course UCSA is a sorta controversial thing. I don’t want to get myself in trouble…

Holloway asked if you could audit any unit, which would it be and why?

Munn said I honestly don’t know as of this moment. I want to get to know all the units.


Sanders motioned to suspend the orders of the day and enter Ex-Officio Reports; properly seconded without objection.


Markevich, Dardik, Feldman, Khan, Lay, Xie, Rivera, Savaree-Ruess, Holloway, Carnes

Sanders motioned to move into a ten minute break; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back by 6:48.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:49.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Farhad Motamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Sanders Late: Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Rosas-Romero, Zamora


Sanders motioned to move into other business; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to see SB #4 as urgent because External Affairs didn’t meet quorum and it will die otherwise. Also UCSA is actually here to speak on it, etc.

Author’s Comments

Holloway said we went to UCSA Congress this summer, and in order for us to vote we had to negotiate a contract saying we’d pay the amount we’re in the red by November 1st. This is how much we’re short in order to be good with UCSA. I think it’s important to note that: there are quite a few students on this campus that have issues with us being in UCSA. Some of the delegates we took to congress had their own experiences. Beyond that, B&F failed it 1-6-2, other commissions all voted no just without quorum. You as a senate have two options: pass it and undermine the commissions which would have failed it if they had the chance, or you can redirect the money elsewhere in some sort of external affairs program. Main issue is business practices on our side. Kai is in process of drafting legislation if this doesn’t pass to create an external reserve, bolster our own lobby core, external affairs, etc. We have lobbyists who lobby directly to the capital and are in sore need of funding. If we are going to decide not to pass this it’s my recommendation that that’s what we do with this money. I’m sure you’re all eager to start talking.

Laabs said hi everyone, I am now chair of UCSA, and two of our staff are here. I want full discussion and honesty. We have many things to be considered: the fact that UCSA networks students across the state, that we support our own activities and things for grad students. We need to speak in one voice. You can decide to be part of that voice or not. From my standpoint I hope we stay in.

Commission Recommendation

Dardik said we failed this bill after a lengthy period of discussion, after personal statements were made based on the logistics of staying in or not. Overall the arguments for were not strong enough to persuade the commission to spend the money for staying in (while there were good arguments for not staying). UCSA has no concrete plans saying what the large sum will do for us as students. We felt that money better spent elsewhere.

Carnes asked about the people who didn’t vote no, why didn’t they?

Dardik said of the two abstainers, one was not there and the other was taking minutes and not paying enough attention to cast a vote in his/her opinion. The yes vote wanted the unification UCSA gives us with other UC’s. Others said the voice of UCSA wasn’t the voice of UCD nor did it come even close.

Public Discussion

Ostrowski said basically I think the money can be better used elsewhere. I’ve heard complaints about them taking extreme leftist position on props and other areas (ie against the student academic bill for freedom last spring). I think we should pull out, and this is the first step to doing that.

Patel said if we don’t pass this, then the money doesn’t go to UCSA. Are they still receiving the other $26,280 even if we’re no longer with them?

Savaree-Ruess said if this fails there’s an attachment to our constitution (student rep act) that says if we aren’t given voting privileges in another organization than we can’t give that organization money for representing us. So if this money isn’t given to fully fund them, then we can’t give the original 26k either. Money will have to go elsewhere…we propose giving money to a reserve meant to be used for other external issues because we didn’t have a chance to outline the projects they want to do this year….

Patel said to be part of UCSA is a collective effort of California. Angela Davis herself c mentioned “dangerous individualism.” But if the money is better spent elsewhere, cool. I want to acknowledge their recent strides to connect with us, but I don’t know if they did it to save selves from chopping block or if that’s what they actually do. Last two yrs we’ve had vote and it didn’t matter. We are UCD and close to capital, perhaps our own students can lobby for themselves.

Powers said I was a delegate at congress in San Diego. I have many experiences with UCSA…it’s made up of many motivated students. Very interesting, more than anything disappointed; let me tell story: last day of congress all of the students vote on various board directives that UCSA does to focus efforts on (main ones are action agenda items, we choose two). The only board directive that was not approved was the only one involved in academic research: these people want to work on things, but without any research.

Savaree-Ruess said one of the real defining moments for me (I was not delegate, but there); I don’t remember the exact vote. We were voting on something, whole room voted yes, Davis and few Santa Cruz reps voted no and the whole room hissed. It spoke volumes on our position in UCSA. People say we’re in a coalition and united, in that moment I didn’t feel united with anyone in that room. We were outcasts. Our values are not in line with UCSA, and they were essentially trying to crush our opinion and criticize us for having it. If we’re in a coalition, where we’re not represented and our opinions are not kosher with the board….we shouldn’t be involved in it.

Powers said Kai just spoke volumes. Brent, you’re chair of UCSA, congrats on your election, but is true of your 380k budget, less than one percent goes to lobbying efforts?

Laabs said that’s partially true. How much to campaigns, out of 9k: 6k copies, 3k campaign. The budget is paying for a lot of staff time to put on programs for us.

Farhad Motamed asked Brent, if we choose to not give money and withdraw, what happens to people here who are involved with them?

Laabs said that’s a really hard question. If we leave it affects the entire coalition (they become representatives to almost all UC students….). It weakens their ability to lobby, but wont make large financial situation because of their reserves (immediately anyway).

Farhad Motamed asked would YOU have to resign, or what?

Laabs said oh, I’m representing the grad student association, so it will not affect me at all.

Schaffie said I got confirmed today, but I’ve been attending since last spring. As the director state national affairs: as much as my part wants us to stay involved, I feel like the money will be better used for external office to affect our students in more positive ways.

Rosas-Romero said we already got an email from the conference they’re putting on. What would happen if we withdrew?

Holloway said we can still go to UCSA events without paying. We just won’t have a vote.

Rosas-Romero asked B&F were there some reasons according to your commission to vote no, didn’t think enough reasons to vote yes…

Vice President Carnes reminded that all public can get on speakers’ list, senators only have one deferment.

Matt Shannon, director assistant state national affairs said I feel like it’s not in best interest of UCD to stay: lack of coalition within leadership. I’m not against the staff…the president currently wants to write a bill to make a price floor to cause small schools to pay more per student, what’s disturbing on bill they wrote is that UC Merced can’t vote on this, as in it’s a plus. Simply not getting money’s worth. Staff does a lot…some staff visits, helped train us in leadership. Visit us, we get voter registration guide we can’t use…still have to pay for printing. Have to pay for conferences still, big burden on external budget.

Lay said my commission didn’t meet quorum, so it was informally failed: voter registration guide worried us a lot about the bias issue. As Laabs mentioned the spending limit for lobbying only is like 3k, not much between all the UC’s. Personally I think funds can be used more effectively, looked at budget and staff salaries…our price pays one staff member of UCSA so our money doesn’t go far. We should keep money to selves and spread to our units. One pro, UCSA is a coalition of schools…but we don’t feel united with them nor the other UC’s because of it.

Peake, Andrew said I’m worried about the student body’s voice as a whole. How well set is the external affairs to take on the extra burden of representing the entire UCD campus?

Schaffie said I think we already do a good job. Lobby Corp goes to sac without relation to a particular group and they respect us when we go.

Deepak said I need some input: Laabs, do you think you can work with UCSA to home them into our way…I find hissing offensive, and the debate thing was a disaster waiting for busses. Even after busses came the event had just a small screen like can be used at any school. Very disappointed, yea they had pizza but that’s not what I’m paying for. Can we work with them to get goals achieved?

Laabs said it will definitely be hard with what I’m looking to accomplish. Lot of our goal is to make sure every member of the coalition is represented. In terms of the aggie article that upset some people, not so much about a biased guide but because of their new publicity problem. Part of that is changing perceptions. Not been there very long but I’m working very hard to bring people together. I don’t really know yet, I try to include you guys on everything, I don’t know how to answer it…we try to represent everyone and it doesn’t always happen.

Deepak said I think we should maybe speed up the discussion.

Amanda Martin said in UCSA we provide different things for students, so about the student power conference this conference is much bigger than the organization putting it on. One big issue with diversity in schools, we won’t turn down anyone and it’s only twenty dollars to attend. This is a cost they implemented themselves. Going as a student or staff to UCSA conference has always been twenty dollars. We’ll continue to outreach to students across the state.

Derrick Lennox said I’m the director of lobby corp, Daniel is the internal director lobby corp. We worked closely with them, Oscar Wilde said “politics is the art of looking for trouble” and this describes what we’ve seen at Davis with UCSA. Found trouble everywhere with research and how they deal with members. First lobby corp experience last fall asking for reasonable time period from regents to know how much to pay in future, UCSA booed us. Board of directors there are getting in the way of what we want. They were exclusive at the retreat, attempted to disenfranchise us from having a vote even though we paid 26 out of 28k. Look for problems everywhere, currently list of issues includes diversity, then bring up issues in Michigan when this is about the UC; it’s a waist of our money. The can’t diagnose problems correctly and it stems from a problem of vision. We can look to the fact that at the retreat at Davis each student organization there was asked to put up on a chart where they’d align their organization. Most including Davis put their organizations slightly to the left. UCSA put theirs farthest left. This doesn’t represent students, UCSA is lacking a clear vision for representing its members. It’s also been applying the wrong solutions. When you pay for lobby corp you’re paying for gas, because we have clothes and we have information. You’re not paying for staffers to research, not paying for picket signs, not for busses that don’t come, where is our money supposed to go? External affairs, state national, city-county, imagine if all fed taxes went to local organizations, would it be more effective then sending it to DC then hoping for some to go back? At Danielle’s leg meeting, brought up great ideas about what should happen when people are trying to lobby…Davis is already doing that. Lobby corp and state national can take care of these issues. UCSA is heading in the wrong direction, but do with the bill what you need.

Zamora said I sense we have a negative vibe in the room against UCSA…dare I ask where is the positive opinion for the wholesome sake of this argument? Why do we need to fund this?

Savaree-Ruess as many of you know, last year I was championing getting out. At the time people brought up good arguments to stay in: we can be a part for reforming UCSA to make it better at representing all of us. By staying in we strengthen a collective voice. These are all legitimate arguments. Problem from them was that until now those people would not follow through. Only the people who went to the meetings were the people up in air with how they felt about UCSA. Darnell put on a good faith effort this summer to try to get us in line with UCSA, make sure we had the vote, to make sure we could be good members. So all of us went into it hoping this situation would get better, Laabs became chair…I wish him a ton of luck and hope he makes those reforms. When Darnell tried to make this better, he got scoffed at. I don’t know if those once legit arguments hold weight anymore.

Zamora said should we pull out and a couple years down line if new senate sees potential in the reformed UCSA they can join again. I’d still like to hear something POSITIVE. We’ve heard a lot of one side, we need both sides of story.

Tara Stafford from Cal Pirg said I want to comment on the bus thing. That wasn’t UCSA’s fault, that was the bus company’s fault. I’m new so I don’t know all history, and it seems you guys tried reforms and were not successful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful in the future. Maybe go about it in more positive light…the people in office change and sentiments change; maybe keep long term student power this can contain. Long term affects need to be considered.

Weaver said I just want to address the bus issue. UCSA didn’t reserve that bus, it was another coalition partner. UCSA drove here to get UCD students…we apologized even though it wasn’t our fault.

Dardik said in response to Rosas-Romero’s question. All the points were what came up at our meeting…I’m not going to go more into that. I want to emphasize this isn’t written in stone so we can experiment, reevaluate our position in one year and ask how did these funds do this year versus what they did that year. I think that would be a good plan, there’s much support, and it’s the logical thing to do. If this bill was citing benefits from last year, people would not be in support of it.

Harms said I’d like to say right now that I’m disappointed I don’t see UCSA putting up a good fight. I have two deferments…I want someone to answer why UCSA only gives one percent budget to lobbying and why our delegates were hissed at.

Laabs said I don’t know about the budget, I haven’t looked at it in huge detail. It passed before I was a part. Two major campaigns…all students considered important. Student compact make legislators know we have issues, got agreement out of them they wouldn’t increase fees in future. Talking to legislators is important to us. Also diversity major issue, things have changed since affirmative action. We need to let the university know it’s important to students. UCSA provides access to university system so people can talk to regents, etc, know people there at UC Office of the President in general, select student regents. Very important in representing us, talking to student representatives, we rep all 200 thousand students. Helps us contact other campuses, ie Berkeley set up lobby corp with Davis. What the question comes down to is are we representing ourselves alone or stand with everyone else and represent everyone. Standing alone almost never works. Not about bus or getting booed but how well we are represented.

Harms said because of that and other things we’ve seen it’s clear that UCSA needs a structural and cultural change (i.e. hissing). Are there any possible ways to address the negative culture?

Martin said we are a student run org, we staff people are going to represent the organization we work for. A lot of these issues we discussed in the spring when you approved the budget, I feel like a lot of this has been addressed before. In terms of congress, for those who were there that room is very heated, that what UCSA chooses as coalition doesn’t focus on that issue doesn’t mean that issue isn’t important to us. Students only have the capacity to run two campaigns. We set ground rules about how students should conduct selves, have Robert’s rules, we’re adults in that room…I can’t speak about some people. We set up a system.

Harms said I would encourage you to have them be respectful, maybe provide some training seminar.

Sanders said as a point of clarification about who approved the budget meeting…that wasn’t the senate. Maybe it was an UCD ambassador, but not the senate body.

Sanders motioned for break; Molnar objected.

DO NOT ENTER BREAK 4-8-0 Yes: Deepak, Molnar, Patel, Sanders

Sanders said to senate guys I understand you want to keep talking but I have notes that people want to use the bathroom. Let’s keep to the hour, now people will be missing the meeting because of restroom break and we miss break that’s needed according to bylaws.

Deepak said we can also talk during the break which would facilitate discussion.

Sanders said well, there could be a problem with the Brown Act, goal of open government, that would say it’s shady to talk in the restroom. Still we need a break eventually, keep that in mind. Lot of people on speakers list are part of the table. Public discussion is for the public, yield your time for the public and you can speak during senate discussion.

Powers said I came off hard, but to Zamora I argued to approve the funding at end of last year and I’ll repeat that now. UCSA has enormous potential. So many students coming together and lobbying on opinions. Motivated people working, who have done great work. We can voice ourselves at congress again, invest to the large voice. Something we should think about…UCSA is fundamentally there for the students. People there want to see positive change in the UC system. UCSA has enormous potential, and it has a solid foundation.

Holloway said I’m glad you pointed that out. People are vilifying UCSA as evil, but they are all students working for a good cause. Fundamental difference of opinion on certain issues, but Tara brought good point when you think about implications how detrimental it could be if we withdraw. Want to reiterate if the senate does not pass bill, we at table need to be committed to developing long term external program. James and I committed, labor force high demand (25 apps for my 5 positions, hundreds of freshman wanting involved, etc) do if we don’t pass this bill we should be committed to doing that.

Schwab it’s not simple as this issue has been discussed for a year and a half. With such strong opinions, no one as senator came to congress. You had opportunities, chairs came, no senate. How can you make a judgment, you could have been informed… it’s disappointing to see you’re not informed.

Holloway said I urge you to yield to public and end circular discussion.

Dallas Cole with Cal Pirg said in the past when this was talked about it was asked why to give funding to Cal Pirg. Cal Pirg says more voices and more unified voices is better. Got chancellor to recommend that we let students get registered in DC and dorms. Positive benefits to UCSA…as far as Cal Pirg goes we give ninety dollars per chapter to lobbying. Don’t know specifics, but it’s hard to come up with the funding. Like Tara said, as long term…this is a long term question. Once you leave, it will be hard to find funding and you took it away from programs, hurt UCSA.

Ostrowski said in spring talked to senator Bill Marre’s staff people about UCSA. Lost cause to Republican law makers because UCSA is so far to left, so we can’t work with them. Minority in state senate but we still need that republican centrist attitude to get things done. Not just any candidate was left off that guide, but Arnold! Better if UCSA moved more to center, my question to UCSA is if UCD pulls out will that increase fees for other schools and then make it more difficult for us to enter back in the future?

Laabs said it will probably not be more difficult to get back in because they say all UC’s are members, and those who paid are members in good standing. Hard to find 28K for UCD to join in future when we have it set for that now. In Santa Barbara they are running a referendum to increase fees to actually expand their organization. The board collectively set minimum dues, won’t cause other campuses to pay more. The Santa Barbara student initiative was to create a hundred dollar lock in fee per student per quarter.

Savaree-Ruess said I can continue to talk, but it’s a dead horse. Why don’t you guys move this along?

Shannon said there are people mentioning efforts to resolve issues. We stated to the board that there are problems and we need to work to resolve them. The member who is now president criticized us for saying there are problems. A resolution passed saying Davis has problems, but that’s all. Maybe like Dardik said and pull out until they clean themselves up.

Weaver said one last thing; I am the legislative director, UCSA lobbyist, and on the job for only three and half weeks, brand new. I can address actual funds spent lobbying. UCSA submits a lobbying report, has to keep log of minutes spent talking to legislators…not amount of time doing other things. Time is spent making appointments, planning with lobby corps, etc. that’s why the amount is so small….just some issue with fair practices. Also keep in mind that Arnold didn’t respond to the questionnaire because he only responds to organizations who are endorsing him. This year student compact resolution was sponsored by Senator Jeff Dennum, past leg leader scheduled many appointments with legislators.

Zamora motion to enter Senate Discussion; properly seconded without objection.

Senate Discussion

Rosas-Rromero said main concern is if we pull out, they’re working on diversity across all UC’s. If we pull out we’re splitting efforts. We could have UCSA and Lobby Corp both working on this. November 9 there is a student organized protest protesting the lack diversity, which is a huge problem…students are concerned about this. If we’re saying we’re representing students, are we ignoring students needs here? And for Michigan, they are a good example of diversity. They were successful with their plan to make a more diverse campus.

Vaticano said Lobby corp has worked for diversity already, it’s just that we’re representing all of UCD.

Rosas-Romero said this isn’t just issue of UCD, I’m concerned about not enough students/staff of color across ALL UC’s. We should be worried about all UC’s and not just UCD.

Shannon said there is nothing stopping us from working on the same issues as UCSA. The problem is with their idea of coalition and where they’re taking us. We agree with a lot of their issues, we just don’t believe they’re using our funds effectively.

Sanders said we are half an hour late for break, and it’s my duty with this opportunity. Please don’t vote this down. Motion to enter five minute break; properly seconded without objection

Vice President Carnes said be back at 8:05.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:06.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Farhad Motamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Dardik, Khan, Xie, Lay, Rivera, Feldman Absent: Deepak, Markevich


Sanders said here’s the deal. We went around and around. I know people have stuff to say: so here’s my thought on it. Your vote is your ultimate say. Maybe people have their minds made up….. I guess not…. I will ask everyone to say something new or yield. I’ve heard the same argument over and over again on both sides. I call SB #4 to question.

Amaha objected some of us yielded for senate discussion.

Sanders withdrew. Thank you for reminding me that I asked you to wait for senate discussion. Please avoid circular comments.

Amaha said if we do pull out and give the money to external, and they do great, and then we decide to go back to UCSA, what will we do?

Shannon if UCSA shapes up we can have three members on its board of executives without paying, and just not have a vote. If they’re doing what we like, we won’t need a vote and can just work together, network with other schools and work for greater benefit.

Sanders said my only thought on that is if you’re both in agreement on an issue, why would that change the politician’s mind. If lobby corp is doing a great job, we reallocate the money. Is it detrimental in lobbying, not two heads greater than one. Maybe UCSA will do better, then we throw money back. Right now I think we want to give lobby corp a shot.

Amaha said what if another senate decides to pull all these funds back to UCSA after our external office finds a really good use for it?

Salem said in honor of keeping it short I’ll keep it brief. I like UCSA if only it had a unified voice. As senators we are responsible for being logical with investments and representing our students. With our arguments about internal conflicts we all send up red flag. Looks like a poor investment, let’s have our own unified voice. We have a strong lobbying sector; they will expand and create strong foundation for the future. I think we will see successful progress with them.

Lay said talking about future, if we put money to our own units, and then new senate takes that money away…new senate could have the same conflict if money stays with UCSA and decides to take it out of there.

Salem said if you’re not satisfied with putting it in external reserves, if and when we find out when they are on same page with us, we could take out that line item and redirect it easily because this fund is being centralized for the same cause, whichever direction we spend it in. This is the time to redirect our own lobbying efforts, if senate table future decides to go back to UCSA, scratch out the line item and redirect.

Higgins said UCSA has a lot of potential. But potential only goes so far. They don’t rep us and goals are too general and too lofty, things to accomplish near impossible. Not worth our money, I don’t know if I agree with giving all to external affairs, but at least a good chunk. No point giving any of it to UCSA. Our lobbying efforts are more effective than UCSA’s as is and they have a hundred dollar budget. Giving money to UCSA is a gamble at best, and I’m sorry it’s not worth it to us. What Derrick said was correct, local representation is more valuable to UCD. We can accomplish more lobbying on our own campus.

Patel said we are taking for granted that in this association there is no institutional memory. What we are talking about now will not be talked about in a year. Most of us will be gone in a year, and all in three years. From my sophomore year, things were spoken of in a completely different context. It may be a gamble to keep money in, but it’s a gamble to take it out. It’s a gamble how external affairs will do. This is an individual action, what’s being said is wishful thinking and we don’t know. Since spring I think they’ve picked up their gear (Cal Pirg said they’re doing better than they were)… and anything in dorms is step forward on this campus. UCSA will remain UCSA fighting for the UC region, we do trust Laabs and he’s done a great job, but it’s a historical problem with this campus. For past couple years we’ve had a vote that didn’t count. If we can use those efforts elsewhere, good, but this IS a toss-up. A gamble. Lobby corp is good now, but will lobby corp without UCSA still be as good? And yes it will be hella hard to get back into UCSA, especially after having left. Dangerous individualism as Angela Davis said. I’m 50/50, you must realize that there is no institutional memory.

Schwab said the focus of this discussion has gone off track. Basically this bill is whether or not to fund the increase. If we don’t that doesn’t mean we pull out because they haven’t called us “not in good standing.” At the retreat they were good for ideas with working with us financially. The guarantee that we’re pulling out isn’t guarantee because we don’t leave until we’re no longer in good standing. Question is if we should spend it, not if or no we’re in UCSA. There was talk about working with us…

Patel said I am still under the assumption that if we don’t give this money we’ll be out…

Holloway said the contract I signed with UCSA said we have until November 1 to make a payment plan, not pay it all (remaining money $2700). This means if this bill fails we still have a couple weeks to rework…this isn’t the end the all here tonight.

Patel said sway me, I yield.

Vice President Carnes said we should be discussing something on the actual bill. Can someone say if something really will happen if we don’t pay this?

Laabs said according to section 2 student rep. UCD shall contribute……. I know something could be worked out, but I don’t know if that even seemed like a good option. Higgins: you said lobby corp does a better job. I should point out we are UCSA, lobby corp is a part of UCSA. We should be in coalition. And just a note, I’ll probably still be here in four years.

Deepak said we were talking about this last year, a fee referendum could be a possible solution to this. What I see is we don’t really know what we want to do. We acknowledge UCSA has potential, but as a hippie from business major hyped up on fair trade coffee I see the setup of the debate I went to over the weekend was not set up well. If that was representative of UCSA it wasn’t good.

Holloway said in terms of a referendum, if we are looking at something along those lines, one of the obstacles is that if we want to run a fee referendum the chancellor has to sign off on any fee referendum in general. So even for our own fee referendum we would need his approval. I’m not speaking for him but I have a feeling that it would be difficult to sale especially because we have the highest fees. Also sounds like implication perhaps we could go back and try to not pay this whole amount. I feel like we used all diplomacy just in setting up “pay plan contract” and I feel like this needs to happen on our end right now, we’ve been beating around the bush too long.

Deepak said never the less I feel like it could be a possibility. We put it to the stake-holders in UCD. I don’t want to make decision we’ll be debating about and could regret soon.

Savaree-Ruess said I want to also touch on the prospect of working out some sort of alternate plan instead of full funding. I think it’s clear that that’s not going to happen. At Davis retreat some hadn’t turned in their form, despite that the constitution says they’re in good standing until next year not paid, bylaws said they had to fill out the form or they can’t vote come June. I talked to director, and she said it was an issue of bringing the constitution in line with the bylaws. The board faced the decision will we let these groups who didn’t turn in their paper vote. Some groups said money already budgeted, just not paper filled. Board voted no anyway…didn’t even have a vote at the retreat because paper saying going to pay wasn’t submitted yet. I see the option as giving them this money, or not.

Deepak said from what I’ve understood I don’t feel like investing this money will be a significant action to support them…if we invest in lobby corp it could be better used in time being. And maybe we could get a fee referendum for the future if possible.

Xie said for institutional memory lobby corp is sweet right now but even commissions some years are better than others. Even UCSA will be that way unless you just go with lobby corp. A lot of what’s been talked about is the funding issue, but I know other issues too. I want a short play by play of what actually happened (ie try to pass a bill and someone tried to stab us…).

Holloway said someone tried to stab me, I didn’t see him jk jk. To be honest, in order to send us to their congress I had to cross a line item in my budget. Also things coming out of Genna’s budget, registration fees etc that were not covered in initial 26k budget. Something we must look at is the cost of going to events, ability to send our people there. Davis was absent at a lot of things previously, probably because of budget…hard to make plane tickets or drive nine hours. Maybe that is the reason people at this table not gone, or you just don’t care I don’t know. We must take that into consideration…we’re giving them the bare minimum. Other schools have different budgets ie fee referendums or no busses, but we can barely afford to go to stuff. If we want to stay in, we need to address additional funds just for attending events. In terms of personal stuff, I think there is animosity on both sides but I don’t know if that should be an issue when considering the whole.

Cole said Higgins said they dream too big…comparing with Cal Pirg we tried to stop a budget cut of 16k…we didn’t expect it to happen but just wanted to get word out, and we only lost by two votes. So dream big. You can always dedicate more to lobby corp later, UCSA is long term.

Xie said I think it’s cool if lobby corp is as cool as they are and have backing of supporting entire UCSA. Obviously they won’t have that funding, but it’s up to you senators.

Zamora said if we don’t give this 27k we won’t be in good standing?

Holloway said that’s not the case because we have until November 1 to set up a plan. We can just introduce another bill to try paying in a different way. But if this doesn’t pass tonight it becomes a very time sensitive issue.

Zamora asked can I call to question…no....

Rosas-Romero said again I think we’re talking about giving this money. I think it’s important to have this vote just for the diversity issue. Let’s say lobby corp and UCSA approach legislation over the issue, whatever UCSA’s project is to address it, what if it goes against what UCD is doing. Will legislator’s listen to UCSA or lobby corp? So even if we’re separate, what UCSA does still effects us. And this issue continues to affect thousands of lives. Is the 27k worth the vote? I think so.

Lennox said I want to address your concerns Dwaimy. There are a few things into lobby: info, arguments, presence. After voter registration drive, Michelle and staff will have full staff on lobby corp and diversity. I know lobby corp has made better arguments than UCSA when I worked with them. When I saw this, the legislator was about to laugh at UCSA’s paper. Legislators don’t listen to sit-ins without people actually sitting, but they do listen to educated students who are actually passionate about what they’re saying. I’m willing to work with ucsa, but I don’t think payment is worth a questionable vote for which we’re hissed. I hope you’ll vote in the right direction here.

Ajlouny called to question; properly seconded without objections.

Salem objected to passing for roll call vote.

DO NOT PASS, SB #4, 1-11-0 No: Rosas-Romero

Sanders motioned to enter a five minute break; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 8:49.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 8:50.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Deepak, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Salem, Zamora, Khan, Xie, Feldman Absent: Savaree-Ruess, Amaha, Farhad Motamed, Higgins, Rosas-Romero, Sanders, Markevich, Dardik, Lay, Rivera


Deepak motioned to call SB #14 to urgent because they’re coming next Friday and it will be quick.

Salem objected let’s go to appointments/confirmations.

Deepak withdrew. Motioned to suspend orders of the day and move into appointments/confirmation.


Sanders motioned to confirm the unit director of lobby corp.

Derrick Lennox, unit director of lobby corp, please confirm me.

Schwab said Derrick is an excellent public speaker, taught speech debate class over summer, good speaker and advocate, I have high hopes for him.

Sanders said you probably already answered, but do you feel lobby corp has the ability to do a comparable job to UCSA?

Lennox said do we have capability to do same things? Yes. Same extent: going to take help because they have an enormous budget when we have one hundred in travel, five hundred overall.

Rosas-Romero said since the last bill didn’t pass, what is your background work for diversity issues? What would you like to do about problems with lacking diversity?

Lennox said last year’s primary goals was diversity issue. We talked to every senator we saw about academic and outreach programs, and money that was going to be cut to go back to those programs. I’m not going to say it was all lobby corp, but you should be confident we care about that issue. Even the new members stated that issue as an important one.

Rosas-Romero said I want to say like Angela Davis that diversity is not just a visual effect, it’s about changing a system. I’m putting my faith in what you’re doing.

Dardik can I sign up for your speech/debate class?

Lennox said I teach high school and middle school, but I’m going to a conference soon.

Markevich asked what are your specific plans to expand lobby corp because we’re pulling out of UCSA?

Lennox said the way I think now is to put more into publicity. Becoming like magic mountain big thing. I also want more in travel budget so we can take more people to events. Our first role is educational to educate students abroad but also our own students in lobby corp.


Sanders motioned to suspend orders of the day, enter other business; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders move to consider SR #1 urgently because the authors say it’s going for political matter with a time clock. If it goes thru commission it won’t have time to be seen by senate. Need students to have voice in the matter. Properly seconded without objection.

Author’s Comments

Xie said it’s a little different than I last saw it so I may be a bit confused, we want to pass same resolution at all schools. This committee is having series of votes next Friday, will see if we want entire UC system to go renewable. Other universities have just done similar things, I feel like UC should be a leader in renewability and sustainability and in reducing carbon emissions. I will be following this through, so even though it’s a resolution it will be good.

Stafford said we received this late afternoon, apologize for errors, etc.

Vice President Carnes said there are some errors maybe, but I’m in support. I wanted to be co-author because it’s so important that the prominent UC system should be at forefront as students and scholars to take on this issue. Very important we stand behind this.

Question in Text [see accompanying copy for specific edits]

Public Discussion

Higgins said Tiny has finished three red bulls; this is a lofty goal we should push for. It might be attainable eventually. Vote for it. Farhad Motamed said I love this but I have a question: you say that we call upon the chancellor. Are strides being made to create the committee, will this actually happen?

Xie said the committee is a few years old, and we’re always looking for new ways to expand. We need an avenue to create this new committee for making the UC’s sustainable.

Deepak said the resolution is great, motion to move into senate discussion; properly seconded without objection

Ajlouny said I think everyone likes it, motion to call it to question.

Sanders objected to formatting error, I hope everyone has read this with a fine comb and not just rubber stamp. Make sure you read for these grammatical errors.

Ajlouny withdrew.

Patel said line 29, I don’t think “time and again” works well.

Xie author’s amendment: l. 19 add “the” after “and” l. 29 have “repeatedly” made…

Ajlouny l. 32 quotes take care of…

Deepak said this bill is great.

Sanders said I believe that line 48 “climate neutral…” be not italicized, not bolded. L. 5 not italicized. I am also concerned about comment on vehicles contributing to greenhouse gases; I think it’s important we note these movements to make public transportations to not contribute so much to greenhouse gasses.

Xie said this doesn’t specifically deal with institutions buying electricity from a grid. UC’s have done a lot: transportation was just one example. Not something initiated by students. As far as I’m aware, all of these examples are alike.

Sanders said when you’re writing resolution, we should convince that UC is committed to protecting from gasses…seems to me like not a big deal, but we should show that we too have done things for transportation.

Xie said after l. 39 whereas students of ASUCD have already…

Sanders said add new paragraph after l. 39 whereas, ASUCD has agreed to the clean air act for transportation to be completed by 2007 to reduce green house gasses.

Zamora said how are we calling on the chancellor? Brown bag chats? How are you going to lobby him?

Xie said I will totally lobby him, but this is just a resolution and we’re making the statement and just want him to recognize that we care about it.

Patel said fix: l. 18 “as” should be struck, l. 40 grad should be graduate, l. 41 now struck, l. 42 second that removed, l. 50 very end US and “the”, l. 51 and 56 takes out “calls on” and add “recommends that” l. 47 “the” removed from ASUCD.

Zamora said I’d like to see what you do with old Larry, let me know how it goes and I’m interested in what he has to say. L. 50 comma after beyond. L. 14 undercase, quotes, l. 16 spell out assembly bill, the global warming solutions act of 2006, (noting commas) l.50 “beyond” struck.

Markevich said l. 50 “and beyond” struck.

Sanders said I think we fixed it all…thank you for the authors, don’t be discouraged we had to fix things. Call to question; properly seconded without objection.

DO PASS, SR #1, 12-0-0

Sanders move to consider SB 2 as urgent b/c the ext affairs didn’t meet quorum. If we don’t see it tonight, the bill will die. But it can be re-introduced!

Author’s Comments

Schwab said I should preface that zero money is allocated for voter registration, this is one big even to register/inform voters and get hype around the election coming up to the media. Event is from six to midnight with debate between green and libertarian governor candidates. At the debate, aired live on KDVS, concert starts at 8:15…feature artists….arc ballroom…hip hop, last hip hop concert didn’t go so well so keep this to small venue and everyone is happy with security. Units and commissions are encouraged to table on outside patio. Meeting room one will be used for student political groups to table.

Laabs said I wholeheartedly endorse this, it’s a great thing for ASUCD to do. Give people a reason to be involved, vote for it.

Commission Recommendation

Dardik said we loved the idea, Keak da Sneak exciting, thousand dollars added taken out because we have free food now. Good cause worth the money, all in support.

Questions in Text

Sanders said insert “An ASUCD Senate Bill” in line 1.

Public Discussion

Deepak asked do we have to pay for security? If we can’t get money for security, will we still have the event? Can senators be security? Do we need to allocate security money in this bill?

Schwab said what I understand is that we were supposed to get the price and didn’t, it was too big a range to put into the bill…but we’ll find the money.

Deepak said I want to point out bringing Safeway for some food, I motion to move to senate discussion; properly seconded without objection.

Savaree-Ruess said I am for this and for getting hyphy, a student brought up this concern: saying concerned that the small venue would mean we would turn away many which will make them angry which will turn them off from ASUCD and from voting. Personally for the concert because I want to go, but I do think it will be a great event.

Schwab both Drake from KDVS, and Scott from Aggie Pack, and Emily from entertainment council thought turning away will not be a major problem, and they have some experience at least.

Patel said I definitely think it is an issue because we’re allocating a lot of money. I think overall effect of concert especially because Cal Pirg got into the dorms, anything to get them to vote in city issues too, definitely a problem with students being discriminated by city. It’s a good cause, benefits outweigh the cost. Whatever we do, we should stand unified. There will be kids upset afterwards when they get turned away.

Savaree-Ruess said concern that this won’t even yield that many voter registrations, I believe $11,400 senate reserves, you can spend half this quarter. Maybe take into account higher enrollment fees, but it is a concern if you plan on having 2k event further down road.

Khan said I support this. Author is it UCD students only allowed

Schwab said it’s students only, id requirement was not well advertised last time. This time we will advertise well.

Khan said another question heard students talking, excited, planning on sneaking into MU with friends and kitchen area... oh it’s not in CoHo.

Sanders said I feel like I’m bearing bad news, but I have a big problem with only four hundred people going. If we promote it well, more people are coming than 400…paying so much will make if awful to turn people away. Maybe we could have concert on quad, university police act as security…maybe that’s possible… Even call it free speech and make police be there. Also bothers me that this is on a Thursday night when government is stuck in a meeting. Seems like great opportunity for us to be out there, telling them we put it on, they should vote in ASUCD, etc. Ie Fall welcome, freshman are still fresh… still excited about school sponsored events. Like 600 students dancing at fall welcome for not that big an event. Seems easier to go to dorms and tell them about big event in quad at same time voting.

Schwab said the climate on campus is bad. Issues with Muse/Strokes turning people away and security. Last year security for CoHo shows didn’t want people moving during concerts or would kick them out. Move it to Freeborn or Pavilion and security costs go way up, hip hop group quad costs enormous because we don’t actually want police attention. Changing culture on how concerts work on campus is something we can work on, let’s show that we can have a concert without having a riot. I apologize for the Thursday night, there’s stuff week after week after week. I feel bad this is Pride Week, it’s right before last day to register to vote, voter registration is only a small part of campaign: inform them, how to vote, when to vote, reminder TO vote.

Sanders asked why wouldn’t some partnership with the city work, why are we being fought on this, we shouldn’t we be able to do things on quad?

Patel said from working with security before, hip hop will not be allowed on campus. Maybe John Mayer, but hip hop has bad connotation on campus. Only reason okay with hip hop in past was because they were headliners. These are just baby steps. Rock the vote concert planning, don’t want students to come only to see keak da sneak... close doors fairly early so people have to see the info stuff. Force them to hear it.

Sanders said maybe go alternative instead of hip hop, that’s how facebook has it. I love hip hop personally. I guess we should pass this even though I have problem with ten dollars a head, let’s move to getting MTV to come to campus for like spring concert. Don’t rain on my parades, and I’m voting yes.

Molnar said why didn’t Arnold feel up to the debate, is it going to be like the one this Saturday where people can question, is there any secret meaning to “voice your choice?”

Schwab said from Angelides and Arnold we got no response. Not question/answer forum but a series across CA on issue of immigration. Moderated. Voice your choice doesn’t have secret meeting…

Salem said I heard some concern about having this with different political entities, only ASUCD should be promoted.

Sanders said my solution is this: maybe we should just have a short meeting that night. I think everyone’s down.

Salem said Tiny you’re growing wings. Called to question.

Deepak objected, has question about advertising.

DO CALL TO QUESTION, SB #2, 7-5-0 Yes: Amaha, Farhad Motamed, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Zamora No: Ajlouny, Deepak, Higgins, Molnar, Sanders

Higgins objected to passing- no discuss about huge money allocation, not responsible.

DO PASS, SB #2, 8-4-0 Yes: Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Patel, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Zamora No: Higgins, Molnar, Rogers, Sanders

Sanders motion to suspend orders of the day, go into reports.


Sanders, Higgins, Rogers, Zamora, Patel, Deepak, Ajlouny, Salem , Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Rosas-Romero, Amaha

Media Board Representative: Salem Internet Networking Committee: Zamora


Markevich said be careful tomorrow Friday the 13th.

Amaha said UCSA passed out fliers for students of color, Spencer and Tiny about the concert…Dwaimy and I went to this concert in Sac and and there was lik no security. Maybe if we improve administration’s attitude we can change things that way.

Sanders said I voted no because people wanted to go back, so had to try to fail it so we could reconsider it... I thought it was kinda shitty the way we did it.

Xie said taking baby steps is cool, educating students, voter registration is not only to empower individuals but empower students as a group and get politicians to pay attention.

Higgins said I am upset with what happened on a bill that gave third of senate reserves for the year. I didn’t know if I was going to vote, thought it deserved some discussion. Unbelievable that people wanted to skip through that with such a big thing. Disgusting we didn’t want to consider it at all. Take a little more time to consider it. I couldn’t vote for it knowing we didn’t spend anymore time talking about it. I found it disgusting. Not fiscally responsible. If I was the Aggie I would blow up about it. I would be pissed if I was a student and I found out they didn’t care about it and spent like ten minutes.

Salem said I see your frustration. This bill has been at senate for a short time maybe, but we knew where we were going after having a performer or not. When it came down to it, this was about Keak da Sneak or not… the topic had been down a while and feeling from senate it was time to move along. I let that one ride, if I stepped on toes I apologize and in the future I’ll be more aware.

Higgins said this is one major allocation and the bigger thing for me is that it is only affecting four hundred students. We could’ve paid a little more to give it a bigger venue. We could’ve found a place… I just thought those issues merited discussion.

Xie said for that last thing I don’t think it’s about the concert. The point is we want to attract a lot of attention to this event. Voter registration is done at tables on quad, don’t really get media events. Keak da Sneak is what really gets attention.

Higgins said I’m not saying I’m against it. Next time please take some time to think about what we’re considering.

Savaree-Ruess said tomorrow at noon is the last time to sign up for table at activities fair. Chairs should be there. Want to commend you for handling yourself well at the meeting, last time I was irritated about people abstaining. Spencer I thought your vote took some guts, and you too Dwaimy even though I disagreed with you. I thought the voting was fantastic and how the conversation went with UCSA. I’ll be celebrating life after this.

Dardik said Keak da Sneak is high profile and our concern is turning people away and non-UCD students, maybe we could have people log in and sign up to go to concert so they don’t physically spend two hours waiting. Just an idea maybe more reasonable so they aren’t fighting outside, etc

Rogers said I wanted to explain my no. You all seemed aware who Keak da Sneak is, I don’t know if his lyrics and headlines is what I want affiliated with this organization… I understand what he’s saying sometimes and it’s not the best of things. My mixed feelings are about this headlining name and affixing voter registration with it. I’m still hoping we can get a lot done with this concert.

Deepak said about fiscal responsibility the idea has been around for a while, I realize it’s a large chunk of money but the empowerment on campus and revitalizing youth is worth that. We basically might be able to sorta help change the election from what it looks like to make it something better. My absentee ballot for Virginia is in, and you all rock.

Amaha said this concert will try to reach everyone, worthy cause, we always say be informed ahead of time. I was aware of it a long time ago, maybe we voted quickly because we’re confident about it and knew already. Sometimes bad to talk too much and other times bad to talk too little??

Higgins said I like these comments, but these could have been brought up during the bill discussion.

Deepak said the general consensus understood, my only concern is sources of outside advertising. I’m sure you guys have it on the ball and in you I trust.

Markevich said it seems like we have this conversation at the end of every senate meeting. Discuss before you guys vote.

Salem said about the activities fair, SPAC contacted me, I’m M.C.’ing the activities fair. See you all there.

Sanders asked does the senate have a table at the activities fair?

Savaree-Ruess said I asked Chris Mcdonald if there was an ASUCD table. I filled out the form, now Darnell says he got a table. Hopefully there will be a table.

Sanders said even though we’re getting an ASUCD table, does the senate want a table for filling their hours etc?

Vice President Carnes said at the last two fairs they gave us like ten tables in a certain area, and we just go; I thought they were doing that again this year.

Sanders said I’ll talk to Kai later, and will make sure senate has its own table. Move to adjourn.

Ajlouny objected: Kai said quote, my quote is “everyone has to think of things in different ways; the glass is half empty and half full.” Motion to adjourn, properly seconded without objection.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 10:25 pm.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Recorder