TB 24 in the Silo, behind the Bike Barn
M-F: 10:00 am - 4:30pm
Executive Director
Nicole Garcia
Ann Savageau, Darwin Moosavi, Carol Shu, Margot Bennett, Loni Coelho, Brittany McCue



Aggie Reuse Store is a non-profit organization.

The mission of the Aggie Reuse Store is to help achieve Zero Waste by diverting materials from the landfill and to redistribute them at low cost for reuse or repurposing. It's essentially a mini-thrift shop inside of the Silo, and a great place to grab some cheap crafting supplies.

Aggie Reuse comes out of the work of UC Davis Design professor Ann Savageau who collects campus and community waste for use by students in her sustainable design class. Over the last couple of years, Professor Savageau has found the amount of materials overwhelming but their creative reuse potential limitless. Aggie Reuse hopes that salvaging some of these items from the trash will benefit people affected by rising tuition and living costs while also supporting Professor Savageau’s original mission to spread environmental awareness through creative reuse.

Currently, Aggie Reuse Store is run entirely by undergraduate students. In Spring 2015 the store moved from the Memorial Union, where it had been since its founding, to the Silo TB 24 (also known as the EcoHub). They host events every one or two weeks which you can learn about from their Facebook page. They have a very active social media presence on Instagram as well.

To donate, visit their website or send them an e-mail at aggiereuse@asucd.ucdavis.edu.


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2012-04-08 17:53:30   I'm so happy a shop like the Aggie ReStore exists on campus! It's fantastic conceptually and there is always a wide variety of materials on sale. Everything is cheaply priced as well. I've left there on many occasions with my hands full of things to get crafty with.

My only complaint is that the hours are pretty short, so by the time I'm finished with class the place is closed. —V

2012-06-28 11:36:09   Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, our hours are limited by the availability of our volunteers. (Summer session 1 we will be open M-Th 11-2; summer session 2 tbd.) We will work to extend our hours for fall. —MargotBennett