511 L Street , on the corner of L and 5th
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Aggie Liquor is owned by the same family that owned the former Mace Market. Aggie Liquor has one of the best selections of booze in Davis. The selction is only beaten by Valley Wine Company or possibly the Nugget. Aggie Liquor also as a sizable selection of Forties.

They do not update their price in the scanner system so the register often charges you more than the sticker. Watch the scanner prices, and ask the clerk adjust your price accordingly.

They sell kegs and all kinds of booze. They had a run in with the law over a fake ID in 2004 so they have no mercy for underage people trying to slip one past 'em.

A keg of bud lite will cost you $79+tax.

If you're a super baller, Aggie has the 750 ml bottle of Louie the XIII by Remy Martin for ONLY $1,500, but if you know the boss or super boss, they will give it to you for a rack [$1000] out the door.

Aggie is one of the few places that stock the limited spring release of Stone Russian Imperial Stout, made by Stone brewery, the same people who make arogant bastard ale. Stone brew is based in San Diego, and the SRIS is 11.9 % alky by volume, this is a beer you chew, not drink! It's probably the most expensive beer in Davis, 6 bucks a bottle, but the bottle is 23.5 ounces or sumat. A case should run you around 60 bucks, and the SRIS only comes out once a year in springtime (note-this is not the most expensive beer in Davis). —StevenDaubert Aggie Liquor on a Friday afternoon

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2005-03-24 15:53:08   It appears Aggie Liquor has plans to expand into the space next door! Yet another case of hard-working immigrants triumphing over lazy American whiners. No ETA. —AlphaDog

2005-03-24 21:03:12   Hey man, that's kind of racist or nationalist or something. —KenjiYamada

  • Isn't the place next door some sort of Democratic organization? :P —PhilipNeustrom

2005-03-24 22:14:30   The dems rent out the empty space during election times. The rest of the time it is usually vacant —JimSchwab

2005-03-26 00:15:16   The liquor permit request posted on the door has Aggie Liquor posted as the permit applicant, so I'm guessing the Dems are going to be looking for a different space next time around. They actually requested the permit for two addresses. And, yes, my original comment was rather, uh, Anti-American, but the climate seems to have been swinging in the direction of divide and conquer of late, so I thought I'd give in to the sentiment of the times. My mistake.... poor judgement. —AlphaDog

2005-11-17 11:42:08   if you are a regular, they will special order hard to find brands/items for you. —MyaBrn

2006-11-01 20:50:13   the bosses at aggie and the owner [super boss] are savage people —StevenDaubert

2006-11-28 23:40:36   What the Aggie loses in class it gains in assortment. Its beer offerings are pretty impressive, and the owner is willing to carry some special selection, if you lobby for it. —ZN

2007-01-27 22:53:26   yesterday i had a raging clue point me to this liquor store :O) —EmilyTung

2007-05-22 17:30:44   I returned a keg and pump the day after i rented it, but the attendant just told me to leave it and mutherfuckin aggie liquor charged me 85$!!!!! I figured he'd remembered me from the night before. he had a long line... i should have waited to get my receipt.

superboss called me, saying i never returned his keg, but after telling him i'd never rip off a store like that and swearing i returned his stuff, he said he wouldn't charge me. i thought everything was cool. two months later, that rat bastard charged me!!!!! he stole a months worth of food money from a poor student - jacked up aint it.

fuck aggie liquor - I'm never stepping foot inside there again. —Sergio

2007-05-23 14:24:08   Wow- so much negativity! I have never had a problem and the owners have never been anything but nice and friendly to my husband and I. —MyaBrn

2007-10-14 03:36:49   I'm kind of surprised by the negativity of the comments on this page as well. I make a point to always check Aggie Liquor instead of 7-eleven, even for snacks. The dudes in Aggie Liquor are always WAY less paranoid about you ripping them off and way mellower. There are no overly bright florescent lights and they have a good choice of beer for a quick pick-up. I've been going to this place since they used to make decent deli sandwiches for 2.50 (they had a whole food counter way back when) and never had a problem. I've also had friends come from San Francisco and been suprised by the choice of liquor. And when researching kegs in the Sac area they had the cheapest around. Overall I'd say they are a good independent business. —JeffShaw

2007-12-03 17:43:41   I just stopped in there to buy a airzona iced tea, which is 99 cents; The total ended up to be 1.15. I asked what the reason was for the high total and the response was "tax". I dont remember our sales tax jumping to 16 percent and i dont think there are any crv costs for the can. All i can say is watch your totals to see if your getting anything extra tacked on. —GregFurnish

  • According to the California Department of Conservation, CRV should be collected on certain beverage cans and bottles (including "tea and coffee drinks") at a rate of 5 cents on containers less than 24oz and 10 cents on those 24oz and larger. For a complete list of products on which CRV is collected see the state website. Perhaps this explains the price discrepancy? —RyanCoates

2007-12-04 13:14:42   The beverage label reads 23.5 ounces, so the total should come out to 1.12 (judging from a 8% sales tax 1.07 + 5 cents CRV) and not 1.15. Maybe 3 cents isnt worth bitching about, but there is something shady going on. —GregFurnish

2008-02-09 22:19:50   This place is really bad. I bought 2 kegs there, which were 59.99 each. The deposit was 240$ total, which is really high. Also, the guy at the register tacked on an additional 16$ for a "Tap Cleaning Fee." I didn't protest because he had already put it in the register and there were a bunch of people waiting. Next, we tried to buy ice. He said they were 4$ each, because he was giving us a discount. When we grabbed 2 bags, the guy changes the price to 10$. We called him on it and the cashier just says "you got me there." Bottom line, these people are only concerned about profits. That's not how you do good business, and I'm never going back. —IanBenton

  • I'd have to agree that prices are high here. Arrogant Bastard six-packs are two-dollars more than at the Co-op, for example. I mentioned the price difference to the cashier, and he said with a sarcastic smirk, "two dollars, eh?" He couldn't care less. They need more competitive pricing, that's for sure. They lose customers in the long run by encouraging distrust. —ZN

2008-12-13 20:21:42   Hey guys come check out all the specials at aggie liquor. They have mickeys girls come in every friday from 6 to 8 and a lot of other promotions. I cant believe all the negative things being said, i know for a fact these guys are not like that and when it comes to customer service and price they are the best in the business. They have a lot of different kegs from low to high from natural light to Bud to expensive stuff like Maredsous. The boss and the superboss are really coo. they also have a different assortment of liquor and they added a new wine room with a bottle of rollie fingers special edition wined hand autographed by himself. —mannymg

2009-08-16 00:43:52   This is the best liquor establishment in Davis. Courteous, great selection of beer for reasonable prices, and you can get your lotto tickets there. Fair prices on everything actually. I just wish they would carry the Mickey's 64 oz of malt liquor. They did that when they were located on Covell Blvd back in the 90s. —Darren22

2010-01-22 15:48:05   For the most part, this place is great. They've given me deals when I've spent a few hundred bucks there. The owner can be an ass at times (like when I tried to cash my paycheck there and he took my check then pretended for 20 minutes like he didn't know who I was), but other than all that, this is the spot in town for booze. —BrandonKuhens

2010-02-04 17:21:46   they sell bottled Pliny the Elder (which I love) for (with tax and crv) $5 a bottle, which I believe is the cheapest in the area. —NickKory

2010-02-07 14:27:05   Aggie Liquor has a special price on kegs like Rolling Rock for $79.99 only for a limited time. —jass

2010-02-16 11:34:15   I love this place. They have Pliny the Elder more consistently than the Co-Op or the Nugget, always have something from Dogfish Head, a good selection from North Coast, etc. Not too much of a selection of international beers though, but we have the Co-Op for that. Good selection, prices are excellent, and they are fairly friendly (as far as liquor store standards go). —leiris

2010-09-05 14:20:13   Aggie Liquor is amazing. I am Gluten free and they make sure to carry my favorite gluten free beer, BARDS!! They will also find new types of gluten free beer and stock it to allow me to try them!! I love this place! Thank you aggie liquor for helping my beer needs to be met! —HollyRose

I tried BARDS (from Aggie Liquor) the other day and was very pleasantly surprised. I'm normally a Reinheitsgebot kind of guy, but BARDS had a nice clean taste and was overall, a very nice beer. —jimstewart

2011-02-23 00:53:30   Avoid at night. Shady as hell. —rrenati

2011-03-04 21:37:46   I generally like Aggie Liquor but had an incident the last time I was there. It was Saturday 19 Feb, afternoon, and I was about to leave for SF. I stopped in to pick up some beer since I'd be staying at a friend's house and don't like to show up empty-handed. Anyways, I got to the register and handed Mike my id and credit card. He set down my card, looked at my id, handed it back, then yelled O crap! and ran outside, said something to a guy in the parking lot and came back in. Then he asked me for my card, which I said I'd already given to him. After looking around he realized that when he saw my card next to the credit card machine, he assumed it was the last guy's and that he'd forgotten to give it back, since it was the same type of card. So basically he just ran outside and handed my card to some guy, who left. Leaving me with no card for the weekend. I guess my boyfriend saw the card in his hand and almost stopped him, but it happened too fast. After spending about an hour in the store, seeing if the guy would realize his mistake and come back, calling the bank to see if they could look up the guy and contact him based on his credit card slip's name and last 4 (they couldn't) and calling his boss a few times I had to go to the bank and shut down that card account. Also while we were waiting around he overcharged some girl by mistake. He refunded her (maybe nerves were getting to him by that point?) and he paid for our beer, but still, not my best sale interaction, and it definitely started the weekend off on a rough note. (Leaving late + having to rely on bf/friend instead of treating them + fears that I wouldn't get into that night's show, since my tickets were will call, bought with that card) I never got a call from them also, even though I left my number, so I guess the guy just never noticed, or if he did just disposed of the card or didn't know where to return it?

I'm hoping it was an honest mistake and not some sort of set up, since for credit you only need to know zip code (for gas, etc) and in Davis that's pretty easy to guess. I guess if I go there again I'll either use cash or try 7-11? —omgstarkitty

2011-09-24 23:22:25   This place is so much cheaper than the 7-11 next door it's a wonder why anyone ever visits that god-forsaken 7-11. Assuming Aggie Liquor's open, of course...Very nice staff, and one of the better hipster beer collections short of the CO-OP. The cashiers are nice, and if you're a regular, they learn who you are. I'd like to see any other Liquor Store in Davis match the quality and friendliness of Aggie Liquor. Definitely one of the best places in town, booze wise. If you care, they have an excellent selection of energy drinks/soda, much cheaper than anywhere else in town too. —AlexSurber

They're smiling at you because they're ripping you off. Not because they like you. Also, as of 2014, 7-11 is competitive on many beer prices, especially yellow beers. -ScottB

2011-11-06 05:56:47   I won't shop here again. The younger shopkeep dude has never given me a problem but I've been in there a handful of times and every time the old guy has said some rude smart-ass stuff to me or my friends. I've also heard stories from others. I can't blame the guy for being a little pissed off cuz if I worked at aggie liquor I would be grumpy too. But that's bad service. —DJProfessorK

2013-06-08 07:15:10   DO NOT SHOP HERE. I have been here on numerous occasions when I use my credit or debit card and they always hang on to it until I ask them back for it. I never thought anything of it until last night when I forgot to ask for it back and realized it later and when I called them they said they didn't have it when I knew it was the last place I used it and I know they did not hand it back to me. I know a few of the employees since I am a regular but the guy who took my card I did not know. AVOID AVOID AVOID —davislife27

2014-08-10 19:07:51   No prices listed on many (>50%) of the beer, which is annoying. Also, the cashier has made a "mistake" more than once, which I've caught. But pay attention, these guys seem slippery! That being said, they do have a great selection. — EDIT: went there again yesterday. They tried to SCREW ME AGAIN on charging more than their sticker prices. ScottB EDIT 2: Just had the pricing fiasco 3 consecutive visits!!!!!!

2015-08-11 16:53:16   Does anyone know of any other liquor stores around Davis that have a larger beer selection? I'm thinking of big-box style stores that have at least 100 varieties of beer. —phrenicgermal