2801 Spafford Street , near Peña Drive
Tue-Sat 10:00am - 7:00pm
Consignment: Tues, Thurs, and Sat: 10:30am - 1:00pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. See website for more details.
(530) 759-9648

All Things Right And Relevant is a large consignment store in which all profits go towards funding mental health programs in Yolo County. It's partnered with the R & R Thrift next door. It has a novel pricing system where every tag has three prices each associated with a date range. The longer an item sits on the shelf, the cheaper it is. If the item "expires" (passes the latest date on the tag) or isn't of high enough quality, it goes next door to R & R Thrift.

They stock furniture, collectibles, as well as clothing for men, women and children. They also sell a generous selection of See's candies.

The store is operated by mental health clients.


Consigning is a quick and easy way to get a little money from items you no longer need or want.

R&R accepts "gift quality" items for consignment. Clothing should be in excellent condition, clean, pressed, and in season and style. Non-clothing items should be in good repair, clean, and free of dust and dirt.

They do not accept unframed prints, bed parts and mattresses, used computers, televisions, fax machines, other electronic equipment, used electrical equipment, nonfunctional appliances, radio and stereo equipment, telephones or answering machines, typewriters, hair dryers, curling irons, children's toys with wheels or multiple parts, or anything with a value less than $2.00. They only accept 10 things per person, per consignment day. They also only accept seasonal clothing (i.e. no winter clothing accepted in spring).

Anything that doesn't meet consignment guidelines is considered a donation to R&R. They do not review items at the time of consignment, so don't consign anything you're not prepared to donate! You can call to get your consignment balance over the phone.

Normal consignment hours are Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 11:00 until 1:00 and again on Thursday from 6-7 p.m. if they have space in the store. Go to the consignment door (between them and R&R Thrift), get a pink (for clothing) or blue (for everything else) consignment sheet, and fill it out. You can take extras home to fill out ahead of time, or print the sheet off of their website (www.rrconsignments.org). Put clothing on the clear plastic hangers provided, then hang them on the rack inside the door (or wherever the volunteers direct you). Pin the consignment sheet to one of the items with a provided clothespin.

Proceeds from the sale of consigned items are split 46/54 between the consignor and R&R, respectively. This is calculated using the actual cost the item sold for, so if it sells on a sale day, you'll get less. Payment is made via cash or check at the register. If your item is not sold, you may pick it up anytime within 29 days from the time it's consigned. After 29 days, they become property of R&R.


All Things Right And Relevant used to be located at 1640 East 8th St. in the Davis Manor shopping center before moving to their current location in April 2012. (see story here).




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For older reviews see Reviews from 2007-2008

2009-07-24 22:21:31   I haven't sold anything on consignment here but I do want to put in a plug for this shop because they have nice stuff and take the time to organize and arrange it well. I also like the sliding scale price where it goes down after a certain date. I shop here, even with higher prices than other thrift stores, because I like that they support a variety of local organizations and even staff some members who benefit from those organizations. I think it is fine they are picky about protocol on how to make a donation, it saves everybody's time in the long run! Thanks for being in Davis, R&R. —dandysgirl

2009-10-13 14:21:26   I gave Right and Relevant some of my clothes to sell on consignment. When I went to check on my items they were not on the racks (I searched every piece of clothing in the place) and they had not sold the items that were missing. Basically I had two pairs of shoes and a pair of designer jeans stolen. I told a family friend who used to volunteer there and she told me it happens there all the time. The employees are aware of the problem and they even know who the thieves are. They feel if people are stealing "they really must need the items". Hey management-if people are selling their clothes they must need the money as well. Also, do people in need, need to have designer jeans and expensive shoes? There is a thrift store right next store. I warn you, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CLOTHES! The store Nina and Tom, located at 129 E Street, just recently started doing consignment. When I took clothes to Nina and Tom they sold two pieces in the first hour they were there!! Once again, if you don't want your clothes stolen DO NOT GO TO ALL THING RIGHT AND RELEVANT! —Bear47

2009-11-03 06:18:39   I am new at consigning with R & R and I have to agree with most of the comments. I have consigned brand new merchandise with tags and very slightly worn clothing, only to not see it on the racks or on my account. I am saddened by this type of business because I drive pretty far for the cause. Also, the last couple of times I have been in there they have not been giving out print outs on what has been sold. Shame, Shame, Shame —jackieshowel

2009-11-20 14:51:43   I don't consign, I just brought stuff there and was happy to find a used Coach bag for $8! :) They do have great stuff sometimes. —val

2009-12-03 07:23:02   I am really grateful that Nina and Tom have realized how much Davis needed a better consignment store. They tell you what they'll take right at the door and call you if your things don't sell. It's a much more honest model (and I think as a result they're going to attract more and more of the better clothing in Davis' used clothing supply). No one has to worry about their best consignments being pilfered anymore! —calvin2

2010-01-07 20:29:30   I have been in here several times. The selection is not very good and it is pricey because it is consignment shop. The clothes are usually cheaper brands and more for an older crowd. Go to SPCA thrift. R&R is a much better space, but the selection at SPCA is far better. By the way, the employees here are not very friendly at all. Often they wont even acknowledge you when you enter or are shopping in the store. —stodd84

2010-01-27 17:46:01   They offered to hold my bicycle pannier, which they referred to as a backpack, at the counter while I shopped. I declined their offer and left instead. I guess they can be added to the list of businesses that it isn't convenient to shop at if you are on bike and don't have a car to leave you possessions in. —JasonAller

2010-01-27 17:53:19   I can't imagine why anyone would ever "consign" anything here, as they say right up front that they basically feel that they have the right to just take anything they want for any reason and call it a donation.

Not a bad place to shop, however. I bought a very nice silver dish here for a very good price. I'm guessing it was a "donation." —rfrazier

2010-01-28 18:00:43   I am currently volunteering here and I am impressed at how many people actually shop/ consign here. I didn't know this place existed until about a month ago. Just to clear up some stink on the consignments. The volunteers/ staff who are determining whether or not your items are worthy for consignment are very honest people. I personally have witnessed the process they go through to decide whether or not the items will be consigned. A lot of the time there are good items declined because the consignee failed to make sure the clothing was washed etc. If the clothing has anything wrong with it, they will not put it on the floor to sell. —TICKtacTOEtag

2010-02-17 14:21:00   All Things Right and Relevant is grateful for the chance to respond to the concerns expressed in wiki’s comments Our employees and volunteers work to process an enormous number of items within a 24-hour period. Many items consigned are not acceptable. Even new items with tags can be rejected for stains, missing buttons or broken zippers. We do not accept these items in R&R Thrift; they are sent to other charities. We are trying to accommodate our consigners by offering them a pre-check so consignors will know which items are accepted for consignment. We have taken away the consignment fees. We are addressing theft issues, including, beginning in March, monitoring our dressing rooms. If problems arise, tell us. We may not be able to solve everything, but if you don’t tell us what’s wrong, we can’t solve anything. Come in and ask to speak to the manager. Call us at 530-759-9648. E-mail us at rightandrelevant@gmail.com


2010-02-17 18:34:11   I started volunteering at R&R almost a year ago. It has been an extremely positive experience for me. I have met customers, employees, and other volunteers most of whom feel like a warm and welcoming family. The people who work there are honest, caring, and really conscientious about consignor's items and issues. In this busy place it is common to hear people say "this is my favorite store." I also consign some things occasionally and have never been treated unfairly. I'm impressed by R&R's response to some pretty harsh criticism. They are actively and openly addressing issues while continuing to keep their focus on the mental health programs they help fund. I'm proud and grateful to work there. Thanks R&R! Barb —BBBMac

2010-03-23 13:45:16   You've heard of "Nightmare on Elm St?" R&R is nightmare on 8th St. Truth is I really do like buying things there, but they are so anal about the rules there that it's ridiculous! And the rules change....sometimes arbitrarily. I have a friend who use to volunteer there and felt like they were sticklers with the rules for consigners but then priced and placed things in a very unfair manner. I just spend over and hour there trying to consign stuff and then they would not let me use $1.20 that was in my account because I didn't have my ID with me (that's the first time they've asked for ID in 8 years). Then when I started to get upset about the process, the staffer trying to sound empathic but sounding more like a psychology parody said, "you seem like you're having a hard day." LOL Well, duh... I felt the precious minutes of my life being wasted....Time for a new game plan! —deetales

2010-07-11 07:10:21   I haven't sold anything here, though I have at My Sister's Closet in Woodland, so I get the jist. Even though I KNOW it's a consignment shop, why, oh why, was there a $3,000 CHAIR IN THERE?! It wasn't vintage, it had no stats on why it should be that much. Whaaat. Someone's asking for way too much. I did however, find a nice faux leather (non-branded, though :/) teal purse there for like $8, that was a really bitchin' deal. —Mogitha

2010-07-16 17:24:42   Caution! I consigned a beautiful new coat here, with the tags still on, and it disappeared. Based on comments below I believe that staff/volunteers grabbed it and returned it to the store I bought it at, pocketing the money. I don't go there anymore, which is a shame because they do have a lot of nice stuff. —JasperD

2013-06-30 01:17:03   I got a lot of nice maternity clothes here when I was pregnant. —AmyHuey

2014-02-04 12:33:50   Just completed my first consignment experience...and I'm delighted! It was quick and easy to submit my 20 items over the course of two days, and I just picked up a check for $55. Way better than a yard sale!! —Linda

2016-01-10 13:36:13   All Things Right & Relevant is my FAVORITE place to shop!!! They have tons of new/barely used clothing, shoes, and accessories like jewelry, purses, shoes... they have everything! The prices are very reasonable compared to some of the chain thrift stores. I always find cute things with the tags still on, like Banana Republic blazer with tag $119 and only paid $19. Miss Me Jeans $8. They also carry some furniture and home décor. Oh yeah, and also See's Candies! The best part about shopping at R&R is that all the profits go to the local community. —busure