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Jeff Wilfong
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Alive Counseling provides Counseling and hypnotherapy services for Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families in the Sacramento region. Please look around and read about his services and approach. He is very accessible and enjoys when visitors call or send an e-mail to ask questions or learn more.

Many counselors can provide emotional support, nurturance, and reflective statements, but he provides his clients additional value. His style is to be compassionate, which means that he will provide gentle challenges and support, so that his clients will transform their lives and relationships into what they desire. He deeply cares about effective counseling, and actively collaborates, plans, and adjusts his strategies. Truly, he seeks what works, and lets go of what does not. Mindfulness, insight, growth, and truth are cornerstones of his personality. Since therapy can be an emotionally trying process, he uses humor to be approachable and friendly. He is an easy-going and down-to-earth person, and tries to be the same as a counselor.

Areas of focus

  • Couples Therapy – Premarital, Marriage, and Divorce Counseling, Infidelity, Intimacy and communication skills, Alternative life-styles, Polyamory, LGBT issues, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Sexual issues – Sex therapy, Sexual dysfunction and Abuse, and Sex and Love Addiction
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Combat, assualt, rape, accidents, or other traumatic experiences
  • Mood Disorders – Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Technology addiction – Porn / Pornography, dating sites, mobile/cell phones, internet, computers, television, Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and video games

Other services

  • Weekday appointments during early mornings and evenings (up through 9:30pm).
  • Affordable rates, and may have a limited number of discount slots for those with difficult financial situations (including reduced-fee (“sliding scale”) and student rates).
  • Being an in-network insurance provider for many plans, he offers a certain number of slots to those with insurance.
  • Phone counseling and online video counseling through Skype™ to adults and couples in California.
  • Specializing in Eastern oriented counseling.

After having spent over eleven years practicing and training in Buddhist and eastern meditative traditions, his expertise is in mindfulness-oriented approaches to healing. He also has been trained in a powerful form of therapy, called Non-dual Therapy, which reveals the natural state of mind that is radiant and non-clinging to suffering and mental stories.

Please browse his website and contact him to learn more or ask questions.

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