602 Adams Street
(West Davis, between Arthur Street and Highway 113)
(530) 753-3629
Wall mounted A/C unit (no central air)
Ambient Gas Fireplace Appliance (not recommended as a heating source)
Covered/Uncovered parking
Sun deck
Walk-in closet

Aggie Garden offers one-bedroom garden style apartments for $950+/month, and the security deposit is $400 [March 2014]. The complex is on Unitrans P/Q bus line. There are 24 units at this complex, and a small private parking lot for the residents. The apartments are pretty spacious for 1-bedroom apartments, with a walk-in closet and a wooden desk built into the bedrooms, and a built-in bookshelf above the desk. Residents are encouraged to grow potted plants on their patios and balconies to beautify the surroundings.

The complex is managed by a lady by the name of Grace, and she is in the process of improving the landscaping around and inside the complex. She says that mostly grad students, couples, and post-docs stay at the complex, so it is free of the usual noisiness found in many Davis apartment complexes. Grace says that she prefers to rent single bedroom apartments because of the kind of residents it attracts. Additionally, although Highway 113 is nearby, it may sometimes not be heard from the complex.

To find out about other rental housing options in Davis, take a look at our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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I have friends who live on Adams Street, although not this complex, it's a decent area of town.

2006-04-25 19:16:37   This apartment complex is the most beautiful I have ever visited. —NickSchmalenberger

2006-05-05 08:54:59   Manager is friendly but can not get a hold of them when needed. They are almost never around. Office hours don't exist. They come in whenever they want. Complex is pretty decent. Laundry is on the small side. Office, laundry, and pool are gated. You need keys to get in. All one bedroom apartment with mostly grad students living in them. Small parking lot. Quiet. Overall a nice place to live, but don't expect the management to be around when you need them. She has "assistants" who live around the complex, but they too are almost never around. Good luck. —StudentAtDavis

  • Although I agree from living here that the management is slow to respond, it seems that the person above was not willing to find out what the deal was with the gates. I have never encountered any locked gates or doors. But for a while, the gate that faces Arthur street was locked at night because some students living across the street were coming in at night to use the pool and frequently left a mess behind. You also do not need keys for the laundry, and there hardly are any laundry conflicts because the complex only has 24 units - 2 washers and 2 dryers seem to be plenty for the complex. And I've got a lot of clothes.

    But I feel that I must add a big concurrance to the observation that the manager is slow to respond to apartment issues - a big built-in shelf in the bedroom fell off the wall, and as of this posting it has been a week and a half and nothing has happened. Makes it hard to lead a normal life when there's a huge shelf in the middle of one's bedroom. Ugh -KarlMogel

2008-03-26 20:51:56   I thought they were going to post about this, but I guess they didn't. Some of the apartments at this complex are a mess. My cat kept catching mice and rats, which were also scurrying around in the walls. My neighbor had the ceiling collapse on them while they were in the bathtub, and they still didn't get all their deposit back.

As I mentioned before, the shelving unit fell off the wall one day, and the management told me to keep it in the apartment. After a short amount of time I got fed up and put the shelf outside. When it fell, it broke some of our stuff, and chipped a family heirloom, and Grace refused to pay for any of it. It may have just been our building, so if you decide to take a chance with Aggie Garden Apartments, do not live in units 21-24.

The place looked nice, and was pleasant, but there's something messed up about the condition of the place. Nice to have your landlord literally driving a luxury car while ceilings and shelves are falling down on people. —KarlMogel

2008-05-16 15:07:53   This place no longer allows dogs. june 2008 —Kat79

2009-09-05 22:05:27   Lovely, quiet little complex with a beautiful pool and really neat floorplans. None of the units, however, has central ac/heat. —deeray82

2011-11-21 19:49:11   Roman, the apartment manager, is the best landlord I've ever had, I've lived here for three years. He remodeled our bathroom for free when he was doing yearly upgrades on the vacant apartments that were getting new tenants. I'd recommend this complex to anyone. —SovietSonya

2013-05-02 10:42:35   I have lived here for 2 years and I have really enjoyed it. The current rent is $915/month. —UCD4Me

2015-01-06 16:20:35   Lived here from 2013-2014 and really enjoyed it. Updated info as of 2014: Rent is $955/mo for a very spacious 1br, and there is no central heat/ac (there's an AC unit near the living room/entrance and a wall heater in the bedroom). Roman, the manager, was always quick to help with small fixes, and I never had any major problems. The kitchen and cabinets look a little old, but the bathroom was renovated recently and overall, a nice place to live for couples, small families, or quiet students. —kgee