Night view from a balcony

1659 Drew Circle
(South Davis, across from Sharps and Flats and behind Tanglewood)
Phone: +1 530-750-2200
Fax: +1 530-750-2300
Affordable Housing units available
Central heat/air
Covered parking
Handicapped access
BBQ area
Study room
DSL available
Cable access
Washer/dryer hookup
Computer room
Exercise room
Basketball court

Remodeled units have tile showers

Remodeled units have granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms

Allégre Apartments is a South Davis apartment complex that has two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, as well as an acute accent on the first "e". Rents range from $1,475/month to $2,295/month for the 2011-2012 leasing period. Several units have a loft, walk-in closets, and private balconies/patios. Some units have a washer and dryer, you have the option of renting one for an extra $40 a month regardless of if it is in the apartment already or not you have to pay it (however if you ask, they will waive the fee) (reg. There is an exercise room with new weight equipment, a pool and spa, basketball court, playgrounds, and covered bike racks. The complex is managed by JCA Management, Inc. and is on Unitrans M & W bus lines. They also have units that qualify for 80% Housing.

The South Davis Bike Path runs behind the apartments and connects to the Arboretum, which is very useful when you miss the bus, since it is about a ten minute bike ride to campus. It is much better than riding the overpass, since you don't have to worry about being smushed by the bus you just missed. It is little known that when taken the other way, the bike path leads to a maze of Escheresque bike paths that will literally take you anywhere in southeast Davis.

During the early 2000s, the apartments had something of a party reputation, with loud music, but this is no longer the case. Management has taken a firm stance against out of control parties and illegal activities on its property (friendly shenanigans excluded), so extreme discretion is advised when planning a large house party. The best way to avoid confrontation with management is to keep parties internal and avoid all sound pollution. If management responds to a situation, it's always best to be cool-headed and friendly, because chances are they want to have fun just as much as you do. Just take their advice. If security is involved, just do as they say so that they don't have to get Davis PD involved.

Like many other apartment complexes, they use their own lease rather than the Davis Model Lease.

*If you ask, a lot of times they can/will waive the washer/dryer rental fee AND the application fees for all of your roommates (of $25ea).

Despite the management's adding an accent to the first "e" (presumably out of a concern that people will mispronounce the name of the complex) no one is entirely sure exactly how "Allégre" is pronounced. Most Davis residents pronounce it "Ah-ley-gray".

  Warning: Towing is aggressively enforced at this location!  

  • Please observe and respect ALL parking regulations. Residents are required to obtain a parking permit in order to park their vehicle on property Su-Th. Parking is open to the public Friday and Saturday, but parking regulations are still in effect. Do not back your vehicle into a parking spot unless you are 100% sure it is in a location that is approved for backing in. Thank you. —Allegre Apartments


some units have built in bookcases

Floor Plan of 4-Bedroom Townhouse

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2010-05-09 16:51:44   This is one of the best apartment complexes I have lived at in Davis. I am not exactly sure why so many people don't like it. The maintenance staff extremely amiable and finish their work promptly. The office staff, while not always there, are super nice and willing to answer any questions you have. The floorplans are nice and open with large windows to let in natural light. My roommates and I got ants here once, but this was easily solved with ONE ant trap from safeway. From this apartment complex you can get to numerous stores by walking and it is a short 10-15 minute bike ride to campus. The main complaint I have is that they do not allow dogs, but that's minor and I knew about it prior to moving in. —Mojito

Thank you very much for the constructive comments. I'm sorry we've not always been in the office. We're going through a very thorough audit of ALL of our records, so be assured that at least one staff member will be in the offices from 9am to at least 5pm, but usually later. Don't hesitate to come in and check in with us! :) Anyway, our policy has recently changed regarding dogs. We just need to conduct an "interview" with your dog, but we're easy-going here about that. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask or come on in!

2010-09-29 15:50:53   You know, honestly I came to Allegre apartments really excited this year. However, I'm greatly disappointed in the absolutely horrible management. 1. Our home was extremely dirty when we first moved in, and a lot of things were still broken. When we turned in our sheet, a few weeks later a guy comes by and says he'll come back later, but does not come back. Yet the office says that the guy fixed everything to be fixed in our house. 2. We gave checks back in March, and that was just withdrawn today. It's been 6 months since March. If they're not going deposit the checks immediately then they shouldn't even ask for them. And if there's going to be a delay in depositing shouldn't they let us know? I went in there every week asking "when are you guys going to deposit my check" and every time I got the answer "oh sometime this week." Even with our monthly rent, we turned it in on the 5th, and I asked them when they were going to deposit it, and they said at the end of the week. They took it out 3 weeks later. 3. We were not told that we had to bring first month's rent when we moved in, so on the day of move-in the girl in the office says she can't give us the key because they cannot legally give us the key unless we pay. Shouldn't they have told us that before the day of our move in? 4. Our house did not come with a washer and dryer when we signed up for one, and my friend lived in our home the previous year so I know it came with a washer and dryer. However, we just get a "sorry girls, I apologize" and are told that we have to contact the company directly and pay extra money to get a washer and dryer installed. I'm not sure why we have to go through that extra trouble when it should have been here in the first place.

And lastly, every time we have these problems, we go into the office and the manager isn't there. And one of the girls that work there are extremely rude and all we get is a "I apologize girls." Well I'm sorry too, that your management is the worst. You guys really need to learn from places like Sycamore Lane, where they deposit checks 3 days later MAX after we give it to them, and their management is extremely prompt not to mention always polite. Allegre Apartments is very disappointing and I regret coming here to live. —10272141

2011-01-23 18:43:43   Is there a website for this complex? I'm trying to find out more information about available rentals. —KristinNicole

2011-01-31 22:16:06   Im going to be completely honest. Ive lived in allegre for a year and a half. I've had many friends get their cars towed because allegre is really dumb about parking and loves to tow cars even though there are so many parking spaces open. They also like to hike up your rent even though you have been a loyal renter for a year and to make matters worse they have a MICE and ANT problem, which is really disgusting. DO NOT LIVE HERE! i dont know who this cute christine is but i dont think shes really experienced living at allegre. I've lived here and have dealt with so many people from management. one after the other because people would be fired and hired every week. They have really bad management and cannot keep track of rent checks and deposits. Really unprofessional. ALLEGRE IS THEEEE WORST! DEFINITELY MOVING SOMEWHERE ELSE END OF SUMMER! —sweetlove44

2011-02-01 20:12:36   Once again, I find that Allegre Apartments is a great disappointment. They recently moved the guest parking to different locations, scattered throughout the parking lots, and have endlessly been towing cars. They give 10 minute warning notices, and then tow it away after that. My friend came over to my house the other day for 30 minutes to drop something off, and her car got towed. She parked in the spot where the old guest parking was, and she got a warning at 8:15, and the towing time was 8:25. Great, because we're totally going to come out and check our cars every ten minutes right? Also, yeah I understand that they told the tenants but it's not like we keep that in mind 24/7 every minute of our lives. It can slip our minds, just like how it slips their minds to come over and check our house for pest control when we asked so many weeks ago. I don't think it's okay that they continuously without warning just tow away cars endlessly. Sycamore Lanes gives one warning notice at first, and then at the second time they tow it. It's not like we don't have enough spaces in our parking lots. Every night there are lots of empty spaces for cars to park. On top of that there are only like 3 guest spaces. SO, I guess if out of the hundreds of people that live in this apartment complex has 3 guests, then the rest have to be towed right? In addition, we're all college students. Everyone already has financial struggles, and yeah the economy is bad and it is affecting everyone, but seriously, you can't just tow away tens of cars every night. Already more than 3 people's cars among my housemates and friends have been towed, and I don't know what kind of contract or plan that the apartment complex and the towing company has together, but I don't think any of us want to spend $220+ a day just because you guys can't put up one sign in the old guest parking lot or in front of the office showing where the new parking spaces are. Also, the management needs to show a bit more politeness when people inquire about certain situations. My friend's car recently got keyed, and all the office implied was "maybe people hate you" and that they couldn't do anything about it. Why do they even bother having a security guard walking around when they can't even notice that someone's car is being keyed. How are we supposed to live or sleep peacefully at night knowing that our cars might get keyed for no reason, and the management is not going to be helpful in any way? Allegre Apartments's management has been horrible since the very first day I moved in here, and I'm very disappointed. Never living here again, and never going to suggest anyone else to live here. —10272141

2011-02-01 20:18:15   I agree with sweetlove 44. We had mice in our house too. Disgusting. —10272141

2011-02-08 17:44:14   I am just going to tell it as it is. My experiences at Allegre were... well... subpar. Though the apartments are newer than most, and the location is good, there were a lot of problems. Not listed in any particular order... but... here are some of the problems.

Towing. Towing is stupid. I understand if there are no spots for residents, then by all means. But when you have 8 spots to your left that are empty, and 8 spots to the right that also happen to be empty, and you see someone getting towed... that's just stupid.

Lease. I asked why we weren't using the Davis Model Lease. And I was told that the lease had a lot of holes in it. Considering that the document is a decade old, that was probably true. But the lease that was presented to me, Allegre's own lease had more holes than swiss cheese. I was told that a new lease would be developed and that the lease we signed would be amended. It's been months. Not one or two, more like 4 or 5 months.

Keys. When we moved in, we were told that locks would be changed within a few weeks, and were given two temporary keys. Which is fine... But two weeks passed and nothing happened. We asked again and were told that locks would be changed within the week, and it never happened. Even to this day, locks were NEVER changed. What stops a previous tenant from walking into our apartment and jacking our stuff? You tell me?

State of the apartment when delivered. I don't expect things to be immaculate. Of course things are going to be missed, but the apartment when delivered to us was horrible. There was mold in the dishwasher. The showers were leaking. Shower heads had something growing on/in them. There were holes in the ceiling. Carpet was in horrible shape. And the list goes on... I don't expect VIP status, but I certainly expect a reasonable level of quality. No offense or anything, but the state that the apartment was in, didn't even look like there was an attempt to clean it.

Repairs. With all the nastiness of the state of the apartment, we submitted our repair request to get things fixed. We didn't expect things to be fixed right away, but did expect things to eventually get done. Did it ever get done, not really. I don't know how long it took to get things fixed, but it took awhile. Like a month awhile, and that was after we came in after a few weeks and asked, only to wait another few weeks for things to get done.

Summary: My experience at this apartment were so dismal that I would not recommend it to anyone. Probably even dissuade people. That's just my two cents. Remember, they are selling you a product. They will put on a pretty face to get a sale. Be cautious and know what you are getting you into. —darky0475

2011-02-10 17:55:51   I don't know why people have so many bad things to say. I think Allegre is a great place to stay. Fair, if not cheaper prices. Not the NICEST complex, but not bad either. I never had any problems with management. In fact, I love James (the manager)! He is really accommodating and a really chill guy who will work with you. Maintenance was fast. Only cons are probably the thin walls where you can hear your next door housemates talk, but hey what can you do now right? Towing is STRICTLY enforced. A car is towed every night, but hey, even with towing strictly enforced, I still have to park further down so imagine parking when towing is not enforced. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend it. In fact, I just resigned my lease! —PeterD

2011-02-13 23:40:51   PeterD, I am glad that you had a great experience. To be honest, I had a decent (not good) experience up until recently. Most of it wasn't a big deal. Really, it was my last incident that was the deal breaker. —darky0475

2011-03-01 00:31:19   Would someone be able to upload the pictures of the floor plans. I'm interested in looking at the floor plan with the largest sized master bedroom. —johnnygiang

2011-03-13 15:32:36   the laundry room was locked... on a sunday... at 3 pm... like really? i think that's a pretty reasonable time to do laundry - am i wrong? there wasn't any sign or anything saying why it was closed. this is not the only time the laundry room was locked on a weekend afternoon. allegre - please show some freaking consistency. —hanadool

2011-05-31 22:08:21   I've been reading comments about Allegre, and some seem warranted, others kinda ridiculous, so I figured I'd share my experience...

Parking: I have seen way too many complaints about towing. The management warned us by putting notices inside the lobby stating that towing would begin Nov. 1 2010... two months BEFORE towing even started. Notices were put on each unit's door, and stickers were put on cars as a warning before towing started too. The stickers were a total pain tho, because they were like glued onto the windshield and still haven't come off completely. But They gave us months to go in and get permits before towing started. There is just not enough parking for everyone, like I am lucky if I get a space near my apartment, so I think it is pretty understandable they want to give those of us who either live here, or were responsible enough to get a permit, the best chance at finding a spot. Plus there is guest parking and street parking, so I have never had friends towed... especially because Friday and Saturday nights are safe for anyone.

Security: I happen to know the situation with security has been ridiculous and they have fired and hired a few companies because they were towing cars without permission (the manager's friend's car was even towed after they were told not to have it towed!) So I know Jaymes and staff have been dealing with that for a while. Also I know that oftentimes things like gym/lobby/laundry lockup is done by security so if that has been an issue, blame it on crappy security as well. I know that there have been some of us who ask for permission to stay late in the lobby to study for finals/midterms, and Jaymes has been very accommodating with that if we just ask. Some of the security guards have been freaking clueless and a couple have been really weird. I like the idea of security, but when shots were fired, glass was breaking and people were screaming, the security guard was AT the place already and just let things go down. Finally the police came to take care of it, but it was all happening at Sharps across the street. It was like 3AM and I saw multiple lights turn on across the complex here because people were woken up and coming outside to see what was up. The security here has been really shifty. Their car broke down and it was just parked here for a few weeks... real professional, guys. This should not be totally blamed on management, because they saw how crappy the situation was and fired the company.

Staff: Also, the staff has changed a little bit, and two people (who are now gone) made things messy during turnover for the 10-11 leasing year. The management and staff have been tirelessly working on fixing everything that got screwed up (work orders/deposit slips/unit files, etc.) Pat has done an awesome job reorganizing everything. The people working in the lobby will treat you the same way you treat them. Coming in with flaring nostrils and steam coming out your ears is not going to get you very far. They are reasonable people who will work with you to solve problems, but will shut down if you're just coming in to yell or pick a fight. I have definitely used their printer before if I just asked nicely, and I know others have sent/received faxes, made copies, etc.. Be nice to them and they will return the gesture. The coffee machine in there is AWESOME. They have tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, which all go well with the freshly baked cookies every day. Everyone should just go try the coffee maker because it is pretty freakin cool.

Maintenance: In the beginning of the year it subpar for sure, but the source of that problem is no longer working for the complex. I had really squeaky floors that drove me nuts, so when I went in to have them fixed, he (the one no longer working here) told me they needed all sorts of parts and tape and stuff that would take a while to get ordered. It took three months for them to get taken care of, because I found out none of that crap was necessary, so I spent that time waiting for parts or whatever, when they didn't actually need them. I blame it on the dude who was full of BS and is no longer around. When I asked again about the situation, they came in the next day and repaired the floor for me.

Current maintenance is awesome. They take care of everything same-day (at least I can say so from personal experience). We have had a bunch of things taken care of, not like the place is falling apart, but like lights have burned out or the fire alarm batteries needed to be changed, and they came right away. Jaymes even came with them once to fix our dryer and cleaned up spilled detergent that was under the washer- totally not his job. Also, our fridge shut down during after hours so I left a message on the emergency maintenance line. I almost immediately received a text with details on how to fix it ourselves (just flip a switch in that box on the wall?) and to contact them again if it didn't work... but it did.

Ants/mice/ etc: We definitely had ants. Anyone who knows me can tell you I HATE ANTS. If there is a single ant in my room, I will sleep somewhere else... they are not acceptable in my room. They were downstairs in the carpet for a couple weeks. Keep in mind, we did NOT REPORT THIS as a problem. The management had no idea about our situation so please keep that in mind. I don't know every single situation for the complaints I read, but it seems that ants only stick around if there is something to eat. I avoided the downstairs when there were ants because I hate them that much, but we vacuumed them up, as well as any crumbs in the carpet, and luckily they never made their way to the kitchen, but once we stopped eating in the living room/ vacuumed up crumbs, they went away... and stayed away. I think it is (at least in our case) more of a personal matter... not the complex's fault.

Security deposits: I have yet to move out so I cannot rate the security deposit situation, but I would like to add that at another complex, we moved in with a hole in a bedroom wall, and a hole in a closet door. We had them come check both out, and they "could not fix them" with us living there, so I had them come just days before we moved out to take note of them again so we would not get charged. Guess what.. we got charged. For both holes that were there pre-move in. So I wonder if they charged the people who lived there before us too? I don't know, but anyway I'm just trying to say it might not just be this complex that is a bummer with the security deposit business, because we got shafted somewhere else.

Noise: I live near the pool, and occasionally want to punch people outside being really loud really late on a weeknight. We live in a college town, so noise on the weekends is expected. As are jerks on the weeknights. I still hate it tho. 90% of the time it is other people who live here just out for a smoke on a balcony or hanging on a patio being loud, but it has never driven me to call the police or whatever. Just turn up my white noise and shut the window. Nothing that could not be handled. For those who like less noise and more nature-y noise, pick a place near the bike path. No joke, you hear frogs and crickets and it is like the freaking pirate of the Caribbean ride at disneyland. I totally dig it.

Mail/packages: I would have to agree that it sucks to not be able to get mail at certain times, but I noticed the situation, and I guess I just made a mental note that we check mail during business hours. It doesn't seem to be a bother to anyone living here. The whole package situation does really suck tho. If it comes from USPS they put it in the package mail box things outside and leave a key in your box. If it is FedEx or UPS they come to your door, and if no one is there, you end up having to go pick it up anyway :( Those who don't have cars get kinda screwed on that one. I think if you ask nicely tho, the office will accept a package for you if you leave a name and expected delivery date :) Honestly, they are accommodating.

Pool/spa: I have not lived here in the summer, but so far the pool is a bust. It is freezing and I have not seen more than 10 people use it EVER... even involuntarily (like get pushed in). The hot tub rocks, and if you are quiet and respectful, you might get away with staying after 10 (closing). I practically lived in there for a while :) And the pool/spa dudes who come clean the pool and add chemicals or whatever are super nice. They drain the hot tub if the ph is messed up or if they find out anything nasty went down in the hot tub the night before. They keep it clean and do not cut corners. They even changed the hours the heater turns on/off when I asked them to, after they got an OK from Jaymes. Again, really accommodating.

Pets: Cats and dogs are allowed! Pay a pet deposit and you're set. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just pick up your dogs' crap :( That's why so many places don't allow them. Crap everywhere... the management even installed baggy dispensers in a few places on the property. If you can't clean up after a dog, you should probably not have one... it is part of being a pet owner. You look worse leaving it than cleaning it up, believe me. And a few people being rude can end up ruining it for everyone, so don't offer a slap in the face to a complex that actually welcomes your pets, please :)

The last thing I want to mention, which should be common knowledge, is GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! I made that mistake, but it was partly my bad for not getting everything written down. Also, like I said, I have not moved out, but definitely take before/after pics for moving, just in case. I learned that one from the old place we lived at that charged us for pre-existing holes in the walls. Honestly, these guys are super chill, they will work with you, and they would rather have happy tenants than pissed off ones. If you use common sense and talk to anyone in the office, you should be golden. There is definitely more parking here than at a lot of other places, the rent was not too terrible, and the staff will take care of you... plus they allow PETS!!!!!! Just GO TALK TO THEM, they will take care of you. I think that is where a lot of issues come from, is lack of communication. Overall, if I was not graduating, I would definitely stay here and I recommend it to anyone looking for a place to live.


2011-08-25 01:53:56   I don't understand why tenants are towed after tenants are required to give management a copy of their car registration and license number. What's the point of having that information if your car is going to be treated like an unknown guest? There should at least be a warning given to cars that are registered with the apartment complex since they're tenants. Tenants are already paying rent. If it's an unknown vehicle, then it makes sense to tow. Or else, there's no point in keeping copies of tenants' car registration on file. License plate numbers might be a convenient way to keep track of who has which permit, but copies of registration and license is too far if you're going to tow the car anyway. The complex might as well have no parking lot available to tenants then if they're going to tow tenants' cars. I understand the complex is trying to keep unknown vehicles out, but again, if the vehicle is KNOWN to be a tenant's, why not give a fair warning? Paying $220+ is not on the list of things to do for most people. I've heard of other apartment complexes putting slips on cars that are improperly parked and notifying them that they have been cited and license and car description have been recorded so that if they see the car there again, they'll tow. This sounds extremely fair. Especially if you or your car have been out of town for a while. How are people supposed to know of any changes to policies? And management's reply seems to always be "there's nothing we can do about it." Walking to the towing company is also not on the list of things to do for most people, as well as having to skip a class (and a quiz in the class) in order to do so because they'll charge you extra after 5pm. —LAME

2012-01-06 21:12:37   I've lived here at allegro since september of this year. I am disappointed in the service that has been provided. From the beginning, we gave them a sheet of things that needed to be fixed and almost all of them have not been fixed yet. Also, we signed the lease with the intent of having the allegre gym and lobby open for us and it has been 'under construction' this whole time, this was not disclosed to us at the time we signed the lease. From light bulbs to broken handles to missing doors we have requested to be fixed there has been no progress. Hopefully this will be addressed, but at the moment allegre is not the best place to live. —ChrisNick

2012-03-05 00:48:44   To keep a long story short:

- Our microwave randomly broke down. It took Allegre over 2 weeks to get us a replacement. - We had a mouse problem (that was not our own fault or anything, our apartment is clean). We caught over 5 mice over a 1.5 month period. - We had apartment renovations going on for 2 weeks. Random workers coming in and out, from afternoon until morning every weekday. - No kitchen sink for 2 weeks. No downstairs bathroom for 2 weeks.

Our apartment was barely livable for those 1.5 months. We couldn't cook because of no sink, we had no privacy, etc. What did Allegre do to make up for this? Gave us $400 off our ~$2200 rent. Would not recommend this place at all. —JasonWu

As far as the microwave goes, we had issues with our appliance vendor at the time of your residence. They had fired the account manager assigned to our account, and we were unable to get in connect with anyone, and no one would call us back. Since then we have acquired a new account manager and there should be no more glitches in the system from here on out. When it comes to the mice issue, we stand behind our records that state the cleanliness of the unit reflected the cause of the mice issue. Lastly the apartment you are referring to was not your own, also records show that the renovation was done within the week period that was discussed. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any time! (530)750-2200 -Alexandra (Leasing Agent)—AllegreApts

2012-04-15 23:43:31   Allegre is poorly managed, the apartment upkeep is extremely poor, the pest problem is OUT OF CONTROL, when we called to report mold, which is a health hazard and was present upon move in, it took months for maintenance to show up, the contractors hired by the management make no attempt to clean up after themselves, and take about twice as long to complete their work as was promised. Furthermore they left the place not completely finished and damaged the property, which will probably be deducted from my deposit. For better or for worse Allegre is probably the local towing companies largest customer. The location seems nice, and the layout is good enough, but overall it is the management that makes or breaks the apartment, and this complex is clearly broken! —shamoo

2012-04-16 15:45:44   Since the beginning of this school year, I have come across several problems, but the manager, Jaymes, and a few of the maintenance staff have been kind to help me out. For example, recently, I was outraged when I found out my car was towed for parking at a guest/visitor spot even though my car had a visible residential parking permit. Although Jaymes is extremely busy, he took time out of his day to hear my complaint. A couple of my friends from other apartment complexes have also been towed before and the management of their apartment complex was not helpful at all; my friends at those other apartments characterized their management responses as "that sucks" when they brought up the towing incident. Jaymes, however, agreed to hear my complaint with the mindset of fixing the problem, rather than the typical management mindset of trying to brush the problems away. Jaymes has been extremely accommodating and is even working on preventing future confusion about parking violations.

Another example, also recently, my car was not starting and I had an interview in Sacramento. I asked one of the maintenance staff members, and he called two more staff members to figure out why my car wasn't starting up. They all worked together to fix my car so that it is in working condition until I could take it to the shop.

In sum, I am very thankful that the staff at Allegre go out of their way to help a resident out. —SanaLee

2012-06-14 14:14:20   The manager of the complex, i believe his name is spelled Jaymes, is obviously a tweaker. I have never seen and heard anybody act and talk the way he does if they're not on some hard core drugs. Things are extremely shady around here and the girl at the front desk is a twit. Both of them are extremely unprofessional and in every possible way and I can't wait until my lease is up so i don't have to put up with this place anymore. However, the maintenance man is awesome. He is always so helpful and prompt in our requests and always goes above and beyond. I hope he is taken good care of because nothing else is. —iamsam

2012-06-18 16:49:30   Management in allegre is unorganized and irresponsible, especially Jaymes. Me and my housemates have lived here for two years now (out of convenience not because we like it here) and management has not improved the slightest bit. Jaymes is a lot of talk, but rarely goes through with his words. Sure he is a nice guy, but not a responsible manager. When I asked one of the staff in the office about when our apartment would get fixed, they had no idea and blamed it on another company, saying that it was their job to fix our apartment. Yeah its their job to fix our apartment, but it's allegre's job to make sure that the company is actually going to do it and to let the tenants know. We have no way of contacting the company nor is that our responsibility. It should be Jayme's and his staff's responsibility to communicate with the company and then with us to let us know when everything should be done by. What starts out as a 10 days project easily becomes a project that takes over a month.

When I first met jaymes, I had respect for him. He seemed like a trustworthy and responsible guy. However these past two years that I have lived here, there have been many, many, incidents that has slowly taken away my respect. Incidents like getting a simple light bulb changed usually takes weeks or sometimes over a month. There are too many incidents to list. Unless you constantly walk into the office to remind them, most likely it will take awhile before anything gets fixed. Also Jaymes has made false accusations to our friends' (they also live in allegre) insurance company saying they purposely flooded their apartment (which they didn't. Who would want to purposely flood their aparntment?...), which completely took away my respect for him. Yes, I understand that it is difficult having to deal with so many tenants and it's impossible to know everything that is going on, but at least have a file for each apartment so when someone walks in the office to ask about when their apartment is going to get fixed, the answer isn't "i have no idea, the company is in charge of that" Communication is key. So is organization.

I wish I would have known about the management before I moved in. I would have reconsidered. I definitely do not recommend Allegre to anyone. Not while management is still like this. If you are okay with a disorganized management and never getting your requests addressed, then be my guest and live here. Jaymes is a nice guy, but a horrible manager. —gch

2012-09-28 22:25:13   I just moved into Allegre the end of this summer for the 2012-13 year. Honestly, a lot of the comments here on the page seem to be very negative about this apartment. I just have to say that if you look at the trend, the majority of negative comments have been from when there was the "old management." A lot of other comments start to lighten up and explain that "new management" and Jaymes the manager is working very hard to make amends and make the best situation possible. Here's my experience so far with the "new management" : Jaymes, Patrick, and Dela.

First off, one of my hesitations about moving into South Davis was the cost. I explained this, (backed with some bargaining chips,) to Jaymes and he was happy to offer whatever he could to persuade my group about the pros and cons of Allegre vs. competitors. Don't be mean and try to wrestle your way through people; be polite and articulate about what your concerns are and Allegre management will try to work with you. No one likes grumpy, sour clients.

Next, one of my housemates dropped out last minute and I was devastated. Simply put, there was a bit of drama over how we would budget and split the rent so she left; I'm fine with agreeing to disagree. I have no hard feelings about someone disagreeing with me, but unfortunately not many things in life are cut-and-dry when it comes to human relationships. Through some contractual loophole, my housemates and I could have been kicked out of the unit while she got to stay in the apartment we all worked hard to hunt and reserve. I called the management line and alerted Jaymes of the situation. He was very reassuring and promised that we would have a place to live for the next year, even though as a businessman, he probably didn't need to go through all the trouble to calm down someone over the phone line at 11 pm on a weekend night. He was committed 150% and goes above and beyond to take care of the residents of Allegre. I can't go into too many details to preserve the integrity of the girls involved, as well as the actions he carried out in order to protect us.

Due to the unit mix up, our rent was mixed up. Dela was the office manager who picked up all my phone calls (as I was not in Davis at the time) and tried to piece together all the information even though she had no knowledge of the split-up. The confusion was understandable, however, so I don't really want to bash on the work that was put in straightening out the papers and rent. All in all, the cost was calculated so that we would get our money back the next month; I would still say that although the solution was not immediately ideal, we were able to patch things up.

Our unit was supposed to come with a washer and dryer, which it didn't. Management could only tell us that we would need to rent it privately from the company that they work with, but it costs so much more to do it personally. Allegre charges about 30/month for W/D but AZUMA (the company) charges so many hidden fees that each month would rack about 40/month plus application+dissassemble+insurance+early termination fees at the end of the year. Again, I explained this to Jaymes to see if he could use the Allegre corporate account to do the financing and registration for us, but he offered to move in the Washer/Dryer from one of the model units instead. Again, he was "bending the rules" by doing so but tried to work out a reasonable solution since Allegre had promised to provide them for us. He had workers move in the machines by the next day.

When we first tried to move in on Move-In-Day, the carpet wasn't ready and my housemates had to wait another day before trying to set down all their stuff. Now mind you, they made a whole trip to drop off their stuff and move-in; it was really frustrating to see that after loading and unloading their belongings, driving several hours to the apartment, and presenting all the necessary documents by the Move-In-Day time stated on the email, that the apartment was absolutely in no state to be moved in to. Again, although Allegre Apartments is responsible for making sure that the units are ready for the tenants to be moved in, they DO work with independent work companies. Apparently the carpet/paint guys that they hired had informed them that they finished all their work, when they hadn't. I would say that the real culprit of the situation were the guys that lied about finishing their work early, then took off to who knows where. Yes, Allegre should have checked up to see if they had actually completed all the units. But moving-in season is pretty damn busy and I'm sure that they had to attend to tenants turning in documents, moving in, handing out keys, logging all the transactions, etc. They prorated the day for us since we weren't able to move in, and apologized with a free pizza. It would have been nice to just be able to move in at the time we should have, but it's not like Allegre management wasn't apologetic or cold-shouldered about it. They admitted the mistake and took care of it.

I'm not so sure about the maintenance, because I've requested some window screens to be fixed. Bugs keep getting in through the bent metal frames and holes in the mes wiring. I have at least 9 bug bites and my roommate keeps catching spiders that crawl in. I tried duct taping the windows to keep the creepy crawlers out (and my poor skin bite free), and sprayed at least half a bottle of RAID, but these are only temporary solutions. I did turn in maintenance requests and talked to Patrick and Dela, but apparently they have to wait for a shipment of screens to arrive in order to be able to fix them.

In summary:

-MANAGEMENT is super friendly and try to be on their feet. There's always someone in during office hours, and I've been able to visit them several times. -The apartments are spacious with lots of natural sunlight -Our rent checks were deposited by the next day after we turned them in -Parking is enforced, but as long as you have a pass, you're pretty much safe. Allegre spaces ARE meant for tenants anyways.

I appreciate the efforts that Allegre Management put into trying to solve issues and connect with their tenants; I've lived in several different apartments in my experience and I haven't met a friendlier manager than Jaymes. I even wrote them a thank you card. Remember, these are people. They will listen to you if you treat them with respect. Patrick and Dela recognize me right away (in a good way, of course) and the maintenance staff are also open.

My advice is to check out something for yourself because it doesn't hurt to ask if your concerns/questions can be met and answered.

2012-11-23 19:01:36   This apartment does not really have a study lounge. They have a lounge with couches that is only open office hours which does not make any sense. Its a pity since they do have a lot of students who needs a place to study at night. They are also really bad at maintenance timing at times. It may take a very long time for them to respond to it. This may be weird knowing that they're alot of empty apartments so I dont know who they are attending to... New girl who works there is very misinformed. She does not know alot of things most of the time. —DavisResidents

2012-11-27 16:50:23   I moved to Allegre this year because the rent was $40 a month cheaper than Sharps and Flats across the street. It was the worst mistake of my life. There have been problems in my apartment since I moved in. Water was leaking through the ceiling into a puddle on the ground and I called the emergency line and they didn't get back to us until we called again 2 days later. They "fixed" it by dropping off a big space heater that turned our apartment into a sauna during the 110 degree hot spell over summer and didn't pick it up for a month. Still didn't fix it and the problem occurred when we turned on our A/C so that was awesome. Finally solved itself by getting cold enough to not need the A/C. So It's still broken. At least with this inccident it was mostly the service company they hired that messed it up and they were nice and apologetic about it. But now today after I got my parking permit exactly as I was supposed to and on time a month ago, I got in a car accident and needed a guest parking pass for my rental car. They gave my boyfriend one for me last week no problem because I wasn't able to pick it up myself as I was in a CAR ACCIDENT. Today I went to get another since the old one expired and they looked at me like I was nuts and said the guest passes are only for guests and I have to park on the street or pay $25 for another pass, as if I had lost mine and it was my fault. It's for my rental car. Glad to know guests get to park for free but because I was honest and told them it was for me I have to park 5 minutes away at the end of the block. My advice is only talk to James, because the other girl who works there has a horrible attitude. Oh, by the way, half their units are empty so there would NEVER ever be a reason for them to be towing all the time, the parking lot is 1/3 full at any given time. Hate this place and would never live here again, I've never had these problems at any other complex either. —Cyclist88

2013-01-24 16:03:04   my advice, dont move here

pros: next to safeway and other stores bus lines are convenient jaymes is cool.. very understanding about situations

cons: loud people playing basketball until 2AM or later drunks in the pool/hot tub until 2AM or later (i dont know if the pool is open 24/7.. but there are no quiet hours enforced here apparently like at almondwood) i think they have a new office guy since i have moved in.. it use to be patrick (and he was really cool!) he would always offer cookies or being down to just chit chat a bit about how things are going in the apartment.. but hes gone?? there is a new guy (i dont know his name) and he makes things.. awkward.. maintenance is slow.. it has been 6 weeks and we are still awaiting repairs..

there are several units empty and i now understand why

2013-02-10 19:04:37   We (with our toddler) moved into this 4-bedroom apartment at Allegre Apartment for nearly a month so far. We love this place especially our toddler. The surrounding environment is very quiet and beautiful. Many runners and bikers enjoy using the bike track. We also take advantage of it and relax through running the beautiful track. The apartment is spacious with large windows and sliding doors, up-to-date, energy efficient (well-insulated) and very comfortable (carpet throughout and high ceiling). The location is great as you can walk to Safeway and major banks within 10 mins. We heard that there maybe some bugs or mosquito issues during the summer. Sincerely hope that management can do everything they can to mitigate the issue as we don't want to have bites from insects. So far this is our favorite apartment and I do highly recommend this place for you if you are seriously considering a comfortable apartment for you or your family. We will keep all of you posted for our latest experience with the apartment and the management. Best wishes. KBT —kbt

2013-03-14 21:02:12   Allegre is definitely the best place I have lived in my three years at Davis. The apartments are super spacious! Also the staff is really nice and understanding, which is quite comforting! I moved here last November and I honestly never want to leave, it feels like home. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for an apartment! —SheenaPrasad

2013-03-20 12:15:59   I have lived at Allegre for the past year, and really wish I could stay longer! The location is great, it's a short walk to many points of interest in Davis. There's a Safeway, a Boba place, Rite Aid, hair cuts, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese food and Round Table, Gas Station, Sandwich and Coffee shops just a block away. It has the bike trail running along the Putah Creek just behind it and it's a great place to run lined with lots of great trees and tons of wildlife. We have had a few maintenance issues which were all resolved very promptly - within a day or two, or sometimes same day - far faster than previous places I have lived. It's relatively quiet, no real problems with any neighbors. If you get your car registered, you don't have trouble with the towing - honestly, many places around here tow aggressively. We have been very careful about not letting our friends park in the wrong spots - if your friend gets towed because you didn't tell them about the rules, that's on you, not the complex. I have seen several people with dogs and we ourselves have two cats. They don't do apartment checks or harass you. On numerous occasions, like when I've been locked out, or almost towed because my windshield was replaced, and when I got unexpectedly transferred to a training position that required we move just after re-signing the lease, they have been extremely accommodating and helpful. Very understanding staff, I never got the feeling they were trying to gouge me for money. I hope whoever gets our place after we leave will appreciate it as much as we did! I cannot comment on the quality of the pool, BBQ pit, gym and other amenities as we did not make use of them while here. —RachaelSpradley

2013-06-18 07:37:51   DO NOT LIVE AT ALLEGRE. I rarely post reviews, good or bad. This place is so terrible and I've felt the need to dissuade people from here so many times.

The hours in front of the office is not accurate unless they're expecting contracts to be signed. I've tried to reach them an hour before closing and no one's there. This is even worse on Fridays. Lunch breaks can be up to 1.5 hrs. They do not care about your complaints. I complained about having to smell smoke everyday when biking to the bike path and back. Manager said they're starting a program to get employees to stop. It's been nearly 2 yrs and I've seen the manager or an employee smoke outside my apartment just about every day. The manager even said hi to me while he was smoking in front of my door. The manager came in the apartment for an inspection reeking of weed. Heard he's been busted in the past.

Maintenance will say they'll get something done but it's a real hit or miss. They said they'd fix our fridge the next day but I never heard from them again. Maintenance is extremely slow if a larger repair needs to be performed. If contractors are working on you're apartment, expect them to take as long as possible to get it done. It seems like everyone who's employed by Allegre smokes. The rules are no smoking within 20 ft but maintenance they hired to redo our bathrooms smoked IN OUR BATHROOM. TWICE. They thought the fan was good enough to get rid of the smell.

Their apartment driers don't all work. I've complained every time I've done laundry and "repair" is done. I've spent 4 hrs doing laundry because they'd just tell me to run the drier again, and again, and again. There are no quiet hours enforced. Ever. There are tons of parties and management don't do anything despite having a "no party policy". There's been parties that you can hear 2 buildings away and the manager doesn't do anything. If your neighbors happen to be partiers or you're by the pool or basketball courts, learn how to file a noise complaint to the police. I've woken up to people yelling, arguing, playing at all hours of the night. This is even worse when you want to have your windows open summer nights. They have strict parking rules and there are cars that obviously break the rules and nothing is done. I.E. Broken truck in the front office parking. There's one free BBQ in the summer. An employee from the All About Towing was there and seemed to be good friends with the manager. If you're parked without a permit for even 10 min, your car may be getting hooked up to the tow truck without any delay. A friend's car was towed at 3:40 AM during finals week. Don't expect any sympathy from the apartment. Pets are allowed. And there's dog crap everywhere that slowly disappears as people walk it into the grass. Allegre isn't able to rent out all their units so they had some rented out for dirt cheap. That has attracted some really, really sketchy tenants. You probably won't move into fully prepared apartment despite waiting a week. Note everything and don't trust that they'll fix it even if they say they will. Also, don't expect to get much of your deposit back despite cleaning.

Management is all talk and no action. Maintenance is talk and some action. Location is pretty good but the management is terrible. You have to demand to receive anything. Save yourself the trouble and live somewhere else. Even if you don't think you'll need to talk to management or maintenance, it's when you need to get a parking permit and you leave work early just to find that they're not open when they said they'll be open. It's when you accidentally step in dog crap even though you thought you never would. It's when you get woken up in the middle of the night before a job interview or midterm to drunk people partying and you'd have to call the police to get sleep. That's when you'll wish you never signed a year with them. —aggie956

    -Our faculty and staff go to great lengths to be in the office at all times during business hours and after hours (even Sundays by appointment) if situations call for our presence. That being said, occasionally and infrequently lunches are pushed back depending on the hours that are spent tending to the resident's, management's and property's needs. This does cause the hours of our breaks to be somewhat inconsistent, but we are always back at the designated hours posted on the time clock posted on our foyer entrance. We have never had any records or reports of our staff smoking within our residents dwellings nor should we ever. A small percentage of our staff members do smoke cigarettes and are allotted time to do so, but only when an appropriate time is available and for a short duration of time. There are also no records whatsoever of any illegal substances being used by staff or management on the property, if you do have record please turn the information into the office immediately and the concern will be reviewed to the fullest extent. If any appliances fail to work or work improperly it is imperative that our residents call, drop in or leave a message regarding the nature of the issue and then the issue is followed up by staff/management's assessment of the issue and the correct implementation of how to rectify and repair those issues. Noise complaints should also be directed toward management as we consistently report incidents to our security force (Metropolitan Security) so that they may be aware of the specific areas dispatch may need to patrol within the community. To explicate that concern regarding All About Towing, last summer all of our venders and tenants were invited to partake in the barbeque mixer. We certainly were not commiserating with our vendors at the expense of those that live within our community, rather having a relaxing and enjoyable community event. Security deposit refunds are carefully reviewed, calculated and distributed according to the conditions of the unit prior to move out. Our community is always welcome and encouraged to schedule appointments prior to move out to get the best information on how to ensure the quality of clean an apartment must receive prior to move out. If and when any issues arise during your stay, call us, drop by, leave us a message and we will make our best effort to assist you in any of your needs.


Allegre Staff & Management-

2013-08-28 15:51:33   If your apartment hunting and can't seem to find one, then stop looking and visit Allegre Apartments. This is one of the best complexes in Davis. I've moved around a lot and I am truly happy here and mad at myself for not moving here sooner, would have saved a lot of time and money. The apartments are spacious, and have a washer and dryer inside the apartment which is very beneficial not have to go to a communal laundry room. Your right next to the bike path, and it's only about a 10 minute bike ride to campus. Some amenities include; pool, hot tube, gym, and BBQ grills. Most importantly the manager James and Isiah who works in the office are both extremely friendly guys and very helpful with whatever you need. They are on top of everything and will work with you, and they employ by far the best maintenance staff I've encountered. The place is reasonably priced and it's in a great location, Safeway is within a 5 minute walk. No complaints here, I've had an amazing experience living at Allegre. —AlbertMedina

2013-09-17 12:41:56   Been moved in a week now and really nice. Staff are great, always trying to help. The maintenance guys are quick and fixing extra stuff that I missed so they have been excellent. No problems with parking yet but school hasn't started yet. My only complaint are the few tenants that look like bums. Smoking in the front of the units and having 20 people on your porch. This is a college town not some cheap hangout. Also watch out for Monique the crazy dog lady that knows everything. —samsneed

2013-10-16 18:14:22   I have read all the reviews and some are true and some are false. It seems like they are trying to change there image but I wish they would be a little quicker about it. The office is open all kinds of crazy hours and his lunch break is never the same. He's always out front smoking with looks really bad for the complex. Just wish they were in the office from 9-6 like the sign says. The manager James is really nice and will help you with any problems so don't bother with the office guy he's useless. The maintenance guys are really fast at getting stuff done and are always in a good mood which I like because they always say good morning. I do like living here and would recommend this place just hope they get rid of a few bad people living here. I live right by this bum lady Monique. Get people like this off the property. We go to school and pay our bills, these people are not in school. On my further investigation Monique has a pit bull which are not allowed on the property. We see you and are watching, this is a no crime/drug zone. Also quit smoking in front of my unit and hanging out with all your family. —concernedresident

2013-11-28 12:55:34   I have lived here for 2 years now and I love it!! When you move in, the apartment is extremely clean and smells fresh. I also love how they allow dogs and there are plenty of parking spaces if you obtain the permit. The office is always kept cleaned and customer service is awesome as well. The location is extremely convenient as the bus stop is about a 5-7 minute walk and the grocery store is literally down the street. Overall I love my experience here and look forward to living here the following year. —JaniePark

2015-08-05 22:07:34   I've been living in these cheaply-made (apartments have to be honest) for two years, and although the customer service is great, it is not a very good place to live if you enjoy talking on your phone. I never have signal around these apartments. I have to walk away from the nearest building in order to get a good reception. I have a better chance of talking on the phone in the basement floor if Wellman than I do in my own apartment. I hope they fix this problem in the near future. —BartolomeoReal