Departed Business


This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.

1260 Lake Boulevard #114
in Westlake Plaza
Mon.-Fri.:9:30AM to 7:00PM
Sat.:9:30AM to 5:00PM
More hours available by appointment
(530)400-4915, (530) 757-2272
Soon (aka Susan)
Since 1996 as Abella Hair Design;
Since 2010 as Abba Salon and Spa
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Abba Salon and Spa is a full service salon operating in West Davis. Soon, also known as Susan, is the business owner and main hair designer. She has over 22 years of experience in the field of cosmetology, 17 of which are in Davis.

Abba Salon and Spa's services include, but are not limited to, European style cuts (razor cuts), color and color correction, styling, updo, perm and Japanese straight perm (formaldehyde free), facials (skin treatment), body massage, waxing, threading, nail services and much more at reasonable prices. Men's cuts are $15+, while women's cuts are $25+. Their website at has more prices.

Manicurists: Anna Tran and Annie. Abba Salon and Spa's manicure team is professionally trained and focuses on using sterile techniques on all clients. All equipment is sterilized between each client. BRAND NEW PEDICURE CHAIRS -beautiful, comfortable, excellent massage.

8 Year Anniversary Special: Manicure & Pedicure $ 35

Manicure $ 15 Pedicure $ 25 Color Gel $ 25

Student Discount - Brazilian wax and leg wax Facials.....product...Dermalogica 20% off on sale NOW Teen Facial or Extraction Treatment 30min..$45 European Facial 1hr...$75 ; Double cleansing, Exfoliation, Extraction, European massage, Mask and moisturizer...


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2010-01-05 10:10:46   I've been Soon's customer since 2005. I think I have never been disappointed with her service for the last 5 years. I always call sometime in the morning, and I always get a spot in the afternoon the same day. Haircuts are always fast and efficient, in my case is about 15-20 minutes. The haircuts themselves are always terrific: they are very neat because Soon's has a great attention to detail. I am a regular there, and typically I would go in once a month for a good haircut.

Last but not least, Soon is a very friendly person if you get to know her.

Finally, as a good friend of her, I personally recommend people to check out what she has to offer.


2010-01-06 00:10:35   I just went to Soon today and got another great haircut. She cut my hair beautifully when I kept it short, and she cut my hair beautifully now that it's kept longer.

There has been a few posts that deliberately defames Soon, I won't go as far as to accuse them to be false allegations with hidden agendas, but I will say that my personal experience has always contradicted the negative posts about Soon.

I've been going to Soon for 3 years now and she has always been friendly and attentive.

She is not only a great stylist, she is also a great person. —TheEmperor

2010-01-12 08:48:21   I have been getting haircuts from Soon since I started attending UC Davis, and I have never been disappointed. Now with a chic and remodeled shop, haircuts feel even better! Keep up the good work Soon! —alexlee333

2010-01-14 21:04:27   I've been going to Soon for at least 4-5 years, based on a friend's recommendation, and always been very happy. My hair cut is basic "guys" haircut (#2 on the clippers), but prior to Soon, I had trouble finding stylist who could do it properly. Highly recommend her and hope she stays in Davis for a long, long time. PS - The new digs look great, with a lot of new bells and whistles. Plus there's a new market going in in the next month or two, so one more reason to visit. —MichaelMacIntosh

2010-01-22 16:52:08   I've gone twice now to get my eyebrows done, and she's always very quick and shapes them naturally (instead of going overboard like others cuz of course I must hate my thick Italian eyebrows! /sarcasm). Plus, the new place is very spiffy! —KellyCorcoran

2010-01-27 12:15:12   Soon (the owner and head stylist) is great! She gives an excellent cut at an affordable price and she couldn't be nicer. She's got a beautiful new place, with lots of room and services, but we've gotta support her! That new lease can't be cheap. I'm a student but I pay the difference to support her friendly, quality and individually owned business. —BrendanDC

2010-01-29 12:56:42   Soon is the most talented hair dresser is Davis by bar. Her new salon space is really nice. —Bushe

2010-02-03 20:39:29   Carol did my fill that New Paris Nails jacked up. She basically filed my acrylics down to nothing and said I would have less lifting if I did the pink and whites (I only get french on my nails). I said ok as long as they looked good and lasted longer than a week and a half since that's how long NPN's did. I will say that I am two weeks on this fill from Carol and they STILL look amazing. They look like I just got them done. NEVER in my life have I been able to go a full two weeks with my nails looking great still. I HIGHLY recommend Carol. Do it! —Trista

2010-02-17 16:13:56   Soon just changed doors, but not her service. Still very, very pleased with her efficient, skilled haircuts. I've been going there for... gosh, probably 6+ years now, and see myself going there for the forseeable future. —ChonT

2010-03-12 14:40:22   I have been coming to Soon for about 5 years for a fussy men's cut. I found Soon to be skillful and friendly and importantly to want to please the customer all the time. Her new and expanded shop is a very pleasing improvement as well. —RGuly

2010-03-25 13:26:19   I first had my hair cut by Soon when I was a sophomore at UCD in 2004, and was hooked immediately - I have not visited any other hairdresser since! I'm a guy with a simple haircut, but for years I was disappointed by places like Supercuts who always managed to find a way to mess something up. Not only have I always been 100% satisfied with the work Soon has done, but on the rare occasion when I get home and decide the cut wasn't perfect, she is always happy to have me come back the next day to clean up whatever was bothering me - now THAT'S customer service!

I have never had any problem making an appointment; whenever I call, I am always able to get in within 24 hours and can usually pick whatever time works best for me. Soon works quickly and efficiently, but doesn't sacrifice any attention to detail and is always attentive of what her customer wants. Oh, and did I mention that the price is right?? Soon's prices are very reasonable (equal to, or even less than, a "discount" place like Supercuts), although I always tip her $3-5 for her fabulous work.

On a personal level, Soon is an incredibly friendly person who is a joy to talk to while she works. Too bad our conversation never lasts more than 15-20 minutes since she works so efficiently! She always remembers me by name, even over the phone, and when I go to get a cut I feel like I'm visiting an old friend - pretty impressive for someone I only see for a few minutes every couple of months!

Finally, the new salon she opened this year is beautiful. What an attractive, soothing place to get a haircut from a great person. I'm not sure what else I can say to recommend this person, but more importantly, I'm not sure why you're not already on the phone setting your appointment with Soon! —AlexHall

2010-06-13 09:50:50   I have been a regular customer of Soon for several years. I carry her cards with me (like many Davisites, I work in Sac) because I am frequently asked, "Who does your hair?" The color is great and the cut is sharp! Frankly, she doesn't charge enough for the job she does—-she is a perfectionist and takes the time your cut and color demands. She works with your schedule and I always come away delighted! —sharon22

2010-06-19 07:35:01   I have gone to Soon for haircuts and styles, manicures and pedicures, and even eyebrow waxing for over 3 years now. I have never been disappointed. I have even smudged my newly pedicured toes (who hasn't) and she fixed it up the next day at no charge. Most of the time, I can just walk in, but it does help to make an appointment depending on what you want done. My daughters and I love to go there and get our manis and pedis at the same time in those great massage chairs. Thanks Soon. —PeriSiepman

2010-07-08 08:55:51   Soon is amazing! I found her online when I moved to Davis and she does an amazing job on my hair. She always gets me in the same day I call, and no matter what color we are doing my hair always looks exactly like I wanted it to and she works so fast. She actually even fixed my color the first time I came to see her (my old stylist totally messed it up) Prices are very reasonable for the work she does (she could charge more and I would still go). It's not just her hair talent - which is so great - she's just a very friendly person, who is so much fun to chat with while getting my hair done. I definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone. —NichoelM

2010-07-20 14:27:59   I HIGHLY recommend ABBA salon & spa. The new owner, Soon (or Susan) is incredibly professional, and does great work. I love how she did my hair and highlights, and at a very affordable price. ALSO: every manicure and pedicure i have had here always turn out great! In my experience, they never do rush jobs, and offer quality services. :) I will not go anywhere else! —StephABA

2010-07-21 02:16:10   I've only been here a couple of times to get my hair done but it's always turned out great! I also see that the girls getting their nails done are pretty happy. Soon is a great chatter and makes sure to do your hair the way you want. She's super sweet and clearly knows what she's doing with hair! —jacknsally1111

2010-07-30 09:52:21   I've been Soon's customer since 2008 when a friend recommended me after I asked where she got her hair done. Soon has done my color and highlights since this time and I always leave her shop feeling incredible and thrilled with my hair! I usually call her the day before and she will fit me in the next day. Besides Soon doing such an outstanding job on my hair her prices are extremely reasonable. I drive all the way from Travis AFB after work to have her do my hair and it's worth the commute. I sing the highest praises for her professionalism, skill at doing cuts and color, and creating a peaceful and welcoming environment. If someone is looking for a new stylist she is your best bet! You will not be disappointed. —JenniferBertram

2010-07-31 17:31:09   I've been going to Sue for the past three years and she's one of the nicest stylists out there. She's patient, hard working and friendly, and her salon has everything. She's given me the best hair cuts I've had in Davis, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. —JustinKumar

2010-08-06 16:11:04   I really appreciate Soon and her talents. I have been Soon's customer for several years and have been very happy with every service I've received from her - from basic trims to color, highlights, touch-ups, and waxing. Soon is very accommodating. Like many others, I call spur of the moment at times and Soon always finds a way to fit me in. Besides her professionalism, Soon is an especially pleasant and friendly person. I highly recommend Soon and Abba Salon! —emclarkanibaba

2010-08-20 18:33:23   Was in there today. Haven't been in the shop since it was Modern Nails (change is hard). Was so happy with my visit. Kayla did my nails. A wonderful job. The whole atmosphere was friendly and relaxing. I was introduced to Opi Gel nails. Recommend! —CharleneLogan

2010-08-25 17:58:24   I've always been reluctant to try a new salon at davis (college student) but my hair was getting too long for me to take it. Btw, I'm a guy w/ short hair. The salon is very clean and professional. The lady who cut my hair was extremely welcoming and nice. She asked me what I wanted and made sure she knew exactly what I wanted. Although this is towards more west of davis, its really not that far off from the university mall (only about a mile). Its actually a plus cause parking is really easy to find and everything is just less busy/hectic. The cut was 15 dollars which is cheaper compared to the other places I've called (~20-25$!!)

I wish I found this place a lot sooner instead of just always letting my hair grow out until going home for break. Make sure to go to ABBA salon cause theres a another salon next to it. PS. walk ins are welcomed too —sukanas

2010-10-12 09:27:38   I have been here twice for a mani and pedi. They are really close to where I live and it would have been convienent. I had Kayla both times who was very friendly, but I didn't like the fact that the files used on me appeared to have been used before and that she did my manicure in the chair which was really awkward. My polish job on my feet also was below par. Most salons use a base coat,polish and top coat. She only put on my polish both times. So, sorry to say I have found another nail salon. —LokiAbbi

2010-10-30 15:49:10   I'm really picky about who does my hair and I've had multiple hairstylists in Davis mess up my color. I went to Abba salon for the first time today and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. Don't be fooled by the outside of the building. Once you walk in, it's very nice and there's nothing tacky about this place. The prices were more than reasonable and Soon did an amazing job. I have curly hair and a lot of hairstylists don't know how to cut my hair properly but she did a great job and the color is perfect. Soon makes sure that she knows exactly what you want and is very flexible, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I will definitely go back to get my hair done in the future. I saw other people get their nails and eyebrows done and they looked great so I'm looking forward to making those appointments for myself with them. They seem very busy, though, so I wouldn't count on getting day-of appointments. —elgreen

2010-11-01 08:47:24   Soon is amazing! Like many, I am super picky about my hair. I have hopped around from salon to salon and have never gotten what I wanted. Until I found Soon. Go see her. You won't be disappointed. (And the price is soooo reasonable!) —WMD

2010-11-01 09:04:56   I was looking for a haircut in short order a few months back, and the Westlake shopping center is very close to where I live, so I decided to try it out. Soon really is every bit as good as everyone here says. I asked her to try something new and got a really great cut, for about the same price they charge at Great Clips/Supercuts ($15). She's also quite fast, without cutting any corners. Check out the website, above, for a $2 off coupon for first-timers. I also just saw a $2 coupon ... somewhere. Wish I could remember where. Maybe on the back of a Safeway receipt? —TomGarberson

2010-11-10 15:45:39   Soon is amazing!!!!! No one is usually able to get blonde color right in my hair, but she does it perfectly. I feel as though she is one of Davis's best kept secrets! I am usually able to call the day of to get my hair done, which is so convenient. Her customers are extremely important to her and it shows! She has such a great personality too, and the salon is nice and spacious on the inside. Thanks, Soon =) —KtDuff

2010-12-06 16:40:15   Soon is awesome! I have thin, baby fine hair, and Soon works wonders with it. She always has good suggestions, does a terrific job with my cut and color, and she is very sweet. Her prices are reasonable and I like that there is ample parking in the lot in front of her salon. I won't ever switch to another hairdresser! —ShelleyB

2011-01-12 12:24:20   I LOVE Anna — she does the best nails I have ever experienced. I have acrylic nails and she did my fill yesterday — it's absolutely amazing! My FAKE nails look REAL! No joke. She is sooo professional, conscientious about what you want, and incredibly nice. This salon is quiet, clean, and actually relaxing (as opposed to the noisy nail and hair places in Davis where the employees practically yell to each other in different languages while you are trying to relax). I highly recommend this place. I will be going to get my nails done here ALL the time now.

I wrote this review for "Modern Nail Salon" which is now called Abba Salon and Day Spa so I would like to repost it to this name of the same salon:

I came here completely spontaneously because I was in desperate need of a nail fill for my acrylic set and happened to be walking my dog nearby. I went inside to ask about the price ($18) and they immediately offered to do it right that moment and even allowed my dog (a cute pomeranian) to stay inside the nail shop with me. The fill was done very well. It was a pleasant, professional experience. Everything looked clean and the women who work there are all really nice. It wasn't loud and annoying like many nail salons are in Davis. I recommend going here and am going myself for another fill tomorrow. My nails lasted nearly 3 weeks. —JamieOkh

2011-02-03 11:28:45   I have been a customer of Soon's for about a year now. I am pretty picky about my hair, but Soon does an excellent job both with my highlights and my cut every time. I highly recommend this salon, both for its good prices and quality! —KCal

2011-02-07 15:49:10   I called Soon to see if I could squeeze an appointment in sometime this week - and thankfully she was able to take me about an hour after I called. It took only 30 minutes from the time I walked in until I was finished and paid! Def the fastest haircut I have ever had - but with my busy schedule its really not a bad thing. The salon was cute, albeit cluttered and the cut Soon gave me was exactly what I asked for, although when I got home I realized there were a couple pieces that she missed that I took care of myself when I got home. My major issue - I was looking for the quality that I was paying for. I was more than willing to pay $25 for this quality - however, when I paid she said that the cost was actually $35 because I had long hair. Not only did she not disclose this on anything - I do not feel like the cut was worth the $35. At the salon I got my hair cut at for about 6 years, I paid $40 for a banging hair cut, an awesome shampoo, and a head/neck massage. I will probably go somewhere else - it will be more expensive but I will get the quality for my money! —tracyc

2011-02-25 20:11:11   Ive been seeing Soon since 2004. She is one of the best hair dressers I have ever had. I call on a Monday and usually can set up an appointment for that day or within 24hrs. She listens to HOW I want my hair cut and highlighted. She takes her time so that when all is said and done I walk out of the salon feeling like a million dollars. She takes pride in her work and always greets me with a smile when I walk in and a hug when I leave. I recommend her and the salon to everyone looking for a place to get great service (and great prices!!.) Top notch salon....... —CrisWarford

2011-03-20 20:49:40   I love getting manicures and pedicures at Abba. The owner is very nice and the nail technicians are always friendly and talkative. They always do a great job painting my nails and the hot stone leg massage during the pedicure is really nice. —LoriOrf

2011-04-15 09:29:46   I have been going to soon since I was a student at UC Davis in 2004. I no longer live in Davis but I still drive the 40 minutes to get my hair done by hair. She always cuts and colors my hair perfectly. If anyoneis looking for a new hair dresser this is a salon worth going to. I an sure you will be pleased! —Jennifervdb

2011-04-21 23:59:28   Soon is awesome!! She did my hair for my big wedding day and everybody loved it. She has great techniques and a sharp sense about what style would fit into the shape of face. I highly recommend Soon to be your hair designer. —ChiaLin

2011-06-25 12:04:57   Soon is a top notch hairdresser. For ladies looking to grow their hair long and healthy there is no one better. I came to Soon one year ago with damaged hair from years of highlights. She was the first hairdresser to notice that only the outer layers were damaged, while the lower layers were more healthy. I came in regularly for a haircut (about every 1 1/2 months) and she did a great job cutting only the damaged parts so that the healthy hair could grow out long. She also offers a Keratin treatment to help protect against split ends, so that I could go longer without needing a haircut. I did this about three times in winter when my hair was more prone to damage. Now after one year, my hair has grown out (despite regular trims) and people compliment me all the time on how healthy my hair looks. Do not be fooled by her prices. Soon is very nice and modest, but if her salon was located somewhere besides Davis she would be charging much more!

Also, Soon's skill is not limited to haircuts. I have a unique problem that I have very highly arched eyebrows, with one arch higher than the other. I am very picky about my brows and used to have them done by the highest end cosmetologists in San Francisco. I'm never perfectly happy with my brows because to make them even, my brows become very thin. When I let Soon do my brows, she struck the right balance between evening them out a bit and leaving them thicker. They looked fantastic and even though I can tell they aren't perfectly even, the shape she gave me looks much nicer overall. Soon worked with my natural shape better than the most highly rated salon in San Francisco. To me this shows that Soon takes her work very seriously and has the experience and eye to create the best solution for all your beauty needs. —EvaF

I went to Abba Salon and Spa today, it was my first time to go to an American Hairsalon. I picked Abba right. My hair loved Soon's work and so do I. Wow, I am so pleased with the way she dyed and cut my hear. It looks real posh. She gave me some very good advice to: to wear a part in my hair - because I clearly have one and it looks better on me (because my face looks rather square without it). In a way, my Dutch hair dressers never brought that message to me (clearly), Soon did! Soon has a very good name too, because she is "soon": she works very efficient! ☺ I do not need to look any further: I will return to Abba Salon and Spa in future, I'm convinced already she ís the best. How I found Soon? Through Davis Wiki, so thank you, Davis Wiki. —ConstantiaOomen

2012-01-17 20:45:37   I've been coming here for a year now and have never ever been disappointed! Soon not only has insanely amazing hair dressing skills but she did a fantastic updo for my formal evening! I got so many compliments. I have also had my nails done here by a wonderful girl named Anna; it was my first time getting acrylics and the came out perfectly! Both of these ladies pay great attention to detail and I assure you I will be going to no other salon in Davis! And......lastly, I've been getting my Brazilian wax done here too and girls, I must say, there is nowhere better than this place! They make you feel relaxed and the procedure is practically painless! Loved it! Easily a 5/5, first rate salon! —MonicaKawas

2012-05-18 09:44:42   I got a Japanese straight perm from Soon, and absolutely love it! My hair is very thick and curly, and hard to manage, but now it's so easy to take care of. It's perfectly straight, shiny, and healthy. While the Japanese perm is pricey, it's worth it! I don't have to worry about blow-drying or flat-ironing; I can just wash and go!

Soon is very good at what she does, and I'd recommend her to anyone who needs their hair done. —AngieFlemming


2013-03-22 16:10:26   Just got a new haircut today and was incredibly pleased! I was a walk-in and Soon sat me down immediately. I cut off over 5 inches, got an a line and layers. Soon was incredibly helpful, listened to my desire and made a couple suggestions that I believe improved the overall look of the cut. She was friendly, but in a very natural and relaxed way. I dislike when service people force a conversation to appear friendly. Soon spent extra time massaging my head since I told her I had a final the next morning. She also took a great deal of care styling the cut afterwards until she was satisfied it looked perfect.

I highly recommend the service here as it is friendly, professional, and very affordable, especially in consideration of the amount of care she gave the cut. ($30+tip) —keljocoy

2013-04-05 21:33:48   Just got another great cut here. I've been getting my hair cut at Abba for probably 2 years now. Soon gives fantastic cuts and, unlike a lot of places, the quality is extremely consistent. Men's cuts are cheap - $15.50, which is in the neighborhood of Supercuts and whatnot, for far better quality. Moreover, Soon is awesome. Super friendly, and she really seems to connect with her repeat clients. She always asks how my wife (who loves the pedicures here) is doing. The place is consistently clean and tidy, too, which never hurts.

I know that over the years Soon has been the target of some bogus negative reviews, both here on the Wiki and on other sites like Yelp. Disregard them. As I understand it, a certain competitor in town throws around some nasty accusations. Despite those accusations, though, Soon's inspections are clean as can be. Seriously, just ask. She'll show them to you. So, ignore the lies. Abba is worth a look. —TomGarberson

2013-05-23 12:18:21   I got a manicure done here and my nails were already starting to chip the next day. Three days later and they were chipped so badly that I had to remove the nail polish completely. I will definitely not be coming back here again. —anonymous121

2013-07-05 15:19:41   I first went to ABBA salon about a year ago and since then I have been going regularly. Soon does a brilliant job with my fine blonde hair and it always looks so lovely and healthy when she's done. She clearly knows her stuff and won't do anything that can damage my hair. Soon is also such a lovely lady and the atmosphere is always a very relaxing and friendly one. When I got married in April I went to Soon for threading and Anna did my nails - I could not have been more pleased!!! :-) —DrS

2014-01-22 22:29:49   I wanted to impulsively dye and cut my hair and called at my usual places but they weren't taking walk ins that day or were closed for the day. I searched through the Davis Wiki and found this place! I called two hour before closing and Soon took me anyway! Soon was super nice and attentive and did a great job with my hair! No exaggeration, the best haircut I have gotten thus far in my short life gotten so many compliments! :) highly recommend coming here. I will definitely be going back!! —ChristenDee

2014-02-16 13:49:12   Very pleased with my first haircut here (woman, short hair). Didn't look goofy the day after the cut and it is growing out nicely. I will be back when it's time for another cut. Not much more expensive than the budget haircut places, but much better results. —Nokomis

2014-12-17 11:31:39   Excellent Affordable Gel Manicure!!! Came in for a gel, asked for red glitter tips or something otherwise festive for the holidays, got an adorable and detailed Santa hat & belt design, and was only charged the basic $25!!!! The woman who did my nails was very sweet and chatted with me the whole time. It was also very quick and almost 2 weeks later still looks perfect!!!! I can't imagine going anywhere else. —IWantThePhD

2015-08-18 02:28:22   Is there not a California law banning gendered pricing on haircuts? —phrenicgermal

- I am a regular customer here, and I am sure there is no gendered pricing. How do we know you are not the competition trying to outrun your frontrunners? Your name "phrenicgermal" does not ring a bell, it's anonymous. Hence, to me, your 'opinion'/ 'suggestion' has no value at all, you have to sustain your more or less accusation. Constantia Oomen