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2005-08-22 10:59:30   if you're into jazz music, talk to Art, the maintenance guy. he pretty much knows everything about jazz. he's the best thing about adobe. —DavidMontano

2006-01-10 12:59:05   these apartments are really nice on the inside and have amazing floor plans. however, the parking is A NIGHTMARE. you pay $25/mo for your covered spot - and you should because if you come home after 6pm you won't be able to find uncovered parking. other than that, the maintence staff and office staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. no bath tubs, which is rather depressing. —ElizabethAbinante

2007-12-17 13:29:59   Parking was a problem in years past at Adobe largely because the former management used to issue more permits than available spaces. We now monitor the lot and are careful to issue only the spaces we have available. This seems to have improved the parking situation. :) Also, while some of our floor plans do have only stall showers, many of our apartments also offer tub/shower combos. —AdobeManagement

2006-01-22 18:45:05   The place is nice and roomy, which I love... However! The internet connection sucks! We are forced to use Ygnition... I did some snooping around the web and Ygnition's site, and I realize they track our web surfing habbits to provide Adobe with extra revenue opportunities. So this is why our Web browsing is slow, since we first have to pass through their slow DNS servers. I just tried logging on to the UCD Library's Proxy server to access journals, but Ygnition prevents that too! I guess they're afraid I would find a way to by-pass their DNS server and hence invalidate their business model. :-/ —ShyGuy

*Just for everyones knowledge, Ygnition is no longer offered at Adobe. We have never and would never track your surfing habits — I don't even think we know how to do that!! lol. Anyways I know this post is old, but just wanted to clarify that Ygnition is no longer an internet provider at Adobe. Sincerely, Nicole Adams (Asst. Manager at Adobe at Evergreen Apartments) — nikirose

2006-01-26 12:54:10   ShyGuy: you don't HAVE to use Ygnition. We canceled them and got Comcast, it is so much faster. Ygnition is also slow because everyone in the complex is running off the same server. —ElizabethAbinante

2006-03-03 11:29:02   Changed to the rental rates for 2006-2007. The rental increase will only be 2.25% which is a small increase compared to previous years' increases at Adobe. —JerryVigil

2006-03-10 12:58:57   ShyGuy, you can change DNS servers provided you have other DNS servers to point your system to. I have used Ygnition DNS on a Comcast connection before. Also, the reason that you cannot access the UCD Library proxy is that Ygnition uses Squid, a transparent caching proxy. Google it for details. All users here are also limited to 256kbps u/d. Best of luck! —BlunderfulWizardofOz

2007-05-17 14:10:01   i think the worst part about adobe is that its a couple hundred feet away from the marketplace but also literally 4 stoplights away. so if your going to walk, bike or even drive to the marketplace you have to wait forever through those stoplights. also the cell phone reception is inconsistent, but otherwise great place. —RossTownsend

2007-12-31 00:29:52   I loved living there back in the day. The apartment was great and I loved the jacuzzi. Some of my best memories were when I lived there. . .sigh. —CurlyGirl26

2008-02-13 03:49:18   does anyone know the exact size for each bedroom in a 4x4 apartment? thanks —jiomeehahaha

2008-06-21 04:03:58   Residents have 24 hour access to the pool area. This can be a bad thing if you live very close to the pool area because some people might still playing in the pool at 4am in the morning during spring/summer!! You cannot call the police station and file for noise violation because their "noise level" is not consider to be violating the law; eventhough it is way to loud when you are just trying to get some sleep before the sunrise. —ryeileen

2008-08-18 23:02:38   DO NOT LIVE NEXT TO THE POOL!!! IT GETS VERY LOUD IN WARM WEATHER!!! DON'T DO IT!!!! —jackjack

2008-08-28 00:06:53   i agree with jackjack.. i don't even live near the pool, but walking by that area i notice it's really loud... =/ —apboi

2008-09-02 09:42:30   i lived here for one year right next to the pool, and it wasn't so unbearable. there were more people in the pool during the day in the summer, but they usually left or were quieter at night. residents are really good about giving notice about loud parties. management is also really friendly and jay the maintainance guy was really punctual in getting requests done. most of the time about 10 minutes after i left the office! the only thing i didn't like was the price, i shared a room comfortably but i would prefer my own room if i could afford it. overall a really good experience living here. —klh7864

2008-09-03 14:02:51   I stayed for both summer sessions this year. I called the police for noise violation five times. I don't live very close to the pool but couple apartments away. —edwinkl

2008-09-30 20:29:19   WOW These Apartments are great! The Staff are Amazing People. Dont waste anymore time stop bye and check these apartments Out! —angelwings (This review is the only edit this user account has made on the wiki. While it does not invalidate this review, please keep this in mind)

2008-10-08 22:14:50   so i've been living here at adobe since this september... here's my little rant.

parking is a major issue here; there is already a shortage of parking per unit, and management is definitely a perpetrator of oversight. my covered parking ($25 per month) is next to the laundry room, and there is seriously no room to get into or out of the space easily or comfortably, i.e. coming thisclose to scratching another car or getting stuck on the pillars. the couple of spots there are the hardest to get into, because although there are no covered parking spots behind us like in the other areas of adobe, the road there is significantly narrower AND there is uncovered parallel parking next to the curb behind us to boot.

i am not the only one experiencing this problem—i've spoken to and exchanged numbers with the people parked in the same row as me. i have complained about this to management, and they took days to respond and simply gave me an uncovered pass even though i told them i was no longer parking in my spot because i can't get into it! it is completely unfair—cars in other covered spaces have enough room to completely back out before driving forward, whereas i have to make a ridiculously tight right angle around this large, red pickup truck while trying not to hit the car next to me or the pillars. i've timed myself, i've watched other people do it—it can take more than five minutes, reversing, adjusting, going forward, readjusting...

management so far hasn't shown that they give a fuck. it's been nearly a week, and they still have not blocked out the parallel parking spaces behind me like they initially told me they would. not only are they incompetent and lacking any sense of priority, they act like they care and then hope you will forget and 'deal with it'. adobe has the nicest apartments—possibly the most expensive in davis—and i strongly believe that management has let that get to their heads, and they forget who they're really working for—the people living there.

if you're not in love with the apartments themselves, i do not recommend adobe simply because management are about the coldest / fakest people i know in davis. they take very frequent breaks and disappear off to their 'employee appreciation parties' with no notice besides a sign taped to the door the day of telling you that whoops, they're out of the office. highly unprofessional, if pretty to look at (they're all women, 20-30 somethings). —eda

2008-10-15 01:17:53   WORST management ever in DAVIS !!!!!!!!!! Great apartment, good maintenance guy, fine environment, and lame manager. THE staffs are not great at ALL. Noisy neighbors,COLD n FAKE Managements,they look at you from toe to head,judge people by appearances,don't wear PJ to the office (they will ignore you). they take break forever during summer hours. Do they even work?? They have random employee appreciation day, what is there to appreciate?? —Desmond

2008-11-01 15:18:15   i've never experienced any problems with management at adobe. if it's that big of an issue, why wouldn't you just move to another complex? —nala

2008-11-06 21:14:46   I thought Davis wiki is a free space to leave our comments. O, well, guess not. —Desmond

  • It is. You did, and then they did.

2008-11-26 16:17:19   I don't know what Desmond and eda are talking about but I've lived at Adobe for the past 3 years and the management has been great at everything they do. The apartments are a bit pricey, but they compensate with free waste and sewage, not to mention the other anemities that they provide; and they maintain this place very well. There is not one problem that goes un-addressed if the residents report it.

Desmond, I don't know what would compell you to call any body cold and fake. That's just simply immature and rude, for the management is nothing of the sort. I know for a fact cause I've asked Laura to be an advisor for Camp Kesem (working with kids whose parents have cancer) and she delightfully agreed. She's even trying to get Tandem properties to help. Laura is the sweetest person I've met, and Nicole is just as sweet. So if you don't appreciate the management here, just move and go away.

eda, you have to be the most ungrateful person I've ever seen. How can you post such a horrible review when you request management to take away parking spots just for your one parking spot. You already know that parking is limited at Adobe and you want them to make it even more limited? Just cause you drive a big car does not mean everyone has to comply to your needs; either get a smaller car or just learn to live with it. And as it seems, management did follow up with your request because they actually made those parking spots into a red zone just so "your" car is able to get in and out easily. So I guess they really didn't give a fuck about your parking situation huh? And you know what that means? You've actually taken a good 3 uncovered parking from other residents. Good job on being selfish, eda.

All else aside, Adobe is a great place to live! It is often very quiet here, and the environment is quite peaceful. There are a few families living here, but I think that it makes the environment better than the apartments closer to campus, where you just have college kids all around, and music being bumped at all kinds of odd hours. The management provides breakfast during finals week, so they really do care about the residents. And they are nice enough to accept your delivered packages when you aren't home.

The living areas are very spacious and floor plan is simply well thought out; one room, one bathroom. You couldn't ask for a better set up! I would definitely recommend living here! —50Cent 2009-01-21 00:52:13   I am sorry I have never seen a sweet person in the office yet, besides Ray. I guess i just do not have the ability to taste the sweetness in the salt. Plus, i don't think manager as an advisor for Camp Kesem has anything to do here. IF U WANNA REPLACE MY LEASE WELCOME —Desmond

2009-01-23 21:41:52   I live here for 2 years now. Adobe has good environment and good floor plan. The only serious problem I have is about the cover parking.

1)Cover Parking: residents have to sign contract and pay $25 monthly to have a cover parking space. 2)Uncover Parking: free parking space for residents, contracts needed.

When our apartment renew the lease, we requested for 2 COVER PARKING SPOTS and 1 UNCOVER PARKING SPOT. Before the new lease start on September, I went to tell the manager that we ONLY NEED 1 COVER PARKING SPOT. The manager said, "don't worry, if you do not pick up the parking permit by deadline, we will take it away automatically." After 2 months, I was charged $55 for the cover parking space I DID NOT EVEN SIGH A CONTRACT FOR!! I do not think it is right for Adobe to charge me something that I did not sigh a contract for.

After I pay them $55, the office ask me to give the parking permit back. I was furious because I did not sign a contract, so no way I have the permit. This shows how careless they are. They did not even say SORRY for their mistake. Such good environment, too bad they ruined it!


2009-02-03 21:15:20   Does anyone know the cost of a 4x4?? —precious

2009-02-07 18:04:42   I’m not sure why "eda" thinks that adobe is so horrible, it looks like they’ve catered to your every need, even when it was unreasonable (referring to 50cent’s comment about them taking 3 uncovered parking spaces away). Oh and another thought eda, you usually reflect onto others how you reflect upon yourself. It takes a particular type of person to deem people as the “coldest fakest bitches in davis,” I lived at adobe last year, and moved to another apartment complex (Parkside) and they are a nightmare to deal with. For all of you that think Adobe is bad, you’ve got some distorted view of reality and your expectations must not be reasonable.. I actually just put down a holding deposit because I want to move back. I’ve had nothing but great service from maintenance and management, just like 50cent. They’ve managed to fix anything and everything I send their way, and management is willing to do all they can for me. Everytime I go in there, they always offer me freshly baked cookies (which are absolutely delicious). I will admit, parking has been a problem, but it is a problem everywhere I’ve lived. When I went back this year to put down a holding deposit I noticed that they built more parking spaces..looks like there are a lot more. Before we moved, my roommates and I put in suggestions about adding more parking and it looks like they did it. Parking was the reason we left Adobe, but once we moved into parkplace, and visited our friends at other properties, its easy to see that parking a big fat pain in the ass everywhere in davis. Also, I just talked to management and they said parking is free this coming year:)

When I lived here last year, I was in the same situation as eyr. I had requested a covered parking space, but didn’t end up bringing my car with me. Management made it very clear to me that if I didn’t pick up my pass it would be up for grabs, but that if no one wanted my space I would still have to pay. I don’t mean to be rude, but maybe there was a language barrier and that resulted in a miscommunication? Maybe not, but just a thought. Also, if you’re upset about having to pay for something that you were supposed to pay for…well that sounds kind of ridiculous to me. All I know is every time I’ve gone into the office and asked a question, they are very upfront about procedures and policies.

It’s kind of upsetting that all of these people are giving adobe such a bad name because it really is a great property, maintenance is fast and efficient, and management really does care about the residents. I talked to the manager recently and she still remembers my first and last name and the unit I lived in! kinda crazy, but it feels good that they make an effort to know who you are.

P.S. Desmond, wtf is your problem, sounds like maybe your just a little insecure about yourself. I used to go into the office all the time in my PJ’s and the service never changed.


2009-02-07 18:06:59   Oh and one more thing to "Desmond:" the "friendly guy" you're refering to as "RAY"...well his name is JAY. Good attention to detail, and way to get to know the people working for you. —Squeekyclean

2009-02-09 23:56:23   For those readers out there or prospective residents, don't let the harsh comments scare you away from such a good place. Just note that there would be haters everywhere you go, and there would always be a problem with every single apartment you go to, but I assure you that Adobe is on my top list of recommendations to live because there are not many problems that I have encountered living here, and if there was anything wrong with your place, there are more than happy enough to fix it. Let me say that the management are really nice people. The girls working there are very willing to help you with whatever problems you have in a very well timely manner, and are really friendly. They are willing to accept our big packages when we are not home, and that is really helpful especially living with the mailing system at apartments. The rooms are very spacious and the rent is one of the cheapest I have found for such a good place for the price range. I would really recommend you guys to come by and check out the place before having second thoughts from the comments and drop by the office and see for yourself how wonderful this place is. —Apt104

Funny I don't recall the original people from apt 104, actually staying in 104...