Abdominizer L to R:Lucas Taber, Adam Flowers and Steve Walter

Abdominizer was a ground-breaking pre-post-punk acoustapowerfolkrock trio consisting of Steve Walter on 5-string acousta-slide guitar and background vocals; Adam Flowers on electric and fiberglass bass, bamboo flute, nose flute, kazoo and lead vocals; and Lucas Taber on percussion, fartsicord, dog brush and background grunting.


Around the time of the rumored Abdominizer Reunion that never came to pass: 1996 - L ro R: Adam Flowers, Lucas Taber and Steve Walter

Abdominizer was founded on May 17, 1991 at 3:39 PM PST. Steve "The Beave" Walter had just found a guitar in his garage missing a string. He proceeded to hit it with a whiffleball bat. This gave him an idea. After calling his friends Lucas "Pukas" Taber and Adam "Garbled Answering Machine Message" Flowers to his house, the band began it's first and only recording session. The resulting disasterpiece was the self-titled album of legend.

Abdominizer - The Album

"Abdomizer - The Album" was revolutionary in several ways, most notably for its use of the nose flute, fartsicord, dog brush and chopsticks. The most memorable tracks on the record are "Abdominizer - Uh Ah Uh Ah Ah Ah" which is almost a straight lift of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", "China Pie" which is not a copy of anything, and an inspired cover of the Everly Brother's Hit "Bye-Bye Love" most notable for a searing kazoo solo by Flowers.

Decline and Break-up

Steve Walter launches his 1992 solo tour

After numerous creative differences and Adam needing to go home and wash his hands for dinner, the band broke up on May 17, 1991 at 5:47 PM PST.

Have you been Abdominized?

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