Sample card image from the Registrar. If you have one of these, could you post a picture of it (with the important parts blacked out, of course)?

UC Davis affiliates are issued AggieCards to identify themselves as people associated with the university. UCDMC affiliates have a different card. AggieCards replaced the older style reg cards in Fall 2010 for students; they are optional for faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and retirees. In addition to identifying university affiliates.

You can get an AggieCard in 1210 Dutton near the cash office. 

There is a $15 charge to replace a lost AggieCard.

A valid AggieCard can be used to:

Additionally, many places will give you a student discount on goods and services if you show them a student ID (like the AggieCard). Some Frat Parties also use AggieCards to keep non-students out. If you want to verify that an AggieCard belongs to a registered student, the Registrar has a website. This is how the ASUCD Elections Committee verifies that signatures on petitions belong to currently registered students.