Maple and Abram
African Spurred Tortoise
Wilson H. Tsai
Very friendly and socialable

Mr. and Mrs. Turtle foraging for food

Guess who Abram was for Halloween?

Maple and Abram chilling in the MU fountain Yum! Yummy! Zzzz" PARTY! Cowabunga! Watchu lookin at foo? I think, therefore I am. Family Reunion Hunters and Gatherers Follow the leader Who's who? Hiking Hi Brrrr Footprints Snow sleding! Now you see me... Now you don't! Post-hibernation Yawn Nice day today Hunter and gatherer Family shot! Holding on for dear life!

Date of Birth: September 1, 2004

Names: Maple is the darker, smaller, and sweeter one. Abram is the bigger and lighter one and looks like an M1A1 Abram tank.

Diet: Vegetable, grass, fruits, and just about anything edible!

Exercise: We wander around freely in daddy's apartment at The Colleges because we've outgrown our tank and go for occasional walks outside when it's warm.

Environment: Pebble filled tank with a heat log we sleep in or when we're outside of the tank, underneath the couch, inside of slippers, and in the bathroom... hey, it's home.

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, exploring, cuddling, sniffing and looking at anything we come across (turtles are quite curious critters).

Dislikes: Bathing, which is done with warm water, a toothbrush, and baby shampoo. Being leashed with a rubber band and yarn so we don't wander too far.

Characters: I, Maple is outgoing and fond of humans whereas Abram, my hubby is the shyer one and has fits when daddy turns him over and tickles him (you gotta see it to know what i mean, it's hilarious).

Life expectancy: ~120 years.

Full size: We'll be full grown in 50 years, at about 32 inches head to toe and 200 lbs.

Memorable moment: I had a plate of salad for lunch outside of UCD's food courts, received a phone call to meet up with some friends, came back, and the two had climbed onto my plate and started eating away!