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See also: Section 8 Housing Vouchers. Affordable Housing is a legal provision that offers low-income renters housing at a lower cost than renters in higher income brackets.

There are several levels of affordable housing. Qualifying for affordable housing depends on the number of people in the household, the total household income, and the Yolo County area median income. In 2008, the median Yolo County household income was $71,000. Here is the breakdown for number of people in a household and income category (from the City of Davis website):

Income Category
Extremely Low
Very Low Income
Lower Income
Median Income
Moderate Income

Apartment complexes offer different types of affordable housing based on the above categories. Some complexes will only offer affordable housing units while others offer a mixture of affordable housing and regular units. Usually a household will only qualify for affordable housing if one or two of the leasers are working full-time. This means most student apartments won't qualify. Many complexes are a part of Community Housing Opportunities Corporation (CHOC) but not all.

Affordable housing units are often offered under month-to-month leases instead of the September - August lease offered by the Davis Model Lease.

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The City of Davis lists these apartments on the City of Davis Affordable Housing site: