This page is for archiving comments from 2006 for ARC.

2005-08-17 15:01:35   If you don't like to wait, the machines upstairs aren't that busy. Every time I go to the second floor I don't see a lot of people using them. —SimonFung

2005-11-10 15:37:49   The ARC is the least student-friendly place on campus, in my experience. They don't allow outside organization to post flyers (presumably because it might mess with their image). They used to charge student organizations to reserve rooms when it first opened. They actually billed ASUCD Senate for holding a meeting there, because they are technically a campus department (though they are obviously a student organization too). Lockers in the Rec Hall used to be free, but now they charge a monthly fee. And you can't go to the ARC during the summer if you aren't taking classes. I don't know who they think they are catering to, but it certainly isn't the students who paid to build the place. —BrentLaabs

2006-03-18 23:19:38   I think they've closed the old weight room in the Rec Hall. There had been a sign saying it was closing March 11 I think. —BenWebber

2006-04-03 18:52:10   This week, the Arc has a "try before you buy" promotion, but it only extends to faculty and staff, not alumni. Alumni can BUY the membership, but they can't "try" the place - insane when you think about how it was the alumnis fees that helped pay for this building. —RohiniJasavala

2006-04-05 00:02:08   Um, wrong Rphini, I am an alum and they let me in today. Get your facts straight. —DavisLurker

2006-04-09 05:40:50   The Arc is a great place to go work out and have fun. I really want to point out something to the current students and those who are going to go to school here in the summer and fall 06: The weigh room is full of posers, just like The city of Davis. Guys: some don't know "Richard" about working out but coming in with a f-face like "i'm cool, look at me". Girls: please don't put make up on? please don't show off your Laffy Taffy. Guys won't get a boner because your workout pants. One more thing, if you are coming in with a bitchy attitude, please go see a DR. People don't give a crap if you are big or a lot of meat, people would think that you are an oily meat-head. Please don't show off your muscles in front of the ladies, they probably won't think about it after they got off that machine. Oh, more to add. Please don't enjoy yourself in front of the mirror more than 3 seconds, we know you love yourself so much. —DingLiu

2006-05-03 11:22:09   Although I'm not as bitter as Ding about the "ARCers", I do think it's really funny to see the dudes trying to do themselves in the mirror after each set. And you forgot to mention those girls who take a machine for 1 hour because they're reading a Nicholas Sparks novel and moving at the pace of an arthritic 90 year old woman. Plus the weight room always smells like feet and bad cologne. Nevertheless, I love the ARC! —JonathanVillavert

2006-06-02 01:24:57   Well, if you are that bitter about the general ARC-using population, I'd suggest coming to the rock wall there. We've our own niche of people separate from that of the "bros" and the girls there... —PaulArden

2006-07-12 23:40:54   I would like the mysteries of the towel shortages explained. They also could use a neck machine. If you don't go during the busy times, it's pretty easy to get in a good workout. The pick-up basketball can be hit-or-miss. Usually there's either too many or not enough people. Playing basketball with undergrads brings out the worst in me anyway, so I'm probably better off. —MisterProfessor

2006-07-22 20:15:14   The summer hours fucking suck =[ —MikeAhmadi

2006-08-09 03:34:58   is there really a starbucks in the arc? —JoeRunnels

2006-10-18 23:20:20   There is a coffee shop in the ARC, to the left as you walk in I think. The ARC is a nice place, often-times packed. It is best you go in with a plan if your going to use the weight room. No what you want to do so you don't kind of walk aimlessley around while waiting for 2-3 different spots to open up. Staff is friendly and helpful and overall people are courteous and easy to talk to. A great place if your serious about being healthy, staying in shape, or getting that killer body you always wanted. —FrankYoung

2006-10-18 23:20:59   "know what you want to do" -> Correction concerning earlier post. —FrankYoung

2006-12-08 19:02:46   The pickup basketball games are good but people are big time babies. I come from a city where there is no such thing as "foul" and people at the Arc call it very often. The irony is that the people that call foul are typically taller and bigger...other than that I love the arc. —GregWebb