Aggie Studios is the premiere student video and media production studio at UC Davis, and is a subunit of Creative Media and ASUCD. For the students, and by the students, Aggie Studios provides a unique perspective on UC Davis athletics, entertainment, campus life, creative shorts and client projects.

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One of Aggie Studios' current logos. Aggie Studios, then known as AggieTV, Aggie Television and AGTV, was created by Mike Lee in 2002 as a sub-unit of Creative Media overseen by Alex Park.

AggieTV moved from the MU 3rd floor to the basement in 2006 and the unit expanded its space in 2011 when the Book Exchange was cut as an ASUCD unit.

In spring 2013,  then-Executive Producer of AggieTV Anna Oh, co-authored ASUCD Senate Bill #90 which established AggieTV as its own independent ASUCD unit, separate from the leadership of Creative Media. 

In spring 2015, then-Executive Producer Ruben Rojas and Senator Alex Lee re-branded AggieTV as Aggie Studios, and returned the student-run organization under the oversight of Creative Media. Aggie Studios currently creates ASUCD promotional videos and client based productions, though the old structure still exists.   

Several iterations of the Aggie Studios, AggieTV and the AGTV logo throughout the years.

Join Us and Submissions

Aggie Studios opens applicants at the beginning of fall and spring quarters.

If you want to become a videographer or reporter, follow the respective links! 

To submit an idea for a video, or for promotional, advertising, and media relations inquiries, please contact:

For all other concerns please contact:

UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed Mga Kapatid Flash Mob: "Uptown Funk"'Clothes Encounters' Blogger Attends UC DavisOne of Aggie Studios many creative shorts

Past Projects

Aggie Studios has interviewed some of the most recognized names in music, literature, sports, food, and entertainment. These include:

Live Music Sessions (LMS) are an ongoing series created by Tim Tran

  • 30 Seconds to Mars (Shannon Leto)
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Passion Pit
  • Martin Yan
  • George Hincape (Olympian, three-time National Professional Road Champion, and four-time Tour de France stage winner)
  • Live Music Sessions (2013-2015)
  • UC Davis Study Abroad
  • Super Mash Bros.
  • Andrew Garcia (American Idol finalist)
  • Jodi Picoult (author of My Sister's Keeper)
  • Mayer Hawthorne
  • Eric Weiner (correspondent for National Public Radio)
  • and others

2014-2105 "Far From Strom"

Watch the trailer! Premiering Fall 2015. 

2013-2014 "BLiND

BLiND was AggieTV's first attempt at a feature length movie

A global zombie virus has infected the human population. On the UC Davis campus, a group of four struggles to send a message to the survivors of the world to defend against the zombies. Their only hope is located on the second floor of Memorial Union, where they can relay the message via radio signal. However, their journey to the second floor leads to unexpected situations.

2012-2013 "Untitled Davis Musical Project"

Unfortunately, AggieTV did not succeed in creating a SPOTY this academic year.

The concept centered around a 5-10 minute musical about a day in the life of a UC Davis student.

2011-2012 "Davis in a Day"

AggieTV created a feature documentary film, Davis in a Day, as a special project for 2011-2012.

On 10/10/12, AggieTV had a special film premiere for Davis in a Day and finally unveiled the story of Davis in Kleiber 3.

2010-2011 Lipdub

What's a lipdub you ask? It's like a music video but only in one long shot.

AggieTV created their own LipDub for UC Davis on April 30th, 2011:

Past Board Members



2014-2015 Aggie Studios staff

Executive Producer Ruben Rojas

Business Manager Aaron Sugano

Technical Director Julian Brotschi

Production Coordinator Stacy Han

News Director Claire Tan (Fall/Winter) and Miguel Bagsit (Spring)

Entertainment Director Nikka Magahis entertainmentdirector@aggietv.or

Creative Director Nicholas Troughton

Sports Directors Carolyn Fu and Trevor Ehlenbach

Executive Assistant Gene Ang

Social Media / Advertising Manager Stephanie Asper



2013-2014 AggieTV Staff

Executive Producer Anna Oh 

Business Manager Rebekah Azofeifa 

Technical Director Julian Brotschi 

Production Coordinator Adrian Sanchez 

News Director Muna Sadek 

Entertainment Director Kristine Lee 

Sports Director Arniel Mirasol Jr.

Executive Assistants Kasey Furutani & Ruben Rojas 

Social Media/Advertising Manager Camille Martinez 

Studio Manager Eugeñe L Arai 

Web Manager Maureen Mai 


2012-2013 AggieTV staff

Executive Producer Anna Oh

Business Manager Eric Evans Rebekah Azofeifa

Technical Director Jhunehl Fortaleza (Fall/Winter) and Scott Schwerdtfeger (Spring)

Production Coordinator Adrian Sanchez

News Director Hinano Akiyama

Entertainment Director Timothy Tran

Sports Director Alex Gannon Arniel Mirasol

Executive Assistant Daniela Voznesenskey

Social Media/Advertising Manager Camille Martinez

Studio Manager Julian Brotschi

Web Manager Maureen Mai


More of Spring 2012 staff Executive Producer Andrew Florio

Spring 2012 AggieTV staff

Studio Manager Spencer Harris

Business Director Andrew Duncan

Marketing Director Stephen McKone

Technical Director Anna Oh

News Director Bianca Sievers

Sports Director Alex Gannon

Entertainment Director Laurence Bacud

Online Presence Manager Valerie Francisco

Special Project Director (Davis in a Day) Danica Liongson


2010-2011 AggieTV Staff 2009-2010 Aggie Update

  • Alicia Sanhueza
  • Alyson Sagala
  • Amy Coyle
  • Ani Ucar
  • Brandon Steele
  • Christine Kwon
  • Daniel Fontaine
  • Ericka So
  • Gabriela DeAnda
  • Linda Wolf
  • Megan Frantz
  • Rachel Agana
  • Saher Randhawa
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Somitra Butalia
  • Todd Kaiser

Please do not delete previous executive board, please historically keep track of previous board members here.

The 2010-2011 E-Board was the first official E-Board of AggieTV.

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