Problems with a student's academic standing include Academic Probation or Academic Disqualification.

If you're on this page you're probably freaking out. Don't. Take a deep breath and visit the appropriate page on your department's site. Follow the instructions. The key to surviving this is to KNOW what you did wrong & how you're going to improve. —HarrisonM

Academic Probation

Academic Probation is a troubling time for students and is especially common among transfer students who may not yet be acclimated to life in Davis, or the quarter system.


For Undergraduate Students:

  • Having a cumulative grade point average below 2.0.
  • Having a single term with a GPA below 2.0.

For Grad Students, the bar is raised to either a cumulative or single term below a 3.0 GPA.

Academic Disqualification

Academic disqualification is something that can occur to UC Davis students when:

  • One's cumulative GPA drops below 1.5
  • One's GPA for a single quarter drops below a 1.5
  • One spends two consecutive quarters on academic probation.
  • One has attempted more than 16 units graded incomplete
  • One has passed less than 39 units over the previous three quarters.

If any of the above happened to you, you will find yourself no longer in good standing with the University. Where before on your SISWEB transcript it used to say "Good Standing" it will now say "Subject to academic disqual".

Eventually the college will send a scary email to your ucdavis email address, informing you that if you don't go and see an advisor, then they're just going to kick you out of college. Don't panic. Just follow the emails steps to sign up to meet with an advisor, and then remember to go to your appointment.(They will kick you out, so do NOT miss the appointment for any reason)

One quarter of "Subject to academic disqual" is usually okay. You must meet with an advisor and explain yourself. If you do it again, you're automatically dismissed from the University. It is possible to appeal the dismissal. Even if the appeal fails, you can make a contract with the advisor about readmittance. This usually entails retaking courses at UCD summer sessions, or taking a year off and attending a junior college and maintaining some agreed upon GPA. Each contract is individually tailored as each case may be different. Once re-admitted to UCD, you would do well to remember to do better every quarter, or else....

Being readmitted

[(There isnt a comment on this page and I am not sure where to put this) if this is true or not. But recently the requirement for readmitting into UC Davis has become more difficult. This might be due to the fact that acceptance into UCs have generally become more competitive and so they want students to be serious and know what they want. If you are a financial aid student, be warned, if you get dismissed in the spring, you DO NOT get financial aid for summer sessions. If they require you to go to summer session as part of your contract, I believe you are on your own for money.

as for engineers, if you get dismissed as a declared engineer, you must take three quarters off.]

How to improve your standing

Aside from the obvious advice of keeping up with readings and paying attention in class, make sure to consult with professors and TAs sooner than later if you are having trouble. Often students will send panicked emails to professors at the end of the quarter saying "I need X grade or I will get kicked out of school/kicked off my sports team/etc." This is too late to change anything because grades are not given based on 'need.' Instead, speak with instructors early on to let them know what your status is and ask how you can do well in their course. Throughout the quarter, visit the Student Academic Success Center for help with your writing, and visit your TA's office hours for help with course material.

If you are truly putting a lot of effort into your work, reading carefully, studying hard, proofreading your papers, etc. and you are still pulling low grades, you may want to consider being evaluated for a disability. You may be eligible for academic accommodations. Visit the Student Disability Center for more.

See also withdrawal, academic help.