Start date: July 24, 2019

I, CO, have a great idea! (Uh, I hope you agree). If you are not really a core Davis Wiki editor like JabberWokky, but do have a big heart for one certain Davis Wiki page, make that clear, by “adopting” that page, which means: committing yourself to it by regular edits! We all know the Adopt-a-Highway, but now it’s time for the Adopt-a-Page. This does not mean other editors can’t edit “your” page, it merely means you are committed to give the page some extra love!

If other Davis Wiki editors feel you are neglecting your task, and come up with proof of this saddening fact, you may be discharged from this adopting page, of course with a small or larger thank you for work done earlier.

And remember: You can even put your loving pampering of a Davis Wiki page on your résumé!

List yourself here: 

Page name/ adopter:

Wind/Constantia Oomen (example) - d.d. July 24, 2019