434 F St.
Monday through Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 6pm
Sundays: Closed

Absolute Cellular is located at the corner of 5th and F. They sell Verizon Wireless phones exclusively, and are the only local provider of Dish Network Satellite TV.

UCD Students get a discount 15% on phones for new accounts and upgrades. With this discount, their prices can be slightly better than other shops in Davis, though still higher than online and SF Chinatown stores. Of course, that's the price you pay for convenience.


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During my limited experience with the store the owner, Michael Hair, was very courteous and seemed fairly knowledgeable. -AndrewChen

Yeah, Michael Hair was really helpful when I was trying to do all kinds of fancy things with Smartphones (so to speak). He is a UC Davis alumnus, and also a currently graduate student. He appears to employ several hot girls. -jr

Unfortunately, the chick I saw didn't know everything and couldn't help me out with my phone problems. I guess it's best to go to Hair if you want more than the basic phone shpiel. - MarieHuynh

Yeah, that's pretty much true at all phone stores. They all seem to have one or two people who knows phones and the rest a pretty salespeople. Not to stereotype, I must admit I've also seen some fairly ugly salespeople who are useless too. -jr

2006-01-28 13:31:06   I was able to get 15% off as a student, plus transfer a couple of phones from T-Mobile to Cingular successfully. I would note that Absolute Cellular was able to give me a 1-year contract and better prices than the Cingular store downtown. —CoryHamma

2006-04-20 17:50:56   I've been a customer of theirs for many years and the entire staff is very knowledgeable. Both the owner and the girls that work there have always been very helpful no matter what the need. I'm sure the girl from earlier was new and still getting the hang of it. —AnnSmith

2007-04-07 15:19:07   4/07/2007 - Seems like they switched from Cingular to Verizon. Was on my way to Fix for Less and noticed this place so stopped by. The owner (Michael Hair, i'm assuming from the other comments) sounded very professional over the phone with another customer and helped me switch phones. The phone I switched to is old, so he was thoughtful enough to tighten the screws on the back. It's little things like that that impress me. I highly recommend this location. —antlu

2007-05-29 15:28:47   I called Absolute Cellular to find out if they would be able to get my phone numbers off my cingular sim card and add them to my verizon phone. Not only are these guys the only ones in town who can do this, the guy on the phone said he'd do it for free, doesn't get better than that. —Evan

2007-06-05 19:15:27   Michael Hair is rude and not-so-knowledgeable. He installed a clip on my brand new Razr and when I put the phone on the clip, the weight of the phone pulled the battery backing off the phone, and the phone fell to ground. The fall chipped some enamel off my phone. When I called Mike via cell phone, he was haughty and discourteous. At the store, he was even more rude and tried to blame his inadequacies and lack of knowledge on me. How long has he been in the phone business? He discursively argued with me about his mistake, a $16.15 refund, and went into a diatribe that included the statement, "people say I'm a nice guy," which kind of reminds me of someone saying their parent has told them they are super-good looking and quite a catch. I'm not impressed and I won't be stopping at Absolute Cellular. So glad I voted for that Target. —trma

(As a side note, make sure you go through a DIRECT Dealer with your phone service, not an indirect dealer, such as this guy. When I filed a complaint with my service provider, they said these kinds of problems are not uncommon and "so called" professionals at indirect dealerships often provide sub-standard equipment, bad service, and leave the customer holding the bill in the end. If you want to get a clip for your phone, get the type that encases the entire phone—either clear hard acrylic/plastic with a built-in clip on the back of it, not the phone or a rubberized encased type with the same type of clip. Hair didn't even know that much.)—tr, ma

2007-07-18 18:01:10   Mike has always been very nice and helpful. I have been his customer for over 3 years and most of my family, friends and coworkers also go to him now. They have all been impressed with his level of service and knowledge especially after dealing with the other "direct/coporate" stores in town. trma must have been rude to start if mike was rude to her at all. —cfm

2007-07-30 18:56:52   Getting a new phone is a stressful and exciting time: especially with all these new "bells and whistle" opportunities. In my case, with a phone that had been passed on about 3 or more owners, a new phone was beyond necessary. When my Mom and I went looking Absolute Cellular was the first place we stopped. Not only was Absolute Cellular the first cell store I've been to in Davis, it's probably going to be the only store I ever go to again. Of my experience, from Sacramento to The Bay, Mike was the best rep thus far. He knew his stuff and was great at making my mom understand how cell phone companies work; not to mention how they should work for us. Anyway, to put it briefly, Mike Hair was awesome, personable, reassuring, and to the point... I wanted a pink "chocolate" that he didn't have in stock but had delivered in two days. My boyfriend bought a phone too. You shoud join the club: don't forget to ask for Mr. Hair. —nikki

2007-09-05 19:19:59   I bought a new phone and changed service two days ago. Michael Hair, the owner, was very knowledgeable and helpful, without any sort of "hard-sell." I'm very happy with my purchase. Furthermore, when it turned out that Verizon was no longer honoring the rebate he'd originally quoted me (it ended the day before), he said "I quoted you that price and I'm going to stand by it" and gave me the discount anyway. That's the true mark of a good and honorable businessman. I'd recommend Absolute Cellular to anyone and shop there again myself. —MichaelMacIntosh

2007-09-08 08:10:10   I agree with cfm. IF Michael was rude (a big IF) trma wore on his last nerve. Our family phone service has been with Michael for many years. We have never had less than good service, but usually receive extraordinary service. Give a person a break...have you never been new at a job? My experience has been if they didn't know, they would call Michael or have him call us. This is an honest, helpful business! —RoseMary

2007-10-02 21:49:58   Long story short, Mr. Hair is willing to take a justified profit loss if it means the customer gets satisfied. I'm very happy to have shopped here, and should I ever need a cell phone again, I'll definitely come back here. And of course, I'd gladly recommend my friends shop here for phones, too. —AlexanderHo

2008-03-10 16:28:32   Mike is so great. I took my phone in after I dropped it in water and instead of trying to sell me a new phone, he spent time trying to fix it. Not only was he able to fix it, but sold me the part for half off because it was from a used phone. You can tell he cares more about customer satisfaction more than immediate profit and he is the only person I would go back to in Davis regarding my cell phone. —hmm

2008-03-11 17:27:28   The Absolute Cellular team is fantastic. The staff is courteous, the owner Mike Hair, has personally helped me with many issues, and despite what others have said, he is nothing but courteous and professional. I have nothing but the best to say and suggest anybody in Davis looking for a phone, plan or help with their service, give them a call. —RJ

2008-04-01 19:42:00   I went through alot of hassle trying to get a new phone from Tmobile, Michael Hair was there to help every step of the way. Thanks Michael for the great customer service! —aggiepride1986

2008-04-08 18:12:57   This store is awesome! I recently bought a cell phone off of the internet who gave me the wrong battery. I changed over my number at a Verizon store in SF and they didn't even think to let me know. Michael, the owner, was able to diagnose and help me with my battery problem. I have actually been in this store multiple times (as I screw up my phone often) and I am always helped quickly and completely! —kings16

2008-07-20 15:07:18   I have always received excellent service from Mike Hair and anyone else in the store! They have excellent deals and Mike has always been very helpful and nice. I typically wouldn't comment on here but when I saw a couple of the comments it pissed me off! Some of the people in this town need to take a chill pill, get off their high horse & get a life! I am a server in town I would know.If Mike got upset at you, you must have been out of line! —connie

2008-09-02 09:40:06   The T-Mobile reception in the Davis/Sacramento corridor was extremely poor — I just switched to AT&T and the reception is far better. Mike told me that the T-Mobile service/reception would be identical to that of AT&T (my previous carrier) and this did not turn out to be correct. Calls were dropping and I could not get reception in downtown Sacramento. —marym

2008-10-28 14:27:00   Michael Hair is super friendly and knowledgeable about phones. It took a long time to get my phone figured out (very retarded phone) and Mike was very patient and he didn't even charge me! =] what can be better than that! —trudep

2008-11-03 20:08:47   on monday i rushed in before work and showed the guy working there my phone and he knew exactly what kind of cell phone charger i needed. he was nice enough to check to make sure the charger worked.. but it didn't ..so then he sold me a car charger with a wall adapter for the same price! the 15% discount was nice and i am definitely coming back! —GDenise

2008-12-19 17:03:32   Not only is Mike a wealth of phone information, and easy on the eyes, he takes care of his customers after they purchase, too. And the TV inside is a nice place to sit down for a minute when it's hot outside! —ElisaWeller

2009-03-14 18:59:06   The owner, Michael Hair, is easily the most competent individual I've ever met, regarding cell phones. He really knows his stuff and is interested in giving you the best deal. While I was in the store, he helped a woman find a battery. He told her the cost would be 39.99, when he rang it up, it rang up as 59.99. He lowered the price for her because that's what he promised her—that's the kind of service that I wish all cell phone stores had. —popofosho

2009-05-03 22:46:42   I just had a great experience using Absolute Cellular. My phone wasn't working properly so Michael checked it out, tracked down the contract and warrenty details, and then got the phone repaired online . He was super helpful and I walked out with a phone that works great. I'd recommend his store to anyone who wants to walk out of the store with a working phone and no more headaches. —hfox

2009-08-23 16:10:19   Bought a phone here two years ago (see previous comment - Sept of 2007) and just traded it in for the new enV3, as part of the "New in Two" Verizon deal. Happy with both phones and happy with the service. Mike (the owner) is a good salesman, but doesn't do the hard sell. Definitely a nice, knowledgeable guy. I also have to echo a few other comments that his sales associates are incredibly cute. And no, that's not the only reason I shop there. —MichaelMacIntosh

2009-12-08 14:42:16   They don't do T-Mobile any more (I wasn't sure, since it says "they sell Verizon phones exclusively", but people talked about getting T-Mobile from them). I'm glad I called to check. Whoever answered was nice enough to suggest some other places I could go. —BillKendrick

2010-08-03 18:40:45   Not only terrific rates, but also excellent customer service. I couldn't find my phone charger, so I asked the Verizon store if they could charge it for me: they told me they didn't have the charger for it (the phone is only 2 months old). I took it to Absolute Cellular and without hesitation they charged my phone, didn't ask for me to buy anything, and said I could come by whenever I wanted to pick it up. For future phone needs, I will definitely come here first. —KristinaB

2011-01-31 16:35:32   This is the place to get your phone if you use Verizon or are about to switch over. I just moved over from AT&T and the transition was seamless. I wanted the HTC Incredible (which is an amazing phone) but it wasn't in stock. Since I had to wait a few days to get the phone, Michael, hooked me up with a few free accessories. Overall great experience. —aroach12

2012-05-01 15:22:20   This place has excellent customer service. Mike is very nice and friendly, is clearly interested in good customer satisfaction. —DagonJones

2013-04-24 15:03:22   I was so impressed by this place, I had to write....turns out, Verizon would not work at all for me, but the owner took loads of time calling around and finding a company that would. I really appreciate his time and effort, especially as it did not amount to any business for him. Service like that should be rewarded. I'm telling all my friends to go there - he's honest, and wants you to get a good deal. I'm glad I went in there. —JulieDavis

2015-08-26 14:14:44   Be warned...they only take cash, checks or PayPal. Huh? I'll take my business somewhere that accepts my debit card, thanks. —Davie

2015-08-26 15:58:06   Update: I walked three blocks down to the AT&T Wireless store, where they cheerfully accepted my preferred method of payment, and even upsold me to a bundled accessory. Number 1 Rule: MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, or they will go somewhere that does. —Davie