Allie, The Puppy
Dog, Feel free to guess
Peter Anselmo
August 2006
The smartest puppy in Davis

Hi, my name is Allie, The Puppy. People sometimes shorten it to just Allie. I left my previous owners when I realized I was smarter than them (No joke, they didn't even try to find me). After I was brought to the SPCA I found this guy named Peter & his Girlfriend Megan to go home with. They knew how to speak dog really well (Megan is a trainer for PetsMart), so now I am much happier. I am the self-proclaimed smartest puppy in Davis. Any puppy who wants to challenge that can step up to the plate. After only a week and a half with my new people, I know my name, come when called, sit, shake, lie down, stay, wave bye-bye, and will hit a moving target on command. I also don't chew furniture, and I get along great with the resident guinea pig. Heck, I can even write a wiki entry for myself.

My owners never met my parents, so they don't know what breed I am. Most people think I'm a combination of Border Collie & Springer Spaniel. Some people also see Aussie, Jack Russell Terrier, and Beagle in me. By the fact that I learn quickly, and try to herd other dogs, I'd have to agree with the Border/Aussie bit. But the confusing thing is I was born without a tail. No, it wasn't cut off, I simply never had one. I like to wiggle my butt when I'm excited instead. I also like to sit on things. My favorite things to sit on are the feet of people that visit us.

I like to meet other dogs! Please have your people call my people and we'll arrange some playtime.