T h e   E l e m e n t s   o f   D a v i s

Air, like Chicken Tetrazzini is often consumed by UCD students and others around Davis. Its is available daily, year-round, and size is rarely an issue. It is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapor, carbon dioxide, other gasses and more. Due its generous portions, portability, and great taste, it is an ideal substance to breathe for busy students on the go.

If you can't get to your destination, you might need air in your tires.

The skies are full of air. Well, until you get past the air, although there are things out there too.

See also: Weather, Atmospheric Science, Air Quality


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2008-09-20 09:36:01   This is definitely one of the best items available at the coffee house. On the IDoNotExist SushiMeter®, the Coffee House air scores a 0, mainly because it is not sushi. But this mixture of gases and suspended particulates will definitely leave you gasping for more! —IDoNotExist