Adams Terrace is a small street off Adams Street in West Davis. It is occupied solely by an apartment complex of triplex three bedroom town homes. All seem to be three bedroom, two bath, with laundry etc. There is no sole owner of all the units, it seems to be a hodgepodge mix of managers, so far rent seems to be around five hundred dollars. The location is 1.8 miles from the μ.

Parking is usually available, and despite what the sign says, there have never been any cars towed away. Additionally parking may be found on the street. The P/Q bus lines run past, along with the Yolobus, night service runs directly to this street.

Intersecting Streets

2007-02-10 07:31:14   Where are you supposed to park your car when visiting someone here? Is there any public parking on Adams Terrace, or do you have to park on Adams Street? —JasonAller

  • In practice no one checks, and there are usually available spots for short term parking. Officially, on the street.

2011-11-23 13:56:14   The taiwanese Landlord Mr. Yang and Landlady are like serpents, they take away more than half of our security deposit, which is totally unjust. We have taken care of the house and made the kitchen very clean before we move out. Oh, BTW, don't count on the landlord to get any repair done. He always say he will get things fixed, but NEVER really do. —DionysusPan

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