Spring 2005 Senate.

The ASUCD Senate consists of 22 elected and non-elected students who collectively adopt and manage the association's 12 million dollar budget, considers bills and resolutions and individually and jointly undertake various projects designed to enhance the quality of life for students on campus . Senate meetings are open to the public, and held every Thursday during the school year, in Meeting Room D (2nd floor of Student Community Center) starting at 6:10pm. Minutes of each meeting are typically available in SGAO (3rd floor Memorial Union).

As for elections, all undergraduate students at UCD can vote for anyone they want. In addition to independent candidates, there are "slates" here at UC Davis — akin to political parties. Slates with current officials are:


See Senate History for historical information, or see Slates for newly formed, inactive, or past slates that do not currently have elected officials.  If you are interested in running for Senate and don't know much about the process, this could be a decent resource.

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Presiding Officer: ASUCD Vice President (1, elected, breaks affirmative/negative ties) (none)

Senators (12, elected, voting)

Senator E-mail address Slate Office Hours
Shehzad Lokhandwalla <sslokhandwalla AT ucdavis DOT edu> Independent Unknown
Artem Senchev <avsenchev AT ucdavis DOT edu> Independent Unknown
Gareth Smythe* <grsmythe AT ucdavis DOT edu> Independent M 1-3, W 2-3 and F 12-1
Eugenia Chung <ehchung AT ucdavis DOT edu> NOW Unknown
Janesh Gupta <jgupta AT ucdavis DOT edu> NOW TR 12-2
Amelia Helland <amhelland AT ucdavis DOT edu> NOW Unknown
Jonathan Mitchell <jcmitchell AT ucdavis DOT edu> NOW Unknown
Katie Sherman <kosherman AT ucdavis DOT edu> NOW MW 10-12
Azka Fayyaz <afayyaz AT ucdavis DOT edu> SMART Unknown
Robyn Huey <rfhuey AT ucdavis DOT edu> SMART Unknown
Nicholas Sanchez <nrsanchez AT ucdavis DOT edu> SMART Unknown
Mariah Watson <mkawatson AT ucdavis DOT edu> SMART M(@MU) and W(@CCC) 4-5, T(@MU) and R(@CCC) 2-3

* President Pro Tempore of the Senate

Commission Chairs (7, appointed, non-voting)

Commission Chairs are ex-officio members of the senate and senators are ex-officio members of commissions.

Commission Chair E-mail address Commission Office Hours
Dana Sever <dkcostello AT ucdavis DOT edu> Academic Affairs unknown
Robert Helfend <rthelfend AT ucdavis DOT edu> Ethnic and Cultural Affairs unknown
Kriti Garg <kgarg AT ucdavis DOT edu> Gender and Sexualities unknown
Spencer McManus <ssmcmanus AT ucdavis DOT edu> Internal Affairs unknown
Amy Ly <adly AT ucdavis DOT edu> External Affairs unknown
Naftali Moed <nsmoed AT gmail DOT com> Environmental Policy and Planning unknown
Zach Griffiths <zgriffiths AT ucdavis DOT edu> Business and Finance unknown


Other Ex-Officio Members (2, appointed, non-voting)

Lauren Ashe Outreach Assembly Speaker unknown
Eric Evans ASUCD Controller By appointment

The Senate is responsible for voting on and creating bills and orders that say how ASUCD should operate. Being a Senator is a very important job because of the sheer size of ASUCD. Also, ASUCD Senators and other executives are often invited, through the University, to various important social and political functions. An example of this is the summer 2005 function "Perspectives on Poverty", which featured Colin Powell, John Edwards, and John Ashcroft.

A past senate seems to have had a bit of an attendance problem. This led 4 past senators to write a letter to the editor in the Aggie.

Senators also hire Senate Interns, who serve as volunteer assistants. Despite the fact that these are always advertised in elections as qualifications, they are typically sinecure offices.


Fall 2013's Quarterly Reports can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b0sxmrdbxxx2ucf/Quarterly%20Reports.zip

Office Hour Auditing:

Platforms Accomplished:

Power Structure

With 5 NOW, 4 SMART, and 3 Independent senators, neither of the slates possess a majority. Further, for the SMART bloc to garner enough votes to pass financial legislation (2/3: 8 senators) they must see bipartisan support from NOW. In the event of a tie, Vice President Kappes, an Independent serving under a SMART President, holds the tie-breaking vote.


ASUCD's legislative body wasn't always so contentious.

The ASUCD Senate has generated some interesting scandals recently. These include:

Election Information

The original Scandal Meter, Fall 2005 The Elections Committee is responsible for elections matters. The Senate is elected using the Choice Voting method.

Common Beginnings and Campus Affiliations


Campus Organizations
ΔΣ: Darnell Holloway#
ΣΧ: Andrew Bianchi, Danny Garrett, Lamar Heystek, Trevor Taylor, Devin Whitney*
ΘΧ: Artem Senchev
ΧΦ: Roman Rivilis, Lee Weissman, Josh Dalavai
ΦΑΔ: Lula Ahmed-Falol, Naomi Amaha, Sergio Blanco, Aarom Bloom*, [Users/StevenLee]*, Eli Yani#, Tracey Zeng
Davis Anime Club: Miles Thomas, Maxwell Kappes
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán: Ivan Carrillo, Miguel Espinoza, Abrham Castillo-Ruiz, Beatriz Anguiano, Armando Figueroa, Nicholas Sanchez and Andrea Velazquez.
DUGG / HvZ (so NERF): Maxwell Kappes

ASUCD Positions
Business and Finance Commission: Ryan Meyerhoff, Artem Senchev
Internal Affairs Commission: Maxwell Kappes, Gareth Smythe, Roman Rivilis
External Affairs Commission: Felicia Ong, Azka Fayyaz, Amelia Helland, Brendan Repicky, Erica Padgett, Anabiah Syed
Academic Affairs Commission: Liam Burke
Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission: Nicholas Sanchez, Mariah Kala Watson, Casey Nguyen
Outreach Assembly: Miles Thomas

* Served as ex-officio members # Served as both ex-officio member and elected official

See ASUCD Elections for more in-depth information on past elections.