[[945 J street]]
and nearby spots
Monday-Saturday 4-8pm
(510) 207-4008
Corey LaRue
Evan White
Founding Date
Payment Methods
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Absurd Publications is a University of California at Davis student founded and run press/publication house. As a press our community mission can be described thusly:

* We focus and emphasize publishing and distributing literature, aimed at artistic versus industry promotion. We will work with the author to publish literary pieces that most clearly express or represent the artistic and literary vision of the authors.

* Our editors strive to be aids in the writing publishing process, rather than gatekeepers of publication services. Our editorial staff offers professional, unbiased, and public editorial services.

* We will not compromise the voices of our writers in order to comply with any overarching form or style, our goal as a publication house is not to promote ourselves but the individuals involved both internally and externally.

In addition to our publications, we engage the writing community of Davis by hosting free and open literary workshops. Our ethos in these workshops is to bring the writers’ of Davis together to share their writing and related ideas for feedback; our workshops strive to foster a sense of inclusion for all participants, enhance a writer’s voice—rather than quiet it—and create a sense of community amongst the writers of Davis.


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