ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes October 19, 2006 5:30 Mee Room


Vice President Genna Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.


Present: Carnes, Deepak, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Xie, Lay, Rivera, Feldman

Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess, Ajlouny, Amaha, Higgins, Patel


Sanders said all previous legislation has been signed.


Senate Resolution #2: Authored by Harms, Introduced by Rogers, Referred to EAC An ASUCD Senate Resolution to formally dissociate ASUCD from UCSA.

Senate Bill #14: Authored by Savaree-Ruess, Introduced by Sanders, Referred to B&F An ASUCD Senate Bill to amend the general program operating budget for 2006-2007.

Constitutional Amendment #19: Authored by Ostrowski, Introduced by Ajlouny, Referred to A Constitutional Amendment to change the necessary voting 50-67


Sanders said Harney said that the majority of the Senate is defined in the constitution as a full senate, and all legislation needs to be passed by seven out of ten senators. If not seven, even with abstinences, the legislation is not passed. Also keep in mind that two thirds of the Senate equals nine, even if someone abstains. This is the way it goes. Also welcome to Sacramento New Technology High School, hanging out with us today. At first when I saw all these people I was thinking “Oh! What did the senate do now?”

Hayley Steffen a former ECAC member and Alfredo Arredondo introduced selves as Student Assistants to the Chancellor.

Steffen said we want to make it a successful year and have an open agenda, we really want to collaborate with all of you.

Arredando said we have office hours every week, an hour before Senate meeting. Also we will have cell phone numbers available on our business cards, so talk to us!

Zamora asked have you hired interns?

Steffen said we’re in the process of doing that.

Sanders moved to suspend to suspend the orders of the day and move into appointments and confirmations; properly seconded without objections.


Sanders moved to confirm all members and/or alternates for EAC; properly seconded without objections.

Steven Lee, Amanda Peterson, Tiffany Setters, Dave Lue, Tai Gregor, Greg Dizon, and Luene Rizo introduced themselves.

Lay said they were all very impressive with good interviews. It was a difficult decision, but the Senators and I all came to a consensus. I urge a speedy confirmation.

Zamora asked why did you guys choose EAC?

Lee said in high school I did similar things working with the city of San Jose.

Peterson said similar reasons: I was part of a community department, I wish to establish ties between students and communities especially in Davis when community is such large part. I also wish to raise student awareness.

Setters said I’m an out of state student and coming here has been extremely eye opening for me. As corny as this may sound, I actually love Davis and have a hard time explaining my appreciation for the university as a whole. I want to be a part of establishing strong ties between this university and the community.

Lue said I chose this commission because I understand that it works with legislation and voting issues.

Gregor said in high school I did a lot of lobbying. Because of lobby corp and other things, there is a unique perception of this school around the state and even the country, and I think it’s important that it uphold its integrity.

Dizon said this commission looked most interesting. I was involved in student government in high school and I just want to stay involved.

Rizo said sometimes when we’re in high school or college it’s easy for us to just hang out with our friends, worry about our own lives and we forget that there’s an entire world outside of school’s walls. It’s important to remember that the community and everyone outside is valuable asset.

Deepak asked where are you all from? What other type of outreaches or goals do you hope to accomplish (ie Keak da Sneak)?

Rizo said I’m from Roseville, California. I used to work with the local government, both at the municipal and high school level (district office etc). I think it’s important to be able to accomplish things from a government position; the UC is dependent upon state government: funding, legislation, etc. I also want to work with local business (ie charity concerts, record companies, entertainment).

Dizon said Huntington Beach (Orange County), California. I’d like to see our EAC bringing in people other than entertainment for awareness in current issues (like AIDS, or really awareness of anything). It’s nice to have concerts but also needed are programs to make students more aware of things affecting us today.

Gregor said I’m from Del Mar, California and my congressman is in jail. It’s very important that our congressmen be in touch with people, and in touch with us as students. It seems the state level is where congressman are more concerned about elderly issues (they have stronger voting) and we need to get on that. Lobby corp and EAC wants representatives to address the issues that are important to our campus. We need to visit them and make sure they’re listening to us.

Lue said Albany, California. I want more people to turn out to vote. Even my own friends don’t vote and I plan to hopefully turn that around. I think we just need to increase awareness of government on campus.

Setters said I’m from Eagle River, Alaska. I really want stronger voter turnout, to be able to notify students about the benefits of voting, involvement, and funding positive relationships with community. This positive attitude that’s already here really needs to continue to progress.

Peterson said Pollock Pines (near South Lake Tahoe). I really want us to work on strengthening ties with local business and corporations. Awareness extremely important; we can use programming to raise awareness. An increased awareness and stronger relationship with the community has so many positive effects, including to increase voter registration and turnout.

Lee said in San Jose I was part of an organization called the Youth Advisory Council. Through that I learned that on so many levels of government there are so many resources available but not utilized. Some of these capital projects are geared toward our

demographic, so I hope all community/campus reach out to each other and be involved, give input. When the community spends money it really should gear that toward our demographic. Another issue is insurance and health at council level (we are the largest demographic uninsured). State level school costs. Help improve relationship with community versus the stereotype against college students. Get goals accomplished!!

DO CONFIRM, 12-0-0, EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION: Steven Lee, Amanda Peterson, Tiffany Setters, Dave Lue, Tai Gregor, Greg Dizon, and Luene Rizo

Sanders moved to confirm any members and or alternates of EPPC; properly seconded without objection.

Emily mcael introduced himself.(check spelling)

Xie said she’s really passionate about this and gave a good interview. I urge a speedy confirmation.

Sanders said I had the honor of sitting in on this interview. I remember you mentioning something about programs. Why don’t you tell those to Senate?

Mcael said I wanted to join EPPC in order to be more aware of programs, and to help with making the campus more sustainable/renewable. Also I hope that recycling programs can be further carried out, awareness of project compost needs to be increased and the program furthered. Student awareness of environmental problems needs to be furthered and information given about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Sanders moved to confirm any members and/or alternates of ECAC; properly seconded without objections.

Russell Manning introduced himself.

Khan said he was an excellent candidate and is experienced, he previously worked for the State of Black California’s government office.

Sanders said it sounds like you have great ideas what to do with campus, and the chair talked about your qualifications. What direction would you like to take with the commission, and what ideas do you have for programs?

Manning said I want to create more communication between different ethnic groups, minority groups and ASUCD in general. Definitely want to do anything that will create more forms of communication between groups.


Sanders motioned to resume the orders of the day; properly seconded without objections.


Rosas-Romero said it’s still Pride Week. Tomorrow is Expressions From Within, a celebration of personal art. Staff/students will be bringing art to the LGBTRC, they’ll be on view from 12-12:30 inside, plus free food, and people can just hang out. From 12:30-2 we have a list of performances including one by Rob Roy! Friday night at 8:00 in the Veteran’s Memorial Building is the annual drag show: Davis is Burning! Be there.

Xie said EPPC’s first event is in four minutes, MU 2, a public/urban sustainability discussion. They’ll be discussing issues of growth/no growth in Davis, free food will be available, etc.

Markevich said UCSA has been a big talking point in AAC, many meetings discussing our relationship with them. I’d like AAC to see Senate Resolution #2.

Vice President Carnes said this is public announcements, not discussion. Bring it up later during discussion.

Feldman said Michelle Tea’s speaking engagement “The Personal is Still Political” is Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 1 p.m. in Voorhies Hall.

Vice President Carnes said CalPirg told me that officials are trying to take away early voting on campus; it’s something we usually have. I only three contact info for city/county clerks. If you care about this issue, shoot an email and make a call. Don’t let them take away early voting.

Lay said next Wednesday, October 25th in the Coffee House will be a proposition debate, I’m contacting local student groups to speak on props 85-89. You should definitely be there to support us.


Sanders said SGAO told me the minutes are available online, but they’re not there. Maybe they’ve been lost in cyber space?? Maybe Laabs knows where they are?

IX. UNIT DIRECTOR REPORTS Vice President Carnes said we’ll come back to this when the unit director arrives.


A. Commission Chairs: Rivera, Lay, Markevich, Xie, Khan, Feldman, Dardik

B. Executive: Carnes


Sanders moved to suspend the orders of the day and return to unit director reports; properly seconded without objections.


Carlos Palacio (Aggie Student Store)

Patel asked what is this about candy being behind register?

Palacio said the store lost a considerable amount of money last year, this is my first quarter here so I’m left to guess why. Seems that when candy is left in front of kids…

Molnar asked are you going…well…Sharon was talking about frozen dinners. And what about microwaves and the Icee machines?

Palacio said today was the first day the Icee machine ran out of CO2. We have burritos but can’t compete with the CoHo so we have to be selective. Sharon at the CoHo is like my supervisor so I can’t compete with her. Also we have a very small freezer. But it is one of my main goals is to push the store in a direction to be more accessible for actual eating, not just snacking.

Amaha said you’re doing a good job. I got the burrito today: it was good, organic too!

Palacio said it was good seeing you in the store.

Patel asked do you carry Fiji water?

Palacio said yes, 7-up sells it. It’s the most expensive water (because the bottle looks cool).

Markevich said it seems like the store gets overlooked between The Corral and Campus Copies. How might you make it more visible?

Palacio said I had good idea: get a little cart to wheel around, put a sign on it and push around the Icee machine but maybe that would be made seasonal. I was also thinking of putting seating and a table out front (ie bistro set), make store comfortable/loungy etc. so customers can chill out and talk to the…whatever. We definitely need to do more to boost the sales to make this a profitable enterprise.

Lay asked do you sell It’s It icecream?

Palacio said we can look into it.

Molnar said are you going to sell baseball food (ie hotdogs)?

Palacio said at this point we’re starting simple, anything that I try to work into my system will have to require more employees. I don’t have those resources to hire more pepple and especially with our tumultuous past I’m taking things one step at a time. Caution is my priority. I want to familiarize myself with the functions of the store, be comfortable and be able to do everything with my eyes closed: at THAT point I will be ready to start implementing further dining systems.

Sanders moved to resume orders of day; properly seconded without objections.


A. Senate: Sanders, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Patel, Ajlouny, Deepak, Zamora,

Amaha, Salem, Farhad Motamed, Molnar, Higgins

B. Media Board Rep: Salem

C. Internet Networking Committee: Zamora


Vice President Carnes said there are none.


Sanders said we have an interview coming up, need two senators. It’s for the Whole Earth Festival Director Friday, October 20, 1:30-3.

Deepak said I’ll do it.

Patel said I can until 2, then Rosas-Romero will.

Vice President Carnes said to chairs: email Sanders if you want to schedule interviews, and give notice. Don’t email whole table.

Sanders said it is my responsibility, but I’d like you to get it into me the Thursday before your interviews so I don’t have to call everyone.


Markevich said AAC wants to see SR#2.

Vice President Carnes said it doesn’t apply to AAC, so I’d have to send it to everyone if I sent it to you. We want you to keep in line with what commissions supposed to recommend, but I do appreciate your interest.

Ajlouny said sorry about my phone ringing, my brother is going into surgery and I’m waiting for mom to call me.

Higgins said I have a close friend who is throwing a Pleasure Party. I’m not sure of the exact date/time, but come to me after the meeting and I will hit you up on facebook/call to let you know when and where. It will be a lot of fun, you should check it out. I’ll tell you what a pleasure party is afterwards. Also George’s mom is the coolest.

Rosas-Romero said if you haven’t turned in the REACH application, they’re extended another week. The director of the CCC told me that every senator was invited personally, there must’ve been a reason for that.

Vice President Carnes said I want to remind you to watch the language of this meeting, this is professional setting: especially considering that a high school could be visiting, etc. Also if you didn’t make it to the training session or came late I have everything that was said transcribed down. I’d be happy to have a discussion with you about what you missed. We really should try to apply the things discussed, language, etc.

Sanders motioned to adjourn the meeting; properly seconded without objection.


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 6:40 p.m.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Recorder