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the mutating frankendog
The Perfect Dog!

Alex is a dog. Dog dog dog dog. Oh sure, he leaps on toys in a very cat-like way, and is learning to be fascinated with sniffing cat butts, but I swear to you he walks like a dog, barks like a dog, eats like a dog and poops like a dog.

Alex is a Frankendog. If I say he's a mutt, people start playing the "what breeds is he?" game. He probably won't stop mutating for another few months.

See Fig. 1, above. I found Alex on March 22nd, 2005 - skinny, exhausted, rescued from being driven off by a cat while in search of his primary source of nourishment - cat poop. You may not know this, but cat poop protein levels approach those of dry kibble. Note that he looks like a skinny, exhausted Lab puppy. I think he weighed about 10 or 15 pounds. It felt like 10 when I picked him up, but it felt closer to 15 a mile and a half later. He had no collar, and when I put him down to see if he'd walk he just lay there. He did have the strength to lick my face as I carried him, but mostly was limp on my shoulder.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but his fur was smooth, silky, and closer to chocolate than black. All his baby teeth were out, but his adult teeth had not completely grown in yet. Still lots of gum without teeth. The vet who gave him his first shots estimated his age at about 6 months. Note the binocular case behind him and the size of his paws for comparison to:

Fig. 2. This picture was taken this morning. Alex started having food allergies almost immediately. At this point the only things he can eat without losing fur on his back 40 is Royal Canin Sensible Choice Lamb and Rice puppy formula and cat poop; the only treats that don't make him stay up all night itching are Charlee Bear Dog Treats and plain rawhide.

When he was neutered, either stress or an allergic reaction caused nearly all his undercoat to fall out. This left him looking like he'd had a full-body mohawk. His fur has changed to a thin salt and pepper coat, a coarse black mane across his back and shoulders, a lion's tail, a terrier's face and floppy ears. His fur seems to change color and texture every couple months. The only constant has been the fur on his ears and the white patch on his chest.

7/8/05 I swear the fur growing on his hindquarters is coming in grey. Alex, PLEASE pick a color and stick with it. You're going to drive me insane.

As weird looking as he is, people gaze into his eyes and melt. You have been warned.

8/7/05 Alex has gone missing. He's was last seen near The Worst Intersection In Davis, and is probably around there, somewhere along Olive Drive, or near Borders or the arboretum. If you find him, please contact BlancheNonken or JessicaLuedtke.


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2005-07-07 10:30:14   Yay for learning how to add comments! This wiki stuff is almost as cool as Alex. —BlancheNonken

2005-07-07 11:11:30   Alex looks very cuddly! My dad has a Frankendog of sorts, too. When he got her a few months ago she was a timid, skinny, scared little white creature with matted hair. Now she's an outgoing, demanding little oinker/sausage dog who has my dad waiting on her hand and foot and cutting her hair into cute little mohawks, haha! They're actually starting to look alike! —SummerSong

2005-07-07 11:25:30   Thank you! Today we passed a milestone - he sat quietly and let Darcy give him a nose-kiss. Darcy is part Maine Coon, definitely not frail and delicate, and likes dogs. Oh, and sure, banana bread it is. Where can I bring a sample for Bakery approval? —BlancheNonken

2005-07-07 11:25:54   One more thing: I'm still looking for Davis-local boarding for Alex; if any of you in dog-friendly apartments are considering my request, please note that I'll pay whatever pet deposit your place requires in order to make this happen. I'm not quite at the groveling stage yet, but I'm getting there. :) —BlancheNonken

2005-07-07 15:20:23   Hehe, how sweet—you don't have to bring us a sample, though!!! :) —SummerSong

2005-07-07 17:10:37   I agree, cat poop is delicious! —ArlenAbraham

2005-07-07 21:18:06   Does that mean it's time for me to drag out the prize-winning Cat Poop Cookie recipe? —BlancheNonken

2005-08-02 18:49:34   Alex is a pretty awesome dog. I met him at Tarz's place. Kind of had "so-ugly-he's-cute" syndrome, the dog to. :) —MichelleAccurso

2005-12-05 14:29:05   Has Alex been found yet? —BrentLaabs