1500 Shasta Drive in West Davis next to Hwy 113 and Sutter Hospital
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Mon-Fri: 9:30AM–5:30PM

Saturday: 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Email: AdobeEvergreen.Daviswikiorg.Tandem@aptleasing.info
Phone: (877) 862-6157
Fax: (530) 297-5541
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Types of Units
2br/2ba, 3br/3ba, 4br/4ba, By the Bed Program

Adobe at Evergreen Apartments is an apartment complex managed by Tandem Properties. It is known for being student-oriented and modern with suite style floor plans. Many residents agree that the apartment management is friendly, accessible, and offer a lot of free stuff like coffee and parties, while others see the management as only being helpful until you have problems. Apparently, they also play decent music in the office and spend time on Facebook to connect with residents. You might experience the coffee and music if you're picking up a package. There is also a model apartment that one of the friendly management ladies will show you during their office hours.  To get to UC Davis Campus, you can use the P / Q Unitrans bus line or the greenbelt bike path (a video of the route is posted on their Facebook page).

Some units are ADA-accessible — contact management for more details. They also have units that qualify for Section 8 Housing Vouchers.

Management Notices

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Adobe's Management Staff

  • Nikki, Residential Manager
  • Denise, Assistant Residential Manager
  • Arielle, Customer Care Agent

24 Hour Amenities

  • Pool/Spa with Cabanas & BBQ
  • Newly Renovated Fitness Center with Free Weights & Flatscreen
  • Laundry Lounge with Card Reader Machines & Free WiFi
  • 24-Hour Study Center with Free WiFi & Printing Services


  • Spacious Floor Plans with Private Bathroom and Mini Fridge in Every Room
  • Cat Friendly
  • Energy Efficient Dishwasher/Fridge/Microwave
  • On-Site Storage Available
  • Residents are allowed to customize their interior paint

Resident Appreciation Program

Adobe Apartments offers a resident appreciation program which includes things like:

  • Free resident events and parties throughout the year (such as Continental Breakfast Buffet during Finals week!)
  • Free Coffee and Freshly Baked Cookies everyday
  • Free Raffle Prizes
  • Free Wi-Fi from the Clubhouse to the Cabanas
  • Free Water, Sewage, and Garbage services
  • Vacuum, Bike Pump, Tool Check Out

Adobe at Evergreen Apartments:  The Individual Lease Program (Formerly called "By the Bed Program")

The Adobe at Evergreen Apartment management runs an Individual Lease program for those desiring single-bed leases. It’s actually a two-, three- or four-bedroom apartment split into separate leases "by the bed"; that is, each resident get their own individual lease contract to alleviate joint responsibility issues that naturally arise under standard apartment leases. Each bedroom comes with a dressing area, bathroom, sink, microwave, mini-fridge, and private lock. You share the commons area.  Double occupancy is allowed on the new program, where tenants can share one Suite and still be on separate leases.  Water, sewage, garbage, and private high speed, Xfinity wi-fi internet is also included.  Management will provide you with Compatibility Worksheets of other potential program participants so that you can contact and meet them before you sign a lease.

It has been claimed that Adobe Apartments has the “Best Roommate Program in Yolo County,” but by whom exactly, is unclear. But don’t let the lack of an official "Best Roommate Program in Yolo County" awarding agency deter you from trying the program; residents have commented that the management has some special magic up their sleeves that will match you with the perfect roommates. Adobe Apartments claims to be “the only apartment complex in Davis specifically constructed for a successful and hassle-free roommate program,” which refers to the fact that their floor plans were designed so that each bedroom/dressing area/bathroom is a self-contained and lockable part of the whole apartment.


The complex is approximately 1.5 miles away from the north edge of campus, which translates to about 8–12 minutes by bike or 30–40 minutes on foot. How lucky you get at the Russell/Sycamore intersection makes more of a difference than ignore red octagons.

For groceries, dining, and other miscellaneous shopping needs, The Marketplace is less than half a mile away. If you prefer The Nugget over Safeway, that's fine; right outside the apartment complex is the Unitrans Q-line stop (#208), and across the street is the corresponding P-line stop (#199). Both stops, as with most bus stops on Covell Boulevard, are shared with various Yolobus Express routes that will take you to Sacramento, West Sac, Woodland, Winters, and Sacramento Int’l Airport.

The Davis Bike Loop runs around the north and east perimeters of the complex. If you follow the Evergreen Greenbelt south (the path you would take to get to campus), you can walk/bike over the awesome car-free bridge over Highway 113 and arrive at Sycamore Park. Or ignore the bike bridge and keep going to Arroyo Park.

Floor Plans


2 bed 2 bath; 1024 sq ft

3 bed 3 bath; 1312 sq ft

4 bed 4 bath 1612 sq ft

Upstairs units are carpeted in the common areas with Marmoleum kitchen flooring and a gas-powered fireplace. Downstairs units have ceramic tiled living rooms and extra special storage nooks. 

Photos from Management

Shareable Suites  24-Hour Pool Spacious Kitchens with Bar

Upgraded Fitness CenterPrivate Bathroom & Vanity in Each Suite Style Room


Upgraded Study Center


To learn more about additional rental housing options in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

Older comments can be found in the comment archive.


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2009-02-24 15:27:57   I am no veteran at judging apartments, and I don't think I ever will be one 'cause Adobe is just that great. I don't plan on moving as long as I have housemates to help foot the rent (we're a group of six living in a 4-bedroom setup). The only (read: only) thing that would make it perfect is if Unitrans offered a bus line connecting the NW Davis apartments (Adobe, Glacier Point, Willows) to the Silo, as P/Q only goes to MU. —HJH

2009-2-24 Anybody has 3-bedroom apartment in West Davis and is looking for summer sublet, please let me know. I may be able to take over your lease and renew for an extra year. I can be reached at yzhengusc@gmail.com.

2009-02-26 16:14:04   The parking is too small. That's the only thing that I can complain about it. :)) —IanChau

2009-05-05 19:24:01   I have lived here 2 years and I love it here. I live close to the pool, and yes, it is kinda loud on weekends. Parking is going to be free next year, which is great, since I had to pay $25 a month for a covered spot last year. It is quite expensive to live here, but if you share a room, it's not too bad. They are nice big rooms, I am in a 4x4 that is the "handicap" room, and the problem with this room is that the one closet has no door. If you share a room, be sure to get the rooms with 2 closets. The fans in the bathrooms are loud, and you cannot turn on the light without turning off the fan, which is a minor complaint, but still irritating. Also, I heard that my upstairs neighbors have had several noise violations and have been fined over $600 this year. Good, they are loud as f***, but it wasn't us who called, so please don't give us dirty looks anymore. —SamanthaP

2009-08-15 11:42:00   Ok, I think time to leave another comment before I am moving out of this place. Yet, parking is a big big issue, the parking is way too small. I still don't understand why do I have to pay 25 dollars per month for my covered parking spot. Second, the managements are not nice at all, especially the head of them. So mean, rude, and unprofessional are thing that coming up in my head. I completely agree to Desmond ( I am not a hater), and yes they are rude, fake, and cold face. Third, if you are taking the bus, it is the worst decision you have ever made because you only have one option P for going to school and one option Q for going back home. (for those who are taking buses only). Four, it takes you luck to turn on the jacuzzi because sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Fifth, for those prospective residents, DON'T sign the contract when they rush you because you are their customers, you can always find a better place to live. They need you and your money, you are the one who keep their job. Finally, I am glad to move out. —IanChau

  • To turn on the hot tub, you need to turn the dial very slowly. —hankim

    • Hey guys! Just to clarify, parking is now FREE at Adobe! (We're so thrilled about this and hope you are too!!)

    • Also, I've noticed a few comments about the hot tub not working so I wanted to explain that to you guys. Basically, when tenants use the hot tub, they sometimes press the 'Emergency Shut Off' button to turn the bubbles off. This, unfortunately, shuts off the heat of the hot tub also! Simply pull the button towards you and it will crank back on, or let me know and I will come out and fix it for you! HAPPY HOTTUBBING, I'll see ya out there! — nikirose

2009-10-19 10:38:59   For my part as a guest who comes to Adobe, I have had bad experiences with the parking situation. There are only 2 spaces guests can use freely. And while there are plenty of other spaces (not covered) the person who are visiting is required to get a 24 hour pass for you (this comes from management). While I normally wouldn't complain (as I understand that apartments have limited parking space), this policy has been erratic and inconsistent from September through October, which is especially frustrating. I also rode my motorcycles over, parked in the motorcycle spot next to another bike, and later that night I found that it had been knocked over (the other bike had not). While that may not be Adobe's fault (and probably just some idiot's), it certainly makes me feel unwelcome and confused as a guest. [EDIT] I do no think there is any parking near outside Adobe which further complicates driving there. Please correct me if I am wrong. —omnipotentdude

  • People sometimes park in the suburbs. You have to walk a little though. —hankim

    • Omnipotentdude, we sincerely apologize for your troubles parking at the Adobe parking lot. When was your bike knocked over?? If it happens again, let me know. We have an on-site manager who inspects the property regularly and we may be able to help you in the future. Anytime you are having a bad experience, please feel free to come into the office and tell me about it. I'm here to make changes based on resident and their guests' suggestions. Anyways, guests are always welcome to park at Adobe and motorcycles do not need a guest pass. Although there is no outside parking around the complex, we have developed a Parking Policy that allows for guest parking anywhere in the uncovered parking spots, as long as a 24 hour parking pass is picked up by the resident in advance. (It's easy- they just need to come to the office and pick one up.) Just so I'm clear, which parts of the policy have been inconsistent? Please email me at Nadams@tandemproperties.com, or facebook me at facebook.com/nikkirose710 so that we can clear any confusion. I hope to hear from you soon regarding your concerns! Sincerely, Nicole Adams (Asst. Manager, Adobe at Evergreen Apartments)

2010-01-21 11:41:54   It is sad to say that I have recently left Adobe Apartments due to some personal issue. I wrote on this board previously many months ago addressing how i felt about the property. I am here again to express how Adobe has transition from then. I would first like to say that Adobe is probably one of the best properties that you will ever live on because the management is probably the best management you will ever encounter. Lora the manager is very helpful in many things, she is really an expert in her profession. The thing i like most about her is that she is very understandable and fun to talk to whenever you want to, but also whenever it comes down to her job, she puts her foot down on it. I would also like to say the best thing about her is that she is not fake in the way that she would not just say she has your side, or their side, because she really takes no side of anyone which is good because that is what people should do and how her third perspective would help in the matter. As for Nicole, she is probably the most laid back chilled nice girl you will ever meet. She is the assistant manager, and lets say she also makes things fun at adobe by constantly updating everyone with news and making adobe a lively place. Aside from that, the other girls working there as well reflect the same personality. As for the maintaince guy, Jay, he is probably the best maintence guy you will ever meet. He is fun to talk to, and he makes you feel welcome. Not only that but if you put in work orders, he will get to it within a day, or if not the next. Every time i put one in, it was done that day. Overall about this place is that it is probably one of the best property to live given that the customer service there is great. Everyone complains about the price and how expensive it is, but trust me its worth it, and if you don't think of it, go to Adobe and tour their models, then go to another property and tour their models, then go back to adobe and you will see what i'm talking about because its not only about the management, but the rooms are probably the most luxurious throughout Davis. So give it a try and don't be turned away from the price or negative comments, because you sure won't regret it. I didn't. I would like to say i will dearly miss the place, and the management, but they will be there for you. -oldhousemate of apt 104 —Apt104

2010-01-21 17:11:56   Adobe definitely has the best management out of all the apartment complexes in Davis. They're very responsible and they really do the best they can. Parking is an issue, but that's simply because it'll take money/time to create more spaces.

But, when it comes to roommates not paying rent or litigating residents trying to break out of a lease, management makes sure the problem gets resolved as soon as possible. Trust me, I've pretty much witnessed these things and current residents should be blessed to have such good management. —emme

2010-03-19 17:03:07   everything they say is a lie... why else are people leaving here? warning to future 109... there are a family upstairs.. seriously.. that women is a bitch she is completely rude and obnoxious.. she came downstairs and knocked on our door at 10pm saying that my housemate was playing loud music and he wasn't and we did not hear shit from him and plus he just got home from work and he works two jobs... she came here and started yelling at him and calling him names..which is completely uncalled for and there are so many kids up there and shes already knocked up.. its like non stop pounding up there. and i pull a lot of all nighters and apparently upstairs like to have sex at 4am, and around 4-6pm the kids just non stop keep running and running on top of room B so good luck to whoever you are. By the way, every time you leave the apartment and the upstairs are downstairs, they will completely mug at you.

Another thing is parking... because we live in the front by the office its always loud and the trucks are always parked in front of the office and you cannot back out if you are parked in the visitors side. I personally think the managers are rude.. when i went in to ask if my packaged came she was like "i dont know? you have to check yourself because we have an open closet thing over there and you just get whats yours and check out over here" seriously? apparently this is suppose to be all nice and fancy apartment complex that is super overpriced... apparently they cannot keep track of our packages, it shows how much they get paid to care about their residents. and seriously every single time i go there.. the so-called manager is ALWAYS on facebook.. (seriously if you look up adobe theres always a chick taking myspace angle pictures)that is completely not professional and they are NEVER in the front and always in the back and when they come out.. they give me excuses.. seriously its run by young adults like us and they do not seem to be in the position to manage it.

this place's study room is not even open to the residents cause they close it at like 5pm, seriously? everyone has class til night time and no one studies til super late at night who the hell going to use that damn study room because the managers running back there to do whatever they do unlike other apartment complex they are always open to their residents. another thing is your laundry will get stolen so be aware and stay with your laundry. also, in the beginning of the year when we do the walk through, seriously these people do not give a shit about your place cause i told them i had a big sticky dark thing in the room, nope they never came to clean it nor they even ask to clean it. that is the purpose of a security deposit, to come into a clean apartment but they never came around to it. i even took pictures too. seriously this place is a rip off, my friend is also living here but with a 2 bedroom instead of 3 bedroom and we pay about 2300 for a 3 bedroom and he pays 800 for a 2 bedroom, after i found that out i realize how shady this place is and reality this place is a total fake

and to the person whose hella offended cause they move to parkside.. this ain't my first apartment complex i lived elsewhere before everyone also feels the same way who live in this apartment complex.. apparently the woman upstairs claim that she never had problems with previous residents who lived in this apt but shes probably lying cause she's probably the reason why everyone left this place, so a recommendation is move southdavis cause its alot better and more college people rather than families


    • Are you sure it's not eight hundred for each room? —hankim

    • Have you talked to anyone about the upstairs neighbors? If not, you really can't blame the management for whatever feud you and they have going...—JoePomidor

Hey Babykimchii!

Nicole here from Adobe. Just was concerned about your experience at Adobe. :(

Regarding the Packages: Just to clarify, we do sign for your packages and have a convenient self-check out system in the office. No, we do NOT keep track of your packages (there are almost 500 residents and about 30+ packages delivered a day— it would be impossible..) but the company who you purchased your product from should have a tracking number attached to the item. Contact the delivery service and they will track the package for you. :)

Regarding me being on Facebook all the time (It's true!): So, I'm the Assistant Manager and yes, I am ALWAYS logged into Facebook as I am Facebook Friends with all the Adobe residents. They are able to contact me via chat/messages throughout the day (and even after hours on my personal time when I'm not even paid) to put in maintenance requests, get answers to their questions/etc. My facebook page is www.facebook.com/AdobeApartments (facebook me if you need to contact me!!!)

Regarding the Clubhouse: the Clubhouse is available after-hours— Just ask management and we will give you a key— you can have the whole thing to yourself!! Residents reserve the clubhouse for study sessions, parties, dinners, movie nights, etc. Let us know if you ever need to reserve it.

Regarding the carpet stain: if something remains in the unit uncleaned after move-in, you need to notify management. We will come by with a professional vendor to clean the stains.

Ok, so our two bedroom is not $800. Han is right, whoever you were talking to was probably referring to his bedroom,not the full apartment. Also, our new security system is being installed this Thursday (we will have 2 in each laundry room!) If any apartment complex rents to 'just students' they are probably in violation of Fair Housing Laws, just FYI. Stop by the office if you need to place an incident report regarding noise, I'll be here!





    2010-10-17 15:14:23   Is it just me, or are the kitchens really ugly? —ovaluser

    2010-12-02 13:40:05   I think they abuse their power and they aren't responsive. Don't get on their bad side. Please refer to other websites if you want the unedited version of this comment, as I'm unable to post my thoughts fully here. Thanks. —anonpincher

    2010-12-07 16:55:48   This is my first year living in apartments in Davis and I'd like to say that I really enjoy living at Adobe, but unfortunately there are many problems I've had as well:

    Pros: -management is nice and helpful -any reported problems are fixed quickly and when you want (they ask you when your available or if they are allowed to enter your apartment if you are unavailable) -the complex is beautiful and the pool and hot tub are very nice -the clubhouse has a great atmosphere and they serve great breakfasts in the mornings during finals week -apartments are very spacious, I live with 6 girls and we haven't had any problems with crowding (although the individual rooms are a little small) -the bike path is practically a straight shot to campus and is a gorgeous ride -GREAT location! Campus is only 15 minutes away (on my heavy cruiser) and there's a Safeway, CVS, Coldstone, Big 5, etc. right across the street!

    cons: -I live near the bike path on the far side of the complex and I'm not sure if it's just my location, but the police have been come to our apartment several times asking for random people that we don't know at obnoxious hours in the morning, the police have also visited apartments in our area of the complex quite a few times which makes me nervous about the people who live around me -my roommates and I have had to call the police a few times because we can hear the people living behind us (who we share a wall with) yelling loudly and fighting and banging things about 3 times a month and the people below us are constantly fighting as well. It sounds like there are some abuse issues... -the walls look awful because people will nail things into them and then cover it up with paint and putty and do a sloppy job -the bathrooms have no ventilation aside from a fan in the ceiling so they can get kinda smelly -there aren't enough spots to park your bike. at the beginning of the year they tagged all the bikes and took away the ones that didn't get the tags ripped off of them after about a week which helped, but they tried to confiscate my roommate's bike even though the tag was ripped off (kind of understandable because it's a ragged bike). they were kind enough, however, to buy her a new bike lock after they hacked through the old one. -this probably isn't the complex's fault because I'm not sure if they knew this was going to happen, but the bike path is being re-poured right now and has been under construction for a while which makes the bike ride annoying and longer because you have to go around it. It would have been nice to have been warned that this was going to happen (but the pro with this is that when they're finally finished there will be a really nice smooth new path to campus which is much appreciated after the crappy torn up asphalt we had to ride on before) -where are all the students?? again, it might just be that my roommates and I chose to live near a laundry room and bike path rather than the pool, but everyone who lives around us has kids (who they don't seem to watch ever, as they climb all over our porch sometimes). The way they advertised the complex, it seemed like we would be living with many more people our age -the hospital is right down the street, so the ambulance sirens go off constantly

    all in all, I would really like Adobe, but the people who live around me constantly yelling and the frequency of the police visiting us has made me extremely uneasy and I don't plan on living here again. —HayleyCL

    2010-12-07 17:51:29   Hayley-some questions/comments here since you put in so much info.

    1) Bathroom issue-buy a can of Lysol—easy fix 2) Walls—did you approach Management about getting the walls painted? 3) You choose to live near a hospital? Why is this a CON of the apartment experience when you chose to live there? 4) As to the Police knocking on your door at random times, have you approached them about these intrusions? Document your concern with them. 5) If you're concerned with the abuse—again don't wait until it happens, contact the authorities and log a formal complaint with a written statement. CC that statement to the apartment management. —PeterBoulay

    2011-01-11 22:12:47   I really don't have too many bad things to say about Adobe. The kitchen and living room is pretty roomy.. too spacey to do much with it but it's nice. There are (relative to other places) a lot of kids living here and yes you can hear them but it's not as bad as drunk college kids partying and blasting their music in the middle of the night. So take your pick. But management is great, any maintenance requests get taken care of almost immediately, and at least our apartment is in great condition. I'm really only leaving next year because it's way too expensive. ($800 for your own room and bathroom.. you might as well just get a studio). I feel like it'd be too cramped with two people living in one room.. that's just me though —sadiesh774

    2011-01-17 23:10:56   I quite like Adobe, good apartment, pretty quick repairs, close to Safeway, etc etc. I'm tempted to not move out, as much as I really want to live in new places in Davis, I feel like I am going to be consistently disappointed. They even have a pretty good roommate program, though be careful that you actually want someone to live with you! Don't force yourself to get along with potential roommates when you first meet them, because if they then decide to live with you, you're stuck pretending you're comfortable around them for a whole year! That was my big mistake, but not Adobe's fault. Good place, I recommend it & will likely stay. —Tparkeressig

    2011-01-20 13:00:23   Peter, Thanks for the questions/comments, I'll do my best to answer them.

    1) Although Lysol is an amazing product, it isn't an easy fix. Trust me, it isn't that I don't clean the bathroom enough, but spraying Lysol everywhere would just make it smell worse because the chemical smell will never leave the bathroom without a window nearby. Instead, it would just cause our bedroom and dressing area to smell as well.

    -This response made me realize that I forgot to mention how AMAZING the dressing areas are! Although it's been a spacial challenge squeezing two people into one of the bedrooms for a year (tough, but very do-able if you like your roommate), the in-between areas with the closets and sink have been a life saver. There are two bedrooms in the four-bedroom apartments that don't have this luxury, which is kind of odd; but for the one's that do, it's been nice to know that I can wake up at any hour without disturbing my roommate by brushing my teeth or getting changed or taking a shower.

      2) About the walls- They look fine from a distance and have been painted over. Maybe I'm just a nit-pick, but it's when you get about 4-5 feet away that you start to notice every place that's ever been drilled in the wall and puttied over. But it really isn't so bad if you don't mind some patches; at least everything's the same color. 3) I guess the hospital comment is more of a warning than a con. Be prepared to hear sirens close-up because you will be living between a hospital and an elderly care facility (the apex of ambulances). I don't think it's so horrible, personally, because I grew up next to a Children's Hospital in Oakland, about a block away from the local fire department and down the street from a school. I'm used to noise. But for people who aren't used to hearing this kind of thing, it might be a make-or-break point that they hadn't thought about. 4) As for the police and abuse around the complex, I'd like to start off saying that we haven't been waiting around wondering what to do after hearing something/someone get shoved into a wall, we've called the police a few times. Next time I will take your advice and let the complex know as well though. I'm less concerned about the act of the police visiting, however, than what it means. I'm more worried for my safety as well as others in the complex. —HayleyCL

      • Having hung drywall in the past, I'm picky about patches as well. It's a legitimate notice, although you've probably realized (like I have) that some people don't even realize what you're seeing when you look at a wall that has dozens of patched nail holes and dents. It's worth noting for those of us who do get annoyed by it. ⁓ʝ⍵

      2011-02-16 18:11:22   I have been living at Adobe for 2 years, and I just signed my lease again. =) There are no problems at all that couldn't of been fixed. BUT the only thing I dislike would be the roommates. I live in a studio so there is a roommate program. I loved my past roommates but this year, I can't stand it. And I believe that one of the comments below has complained about "yelling loudly and fighting and banging things about 3 times a month and the people below us are constantly fighting as well." I think I got one of those roommates. Because of this, I was contemplating on whether to move out or not. BUT Adobe is too awesome so I'm going to stay for another year. Although, I am quite sad because all I hear is "loudness". —ICU

      2011-02-20 10:29:57   Adobe is the best apartment complex if you want to save a couple hundred dollars and share a room with someone. We have 4 girls in a 2 bed/bath apartment and it works out nicely. The room seems so much bigger compared to other potentially shared rooms because the closets are in the hallway! I love the vanity in the hallway and the bathrooms are decent sized. There have been a few occasions where all 4 roommates are talking on the phone or computer and it is easy to not be distracted by the voices (people are located in the rooms, living room, and one hallway with all of the doors shut). Honestly, I have become a deeper sleeper since living with so many people, but Im okay with that. We do have loud neighbors and some people like to drive around between 11-1 on Wed/Thurs nights which is kind of annoying, but they probably aren't living at Adobe.

      Jay the maintenance worker is wonderful and fixes a repair problem within the day, usually within a few hours. When our microwave died a month into our lease, he replaced it immediately. We have a few problems with food storage space and I brought a mini freezer to keep up with our groceries since we all cook, so I don't recommend more than 4 people living in an apartment because even though each room has a fridge. We leave our cooking pots/pans on top of the mini fridges because there is no space! I would like a little more counter space too, because there is very little room to prep.

      This year we did have the bike path repaved and Adobe was given very little information about the process. They actually kept calling the city about the bike path and were very upset about their residents having to find a different path to campus. Im sure the path will be fine for years now, so it doesn't matter.

      I also did take about 25 pictures of individual stains and cracks when I moved in and filed the conditions report, but when we put furniture in the stains weren't noticeable.

      I highly recommend Adobe if you want to feel safe and comfortable in an apartment. Laura and Nicole are super sweet and have events at the clubhouse every month and have cookies every friday. —JulieFeusier

      2011-04-13 13:04:32   ok place to live but rent is steep. parking is an issue. management can be jackasses. i moved after my lease was up. wasnt worth it to stay —anonymousaggie

      2011-05-03 18:47:17   Can you post prices about how much each room is monthly? —NikhilDahal YEA! Check your wall :) Call me if you would like to schedule a tour to view our model apartment. I hope this helps! NikiRose

      2012-01-30 11:45:54   I've lived in adobe apartments for two years, the first year I was talked into it by a friend and the second year was mainly for the convenience of not moving again. If I could have researched apartments more thoroughly I would not have picked adobe. There are way more cons than pros in this complex. The area is nice and surrounded by markets and food places but it is far from campus and downtown Davis. The rooms are big and have personal bathrooms but the prices to live here is ridiculous! We pay over 700 for one room here, which is basically a house payment. A four bedroom is calculated to 2800 not including pg&e or Comcast. Also, my major complaint is parking. You would think paying 700 dollars a month for a room you'd have parking spaces convenient for each resident..well that does not apply to adobe. They don't have enough parking spaces and give away covered spots "at random" which is total bs. They don't tow anyone's car so feel free to park here whenever. They send out emails but that's about it. They do not cars about your convenience or safety. Most of the time I have to park in the back parking lot and walk a back trail to get to my apartment. At night the back trails are filled with drunkards and homeless people. It's scary if you're alone, but management does not seem to care if you get assaulted, robbed or raped. The ladies seem nice at first, but the moment you bring up any complaints they are totally rude and disrespectful. What else is there...well the pool is really small, it has a nice canopy area but that's it. They don't have a study area with computers or printers like most apartments do, and wifi sucks in the club house. Oh and beware of having anything shipped here, they don't monitor who takes what, and my roommates and I have had our packages stolen due to their "security" of items. The gym is really small and stuffy and only has a few machines worth doing. Overall I hate this place. I can't wait to move out to a better place. I wouldn't recommend these apartments to my worst enemy. Please be aware of their false promises to lure you in, do your research and I guarantee you will find a better place!  —["Users/Agza]

      2012-02-10 18:04:29   Adobe is the best apartment complex I've lived in by far. The apartments are much newer than a lot of other apartment complexes in Davis. My apartment was well lit and had nice appliances and a clean bathroom. The rooms are very spacious and have good noise insulation. It's close to the Marketplace shopping center and is in close proximity to the freeway, which is convenient.

      The management team is very professional, as they always are responsive in getting maintenance requests done on time. I'd say that Adobe understands customer service well, as they will go out of their way to make your experience comfortable. I definitely recommend living here. —DaveG

      2012-05-26 16:52:21   Lived here a couple of years, only stayed past one year because I didnt want to move. Now I wish that I had. Noisy residents that management does little about. Not to mention that they now apparently let residents part their motorcycles on their front porches (hard to be more ghetto) and blast music from them with inappropriate lyrics despite children living in the complex. I would walk around at night in this place. Residents (including the onsite manager) dont even clean up after their dogs. Random cats wander the complex and then try to get into your apartment. This place is going more down hill everyday. Make sure you dont live anywhere near 118 in the complex, worst side to ever be on. No one stays more than a year or two, there's a reason for that. Stay away unless you want to park your motorcycle on your front porch next to your "outdoor" couch :) —elizabeth2014

      2012-05-31 13:31:31   Hi Elizabeth,

      We're so sorry to hear you aren't satisfied with your experience at Adobe. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so I can ask you a few questions about your complaints. We have community policies in place that can help me address your concerns, but when I'm not aware of your problems, I can't help. Even if it is your intent to leave, I'd like to know more so I can address these concerns for the Adobe community. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

      Laura Sutton Residential Manager —lauralynnsutton

      2012-06-03 10:59:17   Well, I don't know Elizabeth 2014, but seriously you clearly have no idea what bad apartments are. I have lived all around the greater Sacramento area, and Adobe is by far the best I have ever stayed in. Its clean and the management are always helpful, which is something I don't want to go unrecognized. Having people in the office, not to mention the grounds keepers, that are always nice, and willing to talk with you is something this is really hard to find. I had a motorcycle parked out front of my place for a couple of weeks until I could afford to have mine lo jacked, but I talked with management first. Now I park mine in the designated area. I long board through here often and I have not seen these alleged dog landmines, probably because there is a no dog policy enforced here unless its for assistance. Cats, well, having lived in a few places in Davis, that's a Davis thing. I don't know why, perhaps the city of Davis likes the idea of cats roaming the streets in hoards. These perceived plights by the previous poster are ridiculous. I live near the pool and people have parties most weekends, but seriously even when they have it loud, its not bad at all. I am 4.0 student at UCD and I have had to study on weekends when there was a lot of activity around the pool. My window faces the pool, but they have really good insulation or something because it was hardly audible. Oh and there is a reason why residents on average stay here only two years, but it's really nothing nefarious, its a college town. Meaning if you come here freshman year, you are required to stay in the dorms, after that you are free to move wherever. Now, most sophomores, are still nostalgic of the dorm days (I have no idea why), and try and get a place on the fringes of campus. After the sophomore year, people realize they need to get down to business which means cheaper rent and a more peaceful end of town. Hence, that is why I came to Adobe and I don't regret it. Again, you want bad, I dare you to move out of Adobe and then you will see how good you had it. Specifically, Laura is probably the greatest apartment manager ever. If you have problems, why don't you actually try asking the people next to you to keep it down if you are so annoyed by it. The nice thing about Davis, and Adobe in particular, is everyone is likes hanging out. So instead of making a laundry list of annoyances, try engaging you neighbors.. or you can talk to the management. —BrettBeyler



      2012-08-13 00:35:58   Though one of the pricier places to live in Davis, the apartments are designed to give you a studio type of living arrangement. In each room, you get your own bathroom, huge walk in closet and a mini-fridge. When I was living here (2008-2009), the management worked swiftly and happily catered to our needs. Along with that, they often gave me access to the pool house, which was nice of them. The complex also gives you a pool/jacuzzi, laundry room, two or three parking spaces depending on your housemate situation, several BBQ areas, and a beautiful bike path that takes you towards campus. —Davekhuh

      2012-09-14 16:07:15   Lived here for a few years and was pretty happy with the place. Buildings were nice and the management and even employees managed to know me by name even though I spent most of my time at school and work while locking myself up in my room the rest of the time. Only cons would be there can be some noisy kids playing around the complex during the day time and some of the college students that live here can be really loud at night. Also, the laundry room on the east side tends to be a mess most of the time (the west side seems to be cleaner). Would live there again / 10. —hankim

      2013-01-11 17:50:16   I would really appreciate if you guys could keep your office hours. As unhelpful as they are. Thursday (1/10/13) you guys left early when my package was delivered and I got out early so I could pick it up. Thanks for that. No explanation. Let's move on to today where I just managed to make it to the office a few minutes before 5:30 and... guess what?! You guys left early! Now let's move on to Saturday where you guys don't open until 10am, I have to be on campus by then. And on the website it, very uinhelpfully, states that you guys close at 5pm but on until Sept. 8th. Thanks for that too. I have no IDEA when you guys close on Sat. but its probably rediculously early and then I will miss then too. And you are closed Sundays. SO let's sum this up, I should have recieved a package on Thursday. However, through no fault of my own, I have to wait until Monday to recieve my package. If I can even get home early enough then. Fantastic. Thank you. You might as well keep my package. Give it to your family because God knows I'm never going to get it. —AngieLiu

      • Hi AngieLiu, I'm so sorry we missed you. Our current residents are always our biggest priority and while we do our best to keep one of us in the office when we can, a shortage of available staff this week meant we had to close a few minutes early. If this happens to you again, please just call our office and let us know. We understand that it can be hard for some of you to make our office hours and we are always happy to leave your package in your apartment for you with your permission. I apologize for the inconvenience this caused you. Take care.

        Laura, Residential Manager

      2013-02-15 16:21:43   I've lived here almost a year and I have had a generally positive experience. First of all, the apartments are very nice, very up to date, and I have not had any issues with appliances or anything of that nature. The rooms are spacious and have nice sized closets. The complex is a little far from campus but it is also right down the street from safeway which is very nice. There are several families that live here and they have kids and sometimes that can be annoying because they run around and make noise. The walls are also quite thin. I can hear my neighbors walking all the time. If you don't mind the price or a little bit of noise, Adobe is a good place to live. The staff and maintenance people are very nice and very helpful. —eddiegreenman

      2013-09-04 21:41:49   Best apartments in Davis! So beautiful that none of my friends or relatives could believe it was a college apartment! The layout makes it absolutely perfect for roommates — everyone has their own key, bedroom, bathroom, and dressing area. It's also a great place for families bc it doesn't get super wild and crazy (always a plus to be able to sleep without worrying about noise!). It's also right next to a shopping center which is so convenient. Parking is not a problem at Adobe like it is at many other apartments in Davis. If you have a car, it's really nice to know that parking won't be an issue, and no one will steal your spot (and if someone does, the office staff literally gets them out in seconds). Most impressive of all, though, is the staff. They create such a sense of community, and are always there for each and every resident. Shari Houston, who oversees all of Tandem Properties, really goes above and beyond with the apartment complexes, making sure every resident is happy. It's easy to see why Adobe is the most highly rated apartments in Davis! So glad I stayed here, and I'm so sad to be leaving! —HeatherStanis

      2014-03-19 16:54:59   I have lived here since Fall 2012, and have to leave now (not because of management). I've been happy here. The place is new (built in 2000), quiet, and spacious. Price isn't bad, if you don't mind sharing a room. Management is very responsive - I've put in repair requests and never had to wait more than an hour to get them fixed. They have a dedicated management staff with two maintenance men on duty at all times. Multiple laundry facilities with plenty of washers and dryers. Right on a bike path and the P/Q line (also close to Yolobus 42A/B and 220), so it's easy to get to campus within 15 minutes. Close to restaurants and the Marketplace as well. If you're considering living here, go for it! —chandru

      2014-05-29 02:03:12   Oh, how I'll miss this place.

      I have nearly no complaints about Adobe and it has set my expectations for future dwellings so high, I'm not sure if I'll be this impressed again! I lived here my sophmore year (2013-2014) and honestly enjoyed every moment of it. It's always quiet since they take noise very seriously at this complex... plus, a lot of families live here. The worst you'll hear is a child here and there screaming but it honestly doesn't get that bad (unless you really REALLY hate kids). Management is always prompt with any issue you bring up to them, often sending maintenance within thirty minutes to an hour after getting your request. The complex is about a fifteen minute bike ride to campus and is two or so blocks away from a marketplace containing Safeway, CVS, Petco, Togo's, Dos Coyotes and more. Oh and you're also connected to two beautiful parks if you're the kind that loves lazy Sunday strolls.

      I only had three relatively minor issues with the place though, the last of which is causing us to move. First, Adobe is smackdab in the middle of all kinds of wildlife (granted, this is Davis) and has a giant open backyard for the apartments on one side of the complex. So we had a few pest problems (nothing bigger than insects, thank god) here and there, but thankfully management was prompt and quick to respond to any complaints. Second, as you can see from other comments on the Wiki, parking isn't that great. It's covered and management will make sure that no one ever takes your spot, but if you get a tight one like we did, it'll suck trying to maneuver your car into the damn thing! And lastly, and most unfortunate of all, Adobe is expensive. It's an excellent, newer complex, so it's understandable, but even when you share a bedroom with a roommate, it's quite a lot. A bit too much for our household, unfortunately, so we packed our things and said goodbye. I'll miss this place a lot!

      All of that being said, would I recommend Adobe to others? Totally. If you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend living here. You won't regret it! —MaiT

      2014-08-02 18:06:35   My major issue with Adobe so far is the way they manage the mail that residents receive. The only hours that it is possible to pick up packages is 9-5, Monday through Friday. I work and take classes Mondays through Fridays from 9-5! In addition, the management has no system to notify residents if mail has arrived for them (unless it has been there one week plus, in which case they will leave a message in your mailbox). This is a real pain in the neck when ordering textbooks, or other materials that students need as soon as possible. Rushing home so that I can be there before the office closes—only to find that my time has been wasted and my package hasn't arrived—gets old quick. A simple email system would be awesome, but right now the management's method is complete chaos. Amazon 2 day shipping is essentially worthless when dealing with Adobe because the management does not take their resident's deliveries seriously. —tomhallward

      2014-08-05 16:09:52   Hi Tom,

      I'm so sorry to hear about your frustration with packages. If you ever want to call the office to check, we are happy to look for your package and leave it in your apartment for you with your permission. As for notifications, mail carriers are required to leave a notice for each package either on your front door or on your mailbox. If that's not happening, let's work together to get that fixed for you! Please let me know which carrier was involved and I'm happy to chat with them when they are in the office. I'd also encourage you to call the specific carrier and report the incident with the tracking number involved. Let me know how that goes and what else I can do to help. I will be looking into ways to make our courtesy package pick-up more convenient for all residents, so thanks so much for your feedback! If you want to visit us in the office to offer any suggestions, we'd love to chit chat!

      Nikki Residential Manager



        2015-09-03 00:22:09   http://imgur.com/a/GqRGB Kitchen is disgusting on move-in day. I did the roommate program which seems to be a mistake. The kitchen has food stains all over. The stovetop is absolutely disgusting. There is some former tenant's stuff in the apartment living room. How is this even allowed? Very dissatisfied so far. Will update if anything changes. My room is about as clean as you would expect a Motel 6. It is much cleaner than the kitchen but not spectacular. I submitted a work order and we'll see how that goes. On a positive note, I did get a parking pass. —tmduggan

        2015-09-03 19:41:02   They fixed everything in a day. The kitchen is entirely clean. They even came by and gave me a gift card as an apology. Happy to be at Adobe at Evergreen Apartments again! —tmduggan

        2016-10-14 13:25:50   There isn't enough bike parking for some apartments unfortunately, and the staff cannot install more. So, make sure to check for that if you think about moving in here. Also, some residents have their card for weed so they can smoke all day in their apartment, and if you're above them, you can't really open your windows unless you want your room hotboxed. It is like that for me every night. I have to have a strong weed smell in my room if I want the windows open at night. —tmduggan

        Hello Tim,  I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations. We've used your incident report to address your concern with your neighbors. Sometimes a bit of follow-up is needed as we work to resolve disputes, so please keep me posted. If your problem continues, I'm happy to help.  Regarding the bike parking, since your email, we've been monitoring the available parking and working to tag any bicycles that appear abandoned. If it turns out more parking is needed after this process, we will look into options for creating more bike space for the Adobe community.  Thank you for your patience and feedback as we work to address your concerns. The needs of our residents are important to us and we are happy to chat as work through finding solutions. - Nicole Dodd, Adobe at Evergreen Residential Manager