Sample card image from the Registrar. If you have one of these, could you post a picture of it (with the important parts blacked out, of course)?

UC Davis affiliates are issued AggieCards to identify themselves as people associated with the university. UCDMC affiliates have a different card. AggieCards replaced the older style reg cards in Fall 2010 for students; they are optional for faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and retirees. In addition to identifying university affiliates, AggieCards can also be used as US Bank ATM/Debit cards if you open up a US Bank student checking account.

Warning: US Bank conducts a hard credit pull if you open an account with them. This is the worst type of credit inquiry. This lowers your credit score and can damage your credit rating. So be careful about opening accounts with them.

You can get an AggieCard in 161 Memorial Union, on the first floor across the hall from the MU Information Center between the hours of 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. (The office has moved to 1210 Dutton during MU renovations.)

There is a $15 charge to replace a lost AggieCard.

A valid AggieCard can be used to:

Additionally, many places will give you a student discount on goods and services if you show them a student ID (like the AggieCard). Some Frat Parties also use AggieCards to keep non-students out. If you want to verify that an AggieCard belongs to a registered student, the Registrar has a website. This is how the ASUCD Elections Committee verifies that signatures on petitions belong to currently registered students.